Heroes of Dragon Age Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Heroes of Dragon Age walkthrough guide for beginners. We are currently working to bring you the complete list of heroes available in the game.


The battle mechanics are actually very simple, perhaps too much. Once you enter the battle either through the Campaign or the Battle (PvP) mode, you just have to press fight and see the fight unfold. The gold energy bar on the left is yours (represents the squad’s total energy combined) and the enemy energy is on the left.


The Campaign Mode in Heroes of Dragon Age is composed of quests distributed along several chapters. You can access the campaign through the main screen on the bottom right of it, by tapping on quest.


You can see the different chapters by tapping on the Map icon on the bottom left side of the screen once in the Quest Mode. It makes the navigation a lot easier, specially after you completed the first chapters of the game.

MASTERING QUESTS. Looking forward to obtain free gems?. Well, mastering quests is definitely one of the best ways to do without the need to use any sort of hack or cheat. Each quest needs to be replayed X amount of times (always obtaining a victory) until you reach the cap. Each time you replay and win you will get XP points and gold coins, but you will get the gems only in the last battle of the quest, it is then when is considered mastered. The amount of victories needed for each quest vary, and increases the more advanced you are in the game. Note: the enemy squad’s level also increases as you keep obtaining victories in the same quest.


Heroes can only be obtained from Hero Packs at the store. Don’t worry though, since both coins and gems can be obtained in the game, without needing you to spend money. There are several types of heroes, and the rarer it is, the less likely it is to drop from those card packs; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary

The rarest heroes are often the most powerful.

You can identify an enemy’s rarity by looking at their base material, which is the base color of the platform they stand on.

CONSUME HEROES. Increase a hero’s chance of dealing double damage by consuming up to 5 other heroes. Consumed heroes transfer XP.

COMBINING HEROES. by combining hero cards, you can increase a hero’s XP and stat potential. Identical combine tiers grant a 10% XP bonus. Notice this is not an evolution process like in other TCG games

Initiative determines when a hero will attack in battle. Quick heroes are most likely to attack first.

In order to see your Heroes’ stats, tap on “Heroes” in the main screen (bottom middle of the screen). Then tap on the Hero, regardless whether it is part of your squad or not. The stats you can see on the profile are:

  • Rarity
  • Faction
  • XP
  • Power
  • Health
  • 2x damage %
  • Initiative
  • Special Skill


You can drag heroes in/out in the Squad screen to assign them to the team. The Squad is always composed by 4 heroes and 1 large creature.

If you get to assign four heroes to your squad with the same faction color you will get a power boost. You cannot change a hero’s faction, in case you were wondering.

Front-row heroes receive a health boost. Back-row heroes receive a higher chance of dealing double damage.


Each time you level up, your Energy and Stamina will be fully replenished. Do not mistake leveling up your account with leveling up your individual heroes in your squad.


Runes are meant to increase your squad’s stats. You can access the Rune menu through the Squad menu, on the right sidebar. Runes function for a limited time and can only be used once.


How do you get Runes?. We honestly do not know if they drop randomly from certain quests, but they are not available at the store either.


You can duel other players to claim trophies and climb the global leaderboard by expending stamina (purple meter)

The PvP battles are very imbalanced, but it will surely improved as the developers take notice of the multiple complaints in the forums.


So far, the “Allies” feature is rather limited. You can send an Ally Request after battling an enemy player by tapping on the + icon on the top left side of the report screen, Although the game tells you to check out the “Allies Screen” there is not such thing.


When in the Hero Pack screen, you can slide the menu to the left in order to unveil the “Ultimate Pack”. Despite it says all heroes are available in all packs, Creatures can only be found in some of them, and Legendary Heroes are not mentioned in the Recruit Pack.

  • Recruit Pack. Drops 1 hero and chance at 1 rune. Guaranteed Common with chance Uncommon, Rare or Epic
  • Warrior Pack. Drops 1 hero or large creature and chance at 1 rune. Guaranteed Uncommon with chance at Rare, Epic, or Legendary
  • Champion Pack. Drops 1 hero or large creature and 1 rune. Guaranteed Rare with chance at Epic or Legendary
  • Ultimate Pack. Drops 1 hero and 1 rune. Guaranteed Epic. One-time purchase only. Costs $1.99


There’s a separate guide with FAQs and Tips with different topics being addressed.

  • You will eventually find out that despite having stamina, your current squad won’t be able to keep up with the pace and won’t be strong enough to defeat the enemy time after time. We suggest you make progress little by little and start mastering all quests right from the very first tutorial chapter. This way your heroes will level up and also get gems to adquire rare or epic heroes.
  • You can make the battle session a lot faster by tapping on the “fast forward” button, located on the left side of the screen once the battle begins.
  • You can see each individual enemy’s level by tapping on the interrogation icon right before the battle begins.
  • There’s a boss at the last quest of every chapter, and if you defeat it, it will reward you with a few gems, whether or not that particular quest is mastered.
  • Keep your Runes for the new quests, where the enemies are much stronger.

