Complete List of Hidden Express Scenes, Cities and Objects

Below you will find the complete walkthrough list of Hidden Express Cities, each one will take you to the page where all the Levels and Scenes are included. We not only add most of the objects found on each scene, but also add a high resolution screenshot so you can check out the hints for yourself. Good luck getting all those precious stars !!!!, no need for Hacks of Cheats any longer since you can now memorize the whole list of items and pass levels quickly.

Regular Levels.

Featured Levels.

  • Haunted City
  • Winter Village

A Few Hidden Express Tips.

  • Just after you click on the level number, a pop up window will appear, don’t forget to add power-ups in those scenes that are quite difficult, the power-ups are seeker, slow time and.
  • Always try to discover the objects that are alone in a single wagon, multiple objects in a wagon can’t be hard to get rid of, specially when the game puts there objects that you haven’t discovered in previous sessions.
  • Here is one good reason to add friends that play Hidden Express; at the end of each City, you will be required to “Open The Gate”, in order to do that you need to request a total of 3 keys from friends. You have two other options which are buy a single key for 18 Hidden Express Money Tickets or buy the “Golden Key” which allows you to open all gates from all towns at the price of 59 Tickets.
  • Once you find several objects in a row without making mistakes, you will see a highlighted object that you need to find, if you do it, you will be granted bonus points and that is the key to get 3 stars in hidden express, because it in some levels it doesn’t matter how fast you reach the locomotive, you won’t get a score high enough to obtain the 3 stars.


  • Magnifying Glass: The default “hint”, it reveals the location of a random object pending to be discovered.
  • Seeker:Click on a particular clue to reveal its location
  • Slow Time:Slow the train to a crawl to give yourself some time.

Hidden Express Free Tickets.

  • One method of obtaining free tickets (that allow you to obtain energy) is by filling out surveys. The icon on the right side of the map takes you to the surveys list, only complete those that do not ask for sensitive information.


  1. still having trouble with the express changing objects

    • I’m on city 13 level 123….I have no train and doesnt look like all the items are there… my ipad just frozen which would suck because I cant get past the level and I dont want to delete and re-install because I would have to start all over…..has this happened to anyone???? Please help !!!!

  2. I bought the golden key that said it would unlock all aress. It doesnt work all the time. Why?

    • Well, you still need to successfully finish all levels within the previous map before going to the next one. Check carefully if you reached the end of the path and the last level for that map.

    • golden keys are fro social gates . other levels u need all 3 stars per level ( at least thats how i think it works. ) :)

  3. where is city 10?

    • Will add it today.

    • where is the chocolate bar in mad scientist lab

  4. City 15 has just opened today 2/22/13

    • Today we’ll upload the City 11 screenshots and probably next week City 15 will be done as well.

    • Will someone please tell me where the signature is on level 43

  5. Where are the disguises? It says they are in the Food Truck, but I don’t see them.

    Thank you

    • Who tasked you with finding the disguises?

  6. How much energy do you get per ticket? e.g.,650 tickets = how much energy?

  7. City 10, game 91 I think If you click the hint for treasure chest It goes around the whole center of the picture. Help!!!!!

  8. Sandy I don’t even see a treasure chest in city 10 level 91

  9. did anyone notice that some scenes have changed? for example the first one is not the fish tank anymore, it’s a ticket office…

    • Holy, was that the only one that changed?

    • no, the developers changed even more. also #4, 6, 10, 12, 13, 15, 27, 35, 43, 69, 87, 103.
      the new scences are called ticket office, happy hearth and one with no name. and it seems like the museum is gone… just can tell till lvl. 108.

    • Yes Elettra they have changed a lot of the levels .
      Level 1,4,6,10,12,13,15,17,27,35,37,43,50,66,69,87,95,103,107

    • Thanks Cheryl, we’ll update these levels as well.

  10. City 19 is also open with new scenes

    • we are currently working on new cities. Thanks!

  11. I have got all the stars in city 3 but i still can’t open the gate. Please help

  12. Which gives more points finishing a two or three stack car or the golden car. Are the same points given whether or not you complete a multi car all at once or in consecutive order or just as long as they are all fouond?

