Heroes of Dragon Age Guide: FAQs & Tips

Welcome to quickgamer’s Heroes of Dragon Age walkthrough guide for beginners. We are currently working to bring you the complete list of heroes available in the game.


  • What does the animation surrounding a hero (could be your team of the enemy team) mean?
  • It basically means that the once the turn for that hero arrives, it will carry out a critical attack. However, that can be prevented if the hero gets stunned.

  • What’s the best way to spend gold?
  • We use gold for Silver Packs.

  • Best Farming Node?
  • Each map has a node, depending on your level, the best farming spot varies. Take a look at the heroes and runes you can get by farming each challenge quest.

  • Where Can I find the Allies Screen Menu?
  • You can find the Allies screen menu by tapping on the mail button, located on the main screen on the left side.

  • How should I better distribute my spending on Recruit Packs and Warrior Packs?
  • We suggest you buy 1 warrior pack for every 5 recruit packs. Bear in mind that the legendary hero drop rate is extremely low. The drop rate also varies among different accounts. Remember that you can also get gems for free by mastering quests, thus buying the gold pack and getting better chances at legendaries

  • How to Evolve a Hero?
  • First of all, the first thing you need is a second identical character to the one you want to evolve. Second, the same button you use to combine is used to evolve a hero, but only becomes available when you finally get the second identical character.

  • Do I need to maxed out a Hero level before evolving?
  • NO. Unlike most other card games, you don’t have to max out a hero in order to get better stats for the next evolution tier. You can evolve a hero at level 1 in both cards and you will get the same stats once that hero reaches a tier 2 level.

  • What is the best way to use gems?
  • Definitely saving them ONLY for the Champion Pack

  • Once you reach level 10 or so, you find yourself losing regular quests all the time and not being able to progress or level up
  • HINT: YOU MUST return to previous maps, the earlier the level the better, and start grinding and mastering those quests. That is the “secret method” of leveling up your characters. Once you find yourself losing at a certain stage in a quest, proceed with the following quest, rinse and repeat. After a while you will notice that you have leveled up and also have gold to buy more packs, that eventually allow you sacrifice common cards or get better heroes.

  • Why is there a timer on PvP?
  • The objective of the timer, in theory, is to avoid picking your opponent, but simply fighting the one you are presented with by default. However, since you can keep skipping to the next opponent, the timer is rendered useless.

These are the questions we received through the comments and we listed them here. Please leave your own questions below so we can help you out with them.

25 thoughts on “Heroes of Dragon Age Guide: FAQs & Tips”

  1. I’m getting REAL sick of doing challenge quests and getting NO reward what-so-ever! No hero, no rune, nothing. Hard enough to beat these things without beating them and getting nothing for it. I’m about to consign this game to the trash with all the other money pit, no-win-unless-you-pay games that went before it.

    1. I get rare drops all the time. Mind you, not the best rares, but they feed my epics and legendaries all the time. I did spend money, but best value was the 1.99 on a guaranteed epic, i got a high dragon. And one incredible fortune of getting an epic on a recruit pack. I say buy one warrior and spend rest on recruit packs. Out of 6 recruit buys i get 2 silvers. Thats a value since i would have one or maybe two silvers and no bronze to feed the golds. Also feed combine identicals once, you get a 10% on exp which go to your golds exp when you consume.

  2. Nicely done! I was looking everywhere for a list of heroes; templar carver seems to be rather pathetic especially when compared to the dalish arcane warrior…

  3. My only real complaint on this game is the little chance to get epics or legendary, I’ve had this game for a while now, and the only real character i got was Grey Warden Alistair, but only from the epic pack. REALLY wish they make it a littler easier or have a better chance to get these characters

  4. In the challenge quests in each level, some of the silver tier characters like the level 37 hurlock emmisary IV have a red base. How do they get that? I have a level 16 hurlock emmisary myself, with a 10% chance of 2x attack. If I max this character all the way to the highest level and max out his 2x damage chance, does he “convert” from a silver base to a red, epic base? I am confused by all the rather “common” or “uncommon” epic characters I am seeing in the various challenges. Explain?