61 thoughts on “Heroes of Dragon Age Walkthrough Guide”

  1. If you combine two heroes before they are maxed in level, do they not get full potential in stats like in other card games? Or can you just combine two heroes as soon as you pull identical ones?

    1. You do get slightly stronger Heroes, so if you want to get a perfect “evolution” do it that way.

  2. Well i hesitate to use combine, because the result isnt explani anywhere precisly. I wanted to combine 2 epics together, 1 lvl 22 and 1 lvl 1. What will be the result ? Will their only be 1 stat potential up or will the lvling will give also better stats than a tier 1

    1. You can combine and the 22 and the 1, and get a stage 2 level 22, it takes the highest level and the highest critical chance of the two. you may also get it to 23 as the epic will give a bonus to exp when combined

  3. Thanks man. Also, wondering if rare-normal heroes who “attack a row of enemies” have less attack power than a rare normal hero that “attacks one enemy”. I’m deciding who to max out, and so far it seems that the hero who attacks one enemy is more powerful in attack.

    1. Thanks for your comment Stan.

      Do you think It would be useful to add the list of Heroes in chart, including all their stats to compare?

    2. OK. We’ll try to post most of them during the week. Any other info you consider useful?, Missions perhaps?

  4. We should also attempt to start a petition to EA to allow either a new system of “energy” or more energy points. I’ve spent some money on the game, and I’m sure some have spent much more than me, yet we can only play the game for about 10 minutes before exhausting energy points and having to wait an hour to play again.

  5. There is a way to see allies. When you first start the game, click the Mail icon on the middle left (looks like a letter). That shows you your Allies & Requests screen.

    Any word on which ranks the more popular characters are in? Alistar, Flemeth, etc. I found Yavana and she’s Epic rank apparently.

    1. If you go to Gallery you can scroll to Group using the the top left arrow. You can see Vengance Anders, Flemeth, Morrigan, Anders, Yavana, Apostate Wanderer, and Dark elf. They are in shadow but sometimes when you look they are in color.

  6. If you were to combine a unit then consumed it, would you get more experiance than if you were to just consume the two if them?

    1. can you rephrase?, if you mean that if you first combine a card and after that consume cards to level it up, then no, the XP points obtained are the same.

  7. No i mean if you consume the combined card. Does it give you more exp than if you were to consume the original two cards instead.

    1. I’ve had a lot of questions in that aspect. So I tried it with a pair of silver characters. Marginal if at all any experience bonus for consuming a combined character. I’d like to hear other reports.

    2. I will look into this. I think you would get more xp if combining the two first, no? When you combine two identical heroes you are supposed to get a 10% bonus xp. So if y0ou combined two heroes that each had 10,000 xp, the total xp would be 20,000 plus 10%(2000) so the new combined hero would have 22,000 xp. So if that is correct, you would get more experience by waiting to consume until after heroes have been combined

  8. Has anyone else had characters level and combine on their own? I have several which I have some with full bars which I know I have never had two alike to combine before. Loads of questions on this game thus far for me.

  9. Yes that is “THE” question for me too . I have 2 identical characters so i can combine them . They are uncommon crap . But the problem is : Is it better to combine them first and then consume or just consume the 2 characters ?

    1. AFAIK it would be better to combine first and then consume, as combining gives not only sums the XP totals, but it also adds 10% XP (provided it’s the same hero/tier). That way the Hero which is doing the consuming will have:
      Current XP + [(Hero1 XP)+(Hero2 XP)]*1.1

    2. I spent time combining werewolves (common i think) to max the 10% XP bonus for a werewolf IV (that’s 8 werewolves I combined to make 4 werewolves II combined to make 2 werewolves III combined to make the werewolf 4). When I consumed the werewolf IV, it gave me no more benefit to my 2x damage % than consuming anyother common character and a small boost in XP. So if you’re going to consume don’t bother combining first, it’s actually better if you don’t because you get more benefit to the 2x damage % (like in my case 8 times the benefit). Only combine if you’re going to use them.

  10. So I’ve been testing this game for a while and here’s the results, which will answer most of the questions above. If you don’t care about reasoning and just want results, skip to the last paragraph.

    When consuming, only rarity matters for 2x damage chance. Combining cards first will give half the bonus of consuming the 2 originals.

