Game of Thrones Ascent Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough

Game of Thrones Ascent is an RPG game brought by Disruptor Beam. The game mechanics is mainly based on decisions you have to make on each quest, which in turn end up shaping your character’s aligment (see Character and Quest section for a detailed explanation). You won’t see live action battles here, it’s a pure RPG, and characters from the TV Show and Book are not directly involved in the game, but just heard.

Before you start, you must know that your progress in the game can be measured by your character level and the second one if Power (top right side of the screen to see points) which positions you in a ranking of Lords.

[box type=”shadow”]Here is one tip for those playing the open beta and facing multiple bugs. If the game becomes unresponsive, you should try playing GoT Ascent with Chrome. The speed issues are probably due to the huge amount of people trying out the game and the developers not expecting such flow of traffic. Sooner or later it should work smoothly.[/box]

XP Points & Currencies

  • Power: Power points place you in a certain position within the worldwide ranking of Lords.
  • Level: Your character’s level is your overall progress in the game. You don’t obtain a specific amount of XP points per completed adventure or quest, but rather a percentaje of the level meter, position your mouse on the meter to see how much you need to reach the next level. Leveling up also unlock new buildings to construct, new Sworn Swords, new abilities.
  • Silver: Earn Silver from taxes, quests and adventures. You can purchase extra silver with real money if you want to.
  • Gold: Gold is used to purchase premium items and speed-ups. This is GoT Ascent hard currency and available only through in-game purchases.

You should be introduced to the Name and Portrait window before anything else where you can choose among several avatars. There’s also the option to get a random name. Once you are finished, a brief intro will appear, you can skip it anytime if you already read the books or follow the TV show.


You can access the Character’s main menu by clicking on your avatar at the bottom bar. The character menu consists of 5 tabs; Equipment, Character, Pacts and Power, Stats and Achievements.


The equipment slots are divided into Hand items, Armor items and companion items. Also, you can see your stats through this window.

The equipment tab also contains the talents tree and the storage window. The storage window contains all your basic resources like Iron, Wood, etc. Also, boons and food are included.


This is where you can see where are you exactly leaning towards in each of the three Character Alignments;

  • Tradition: The tradition axis measures your commitment to the Old Ways or the new ways. The old ways embody the traditions of the first men, personal justice, and respect for the old Gods. The new ways embody chivalry, worship of the Faith of the Seven, and modern thinking.
  • Duty: The Duty axis measures whether you hold greater allegiance to Family or to the Realm. A duty to family means placing the interests yourself and those close to you above anything else. A duty to realm means that you believe the good of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms is paramount.
  • Integrity: The integrity axis measures whether you are Truthful or Cunning. Being cunning means thingking pragmatically, avoiding revealing too much information to others, and taking advantage of opportunities. Being truthful means being Frank, avoiding lies, and building strong bonds of trust.

Pacts and Power


Besides the top right side of the screen, this is where you can check your current stats, consisting of three main ones, Battle, Intrigue and Trade, remember that these stats will combine with your Sworn Sword ones when doing some Sworn Sword quests. All main stats have sub-stats, all of them having an attack and defense column where you can assign points to.

  • Battle: Consists of Fight, Harass and Aid
  • Intrigue: Consists of Spy, Steal and Sabotage
  • Trade: Consists of Barter, Bribe and Swindle


This RPG just couldn’t miss a huge list of achievements. These are divided into; Great Deeds, Regional, Lineage, Loot, Story and Friends & Foes. Some achievements require of multiple actions to be completed.


As with most games on facebook, the current quests are shown on a sidebar positioned on the left side of the screen. Once you click on a quest, you will be shown a window where the quest giver appears with a brief description of the quest and below a list of tasks or paths. You don’t have to complete all of them, but rather opt for one of them, sort of a choose your own adventure book-style.

Now, besides tasks and quests, there’s a higher level called Chapters (or prologues at the very beginning). Each of these chapters also offer rewards once completed, you can access by clicking on the icon on top of your current quest log. As you progress through the chapter you will eventually be given a Sworn Sword quest, read the section below for more details about these special quests.

Rewards display at the end of a quest. Most quests offer XP points besides other items

Depending on which option you choose, you will end up on a certain three-axis configuration, better explained in the character section below, these are; Truthful or Cunning, New Ways vs Old Ways, Realm or Family (you can see which type of points you obtain on the right side of the option/task). At first, it seems easy, but as you keep completing chapters, you will have to meditate on your choosing quite a lot, even having to ask your advisors first.

