Seaside Shrine

Hidden Express City 10 Level 92 Seaside Shrine


  1. How do you find the treasure chest? If you hit on the hint for it, it makes a big circle around the whole middle of the puzzle.

  2. To the right, behind the chicken.

  3. I cannot find the rat and the seagull.

    • it is a black rat just on the upper line of the scene

  4. wheres the bottle and the tortoise????

  5. The rat is behind the watermelon it blend in with the wall. The bottle is to the right of the rat and watermelon, it’s small, white and shinny, it looks like a can. The seagull is white and to the right in the back behind the ship which I thought it was a boomerang.

  6. Where’s the wool hat & sheep please?

    • sheep is in front of the sailor it blends in

  7. Found them :-)

  8. is anyone else having trouble getting 3rd star-no matter what I do it doesn’t work-is there a problem with this round?

    • I also cannot get the 3 stars, Barb. Have you succeeded yet? If so, what’s the trick?

    • I was able to get the 3rd star. you have to go very very fast. and be sure to get all the yellow lite up ones fast as possible to get speed bonus points.

  9. I cannot find the coin

  10. where is coin in the seaside shrine?

  11. The coin is at the bottom of your screen in front of the two lit candles to the right. Anyone know where the horse is???

    • it is a horse’s head in the middle of the candle holder to the left, it’s blue

  12. How about the straw? I can’t find the straw either and I have clicked on everything!!!! Thanks in advance. PS The coin just looks like a round disk, almost like a sand dollar more than a coin.

    • The straw is on the far right at the bottom. It’s sticking in the sand right beside the broom.

  13. cant find the tamborine

    • Back center…just behind what looks like 3D glasses.

  14. I am looking for the wool hat on Hidden Express City 10 Level 92 Seaside Shrine. Can anyone help me with that?

    • Wool hat is on the dancing ladies head – it’s blue

  15. tambourine is to the left of the watermelon

  16. where’s the horse

    • The horse is the a blue horse’s head, between the bucket and octopus to the left of the screen.

      I can’t find the wool hat either!

    • Where is the straw? The wool hat is on the lady who is leaning her head side ways.

  17. wool hat is the blue round hat on the female dancer figure, right below the big blue hat.

  18. Straw is blue in lower right corner, beside broom.

  19. Can’t find the cobweb :(

    • the cobweb is right in front between the starfish and the heart

  20. How do you complete level 92, can find everything but the carriages break apart??

  21. cant find the seagull

  22. The seagull is black/gray at the top right of the screen above the boat. Very difficult to see but once you click, it is really big. Very tough level to get 3 stars!!

  23. can’t find the lantern

  24. The Lantern is next to the watermelon

  25. Where is the horse?

    • the horse is just the head it’s blue and hanging on the scrolled metal, where the pearl necklace is.

  26. Can someone please tell me were the ruby is? Thank’s

  27. ruby is red colored right below in the scene………

  28. where is sheep and treble clef?

  29. treble clef is the G-clef below the blue hat
    where is maraca?

    • The maraca is on the front left side of the screen, it is brown & white

  30. where is the octopus

    • The octopus is on the left side of the screen – to the left of the dancing lady

  31. where is the bottle in level 92????

  32. the bottle is behind the watermelon and the octopus is left from the dansing lady

  33. where is the dollar sign

    • Dollar Sign is in front of the boat, bottom left side of ladder.

  34. Where is the measuring tape please

    • Measuring tape is behind the comb, in front of all the people

  35. Where is the dominoes?

  36. Domino in front of the guitar

  37. I cant find the bell

  38. Bell is hanging from the table just above the bucket

  39. where is the butterfly?

    • The butterfly is on the back of the boat, it is white.

  40. Does anyone know where the wine cup is?

    • Wine cup is on the left of the screen, under the monster mask, between the tuxedo skeleton man & maraca

  41. Where is the bird?

    • I found the bird, it’s on the boat.

  42. where is the rat plz?

  43. need help with finding the tortoise thank u so much…………

  44. Where are: feather, crab & column in level 92?

    • Where is the anchor.

    • the anchor is in the boat

  45. does anyone know where the shoe is? I found the flip flop but not the shoe. Thnx

  46. Can’t find the banjo fish golf ball, Rabbit and bird or the crab also need to find the feather and wiseman any helpers out there? I would also like to know if the golden miles are good for anything?

  47. The rat is not black you idiot!!!

  48. where is the shoe please?

  49. Cannot find the bongo, please help

  50. City 10 level 92where the column

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