Heroes of Dragon Age Guide: Challenges [heroes unlocks]

Heroes of Dragon Age. Below you can find a chart listing the Heroes you can unlock by repeating challenge quests in different maps. The characters featured here, regardless of their rarity, can also drop randomly from premium packs.


Challenge Name
Enemy Description
Reward Name
Brecillian ChallengeMap 2 - Zathrian's CurseLevel 73 Bear IVRune of Wounded Targeting
Rune of Health
Lady of the Forest
Deep Roads ChallengeMap 3 - The Deep RoadsLevel 19 Genlock Brute IV
Level 20 Hurlock Emissary IV x 2
Hurlock Bolter
Hurlock Grunt
Hurlock Emissary
Rune of Control
Rune of Control
Dust Town ChallengeMap 4 - The Rise of the CartaLevel 43 Carta Assassin IV
Level 43 Coterie Tief IV
Level 43 Carta Smuggler IV
Level 43 Carta Thug IV
Rune of Control
Rune of Quick Targeting
Carta Thug
Carta Assassin
Coterie Thief
Grey Warden Rogue
Ferelden ChallengeMap 5 - The HighwayLevel 173 Ferelden Knight IVTemplar Carver
Circle Senior Enchanter
Blackstone Irregular
Rune of Health
Rune of Power
Grey Warden Carver
Ser Cauthrien
Tevinter ChallengeMap 6 - ArlathanLevel 37 Tevinter Arcane Warrior IV
Level 37 Tevinter Battlemage IV x2
Level 38 Tevinter Arcane Warrior IV
Tevinter Battlemage
Tevinter Arcane Warrior
Tevinter Warrior
Tevinter Slaver
Rune of Power
rune of defense
Circle Tower ChallengeMap 7 - The Circle TowerLevel 52 Revenant IV
Level 52 Desire Demon IV
Level 53 Skeleton Mage IV
Level 52 Skeleton Archer IV
Circle Mage Bethany
Circle Senior Enchanter
Desire Demon
Elven Mage
Elf Bandit
Rune of Knowledge
Rune of resist
Tevinter Battlemage
Dalish ChallengeMap 8 - March on the DalesLevel 120 Sylvan IVDalish Warrior
Charred Sylvan
Dalish Arcane Warrior
Rune of Health
Elf Bard
Rune of Wounded Targeting
Elf Bandit
Dalish Mage
Qunari ChallengeMap 9 - Par VollenLevel 75 Sten IV
Level 75 Ashaad IV
Level 76 Karashok IV
Level 76 Karashok IV
Tal-Vashoth Marauder
Rune of Power
The Arishok
Undead ChallengeMap 10 - The BlackmarshLevel 142 Devouring Corpse IV
Level 142 Devouring Corpse IV
Level 141 Devouring Skeleton IV
Level 141 Devouring Skeleton IV
The Queen of the Blackmarsh
Pride Demon



  1. Just played the Brecilian Challenge 10 times in a row without any reward. They seem to stop rewards to entice real money purchases. Shame. Had high hopes for this.

    • Random is Random. I’ve personally found that I earn at least a rune on most challenges and usually earn 1 hero per six attempts. I’ve ran probably 60+ challenges at this point.

      Though I have yet to see a big hero drop in a pack or in a challenge. Im still skirting by with my intro tutorial common spider.

    • Did the map 2 challange to see how long it would thake to get a epic drop and done it like 100 times, had 8 silver monsters, few silver runes, 5 bronze monsters and runes, and 1 epic monster

    • I am level 60 right now, and have grinder hundreds of challenges. You start to see how percentages of drops really are. If I were to guess, I’d say the percent of getting a red epic from a pack is about 2-3% and legendary about 0.5 – 1.0% and don’t think of these numbers as for every 100 I buy I’ll definitely get 1 green legendary. Because you may not. Think of it as 10 in 1000. You could go 500 without a green. But I’d be feeling like I’m “due” for a good card. When your level 40 or so. Your buying a pack every time you empty your quest energy. 60 and I get 300+gold every battle

  2. I’ve been farming the Dust Town Challenge for Runes of Speed… but since the last patch all I keep getting are Runes of Control instead of Runes of Speed. Was there a change to this map’s rewards?

    • No rune of speed listed there anymore. Bait and switch.

  3. The Brecillion Challenge also rewards Wolf and Bear.

  4. I’ve played the heck out of the Brecilian Challenge, enough to get 4 Sylvans and tens of wolves and werewolves, and a 2 or 3 bears. Not one epic yet.

  5. I know it says “challenge” so this may be a dumb question, but do you have to strictly adhere to the rules of that challenge to get the best drops?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I’ve played the Dustown challenge hoping to get a rare drop but after playing it prob close to 100 times, I haven’t received one. I keep getting common and uncommon over and over again. I have two people who slow guys but I’m wondering if it basically has to be my whole party to get a rare drop.

    • don’t think so. I’ve gotten rare drops (enough to 4x evolve a char) from challenges and I have one epic character that I got out of a silver pack so it’s all possible. I’m at level 25 for reference.
      I stopped paying attention to the challenge requirements after I beat it the first time.

  6. Just wondering how good is the Queen of the Blackmarsh because I got it on a uncommon pack…i just finished map 3

    • The way the purchases are set up, you could theoretically get any rare, epic, or legendary drop on any pack. The only difference is that with the common pack you get both commons and uncommons to dilute the mix and the uncommon pack gives you uncommons to dilute the mix. So getting a Legendary – any legendary – early on is just some wicked freaking luck.