Chapters also contain bonus goals which are mainly social tasks that require neighbors/friends interactions.

Sworn Sword Quests

Sworn Sword quests works similar to a card battle game. You must choose from one of your Sworn Swords (at first you will only have Ser Hugo Flint), after that, pick among the three main actions, battle, trade or intrigue. right next, choose one of the sub-actions and finally send them to battle/trade/deceive the oponent. The sworn sword’s own stats mix with your own (you can see them on the top left side of the screen) and the Sword Sword specialization also comes into play. Not all the actions will be available at first.

If you succeed, you will get Silver and items, and if you lose, you will suffer wounds, get 5 wounds and your sworn-sword will die.

[box type=”shadow”]Read our Sworn Sword Guide, we explain in detail how to properly train them and use them in adventures.[/box]

Adventuring and PvP Missions

Once you get to prologue part 3, you will start recruiting Sworn Swords. You can either choose to Adventure or Help or Harm other nobles, which can only be done once you reach level 5, these are basically Player vs Player missions/battles. Now, you will be able to increase your sworn swords ranks by doing any of these. Sworn Swords can be equipped just like your main character with Hand, Body and Companion items. The adventures will be listed in order of difficulty inside the Keep Building, each one of them is unlocked once you reach a certain level. Adventuring works the same way as the Sworn Sword quests, you first pick a sworn sword, an action and then send it Adventuring. Mind you, although you can speed it up, you cannot retrieve your SS from adventuring once you click on the “Go” button. Success or Failure are the two possible outcomes, the first one yields rewards and rank upgrades, the latter only wounds.

We’ve got some useful tips and good strategies for Adventures on a separate guide.

Choosing Your Fealties

By the end of Prologue, Part 3, you will be offered the chance of joining a House. Beware that depending on the background you previously chose, some Houses will work much better than others because of their particular benefits. For instance, if you went Merchant, Lannister is the obvious choice.


The Lorebook tracks your progress through the Game of Thrones Ascent story. The lorebook also contains information on Backgrounds, Fealties, your past actions.



Once you complete the first quests, you will unlock the Buildings feature. Buildings are needed in order to produce some items or resources. Also, you will need the production of certain buildings to be able to craft items in another building. The first building you will see is the Counting House, which allows you to collect Silver. Buildings take time to construct and the process can be speed-up by using different items, each one of them cost more Gold as they allow you to save more time.


So what is the Power feature exactly?. Power is your overall standing as a noble of Westeros. You obtain power points per in-game action completed, such as quests, building constructions and group events. Once you fill up the bar, you will reach the next level. You can see the worldwide or Friends-only Power ranking list, including your own position there.

Friends, Social Interactions

Eventually, some quests will required to get friends and take part to complete it. The game also includes group events, where all Sworn Swords from all people take part to finish it. Rewards are distributing considering how big your role was in its completion. Alliances is another distinctive feature of the game, which we will explain below in a few days. In a few words, the more active friends you have, the better, so start adding people, the official app page is a great place to start when looking to add contacts to Facebook.

78 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Ascent Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough”

  1. In the Power screen, what does the 1st list of numbers mean? For example, 2288 is the number before my name and character, but my Power is 12,899.

    1. The first number is your rank in the world. The top player has a power (the second number) of over 600,000.

    2. Can I change my name in this game? I went with Flowers thinking it would be fun to be a bastard… now that I am the lord of a house it does not seem appropriate and within the lore.

    1. In the top-left corner click on your character profile (or type ‘C’)
      Then click on the tab ‘Character’
      Afterwards, click on the tree-thingy in the top-left corner of your character picture
      Finally, click on ‘restart now’
      That should do it!

    2. The best way to change fealty is to do all of volume 1 (about 10 chapters)then you will be given a quest that lets you start again and pick a different fealty or continue with the story line. (But you can keep the special building you get with the fealty you were just assigned too)

  2. Im level 3 and upgrading the counting house.. But nothing seems to happen.. Is it in real tome and just have to wait… The only button i can click on is collect… Apart from tht im not sure wat else im supposed to do?

