Game of Thrones Ascent Guide: Sworn Swords

Sworn Swords can be become quite complex units to manage in Game of Thrones Ascent if you don’t grasp each basic concept of all the features they have, from Training to Job specializations, how their stats are boosted with equipment and your main character and also, how to properly use them in Adventures depending on which main stat they are focused on.

Training Your Sworn Sword

Once you see a small blinking legend that reads “Train” in your Sworn Sword icon on the right side of the screen, it means the SS has reached a new rank and you can assign 1 training point to it.

Also, more actions become available after training.

Choosing A Specialization

When you are training your SS and choose to add points to 1 of the three main stats, you will find that these are also divided into sub-stats, so each time you add a point to these sub-stats (or job specializations) you get a 1% bonus for the specific action attached to it. Now, you can merely add the point to the main stat if you want to;

  • Battle
    • Vanguard: Gains Fight Ability
    • Skirmisher: Gains Harass Ability
    • Protector: Gains Aid Ability
  • Trade
    • Merchant: Gains Barker Ability
    • Charlatan: Gains Swindle Ability
    • Corruptor: Gains Bribe Ability
  • Intrigue
    • Agent: Gains Spy Ability
    • saboteur: Gains Sabotage Ability
    • Thief: Gains Steal Ability

[box type=”download”]If you are building a Sworn Sword and think of keeping it for a very long time, then the best way to go is to specialize it in a certain job. You will eventually hire more SSs and prepare training them in different actions. This way you make sure to have a high success rate in adventures and also in SS Quests. It takes a lot of time but it pays off.[/box]

Recruiting New Sworn Swords

So how do you recruit a new SS?. It’s simple, go to the Sworn Sword menu (click on any of the SSs on the right side of the screen) and then click on the tab RECRUIT. The menu will let you know what level needs to be reached in order to be able to recruit a new SS. Once you do so, you will get a list of available SSs to pick from. Mind you, the better stats the new SS has, the more expensive it gets to hire, yes, it’s not for free. Our suggestion is to be patient, save quite a lot of silver and then pick the best Sworn Sword available.

You can always refresh your recruits if you already have SSs focused on those stats, but that action costs 1 gold.

How Your Main Character Stats Affect the SS

Your Noble’s stats stack upon your Sworn Sword during a quest or adventure. If you have a character with stats focused on trade and a SS with stats on the same branch, you will highly increase your % bonus for it. Remember your Fealty points come into play as well.

Your alignment does not affect your SS performance during missions.

[box type=”shadow”]Read our GoT Ascent Walkthrough for Beginners if you are new to the game and need to grasp the most basic gameplay concepts.[/box]

Your final objective must have a total of 9 Sworn Swords, each one specialized in just 1 job. It will come in very handy for Player vs Player missions. Your Sworn Sword builds/specs does not have to always match your main character stats, this is of course for those thinking of a long term strategy, you will end up having SSs that balance your main character’s weaknesses. This same rule applies depending on the House you’ve chosen to side with. For instance, the Lannisters are not good at battle, so your first priority should be creating a Sworn Sword that is good at Battle >> Fight to be successful at quests where you face a Defender that has good stats at battle.

97 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Ascent Guide: Sworn Swords”

    1. Oooh, I did *not* see that feature, nice! Are there any items that turn a big profit, ie. costs less to make than to sell?

  1. Thanks for the usaeful guide, but i got 1 question- can we do more than 1 adventure per level with our sworn sword? And if we can, how do we do that?

    1. of you can use your sworn sword multiple times per level, as long as its available when returning from long missions. Also, when doing Adventures, your Ss will likely be damaged and need to rest between adventures, simply check the healing timer.

  2. When does the button “Train” appeared?
    Does it has some sort of frequency to reapear or if the sworn sword reach some level s/he stops can’t train anymore?

    1. You have to complete an adventure to make the train button appear. It disappears after use. So if you complete a huge adventure and get enough xp for multiple levels, you get 1 train button. But completing another adventure no matter how little xp you get from it, the train button will appear again.

  3. Thank you, but i do have another question :). I listened to your advice so i am trying to save silver for a good SS(think 24 000 are the best?), but at the meanwhile i want to ask if it is possible to have 2 or more Ss on a different missions?