  7. You can also, according to the description, get Grey Warden Rogue on the Dust Town Challenge.

    • What description? I haven’t found a complete description of the challenges and quests yet.
      Have you? where?

    • George, I play on iPad, and when you tap it once, the box on the right comes up with some info. In the Challenges, it says “Has a chance at rewarding a —”.

  8. Just wondering if this is still up to date since the game has been having numerous updates and special events?

    • We update the rewards list.

  9. What I’d like to know is WHY my guys can get 2x hits again and again in pvp matches (which makes sense since they are epic and legendary with high percentages for 2x). But almost NEVER get even ONE on quests or challenges, even those done repeatedly. This smacks of some kind of pre-programmed win setup for quests against the computer.

    • I haven’t really noticed a difference. I get criticals on quests all the time. Now I have had really bad luck on draws so… we all get screwed in different ways by luck :)

    • I haven’t noticed anything like that. check your 2x rate and increase it.

  10. I’ve been wondering something. I’ve been trying to get Fenris via challenge 6 for quite sometime now. But just recently the game said get your chance to get Fenris. Does that mean the rarest of rare can only be obtained whenever there’s an event? Or is that an alternate Fenris that they’re giving out right now?

    • I was wondering the same thing. Anyone know the answer to this?

    • When a event is on, all you get is a higher chance of all drops. So like at the moment, Act 3 challenge you would maybe normally get a rune once every 3 turns and a hero after every 4/5. When the event is on, your probably more likely to get the rune to drop 1/2 turns and a hero 2/3. Duncan (I DID get from this challenge) probably will require 12-50 tries. But as said above, it’s just random. Might get it on your first try.

    • TKT – I like your answer, but question it form this stand point: in the list above on this page, Map 3′s challenge doesn’t name Duncan as an option. Nor does it show an epic character award possible in the lower right hand corner when selecting the challenge during a non-special event time. So, it seems that some of the special event characters can only be won during that time, and that other challenges have epics available during non-challenge times as well.

    • The Fenris that they were offering through that event was a seperate version. It was the SlaveFenris the regular one looks different and has different stats.

  11. I don’t suppose there’s any way to find out what the odds are for any of these drops, is there? Has EA released that info? It’d sure be handy to know.

  12. Got Merrill from the Dalish Challenge:)))))

    • Damn you! I have played this challenge 150+ times with no Merrill!

    • Grrr. I’m up over 200 without her :(

    • no merril terry, but just got epic orsino as reward for dalish challenge

    • Lol I got Merrill in the 1500 silver pack :P couldn’t believe it.

  13. How are people getting that Legendary elven mage, with the white “mask” around her eyes?

    • I haven’t seen her from challenges. They are prob getting her from packs. Her name is Fiona. She is the head of the circle of magi, a former grey warden and *SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t read the books* Alister’s actual mother. King Maric and her decided together to falsify his heritage bc a life as a bastard was bad enough but an elven bastard would forever outcast him. Duncan (a personal friend of Maric and Fiona) was asked to keep an eye out on him bc he was part of the newly established Grey Warden presence in Ferelden. Duncan recruiting Alister into the Warden’s was likely bc Duncan knew of his true ancestry and he prob thought it a little messed up Fiona’s son was being trained as a Templar.

  14. I just got Sten of the Beresaad from the Tevinter Challenge. He’s not even on this list… I was hoping for Fenris.

    • You got Sten because there’s an event going.

  15. Hey… the fereldan challenge character just changed to an orgre… pretty cool.. reckon this is actually an easier challenge now…
    Also, why do the bonus quests sometimes shimmer in green (like flame animation around the icons on the map..?)

  16. Is Anders a drop for Map 7 challenge or Map 8 (without events going on)? He’s listed here as being in Map 7, but in the game for the Map 8 challenge it says there’s a chance to win Anders…

    • Without events going, I have received Anders from Map 7 and Orsino from Map 8.

  17. Just got a First Enchanter Orsino from the Dalish challenge and he’s not listed.

  18. the Ferelden Challenge, i tried it 150+ times so far but still no epic drop. Is there a requirement of have single unites to obtain it?

  19. i did the Brecillian Challenge with just Sebastian a couple of times and got bear most of the time, did it with just Fenris and got mostly bears but 2 lady of the forest and i only did it like 20 times

  20. new update stops me even seeing my energy some pop up about speed and just when i got a legendary

  21. Anyone else getting capped at 10 banners for the bloody valentine today? When it was on the other day I was able to get 40+ a match, now I barely get anything

    • I got two merrills and one orsino from dailish challenge in one day no event was going on and I did not follow the suggested lineup I think it is just blind stupid luck and I am just stupid lucky

    • Does following the suggested lineup increase your odds? I have been grinding to try to get Merril for over a month with no luck. I picked up 6 Orsinos but no Merril yet. I haven’t been following the suggested lineup and just using my most leveled squad bc they can kill him before he attacks.

  22. I got legendary high dragon in recruit pack of 350 ,got grey warder carver from challenge,level 24.

  23. Just to update, I have dropped 3 First Enchanter Orsinos from the Dalish Challenge and they are not mentioned. Still hoping for Merill though :/

  24. First Enchanter Orsino is mentioned in the challenge description. I’ve got him 7 times but no Merill yet. I’ve been grinding that infernal challenge for 2 months now with no luck.

    • At least you’ve gotten 7 Orsinos, as I’ve been grinding on that one for over a month now and haven’t even gotten him yet in the Dalish challenge, nor a Merill.

  25. Map 8 (sylvian) also drops first enchanter orsino (definitely was not a special event neither). PS: Always keep Fereldan Knight for single troop armies, the high stun rate is a sure-win.

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