    1. No, your characters will never change color. If you have a silver no matter how much experience you have it will always be silver. They put epic characters in the challenges to make them harder to win.

  5. Been trying to farm for Merrill & Femris forever but they never ever drop. For the challenges does there need to be a special event happening for those legendaries to drop?

    1. Because that would most likely upset more people than it would please. One gem per week means you’d have enough to buy a hero pack in only slightly more than half a year… oh goody.

  6. I thought I was doing something wrong on map 7 cause I’m just stuck with my heroes at level 23. But I guess I have to grind like crazy. Does anyone know if they will ever come up with a trade system. Cause sometimes I get a really epic hero that just doesn’t fit with my squad and it seems like such a waste to consume him. I think it would be better if I could trade him to someone else that could make better use of the hero, especially if they have someone I’m willing to trade with. Or maybe even buy him off of me with gems or an auction market maybe.

    1. They would never, ever ever, allow trading or any sort of an auction house. That would kill the whole F2P model, nobody would buy the packs from the store if they could just get the same things cheaper in trade.

  7. I have spent much money here (it so hard get gem!), but is awful you can not get gem another way. Yes, because you can get eventually measly 10 gems, but a Champion pack costs 342 ones!
    Why we can not exchange coins for gem? I got more than 50 thousands coins one-time. How many epic caracters I could get? Zero! More than 50.000 coins and, as result, a lot of uncommon! After some time you can not improve your warriors even consuming a Epic one; imagine consuming a uncommon or even a rare?!
    Again: Why we can not exchange coins for gem?

  8. Lihvio, i’m lvl 47, the only time i’ve spent money in this game was for the 1 time epic pack 1.79Euro which was a waste, cuz i’ve got lady of the forest which was shit compared to my others.. so far i’ve got first enchanter orsino tier 3,corypheus tier 2, and 6 more epics tier 1… also wayne and flemeth both legendary, P.S; i’ve got only 2 epics using gems, the rest from silver pack and 1 from common, i’ve got wayne from event and flemeth legendary from silver pack….. the only thing that it seems i’ll never get is a Large creature, i’ve tried 2 events for pride demon and 1 event for wintersend halla.. epics.. wasted the few gems i had for more points and NO LUCK.. i’ve seen other players smaller LVL than me, with pride demon tier 3 or 4… so shit happens. it’s all about luck!

  9. How am I supposed to get anything over uncommen.I mean seriously I will never get stronger at the rate I get uncommons and over that rank. It has been almost a year and I have three rares and only one is good yet I have mastered every quest at my point and I can’t get past. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. (Ps I am using my game name if you didn’t figure that out by now).

  10. Hey quickgamer just an idea but I think a drop rates for heroes would be great if you have the time.just an idea.

  11. could somebody explain why even if not losing in PVP Battle my Trophies keep decreasing though when Im playing I sometime click the Next button to choose an opponent because the default given is I know I cant beat. Does clicking the next button is the cause of my decreasing tropies count? thanx

    1. Your 1st party is your “defender”
      Anyone playing PvP fights you, and must battle that party.
      If they defeat it, your ranking goes down, just as when you beat others, your ranking goes up.

  12. Drop rate for legendary cards has greatly increased in the last few weeks. Now my only complaint is the imbalance of certain characters. The current out of whack skill is weaken. Every other skill wears off but weaken stacks. When someone with a deck of 3 merrills fights me I end up doing 70 dmg after 2 hits of the weaken spell. impossible to win even with characters that can do 3000 dmg. I actually just lost a challenge match with a team having 90,000 hp vs a team with 34,000. Merrill and some sloth deamons(rares) I have 2 T3 architects, a T4 Vengeance Anders, T3 orsimo and T4 enchanter Fiona. If weaken doesn’t wear off then neither should slow. Stun can stack. Each other skill has a rune that can help fight those effects. GIve me runes to resist weaken at least. Yes there are builds that have a chance to kill Merrills but I will not spend $1000 on this game of screen tapping.

  13. Is any work being done on updating the challenge map rewards list? There has been more than 10 maps for quite awhile now.

    I am sure the effort would be appreciated by all.

  14. How can i change my pvp name “legendary nug wrangler” if i haven’t changed it when the tutorial told me to do it?

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