Game of Thrones Ascent Guide: Fealties

Here is a list of all Game of Thrones Ascent Houses (Fealties) and their benefits if you join them. Don’t forget that after joining one of the houses, the Fealties Talents Tree will be unlocked, each house has its own.

Stark – The North

If you swear fealty to House Stark, you will be recognized for your unwavering loyalty, prowness in battle, and bafflement at the intrigues of the southern court. You know one truth better than anyone, Winter is Coming.


  • Unwavering Loyalty: 2% to Aid Actions
  • Hunting Lodge: In the cold woods, you want to be the hunter and not the prey

Lannister – Westernlands

If you swear fealty to the Lion, you will be richly rewarded. But beware, it is as much a threat as a promise for Lannisters to say they always pay their debts. If you dare betray the lion, you will see their teeth. Words: Hear Me Roar.


  • Golden Wealth: 2% to Swindle Actions
  • Mine: A little dirt can be worth a lot of wealth

GreyJoy – Iron Islands

If you swear fealty to the Greyjoys, you know well the value of freedom. You pay the iron price for your wealth, rathe than the gold. We Do Not Sow!.


  • Harsh Isolation: 2% to Harass actions
  • Shipyard: A soundy made ship is the difference between life and dead in the sea

Targaryen – Crownlands

Your oaths must endure through years of preparation. You will kneel to false monarchs while working from the shadows to gather allies. The day of Fire and Blood.


  • Endless Endurance: 2% to Spy actions
  • Reliquary: A storehouse for artifacts both old and powerful

Baratheon – Stormlands

Baratheon bannermen are determined warriors, fierce on the battlefield and passionate in their friendships. Together, you will show them Ours is the Fury


  • Fierce Determination: 2% to Fight actions
  • Feast: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

9 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Ascent Guide: Fealties”

  1. Can you have more than one fealty? Because there are items that can be crafted by combining items purchased by diferent kinds of fealty buildings…

    1. It is now possible to get the houses by reincarnating (an option you get after you finish the first volume). You can only have one fealty at a time, but you can keep the houses from prior fealties.

    1. You need to use your talents to select the hunting lodge. Once you’ve used that talent which is found under fealty (under house stark) it’ll unlock the hunting lodge.

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