Complete List of Hidden Express Scenes, Cities and Objects

Below you will find the complete walkthrough list of Hidden Express Cities, each one will take you to the page where all the Levels and Scenes are included. We not only add most of the objects found on each scene, but also add a high resolution screenshot so you can check out the hints for yourself. Good luck getting all those precious stars !!!!, no need for Hacks of Cheats any longer since you can now memorize the whole list of items and pass levels quickly.

Regular Levels.

Featured Levels.

  • Haunted City
  • Winter Village

A Few Hidden Express Tips.

  • Just after you click on the level number, a pop up window will appear, don’t forget to add power-ups in those scenes that are quite difficult, the power-ups are seeker, slow time and.
  • Always try to discover the objects that are alone in a single wagon, multiple objects in a wagon can’t be hard to get rid of, specially when the game puts there objects that you haven’t discovered in previous sessions.
  • Here is one good reason to add friends that play Hidden Express; at the end of each City, you will be required to “Open The Gate”, in order to do that you need to request a total of 3 keys from friends. You have two other options which are buy a single key for 18 Hidden Express Money Tickets or buy the “Golden Key” which allows you to open all gates from all towns at the price of 59 Tickets.
  • Once you find several objects in a row without making mistakes, you will see a highlighted object that you need to find, if you do it, you will be granted bonus points and that is the key to get 3 stars in hidden express, because it in some levels it doesn’t matter how fast you reach the locomotive, you won’t get a score high enough to obtain the 3 stars.


  • Magnifying Glass: The default “hint”, it reveals the location of a random object pending to be discovered.
  • Seeker:Click on a particular clue to reveal its location
  • Slow Time:Slow the train to a crawl to give yourself some time.

Hidden Express Free Tickets.

  • One method of obtaining free tickets (that allow you to obtain energy) is by filling out surveys. The icon on the right side of the map takes you to the surveys list, only complete those that do not ask for sensitive information.

402 thoughts on “Complete List of Hidden Express Scenes, Cities and Objects”

    1. I’m on city 13 level 123….I have no train and doesnt look like all the items are there… my ipad just frozen which would suck because I cant get past the level and I dont want to delete and re-install because I would have to start all over…..has this happened to anyone???? Please help !!!!

    1. Well, you still need to successfully finish all levels within the previous map before going to the next one. Check carefully if you reached the end of the path and the last level for that map.

    2. golden keys are fro social gates . other levels u need all 3 stars per level ( at least thats how i think it works. ) :)

  1. did anyone notice that some scenes have changed? for example the first one is not the fish tank anymore, it’s a ticket office…

    1. no, the developers changed even more. also #4, 6, 10, 12, 13, 15, 27, 35, 43, 69, 87, 103.
      the new scences are called ticket office, happy hearth and one with no name. and it seems like the museum is gone… just can tell till lvl. 108.

    2. Yes Elettra they have changed a lot of the levels .
      Level 1,4,6,10,12,13,15,17,27,35,37,43,50,66,69,87,95,103,107

  2. Which gives more points finishing a two or three stack car or the golden car. Are the same points given whether or not you complete a multi car all at once or in consecutive order or just as long as they are all fouond?

  3. What is the deal with purchasing ticket packs in order to get through the gates now even though you have completed all the levels and have all 3 stars?

  4. can u help me, i’d finished the city 5, but can open the next. I still have 13 hx, have a lot of friend playing HX. but whenever i click in the gate, the window of buying hx jump out. I can’t send request to my friend or use hx… What can i do? Anyone can explain it to me, please?

  5. I cannot find a view of the Happy Hearth anywhere. It must be a new scene I am on city 11 level 103 please update all scenes…Thanks so much!

    1. The carved 5 is on the pole in the middle of the scene. It is hard to see. The anchor is at the top of the same pole and also hard to see. The billboard is a small white rectangle on the right hand side that the bus is on.

    1. Can we be friends to get through the game ? Add me as a friend we can help each other. More friends the better!!!

    1. I just watch the video to earn more cash, then I can buy the pass the locked gates. You don’t even hae to watch the whole video clip cause you earn it before the clip finishes.,

  6. Are you sure its 248 (fisherman one)I didnt think they asked for a parasol in this one… i’m looking for the satellite dish and fins if you can help? thanks

    1. The satellite dish is on the far right on the hill. The fins are in the boat on the front. It’s dark, it looks like one flipper. Does anybody know where the periscope is?

  7. Can somebody tell me where the moth is in ‘Happy Rails”. I cannot find it. Bout to go crazy. Is there a walk through for this level? I don’t see one.