    1. the way you upgrade is by clicking on the little icons below the sign of the of the scales in the courting house. e.g. “Stack of coins”, you will have to put in silver and whatever resource they have asked for. Click on [[Add]] (i think the first upgrade here was 400 silver), and it will start a timer, which is the upgrade process (this will appear around the middle of the window). After it is complete – you get back to the main building panel (where all the buildings appear under the scenery), there should be a small number on the bottom right hand corner. it represents what level your building is at. Hope that helped

  3. In the game my kid is sick and I need herbs to heal her I don’t have any and it wont let me accept the quest. I would like to move forward in the game but its not letting me. what should I do?

    1. I have the same problem, except a step earlier. Can’t accept the challenge and send a sworn sword. When I click on it, the game freezes and I can’t move on. Very frustrating!! Any fixes for this problem??

    2. The only way I found to get past this was to download Google Chrome and play it through that rather than Internet Explorer. It works just fine and lets you go on to the next quest. Try that and see if it works.

    3. It is an issue with Internet Explorer. Try using Google Chrome, Firefox or some other browser should fix the issue.

  4. Ok, so I have established my counting house, but am supposed to name my keep. Yet where the maester was pointing ( and he now no longer appears after my vigorous clicking everything to find it) there was nothing. How do I name my keep? I even tried resetting my game, but when i click more in character activity it does nothing. Please help! I Really want to play this darn game!

    1. Me three! It’s frustrating because it won’t let me move forward until I name the Keep.

  5. Is there a limit on how many items you can have? I did one of those long multistage quests (the ones you get 24 hours to do and friends can help with) and after I was finished it said I had completed it and I was the sole participant so I got the big prize. The prize however never showed up. What gives?

  6. hey i just reincarnate myu character and i hava a new one but i wnat to chek my old character how can i change it again?

  7. I currently have a dire wolf equipped on my main character’s inventory. Does that benefit the abilities of my sworn shields at all?

    Does it help any way at all or is it simply not being used while in my main characters inventory?

    1. It would appear to me that your main character’s attribute points are added to your sworn swords when u send them out on an adventure. Notice ur sworn swords points before u select an action and then after u select the action… the two are not the same. I think because your main character’s points are added to your sworn sword.

  8. I tried adding my friends on the game and after sending the request i still have no friends on the game, but i know people excepted the requests and i can’t send new requests to the people i sent requests to. How do i add my friends?

  9. Under the Sworn Sword Quests what do the numbers mean next to crossed swords & the bar that is colored blue & orange?

  10. I want to add a friend who is playing the Game. On the main menu when I go to the Friends tab and click ‘add a friend’ I see the list of people who are not playing the game, my friend is missing from the list. I see people leaving their profile links on forums, I want to know how to add a friend using his/her profile link.

    I am on level 13 and my friend is on level 13

  11. i am actually ongoing prologue level 4, but unexpectedly after i finish the quest i cant claim the designers banner..when i click on it, it does nothing please help .. :(

    1. I have this exact problem, been stuck on it for ages, if anyone has a fix, please enlighten me.

    2. had the same problem. just close quest book and click on white banner. It is located on the right side of your character portrait.

  12. some building upgrades add +2 attack or +1 trade +1 intrigue and so on, but my main character has same stats as he had before I upgraded that building.
    So, If I upgrade “sundries stall” which grants +2 trade, my main character trade stat will increase or not? what increases than?

    1. ur main character’s stats go up when u level up. You will level up as the game progresses. Every time u level up, u will see a screen that allows u to choose what aspect of the main character u want to upgrade. Upgrading buildings has nothing to do with your main character’s stats as far as I know. But I have noticed that upgrading buildings seems to help my main character level up quicker.

    1. I am new to game as well, so am still learning. The question us ask can be found in google. From what I have learned thus far… is people choose to reincarnate to get all of the fealty buildings so they can one day be able to hatch a dragon egg. Each fealty, Greyjoy, Starks… etc has one fealty building they can build. And in order to hatch a dragon egg all six buildings are needed. Or at least this is what I have read about it so far. I know this explanation only generates more questions, but suggest u google for the answers.

    1. These are “fealty” buildings. You can only access one at a time, depending on which banner you are fighting for. For example, Reliquary is a Targaryen building, Feast is Baratheon, Mine is Lannister, Shipyard is Greyjoy, and Hunting Lodge is Stark. You need to get to level 13, and you need to use a Talent upgrade to unlock the building in the Fealty section of Talent point choices. You get a Talent point every time you level up. To unlock more than one building, you will need to reincarnate and choose a different banner. And during reincarnation, you need to choose your fealty building as your one permanent Talent before you choose your next banner.