  13. how can i get a key?? not many of my friends on FB play the game

    • Suja–you can add me as a friend. I play most days.

    • Can we add each other, I’m in the same situation

  14. City 22 and 23, do you have them?

    • working on them.

  15. City 11 level 103 is not the same as the picture you have. I need help and can’t find this level anywhere.

  16. How come I HAVE to purchase a ticket pack in order to get through the gate to city 6?

  17. What is the deal with purchasing ticket packs in order to get through the gates now even though you have completed all the levels and have all 3 stars?

  18. Please…..where is the peacock in City 5 – level 36?

  19. can u help me, i’d finished the city 5, but can open the next. I still have 13 hx, have a lot of friend playing HX. but whenever i click in the gate, the window of buying hx jump out. I can’t send request to my friend or use hx… What can i do? Anyone can explain it to me, please?

  20. Can anyone tell me where the star is on level 99, I can’t find it to pass this level for the life of me ? : )

    • It is in the center of the vase that has the monkey sitting in the top of it.

  21. Does it seem like the train is moving faster at the higher levels or is it just me?

  22. no veo el cuchillo ni el ta te ti del nivel 84 city 9 alguien me lo puede decir

  23. I cannot find a view of the Happy Hearth anywhere. It must be a new scene I am on city 11 level 103 please update all scenes…Thanks so much!

  24. Where is the “rat” in the scene Amazon Rainforest?

    • I never saw that either, but was able to ignore it and get 3 stars anyway!

    • Terry if that is scene 216, it’s in the top of the tree at the far left hand corner.

  25. City 26 248 i can not find the anchor billboard and carved 5 any ideas x

    • The carved 5 is on the pole in the middle of the scene. It is hard to see. The anchor is at the top of the same pole and also hard to see. The billboard is a small white rectangle on the right hand side that the bus is on.

    • How bout the duck on city 26 248?

  26. Wheres the crop on level 214 , There is no such item there!!!!!!!

    • It’s next to the polo mallet…it’s a riding crop (like a whipping stick)

  27. On level 238…I just can’t get passed 2 stars! Any helps?

    • I had the same problem until I read the FAQ on the main page and I got the 3 stars on the next play.

  28. I cant get 5 friends to pass level 7? So do I have to just quit the game?

    • Can we be friends to get through the game ?

    • Can we be friends to get through the game ? Add me as a friend we can help each other. More friends the better!!!

  29. I need five friends to pass to city 8

    • I just watch the video to earn more cash, then I can buy the pass the locked gates. You don’t even hae to watch the whole video clip cause you earn it before the clip finishes.,

    • Add me as a friend and I will do the same. Thank you!!

  30. Just need 2 more friends to help me get a key. I love this game but cant find friends

  31. can anybody tell me where the parasol is ta x

    • city 26 248 can’t find the parasol x

  32. Are you sure its 248 (fisherman one)I didnt think they asked for a parasol in this one… i’m looking for the satellite dish and fins if you can help? thanks

    • The satellite dish is on the far right on the hill. The fins are in the boat on the front. It’s dark, it looks like one flipper. Does anybody know where the periscope is?

    • Pam…the satellite dish is way up in the left hand corner, dark shadow on the island

  33. The periscope is in the water sticking out on the left hand side, black and white pole :) thanks for the help!

  34. Can somebody tell me where the moth is in ‘Happy Rails”. I cannot find it. Bout to go crazy. Is there a walk through for this level? I don’t see one.

    • The moth is top left of the backpack in bottom right. I cannot find the man. Can you help?

  35. Can anyone tell me where the ladder is on level 65? Also Saturn? I have been stuck on this level for ages. Thanks

    • The ladder is in between the 4 bottom solar panels. Saturn is on the astronaut to right’s sleeve.