    1. If you mean city 12 scene 107 the man is to the left of the back pack on the wood seat, it looks like a bathroom symbol of a man.

  8. You’re a little behind, don’t you think? I’m in City 29, you only have walk-throughs up to city 16! Do you plan on catching up to the game?

  9. On level 65 the engine is way past the end when the scene starts. Have tried and tried to get three stars. Why is the engine so far across when the scene begins

  10. I can’t understand why I find all the objects, sometimes even to the point of having to wait for the train to move forward to see the rest, and all the bonus (light up) cars, but still only get two stars. Must be more to it.
    Does it matter if you clear cars forward or backward from engine? And, sometimes the lit up object is on the engine, so if I click it I get that bonus, but than I miss rest of cars, and if I find objects on rest of cars, than I’ll miss the bonus on the engine.

    1. i find that alot now don’t know why think they want us to buy keys or tickets thinking of quitting not spending money when there is other free games out there

    1. The anchor is on the wooden pole in the centre… same as the carved 5 and the raincoat is on the right of the boat, think its yellow :)

    1. The peacock feather is in the pencil holder next to the laptop and is the same size as the pencils in the holder. The measuring tape runs along the front edge of one of the bookshelves. It’s tan and matches the shelf.

  11. I can’t seem to win level 275 in city 28 Hidden Harbour. I know where all the clues are, and go as fast as I can, but still cannot win. I get to 2 stars, but not the third! Maybe it is broken because it doesnt’ make sense. Also, why can’t I buy the super combo charm? Is it not supposed to be available? BTW – I have fully completed all cities until #28.

    1. If you can and want to contribute back to the site, could you please send us scenes screenshots from chapter 20 and above?. We would truly appreciate it.

  12. I’m in ‘6.Sakura City’. It says 30/30 100%. I have all the stars I can get but it is still telling me that I have to get 1 more star to go through the gate.

  13. hi would any one consider becoming
    a friend so that they can unlock gates for me i have been stuck on a level for weeks because i do not know enough people who play

    1. The metal is really, really hard to see. It’s like an army metal on a ribbon hanging off the left side of fireplace mantel.

  14. so do you no longer help with questions .?????? I have a frozen ipad and I am unable to move past level 123… I need to delete. the game and re-install ??

  15. I was wondering if there are any cheats for the tournaments…can’t find a couple of objects in the Tailor Shop, Italy


    1. The oar is at the top of the fireplace where it meets the mantle, you can’t really see it. just click up there and eventually you will hit it.

    1. The lighter is on the cardboard box in the right hand corner. The oar is above the moon at the top of the fireplace.

  16. When I finish a scene and it says try again it will not go back I have to go out and come back in order for the scene to open up again. Why is it starting to do this.

    1. I needs my friends I’m stuck at city 118 need keys from my friends but I don’t know how to add them on my friends list

  17. The bat is on the red wall hanging on the left — it’s the flying animal kind of bat, not the baseball kind. The goatee is on the chin of the deer head; it’s black and blends in with the surroundings.

    1. The shovel is right below the INTI god on the stone wall. It is really hard to see….just click below the god.

    1. Still Waiting for City 23 to be available looking for rat in level 218 Thanks for somebodies help.

  18. This does not do me any good. You say it’s a complete list, yet I am on City 38 and you are only showing scenes through City 21.

    1. could you help me please.. im on level 278 and i can not find the turkey feather, the computer disc.. please.

    1. It’s a peacock feather and it’s in the pencil holder next to the laptop. It’s dark and the same size as the pencils in the holder. I haven’t found the floppy disk yet.

    2. The floppy disk is on one of the shelves. It is black and white.

      Does anyone know where the pretzel is in that level?

  19. I am at Gumshoe Galaxy. Three more stars are required to go into another city. I have already replayed earlier scenes and gained at least five stars, but at the gate I am still required three more stars! Is this the end or what is happening?

    1. Dear the skillet is a light blue colored strainer below the napkin and the Ice cream is a chocbar besides hot sauce and below the skillet.

    2. The skillet is a pale blue fridge magnet on the door of the fridge close to where the door joins to the body of the fridge near the top. The ice cream is actually a chocolate covered Popsicle on the top row of the door where the door joins to the body of the fridge.

  20. Hila, me encanta esta pagina y es de mucha ayuda para quien nos gusta este juego…..por favor en la ciudad 4 nivel 29 no encuentro el trebo y el corazo….gracias, y necesito amigos para los desbloqueos

    1. this is a white candle on the table just on left of sewing machine and behind the pair of scissors

    1. Doll room level 291… the dove is on the shelf on the right hand side… it is a tiny white bird. Does anyone know where the wood tree is?