    1. Yes, absolutely possible and suggested. We don’t know what is the maximum amount of Sworn Swords you can have though.

    1. Unfortunately, there’s no option to reset your Sworn Sword skills. The best option you have is to exile him by going to Menu >> Shop , click on sell an item, and pick the sworn sword. Of course, if you just spent several thousand silver on it, you might not want to yet, but this is the only way since you have limited command points anyways.

  4. Can you please clarify the benefit of the sub-stats? Specifically, if i wanted a strong SS with Fight skills, i can ignore the sub-stats and continue adding the points to Fight only… so why “waste” a point in a sub-stat. Thanks!

    1. I mean, i can continue to add to Battle stat, and ignore the Fight stat on the Vanguard SS.

      Any reason not to do this, since doesn’t Battle cover Fight, Harass, and Aid?

    2. I replied to your previous comment. Battle covers the three actions equally, but when facing enemies that DO have strong actions, you can’t win the battle (the purple bar below each action in the combat window indicates how likely you are to win using that particular action)

    3. The sub-stats make your Swon Sword focus on a single battle action, such as Bribe, Harass, Swindle, etc. These actions are the ones you always find during an adventure combat or a quest combat. By focusing each Sworn Sword on a different sub-stat/action you get to have specialized SSs that you can choose depending who you are facing.
      Some players use the strategy you mention, by adding points to the main stat only. However, when facing an enemy that is quite strong in many actions, you will likely lose the battle. Have 1 strong action per SS.

  5. If you purchase a ‘regular’ SS, can you eventually build it to become ‘Legendary’?
    This may seem a stupid question, as I cannot find the information anywhere.
    I just don’t see the point in purchasing a higher-ranked SS if you can eventually build your own…other than it being a bonus at first.

    1. Well, maybe the point is to not lose an insane amount of time leveling it up afterall. And no, SSs don’t evolve to the point of becoming legendary, they are, or they are not.

    2. The point is this: the level ups that allow for training occur at different intervals. For instance, the first level up occurs at 10 XP, the next at 30. This is true whether your SS is a Common or Legendary. So, assuming that a Common and Legendary SS are earning XP at the same rate, they will gain levels at the same rate. Of course, you’ll end up being better off with the Legendary SS because it will already be 29 points ahead, and if they are gaining XP at the same rate, will remain 29 points ahead in skills.

  6. Is the 1% bonus in the subspecialization added to the chance of winning the actual quest or a bonus in the actual number (like +1% of 100 base stat)? And how the main character stats are added, if i have a SS with 30 battle and a main with 100 in battle then they have together 130? or is it some kind of a percentual bonus?

    1. the bonus gets added to battle action. I’ll get back to you tomorrow with the actual formula of how the main character stats affect the SS

  7. I’ve noticed SS that cost more: 28800 to be exact. There’s no difference in stats that I can see from a SS that costs 24000. Can you shed some light onto this? And why do some have a descriptor like “Clever” or “Wise” or “Tricky”? Do those confer any additional bonuses?

    1. They should have higher sub stats, at least the ones that are legendary do. No, the descriptors do not grant special bonuses.

    2. I’m still trying to figure what the descriptors like “Wise” or “Lazy” do to my Sworn Swords. I’d assume it’s like titles on a item that give it extra bonuses, (like how Foreign Fingerless Gloves have an extra point in trade skill compared to regular Fingerless Gloves), but I haven’t seen any stat evidence of this…looks like they have the same stat’s as sworn swords without the titles?

      Maybe it confers a bonus upon leveling them up? Or a better bonus to some sub-skill?

    3. (final corrected version)

      So the titles like “Lazy” seem to give hidden bonus to skills during attack, I found that my “Lazy” sworn sword who doesnt have any stated bonus to SPY from items or specializations, actually has a 10% bonus to his SPY attack. I got this by adding up my hero’s SPY ATTACK from the Stats page + the sworn sword, and the result was 228, but his actual attack in the quest page was 250. 228 + 22= 250.
      On the other hand, the Legendary/Rare titles only give an initial stat bonus,
      And when every hero levels up, he gets either a +2 to a stat you choose, or a 1% specialization to a specific skill. Thats for all sworn swords, regardless of title, except I’m still testing it on the “Helpful” one.

    4. Have you notice that, all those SS that cost 28800, only appears when you already have one of the same picture?

    5. @ Balerion in reference to the SS’s having titles only when you already have the same one. Unless you mean exactly identical, then this is not true as I’ve seen the same SS picture offered, and they have no special name, just a standard one. I believe it’s just a random chance to happen.

