Game of Thrones Ascent Guide: Tips and FAQs

Welcome to quickgamer’s GoT Ascent FAQs and Tips. This game is very complex, with tons of features and at the same time is on open beta, so there’re plenty of bugs and fixes needed. Please leave your questions below if you can’t find it listed here.

Game of Thrones Ascent FAQs

  • How Do You Restart/Reset Your Character?: In order to reset your main character follow the steps below;
    • Click on your character’s avatar
    • Click on the character tab
    • Click on “More” under recent activity
    • Click on Menu
    • Pick Lineage
    • Click on Restart

    You lose everything except power rating and achievements, that means you lose your talent points, armor, house fealty, background and other items and all the silver and gold you bought with real money is restored into your account,. Many users complain that they cannot restart they character, if so, send a report through the official form to the developers. Mind you, you will lose your entire quest progress

  • All Sworn Swords Dissapeared/Deleted: This bug has been happening quite a lot, try using a different browser to play the game, if that doesnt work, post the bug on the official forums in the right section.
  • How To Change My Character Name?: You need to restart your character.
  • How To Save Your Game Progress: The game does not have a save progress option since it does not need it, like most other facebook games. Some people have reported losing progress made through quests, that’s clearly a bug and should be reported.
  • How To Get Free Gold?: The best method to obtain free gold is to log in to the game for 7 days in a row, at the seventh day, you will obtain 5 gold as a daily reward from the chest.
  • How To Find how many “wounds” an SS has? and When Is it supposed to die.
  • Each time you lose a quest battle or an adventure, your Sworn Sword will be wounded. It can get just a single wound or more. In order to die, the Sworn Sword must get 5 wounds all at once. This is because if your SS survives, it becomes unavaiable for battle until all the wounds heal, and they do it one at a time. Once you enter the specific SS character menu, you will notice one or multiple red slahes on their avatar, each one represents a wound. If you check at the bottom of that window, you will see the “healing” counter, once it drops to cero, it resets and starts again to heal the next wound.

  • Can you accumulate/not spend talent points?
  • Yes, if you feel there’s no talent worth the point and want to wait until you unlock a new one by leveling, you might as well hoard the talent points, it’s not mandatory to spend them.

  • How do you play a PvP battle?
  • Click on any of your SS and then pick “pvp action”, you can choose between defending and attacking, the PvP system is yet to be fully developed.

  • How to delete an alliance I created?
  • Go to the alliance tab and click on the disband alliance button. The alliance menu is accessed through the main menu button, located on the left bottom side of the screen.

  • How do you obtain fealties with multiple houses?
  • You need to reincarnate in order to get a new fealty with a different house.

  • How do you reincarnate?
  • You can’t currently reincarnate (thus you cannot complete the achievement belly full of wine and cant unlock all buildings). Do not mistake reincarnation with resetting stats

  • How to unlock all buildings at the same time?
  • You will have to reincarnate multiple times in order to obtain fealties with all houses, thus unlocking buildings tied to these fealties (by adding points to the specific fealty talent, through the talents tab). notice that changing houses does not work this way

  • How to change house/fealty?
  • You cannot change your fealty to a house once you’ve picked one. You will have to restart the game to do so or reincarnate (which is not implemented yet.)

  • How do marriage pacts work? What Are They?
  • Pacts mainly give you power points and some gifts, which are special items, the game gives you these gifts, they dont have to bre created. In order to cancel or end a pact you must first find the lord you made the pact with and then their own power and pacts tab, finally hit the cancel pact button.

  • What is the max amount of Swornd Swords one can have?
  • You can have as many Sworn Swords as you want, meaning that you dont have a limit on how many you can buy with silver. However, COMMAND POINTS is what limits you from using them all at the same time in multiple adventures or quests. You obtain more command points per every 5 levels.

  • I restarted my character and all my items are gone
  • When you restart your character, all your items, quest progression are gone. If you used gold to purchase these items, the gold is restored into your account once again to be used.

  • how to change your character avatar and name?
  • you need to restart it.