  13. I have just started the game via Facebook. I created a name for my Character, but only noticed afterwards, I’m really too blonde and can’t spell lol.
    I’ve deleted and uninstalled the app. Everytime, I try again, it’s still where I left off.
    Is there a way for me to change my character name?
    Please help?

    1. Click on ur picture of your character and you will find all the things you wanna change to be done there

  14. On my building icons, there is a circle with a number in it. Why? when I click to access my building I don’t see anything different, and the number won’t do away. What is the significance for those numbers?

    1. That signifies the number of upgrades you’ve done to the building. I think of it as the level of the building.

    1. Using a red or blue gem when producing vari9us items gives you a better chance of ending up with a superior version of th3 item. For instance, if you are producing aleather armor and use a red ge m you may end up with something like leather armor of greed or custom leather armor which have better stats than normal leather armor, etc…

  15. I have two sets of scale armor but I can’t find them to equip my sworn swords with them, nor can I equip myself with them. Any ideas?

  16. When you reincarnate, you do not lose your power, gold or permanent items…but you do lose everything else. Basically, you are starting from scratch. I’m doing each fealty one by one (and choosing to keep your fealty building when you reincarnate)and then I will go back to the fealty that I want to keep forever and start the “real” game.

  17. I am in volume 1 / chapter 2 and i can’t do the Quests (Use past skills to end a present threat – and – Complete “A Crone in the Grove IV) cause it doesnt appear as quest. And it is Locked for me – Can anyone hlep me plz!!!!

    1. I have the same trouble…..I can’t do advance! and Furthermore, I have a mission were all my sworn swords are really at a disadvantage. For Example, one of them (the most qualified) is 14 to 30 (the score of the enemy). May I take a chance with that difference between us?

  18. Hi!

    First off, thanks for the guide– it has been very, very useful when I started (well, a bit over 8 days ago).

    Do you know if anyone did something similar to this for alliances? I’ve been in one for 3 days and I can’t figure out what’s going on for the life of me….

    Thanks again for all the help!

    1. Has anyone else been having trouble with “Rise in the North Part III?” I have played it 4 or 5 times, favored to win for each one, but I have lost every time.

  19. ya well i have a problem with 1 of the quests,they dont appear to be ur normal type of quest, itll say whatever,then in ( ) itll say (1730) or something like,and it just freezes up,i have to x it off, and when i do, it completely goes away and i cant get it back! anyone else have the same problem?!

  20. i cant find out what the #’s mean after a mission/adventure,or w/e, like the rolls, and win and lose #’s i dont understand what that means, or where i can find a better way to understand it!

  21. I have been betrothed to someone who appeared to fall off the face of the earth.. Does this mean I’m stuck with him? Also I’ve betrothed by daughter to someone and never heard back..

    1. When you join an alliance and you see a message from them that such and such buildings are fealty buildings, what does that mean?

  22. I built my building and the guy says my people are idle and to instruct them to mine/gather stone. He keeps pointing telling me to click on stone (which is still shadowed) and I click on the gods forsaken stone, the arrow his face, anything on the page. I went back I went forward. Nothing. I should have an enormous pile of stone by now. What very obvious thing have I missed?

    Thanks for your help!

  23. I earned 2 cotton hoods (uncommon) during quests, but cant seem to equip them on my sworn swords? When i click the equip botton of body, my cotton hoods are not in between the options. Cant i find them somewhere else? Please help! Thank you very much

  24. Does anyone know if there is a particular adventure in II and III that is more likely to give you steel upon success (Same question for dyed textiles). I could be wrong in my assumption that some adventures favor a certain resources upon success.

  25. How does the whole alliance part of the fame work? Really can’t figure the camps, donations, world task stuff out?

  26. When you go to do a quest, for a friend in the game, you get to choose which friend you’re doing the quest for. In the icon of each friend, there is a circle with a number in it. What does that represent? Power ranking? Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

  27. Hi all, I am level 40 and in my PVP screen I can see two friends (above level 100) and one friend who is level 28, but another of my friends plays is also level 28 and they don’t show up… How can I fix this to play with them in PVP?? Any help at all will be much appreciated!

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