  8. I exiled my sworn sword, but forgot to unequip the items I had on them. Now when I try to put them on my current sworn swords, the items appear greyed out and I can’t select them. Is there a way to use them again?

  9. I’m having a trouble with the SS , I started to play this game yesterday and I’m completing the “tutorial” . . I’m stuck in the SS menu , I have to send him to na adventure but I have a little window above the icon “adventur” that don’t let me go trough the game . . I click the “more” button but just don’t happen anything , I refreshed the web-site multiple times and still the same . . What can I do here ? I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and I was enjoying this game until this bug =/ . . THANKS !

    1. Are you sure your SS is not actually wounded and needs to heal first?. When they are wounded, they have a red scratch in their avatars.

    2. I am having this exact issue, the SS is not injured, we can’t click the “Adventure” button to send them out to train for the first time because a pop up help window is covering that button, the pop up window has a “More” button which is inactive and does nothing, therefore I cannot advance past this point or play the game anymore.

      Is this a known issue with a fix? or are we screwed?

  10. I’ve been kind of focusing on keeping my SS’s balanced, probably a habit from other games. Are you saying this wouldn’t be a good strategy? I should just train up one specific attribute per SS?

  11. I’ve been having a problem with SSs since the game first released. When I go to equip an item or unit to my sworn sword (even my main character), there’s only ONE page (with a max of only 8 items shown). I have many items and because of this I cannot equip my newer items to my new SSs!!! It’s so frustrating because I crafted multiple rare items/weapons/units but I can’t even equip them because it doesn’t even let me see it in the page when I click equip item!!!! Any suggestions? Is this a flaw that would be fixed in the future?

    1. Omg, somebody just helped me!! Apparently the “Next” button has been hidden away from me all this time. It isn’t even on the screen, instead its way off, lol. Well, this has been resolved, I guess. 😛

    2. WHERE IS THIS SAID BUTTON?! Please let me know, I am dying to use some of my newer weapons :\

    3. Oh my Jeebus, thank you so much!!! I have been going crazy trying to figure out where all my extra gear was!

    4. I’ve got the same problem, but can’t see the reply that gave you the answer. Can someone share it with me please? It’s been driving me mad

  12. I’m at level 135 but unless I give my sworn swords adventures ranging from level 1-20 they lose and it is hard for them to reach a higher rank because the experienced gained in those levels only reach 37 EP. When they go on quests they almost always win so I don’t understand why they can’t win high level adventures

    1. I have the same problem. I lose most of the higher ranked adventures that give much xp even if it says that the task is easy or moderate. I can’t figure this out. Someone help?

    2. When you continue to build out your castle and supporting buildings, your stats begin to increase dramatically.

      This is more valuable than worrying about your players stats once you’ve reached around a level 12 with 3 or so sworn swords.

  13. And what about those fights where my stats are way higher buy i still lose. There is no reason for me to lose when i have stats of 82 to a stat of 30. what the heck is wrong with the game?

    1. It’s a dice roll. The total number of your stat plus the opponent is the number from which a random number is generated. The random number determines whether the action succeeds or fails.
      e.g. You have 80 and the opponent has 20. The total number is 100, meaning that you have an 80% chance to win and a 20% chance to lose.

      I’m not sure how the bonus percentages factor into this.

    1. Not all quests accept more than one SS, only those that require to battle and are divided in stages.

  14. If i hire a 30 figthing skill sworn sword. And i train him up from the start, from then every single point i spend it on one Specialization and not the attack skill, would it be the best way the train the sworn sword?

  15. i got in some kind of bug. my amount of money doesn’t go up and it’s stuck at 710 although i finish quests and collect silver, also it doesn’t go down when i buy something below 710 but i can’t get other things. The problem seems to bi visual but it’s very frustrating how do i fix it ?

  16. I have been earning “improved results” when forging battle weapons but both times now I cannot see these weapons to equip my ss. Does anyone know where to find and how to equip?

    1. I couldn’t figure it out for ages but if you scroll down on your page there is a next button and all my good stuff was hiding on the following pages.

  17. I just started playing the game but cant seem to choose a second SS. I can see the list on the left hand side of the screen but cant hire them. I can only see how much time they are there for.

    Any help?