  21. level 298 himalaya – can’t find the shovel, its prob somewhere obvious but i been stuck on this level for ages now. help me pls!

  22. I can’t find the plate in Level 219- lake campground. Having a tough time getting enough stars to unlock the next gate- it seems they’ve made it nearly impossible now to move on.

    1. The “plate” is actually a license plate. It’s holding open the cooler….blue box bottom left hand side of screen.

    1. the pennants are in the window next to fire place. I don’t know where the pliers are, I am looking for them to.

    2. The pennants are floral with a white background and hanging on what looks like a window between the “neck scarf” and the word “wedding”. Top Left about two inches in.

    1. Yes I see there is no help available after City 21…Im trying to find the egg beater in level 209

  23. Guess I’m done playing. It says I need 11 more stars to move on. Impossible to get and I know where everything is. Too bad, because it is a fun game. Wish they would put it back to the way it was before.

  24. I have tried repeatedly to win level 11 to no avail. I beat the trains but still cannot get the third star to end and begin the next level. It’s costing too much money.

  25. Question: I just purchased tickets thinking I could use them right. I ran out of energy or lives. I have 68 tickets and 640 golden things. When and what do I use them for?

  26. I am working on Challenge City Station, the third one, Spring Valley. On the first one, Attic, I have played it over a hundred times, used slow, there are only one word trains, and all I can get is ONE star. I get the same exact score every time. Is there any way to get a higher score?

  27. I left a message with a question, saw it post, and now it’s not there. Anyway, I have played Challenge city Station, city 3, Spring Valley, the 1st one, the Attic, over 100 times, and can’t seem to get more than one star. There are no multiple trains to increase your score, and slowing doesn’t help either. I get the same exact score every time. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get a higher score?

  28. Just got to level 216. There’s no pictures of the following levels, no forum questions, nothing. Is the game coming to an end / closing down or am I the only one interested in continuing

  29. I find every object and I click on the object that’s highlighted, but I still can’t get even one star. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  30. Hidden Express City 29 Level 281 The Hair Salon. I find every object and I click on the object that’s highlighted, but I still can’t get even one star. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  31. Trying to open Challenge city 2 and need to find the tape measure in cities 362-368. I have found it in several cities however it is not the treasure hunt one…does anyone know what city exactly to find this item

  32. please update levels 22 and on, there are things that are added to scene’s that I can’t find and I need updated pictures.

    1. Mary, sheep is on mantel & signature on the music book in chair. I am in need of keyhole, book, tiki statue.

    1. The pickle looks a bit like a cactus, in a green pot on the right-hand side, sort of below/in front of the hose.

    1. Medal is around the neck of the man in the picture on the wall (left picture)

      Spider is at the top left of the picture on the wall (right picture)

    1. The comb is hard to see but it is down and to the right of the sun block in the pocket of the backpack. The cone is on the llama’s ear.

    1. The orange juice is in a pitcher or jug, not a glass, near the glass of milk on the table. The star is on the back of the chair, like a decoration on it.


    1. the “fins” are like swimfins and are on the box toward the front of the boat. The dustpan is on the floor next to the box with the thermos and radio. Also, I had trouble finding the buoy….it is a big round ball in the boat…it’s not in the water either. I can’t find the “carved 5″ The satellite dish is to the far left of the picture.

    2. The carved five is on the wooden mast of the boat and is actually five slash marks about one third of the way up.

    1. It is an orange-colorod object on the table next to the hole punch. And where is the floppy disc? Measuring tape?

  34. Can anyone tell me where the star is in Farm House, level 296? Thanks. The floppy disc in 294 is on the bottom part of the shelf on the lefthand side. It’s silver in color I think.

  35. Looking for the bow, shoes, and ladder on level 243. It is City 23. A scene like in Venice. Thanks.

    Please post cities upward from where you have them now.

  36. Bow is on the plate on the table right hand side, shoes are hanging on wire just to the right of the pants and the ladder is on the building on the right hand side,just to the right and slightly up from the lifesaver. Where is ITALY in this one?????

    1. Italy is situated on the left from the shoes on the building. It is in fact a map of Italy entirely in purple.

  37. I have played #169 Country Kitchen for weeks. I have found every item, the yellow trains and the engine, but I cannot get more than 1 star. Is there a flaw? I can’t enter city 19 until I get 1 more star.

    1. The best way is to go for any big ones first, then work your way through the train, do not hit the engine to quickly, I know that is different that most tell ya, but it seemed to work for me and watch for the Gold trains make sure you hit every one of them, it will build it up quickly! Good Luck

  38. I have snapshots of Levels: 209, 211, 213, 214, 216, 228, 229, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, and 237. So if anyone want them drop me an email —- and I am willing to share. I have them saved as jpeg. If quickgamer wants them just drop me an email. Please state “Hidden Express Level” and the level you want…..:) More than welcome to share! Good Luck Everyone! Game On!