  36. Seems like on City 24 #234, there is very little possibility of getting 3 stars. Any suggestions?

  37. city 11 level 103 old picture, where is Chase piece

  38. I’m at the end of city 3 but the gate remains locked. I got 3 stars on all the levels, so how do I open the gate?

  39. Could someone tell me where the man is in Happy Rails, Level 12, scene 102. Thanks

    • If you mean city 12 scene 107 the man is to the left of the back pack on the wood seat, it looks like a bathroom symbol of a man.

  40. Can anyone tell me where the kiwi is in city 28 scene 275?

    • it is the little hedgehog looking thing towards bottom left of screen

    • kiwi is the hedgehog looking thing towards the bottom left

  41. I can’t find the umbrella in level 169 in the country kitchen…please help.. thanks

    • the umbrella is to the left of the milk jug in the basket of eggs

  42. You’re a little behind, don’t you think? I’m in City 29, you only have walk-throughs up to city 16! Do you plan on catching up to the game?

    • Yes, we’ll start adding more cities within the next few days.

  43. On level 65 the engine is way past the end when the scene starts. Have tried and tried to get three stars. Why is the engine so far across when the scene begins

  44. I can’t understand why I find all the objects, sometimes even to the point of having to wait for the train to move forward to see the rest, and all the bonus (light up) cars, but still only get two stars. Must be more to it.
    Does it matter if you clear cars forward or backward from engine? And, sometimes the lit up object is on the engine, so if I click it I get that bonus, but than I miss rest of cars, and if I find objects on rest of cars, than I’ll miss the bonus on the engine.

    • i find that alot now don’t know why think they want us to buy keys or tickets thinking of quitting not spending money when there is other free games out there

  45. Does anyone know where the raincoat or anchor is in 248??? thanks

    • The anchor is on the wooden pole in the centre… same as the carved 5 and the raincoat is on the right of the boat, think its yellow :)

  46. I can not find the vampire in town 20, level 193, can anyone help? thanks

  47. where is the mirror in level 283

  48. where is the dollar in level 295 pls

  49. In Level 286 could someone please tell me where the Bow Tie and the lighter is?

    • i can’t find the bow tie or the lighter, any help?

  50. i cannot find the toad or the hand rake in the vineyard? please help

    • It is standing up against the barrel on the left

  51. Does any one know where the peacock feather and the measuring tape are in level 278??? Thank You!

  52. Why cant I play on facebook today?

  53. where is city 18,19…

  54. I can’t seem to win level 275 in city 28 Hidden Harbour. I know where all the clues are, and go as fast as I can, but still cannot win. I get to 2 stars, but not the third! Maybe it is broken because it doesnt’ make sense. Also, why can’t I buy the super combo charm? Is it not supposed to be available? BTW – I have fully completed all cities until #28.

    • If you can and want to contribute back to the site, could you please send us scenes screenshots from chapter 20 and above?. We would truly appreciate it.

  55. I’m in ’6.Sakura City’. It says 30/30 100%. I have all the stars I can get but it is still telling me that I have to get 1 more star to go through the gate.

    • I found the solution….
      I had to go back into another city and collect a star in there.

  56. Does anyone know where the lightning bolt is in 285??? Thank You!

    • I would like to know where the lightning bolt is also, it’s driving me crazy.

  57. hi.. i want to make this game in my c# it possible in c#???? can you help me??

  58. on city 12 scene 107 the locomotive is the a pic of this yet? Where is the key chain? not the key…

  59. where is the whistle in level 81?

  60. in level 209 I cant find ring… any one help…

    • did you find it yet? I can’t find it either!

    • the ring is the square red item on the far right of the hors d’oerves in the lower right corner

  61. where are the fountain pen and pencil in level 82?

    • fountain pen is under poker chips and besides of mouse. pencil is on top right hand side, on the photo frame

  62. hi would any one consider becoming
    a friend so that they can unlock gates for me i have been stuck on a level for weeks because i do not know enough people who play

    • Sandra, I can always use another friend on this!

    • Sandra, I am having the same trouble. Have you got enough friends?

    • Add me for hidden express pls?

  63. Does anyone know where the bat is in level 193?

    • its a baseball bat standing up in the middle of the cabinet on the back wall

  64. on level 249 can anyone tell me where the signature is??