    Heroes have a set health and attack at level 1. They also gain a set amount each level. When you combine, it will raise the starting stats, but the per level gain is the same at tier 2. At tier 3 some have their per level gain go up by a point as well and it’s retroactive, since the result hero will be level 1 and you can watch as the experience is applied so you can see them leveling.

    Experience is transferred at 100%. If you combine a hero with 10000 experience and one with 0, the result will have 10000. If they are the same tier, meaning both are NAME with a I or II or whatever after it, they will get a 10% bonus so the example would end up with 11000 experience.

    Lower rarity cards contribute less toward 2x damage chance as the chance gets higher. I don’t mean it just gets harder to raise the chance. Going from 2% to 3%, one silver is about equal to 3 or so bronze. Going from 6% to 7% one silver is worth about 7 bronze. This means once your heroes are at 6-7% 2x damage, feeding them bronze is a waste. Just save for silver packs.

    Faction bonuses matter much more as you get higher level. Since they are a flat percent bonus, the increase become better and better as they level. At level 5, let’s say a silver has 500 health. If you have a full silver team, the faction bonus will be 8%. This gives a 40 health bonus. Not much. At level 25, say that hero has 900. That gives a 72 bonus. It’s not huge, but it might give one of your heroes an extra chance to hit.

    So in summary and reading between the lines, keep one team of each faction. Leveling them is difficult, but it’s worth it in the long run, unless you’re super lucky or willin to dump enough money to have a legendary team. You only need one large since they have no faction, so don’t be afraid to consume them into a new one if you get a more rare large. If you know you won’t use a hero, consume them, don’t combine first. Don’t be afraid to consume, as long as you’re not using the hero, there’s no down side or reason to wait. Consuming commons is pointless after a hero has 2x damage chance of 5%.

  11. Do you have to follow the challenges in order to get epic or legendary. For example use units with single strike would you have to use a unit with single strike

  12. I have seen that all the heroes have their own leveling increases (+power +hp), but those are constant for each hero. Can you add those stats to the heroes list?
    And even better in case you can click on hero and choose level to get his stats on that level (in case you need I can help with JS to do it).
    The scenario is that I rolled a new rare and I have another one which I may sacrifice but I want to know how the new would be on the same level as current

  13. is it better to have all 4 men on a team to have the same color SOLID fraction cause my team members have half a split color Blk/gray. and other members of my team are just blk. How does it work with members that have half one color and half another?

  14. how do you reset the game? i want to start a new game how to do that? already try to clear the data but it won’t let me start over. can someone help me on this?? thanks

  15. Anyone know why some of the quests are glowing green even after mastered? Is there any reason to play them again? Possibly hidden characters?

  16. Challenge quests appear when you complete a map. Winning challenge quests rewards experience, gold, and randomly drops characters. The higher level maps have higher level drops. So farming challenge quests can provide better heroes for your team. I have not had a legendary drop yet, but have had multiple rares and a couple of Epics.

    1. The challenge quests also have a chance to drop runes. I can confirm that an epic (Lady of the Forest) dropped for me on the 2nd maps challenge quest on about my 40th attempt.

  17. Runes appear to drop in at least two different ways that I have found. One is from purchasing Hero Packs. There seems to be a chance that a rune of some rarity may drop with each opened pack. Also, runes can be dropped by completing the challenge quests that open up at the end of each map.

    There does not appear to be any benefit to combining heroes when they are level one or fully leveled. They simply get added together and total up their xp plus bonus and new level is achieved. The level CAP is raised when you combine.

    Although I would love to talk strategy, the unfortunate truth, as with most IAP games, the people who can afford to dump a hundred bucks or so into a game like this can attain some pretty powerful heroes without playing much. It can get frustrating for people who have not spent any money, but many hours, lose pvp battles to people who are 15 levels lower than you.

    In any case, the game is a lot of fun and worth playing.

  18. Is there a special trick to getting new monstrous creatures cause I’m stuck with this damn spider you get from the beginning and I’ve tried getting new ones several times

  19. hey guys, i’m just wondering if it’s possible to delete your current account and start over again at the beginning… I was a newbie at start and I made a few mistakes and now I want to start over

    1. Your profile is linked to Google Play account, so if you want to start over, you need to set up a new Goole Play account I think. The stat data is stored there so it can’t be “edited” 😉

    2. Hi guys, I found when you lost connection it asks you to switch players. If you do cancel you starts again. But cannot say what happens if you cintinue, I got scared and exit app. You may try this and let us know the result

    3. also, if you’re an iOS user; logging out of GameCenter from system admin options will allow you to bypass your GC account, and play as “guest” – I just tried this yesterday, and am still nerdraging over the fact that my ‘guest RxQueen (yes, I still have my GC user ID for some reason…)’ has literally got more gems and better heroes than my old as dirt, leveled account.