    1. I am stuck City 30 Jungle Junction level 292, unable to find Flutes and Pliers, can some body tell where are these in level. Thanks

  39. I have a question for the people responsible for Hidden Express I have been playing H E for over 18 months and just reading through the forum all players were happy when they could look through levels and get queries answered but now they way you have set it up players are frustrated in not being able to get help by finding objects, this is supposed to be fun, why not put it back the way it was so we can study the scenes and help all players of Hidden Express. Thanks.

  40. In level 248 the anchor and carved 5 are both on the pole. The anchor is at the top and the carved 5 is in the form of slash marks.

  41. level 142 English Pub. Is there a problem as I keep using my points to play this level and there are no trains for me to play? I have already had to start Hidden Express over 3 times and I don’t want to have to delete and start over again. Please advise me how to proceed. Gloria

  42. In level 266 “music” is written down the side of the bookshelf. The camera is on the center portion of the shelf net to what looks like small movie reels. It sort of blends in.

  43. I love this game but at crucial times it will freeze and says it has lost connection with the server so if I have got enough stars to take me to the next level it doesn’t register . It takes my lives but I have to re do some levels.

    1. The skull is a lace pattern on the dress worn by a dress dummy which has a turquaise set belt around it’s waist.

    2. the skull is in the pattern of the lace on the mannequin to the left, the one wearing the neckerchief.

    1. Level 296
      Star on horse’s hip
      Butterfly on horse’s nose
      ruler on the house
      Cobweb???? I’m still searching!

  44. Why does the game sometimes not load it happens quite a lot and sometimes I have to wait days or delete the app then re download the app again

  45. Has any one done the challenge Cities? I’m only on challenge city no 1 and I can only get 1 star. I know where everything is and have 3 stars on all the other scenes I’ve done so far – only been playing the game for a short while though. Thanks

  46. I have had the required stars in City 21 to enter City 22, but the gate won’t open. I keep getting the same “we are not being able to reach our servers. Please close the app and relaunch Hidden Express, etc. I have done this several times and every time I do it, I lose stars, play again, get the stars, the gate won’t open and I get the same message. I have been doing this for weeks. What’s the deal???

  47. I need help finding the following in the tiki bar scene Level 84:
    Bikini top
    I know it sounds like a lot but the stupid thing goes by so fast I don’t have time to find them before it’s over.

  48. I’m still waiting. Have you solved the problem I am having with City 21? The gate still won’t open and for the umpteenth time, I have reached all of the required stars.

  49. Are any of these questions actually being answered by anybody from the game? Why will it not show anything past level 21? I need to see level 22. Please can someone from the game help me?

  50. Scene 241, it only has single carriages and no matter how fast I go, I can only get 1 star. I can get all the items as fast as I can and often it doesn’t reach even the first star.

    1. Question mark is on a picture on the back wall, the house is above it and the floppy disk is very hard to see and is to the right on the lower shelf on top of a box (at least that is what I think it was).

  51. Hi QUICKGAMER, Many of us who are playing H EX would like to see the
    scenes beyond city 20/21 (still scenes) of course, many on the scenes
    are also impossible to obtain three stars due to single cars. The
    game is great fun but can be very frustrating at times,iy needs to
    be updated. Please print the still shots, thanks and a HAPPY CHRISTMAS

    1. Did you ever find the button? It’s a clothing button, not a button you press. It’s on the body of the electric guitar on the couch.

    1. As Carmen said, the handkerchief is on the floor in the middle of the picture. It’s folded up, so it’s square.

  52. Any place to find help on the Treasure Hunt Stations – Challenge City Station tween 3 & 4? Would just like to see a screen shot.

  53. Can anyone tell me how to pass level 12. I can not get three stars in each number and I know where the objects are. I just can’t get the points to the third star.

  54. I have been playing City 25, Level 244 for months. Each time I find all of the items, the yellow ones and the engine, but cannot get a score above 117,500 in order to get a star and go on to the next one so I can open the gate and get to the next city. Is there a flaw to this level or is there something I can do to get the stars? I am frustrated!

  55. I have been playing City 25 Level 244 for months and I cannot get a star. I find every object, get all of the yellow trains and engine time after time after time and I never get a star. Is there a problem with this level or what can I do to get a star? I have 3 stars on the others in this city. I am frustrated because I want to be able to move on and I’m stuck.

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