  18. Hey, does anyone know why I can’t give my sworn swords different blades, while I do have them? I want to give them a broadsword for example, but if I click on “equip” it just doesn’t show up!

  19. I am not sure if i am in the right area for questions, but I will try anyway.

    When you assign an SS to a task, certain task types are already highlighted in yellow. I know you can change these if you choose, but does the game automatically highlight task types so an SS has a better chance of success in the task?

    I have changed the task type from what the game highlights and found that the SS’s fail more times than not.

    Am I just imagining this?

    1. I went through the same thing. Eventually decided to keep a record of all the SS battles and the stat’s of my opponents and myself. It’s just one of those things. In the end the stat’s will even out. If you fight every battle at 70 vs 30 you’ll end up winning 7 out of every 10.

      Don’t sweat it.

    2. I battled a mission opponent at 234 vs. 3 and lost. I had a 1 to 97 chance of winning and rolled a 99. I win most of my battles and try and line up “easy” whenever possible.

      You will be rewarded with greater items if you take harder “moderate” challenges. I’ve received a few “rare” items in such battles but you will lose them more often.

  20. I’m having problems with my weapons when i’m changing to my sworn swords.Can anybody help what happened when i’m trying to change the weapons and when i ‘m going to add them again they don’t appear???

  21. I don’t think I will necessarily need all max 9 specialties.
    It depends on the Talents my main character chooses.

    There are alliances too, so like minded long term players will tend to flock together, sharing their SS for attacks and defenses.

    1. There’s got to be a randomization to the combat. I lose a seemingly disproportionate number of battles, too.

  22. Anyone have any thoughts on the fastest way to level up SSs? I’ve been sending them out on quests but it’s slow going. My highest SSs are lvl 20 but mostly I clock the 112/118/124XP missions.

    I would like to try player to player but every potential target seems to seriously outrank me (I’m lvl 128). I know there are players lower level than me, why can’t I go after them?

    1. I don’t think there is a shortcut to leveling up as such. The only way to level up, effectively, is to buy better starting SSs: they have higher starting stats but still only need the normal number of XP for a level (e.g. 10 XP to go up their first level). SSs that you have had from the start will probably only ever reach the level of a legendary starting SS, if you really go for it.

      Also, I think that +1% in a particular sub-ability becomes more useful than +2 in the base ability once you have a base value (your stats+SS stats+any equipment) of 200 or more. Of course that SS will only be really good at one thing, but by the time you get to that level you can probably afford SSs specialising enough different areas to always have a decent choice.

      So, buy the best SS you can and specialise once you get your stats much above 150.

      The number of SS you can have is limited by your command points. I do not know if there is a maximum, or exactly what the CP formula is, but I have not run into barriers yet. By the time you can afford 9 SSs, you will have enough CPs for them.

    2. Yes, send your SSwords on “Adventures”. Look for the experience points of the “Adventure” and it will tell you the experience reward.

      Quests give you 10 XP only. It’s the slowest way possible. You could lose 2/3 Adventure attempts on a challenging “moderate” adventure and still gain more points than winning 3 quests.

  23. do the other talent buildings ever become unlocked at later levels? There are items in those talents needed for other unit builds

    1. Only if you reincarnate your character and begin serving under another house. The old talent will remain open or “locked” and you’ll have a chance to gain the talent of the new house. The game will last a long, long time if you choose to play it out.

      You could also continue to level up, and become a specialized monster with over 100 XP points as well.

  24. I suspect that your stats are compared to the stats of the challenge and you get a result that is ‘Easy’, ‘Moderate’ or ‘Challenging’.

    This gives a base chance of success (Moderate = 60%?). You could have a Battle stat of 90 or 100 and the challenge might still be moderate (for example) as the bands fall within a range.

    You then add your bonuses from items, and training (for example ‘Fight’) to that base percentage: you start with (say) 60% and with 10% bonuses that becomes 70%.

    Sometimes a higher base stat will get you from a moderate to an Easy challenge, which is good, but most of the time a higher base stat will not help shift the challenge level, which is where your specialisation comes in – it will always improve your chances.

    There is not a ‘best’ approach, probably, certainly for low stat Sworn Swords, but I would probably recommend working on your characters stats (which dd to your SS stats in challenges) ans specialising with SSs.

    Put your best equipment on your base character (as the bonuses apply to all SSs, and equip your SSs with the best of what you have left.