69 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Ascent Guide: Tips and FAQs”

    1. Yes, same thing with me. I fudged the spelling on my character name and wanted to restart and I have the same issue of nothing coming up when I chick “more”. Also, would’ve helped a lot to have an “are you sure” after I accidentally clicked to start the game with that name.

    2. For you and all others having the same problem:

      1) Go to your Lorebook (book icon above your questlist)
      2) Click on ‘Menu’, followed by ‘Lineage’
      3) On the left there is a button which says ‘Restart now’

      Hope this helps! :)

  1. i made a betrothal pact (marriage ans child marriage) and what exaclty happens if we are marries and when do we get married?

    1. You get married when the other player accepts the request it will appear in the quest location on the left of the screen of the receiving participant, As for what you get from them that is mainly power points and some gifts, which are special items, the game gives you these gifts you do not need to send them as said above

  2. Does losing a main quest affect the outcome? I’ve currently got about 1.5 times the intrigue points of the quest, and don’t want to risk losing if that means I lose something (except money/exp/supplies.

    1. yes, you lose the reward, but the storyline continues. And no, you don’t lose your sworn swords, or equipment, or stats, if that’s what you mean.

    2. exactly. Even if you choose a different path, the foloowing set of options will be the same, what does change though is your aligment and rewards depending on what you choose and if you win or lose.

  3. Hi,
    I want to reset my character but nothing happens when I click on “more” under “recent activity”. What should I do?

    1. Olivera,

      I’d recommend either emailing Disruptor (the game’s developer: or posting on the game’s Facebook page. I had issues with my progress not updating for a couple of weeks before the bug was worked out. Additionally, if you log out and back in, that may work, as I’ve had new quests fail to show up, but then became available shortly. Hope something in there helps!

    2. I too am stuck here, it won’t let me accept the quest to find the herbs to save Jayne. Is there anything I can do to get it working?

  4. Game is sweet, but I have been trouble seeing some of my friends who are also playing the game. I see their updates on my feed, then when I go to look them up under “friends” I do not see them. Thoughts?

    1. Have you tried typing their name in the search box with the little magnifying glass on it? If this person is a friend of yours and you type their name there you should find them and check their name.

  5. Does your alignment level towards family/realm, truthful/cunning, and new ways/old ways have any effect on your statistics towards missions?

    1. It’s chance. Say you rolled a 308 sided dice. If it lands on one of your 305 sides, you win. If it lands on the tiny chance of the opponents 3, they win.

  6. Why can’t I equip certain items? Example: I have 1 Fullhelm. I can sell it, but I cannot equip it to my player or any of my sworn swords.

  7. a “friend” sent me a marriage pact, and i don’t wanna accept it…but the quest didn’t disappear, what can i do?¿ accept and then go his profile and end it?¿ or are any way to reject it?

  8. A few nights ago all my stats became halved, more or less – I didn’t have them written down but I know I was in the Mid 400s for battle and around 100 less on the other two. When I next looked I was down to just about 200 Battle and 150 – ish for Trade and Intrigue. Did I do something to do this? I can’t think of anything different that I did?
    It is really off putting to put so much time into a game only to have your “Rewards” disappear!

  9. I don’t understand why i keep losing the quest if my points are triple that of my opponents. can someone please explain to me how i win or lose a quest..

    1. If you have, for instance, an 80% chance of winning a quest, the roll has to be between numbers 1-80. If the roll is between 81-100, you lose.
      The roll appears to be completely random. Although it’s highly unlikely, it’s possible you lose when odds are 99% in your favour.

    2. LeSalva – Before you close the RESULTS window, you should click the CHALLENGE DETAILS button to see the value of the roll.

      In your case of 3 to 1 odds, any roll between 1 and 75 gives you the win and any roll between 76 and 100 would give your opponent the win.

      Twice I had 98% odds in my favor, meaning the only roll my opponent could win with was 99 or 100, and I lost with a roll of 100. It’s frustrating when that happens. Those rolls do happen, just not all that often. But if the roll is truly random, statistically every number has to come up from time to time.

  10. how do i put items on my sworn swords? i keep making items in my smithy and other buildings, yet they don’t appear on the list of items i can put on my characters?