  65. I can’t get three stars on level 87. Can anyone give me any hints?

  66. where is the signature in level 249

    • The sign is in the yellow can out on the table

  67. Where’s the turkey feather in level 294?

  68. In level 83 I am trying to find the hair clip. Can anyone help me with that?

    • hair clip is on the chair—left hand side, the white ball

  69. can anyone tell me where the “7″ & “?” are in level 278 please!!!

    • the “?” is on the bottom of the postcard directly above the computer screen

  70. can anyone tell me where the lightning bolt in city 29 level 285 is.. thanks

  71. where is the camera & sea horse in level 199

  72. can someone tell me where the medal is on level #200

  73. can anyone tell me where the plate is at level 249??

    • the “plate” is the license plate holding to lid of the blue cooler open!!!

  74. I don’t have any friends who play this game. Would anyone help me out by becoming a friend just to help me get thru these gates? Thank you

  75. In city 26 can anyone tell me where the spiderweb is? Thank you.

  76. My request disappeared..What?

  77. On level 248 city 26, where is the moon?

    • It’s a moon-shaped object, right below the ivy

  78. Please open cities 22, 23…

  79. where is the shovel in city 26?

  80. Where is the heart in level 314 in City 34


    • just found it: it is one of the small windows on the boat :)

  81. Where arw the bowtie and binoculars at in 286?

  82. Can someone please help me and tell me where the signature is on level 43?

  83. where is “MUSIC” in City 27?

    • The “music” is vertically on the side of the brown bookcase

  84. I’m in city 23 scene 218 and cannot find the monkey, Can anyone help?

  85. so do you no longer help with questions .?????? I have a frozen ipad and I am unable to move past level 123… I need to delete. the game and re-install ??

  86. Do you know where is the “foundation” in level 281?

  87. I was wondering if there are any cheats for the tournaments…can’t find a couple of objects in the Tailor Shop, Italy


  88. where is signature in city 28?

  89. level 286 the bow tie is on the lamp shade ~~ can’t find oar & lighter ~~please help

  90. Does anyone know where the oar & lighter are in level 286 ~ thanks

    • The lighter is on the cardboard box in the right hand corner. The oar is above the moon at the top of the fireplace.

  91. Does anyone know where is the lightning bolt in the level 285 –

    • at the stairs wall

  92. In jouneys at the hat store where is the pin for the next level?

  93. My Friends dong get The repuesta for keys I set several times

  94. Does anyone know where the starfish is on level 226?

  95. When I finish a scene and it says try again it will not go back I have to go out and come back in order for the scene to open up again. Why is it starting to do this.

  96. Maureen ~ the starfish is in the bathtub. it’s red and blends in with the flower petals floating in the tub.

  97. how do I get my friends added to my friends list on the game

    • I needs my friends I’m stuck at city 118 need keys from my friends but I don’t know how to add them on my friends list

  98. has any one found the bottle in Istanbul?

  99. please help me complete Happy Hearth. Where is the red bat and goatee?

  100. The bat is on the red wall hanging on the left — it’s the flying animal kind of bat, not the baseball kind. The goatee is on the chin of the deer head; it’s black and blends in with the surroundings.

  101. Where is the MP3 player in Istanbul train station please???

  102. Why can’t we access city 22 to study pictures

  103. Where is the comb ant the crane. Have seen this scene in previous level but the aren’t where they were then

  104. Can’t complete city 21

  105. where’s the spider web in 89

  106. Where is the coin in level 282/ City 29? Thanks!

  107. Can someone please tell me where the shovel is on level 247, jet stream junction??

  108. Why can’t we access cities 22 & 23, no help at all now on this sire

    • Still Waiting for City 23 to be available looking for rat in level 218 Thanks for somebodies help.

  109. looking for the feather on level 268 of templeslide

  110. Oops, meant level 278

  111. This does not do me any good. You say it’s a complete list, yet I am on City 38 and you are only showing scenes through City 21.

  112. where is checker board in level 68

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