    Aim for at least one SS strong in each specialisation, and buy the best SSs you can afford.

    This is all observational guesswork, but seems about right.

  25. Hmm. My speculation as to how the whole thing works is wrong. Having done a bit of research, it appears that the ‘combat formula’ is as follows:

    Your Stat total
    ____________________________________ x percentage increase

    (Your Stat total + Enemy Stat total)

    So…If you have a Stat of 100, and the opponent has a stat of 70, your base chance of success is :

    ________ = 0.588, or 59%


    Having calculated that, you then apply any percentage uplift, for example for specialisations, item bonuses and building bonuses. If you have 15% bonuses, your final chance becomes:

    59 x 1.15 = 67.85 = 68%

    At early levels the percentage uplift will be less useful because you are getting a bonus from a smaller number, but once your base stats get over 100, +1% will be more use than +1 Stat.

    1. Actually, that is not quite right either: your STAT total x % uplift is the base combat stat (BCS). THEN

      Your BCS
      ________________ x 100 = % chance of success

      (Your BCS + Enemy BCS)

      OK, I’m fairly sure I’ve got there this time….

  26. You can only have one specialisation per SS (i.e. you can specialise in any one of Fight, Aid, Harass, Barter, Bribe, Swindle, Spy, Steal or Sabotage). I have not spotted a way to get a second for any given SS, which is why it is a good idea to get several SSs, each specialising in a different area.

    It is worth noting that, even if your SS is specialised in, say, Harass, they might STILL have a better chance using Fight, depending on what bonuses your master character has and what buildings you have developed, for example Baratheon Feast Hall allows up to +16% on Fight attack and defence. Also some equipment gives you specialisation bonuses. Always worth checking what you have the best chance with, by clicking each option.

    Mind you, it is still worth getting a specialist in each area, because you do not always have all of the choices available to you.

  27. Quick question- if i apply say Valyrian steel dagger (adds 20/20/20, +5% silver for winning an attack) does the bonus silver ability apply to all SS who win attacks?

    1. I think ‘bonus silver’ or any other bonus does apply to all SS, but only if the base character is equipped with the item. If the SS is equipped with it then it is only that SS who gets the bonus silver.

  28. Can anyone tell me how some players got rid of their titles (Lord or Lady). I’d love to get rid of mine. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how.

    1. Click on your character -> the Character tab -> underneath the picture of your avatar will be a dropbox with your title (lord/lady) in it. If you’ve earned other titles, they will appear here and you can use them.

      ‘The sly’, ‘the staunch’, ‘the sincere’, ‘the stalwart’, ‘the devoted’ and ‘the devout’ all come from a 90% alignment (though there is currently a glitch with ‘sly’).

      ‘The Builder’ is earned by fully upgrading all the buildings (including all fealties).

      ‘The Humble’*, ‘Guardian’, ‘Keeper of the Ways’, ‘Ambassador’, ‘The Faithful’, ‘True Knight’, ‘Master of Secrets’ and ‘Broker’ are all achievement-based, and require high alignments in each category (religion/duty/integrity) to match your character’s background. They, to my knowledge, are not currently working.

      *The Humble is an exception to this, as it doesn’t not require a background but simply high values in three alignments.

  29. How come with some of my hand items, they don’t appear when I click to attach a hand item to my sworn sword? Will they appear after I gain a few levels?

  30. The thing that I still don’t get though is how after a successful Spy mission you’re told ‘Opponent stats revealed for 3 days!’ but where are you able to view these?

  31. Wounded SS that wont heal.

    I have a legendary SS that received two wounds from one battle lost (which alone was completely ridiculous since his stats are more than quadruple the “defender” in an adventure). One wound healed appropriately after the 60 minute count down, then the send timer started for the 2nd wound. My problem is this:
    I logged out and came back several hours later and the last wound was restarted as counting down from 59:59 again as if the past 4+ hours didn’t happen.

    Anyone else have this happen, know why it happened or what to do about it?

    1. Similar things have happened during my game play. The only way to think of it is this, the game has glitches, as do all games on Facebook. It’s a network that sees an incredible amount of traffic.

  32. A lot of us began this game by winging it. Hence I incorrectly assigned talents to my ss. Will there be any opportunity in the future to reassign ss talents?

  33. well, you can add stats to any specialization you want as you level it up, but it’s won’t be that powerful if you spread the stats.

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