  11. I joined the alliance, but bonus reward for joining the alliance is still not checked. Also, friend helped me in boss quest “fighting with Rob stark against bear” – have a friend help with bass challenge is also not checked, even though it should be completed.

  12. Can your character actually fight? It always says I need a sell sword even when in the storyline it says I was fighting them, but my character has fighting points.

  13. I bought a limited time hand equipment named “sword of knowledge” (or something similar) having 1-5-1 powers (for fight-trade-intrigue) from the shop on the day i made my profile. But suddenly 2 days later i didn’t have that item any more. Also 1 of my SS had 1 wound on him. Was i attacked by someone & thus lost my equipment?

    1. Anna – I had that same problem when using Internet Explorer. When I switched to either Firefox or Chrome, I was able to accept the challenge. There are other issues with Internet Explorer that don’t affect the other browsers, like not being able to see more than 5 of your sworn swords – at least for me. You can switch back and forth to get by certain problems.

  14. Can i remove a sworn sword?

    I want to remove some of my sworn swords because i don’t want any lower than Peerless.
    How can i do that?

    1. You can exile them in sell items.
      P.S you’re just being stupid. Nobody can see your sworn swords so you don’t have to spend your entire life in front of the screen perfecting your collection

  15. I have reached Level 31 but still none of the Volume 2 Sworn Sword Adventures are getting unlocked although minimum requirement is level 30. Also, in Volume 3 Sworn Sword Adventures the 2nd adventure “Fight in the Tourney” is sometimes unlocked and sometimes locked. Why is that?

  16. i bought a sword and armor today and when i go to put them on my character. I go back to where i bought them and it shows that i own one. Why can’t I fond it. Is there somewhere were i can go and look at all my inventory of weapons and armor. Anyone having the same problem of not being able to outfit characters plz let me know.

    1. when u go to equip ur sworn swords, When looking at the list of weapons to equip, click the small “next” button on the bottom right. I’ve come across cases where people just didn’t see the “next” button.

  17. hi i bought items from the shop and i cant use them to equip my sworn swords why is that, i bought a broad sword and i cant find it in my inventory to use?

  18. For some reason, Icannot see what I type or what is typed to me. Any ideas? Creates a lot of mispelled owrds and space problems.

  19. I’m part of a specific fealty .. Which means that I cannot unlock certain talents, such as the mines or the fishery… Is there anyway to unlock these talents without changing my fealty?

    1. You must reincarnate and choose a different fealty to unlock additional fealty buildings. Once unlocked, you keep that fealty building through subsequent reincarnations. You must reincarnate and unlock all the fealty buildings to have a chance of hatching a dragon egg.

  20. I reincarnated today and lost 47 peerless sworn swords and all of my peerless and legendary items seals food basically my entire storage i really need help as i haven’t had any of these converted into gold, everything i had is gone

    1. This alone is enough reason for anyone to quit playing immediately.
      I could care less about another fealty building if I have to re-level everything I just spent a month working on. The makers of this game should be ashamed of themselves for setting this up as a method to scam people out of real world cash…

      For me, I’d sooner pay real world cash for another fealty building than toss out a character with over 200 points in battle/intrigue/trade and some high level sworn swords…

  21. I can not reset my character on Game of Thrones ascent. I keep trying to push the button to restart, but nothing is happening.

  22. I’m level 7, I have got a lot of buildings built, but they don’t appear on the screen; just got a… forest. No castle, no counting house shown..
    I’m still at the prologue, is that normal?

  23. How do you unlock the talents such as fishery etc? I am level 97..I keep thinking it might unlock the extra talents but I guess you have to do it another way???

    1. the fishery is a fealty building just reincarnat and put one perm tal point two the req talent and there you are

  24. Dont wanna be a bother but… can someone please help me, i wanna name my keep but every time i push the button construct it just erases the name i put in and asks me again how would i like to name my keep. Is it because someone else has already named their keep like that?

  25. Does anyone know how I can get rid of a character on fb so that I can sync the other one I have?
    I joined on Fb a long time ago and forgot about it and recently started playing it on the app on my phone. I’ve gotten farther but every time I try to add friends through Facebook, it logs me in to my old game.

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