      I recently ‘contacted’ support over the fact that they want all but $40 for you to MAYBE get an Epic/Legendary hero from their 10packs…it angered me that since I only PVP (you get to a point where it seems your heroes are all at a stand-still. nothing works to progress through maps…) I was basically forced to pay or fail. It’s sad that their mobile market has stooped to such a ridiculous shiesty low, but…out of my girly over-emotional rantings, came a free rune courtesy of the Support Team! 😉

      Either way – starting over would be great for those of us who haven’t dumped $$ into the game to try and just keep up…next best thing is play as a guest and get mad at all the things the new account obtains that the old couldn’t. LOL.

      By the way – doing the challenges on maps 8 & 9 for weeks has finally given me my Epic Anders & Enchanter Orsino…The map (challenge quest) before that drops a Grey Warden Carver (Epic…mine’s at IV…he’s an easy drop, apparently..) Map 9 also awards that big silly Sylvan…which also is easily max combined (only rare, however).

      I’m not so into reading every other comment, so maybe someone already covered this..but – there’s my clusterfck of random info, anyhow. 😉


  20. Hi lads, I’m also very interested how to get any good large creature without paying a lot of money. So many players have legendary or epic dragon and finally on level 23 I got rare tree.. I must be very unlucky or kind of fool. Buying only champions packs, but looks as waste of money. . another question is if it makes sense to combine 2 epic heroes on level 22 with 2x attack on 14 resp 15% (they’re my strongest units) and start experiencing new hero or better keep it?
    Few findings – it’s worth to repeat hidden quests as they provide runes and heroes for consuming, runes are mostly level 1, but useful for battles as stamina bar doesn’t allow to fight more then 5 times anyway. Especially works when you got stacked. . .

    1. I’ve gotten several large creatures from the soldier pack, including a rare. I’m pretty new to the game so it can’t be that hard. Just keep trying.

  21. I was wondering, what is the best way to level up new guys? Is it better to level up a squad of low levels or to mix them with higher levels? Does having higher level guys with lower level guys offset their exp gain somehow? Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

    1. You can always replay easier maps even after you’ve mastered them, so that’s a good way to level up new heroes. The experience earned gets split evenly, rounded down, among the number of heroes in your squad, so if you have 5 heroes and earn 100 xp, each hero earns 20 xp. This is true regardless of level – including if a hero is maxed out. So if you are levelling, it is best to leave out any maxed-out heroes and then go after the quest with the highest xp that you can easily win with whatever you’re levelling.

  22. There is a log in the battles section to tell me all those I have attacked. Is there a log anywhere where I can see all the people who have attacked me? I think I saw a message come up once, but can’t remember where.

  23. I’ve noticed that level 8 players have rare and legendary heroes. They beat me almost every time in PvP, even though my rares are decently leveled. How are level 5-10 players getting such high end characters so early? Is there an exploit I don’t know about? It makes it almost impossible for me with win PvP matches when I have only a few “red base” heroes when everyone else has greens and reds as full squads.\

  24. I am currently playing with two xp maxed out charecters in my squad. When I gain xp at the end of a fight or quest does it transfer the total xp to the un-maxed charecters or does the ammout that would go to the maxed charecters if they weren’t maxed disapear?

  25. In the newest update of the app they won’t allow you to combine your heroes only consume them or by fortifying them. Why is this and how can I then combine?

  26. Ok, I started yesterday. I dropped $1.99 for the epic one-time pack. I dropped $19.99 for gems and immediately dropped $9.99 for more gems so I could buy the 10 champion packs at once.

    With that, I got 4 legendary heroes and two epics. Maybe I’m just lucky? Either way, I’ll take it. So, that’s how you can be low level and overkill anything you are doing in the low levels. I have still been beaten in PvP twice.

    The wierd thing is that both epics are the SAME character and two of my legendary are the SAME character… I have gotten several larges, two bears from the first challenge quest, two dragons from soldier packs and a wyvern from a soldier pack… I have a lot of other rares and such, but I don’t have room to use them.

    So take a chance and spend $32 bucks on the game… You might be lucky like me, or you might end up cursing my name…

    My in-game name is Galileo, the same as here.

    1. You get Tier II III IV through the consume process. Fastest way is to consume the same unit (ie. Have a Hydra consume a Hydra) that will instantly tier you up.

  27. There is a cheat to get infinite energy by set your phone or ipad clock on manual an adjust the hours as you like. I always manage to fill up my empty energy with this trick but when I want to do more fights or quests the game stops and nothings working?..

    Anyone any suggestions or do you have your one experience with this cheat?

  28. I agree with David who said where is the option to combine help me please. There isn’t that option on mine either and I have identified characters to combine.

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