Eternity Warriors 3 Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Eternity Warrior 3 walkthrough guide for beginners. If you are looking for a casual game similar to Dungeon Hunter 4, but a little bit more simple in terms of character building and gear choosing, then this is the right choice. If you want to check specific strategy guides for a mage, monk or warrior, see our wiki guide above.


The gameplay interface for battles is pretty easy to use:

  • Health and Mana Bars: indicate how much health points and mana points you have.
  • Skills: you can have up to 4 active skills. Each skill has a certain cooldown time (which sometimes gets reduced after being upgrade) and as long as you have mana, you can rotate its use
  • Regular Attack: you can either tap once to launch a simple attack or tap and hold to launch a combo attack. If you are running towards an enemy or object and you press the attack button, the character will perform a quick attack as it approaches
  • Mana and Health Potions: if you have mana or health potions avaialable, you will be able to use them by tapping on the icons on the right side, if you don’t have any, you can purchase them with gems

Each battle/level is divided into several parts, you need to defeat all enemies in an area before the “go” signal appears.

Some crates or jars contain coins or gear, if you going for an A rating, we suggest you forget about them and only open a chest if you find it along the way.


You can only equip items while in town. In order to equip an item, tap on inventory >> tap the item you want to equip >> tap on the blue equip icon. Equipped items will be shown with a blue check box on the top-left corner of the icon.


Offerings are tokens that you exchange to get a chance to win different types of items (of different qualities) by spending tokens or gems.

  • Iron God. you can win, Common, Uncommon or Rare items [2 tokens]
  • Silver God. uncommon, rare or epic items [20 gems]
  • God of Gold. you can win rare, epic or legendary items [100 gems]


The quest log is located on the left sidebar, only available in town. Not only they are important to obtain coins and unique gear, but also yield XP points, which are really useful when trying to power level your character. Some quests, which require to enter a certain dungeons repeated times to farm a certain enemy, yield gems.


World Map Battles are levels where you will fight your way through and won’t be considered complete until you defeat all enemies in that level, or you are taken out.


After completing a battle/level, you can obtain 3 scores, depending on the time you needed to clear it. A, B and C. The clearing time affects how many gems you obtain for completing each level.


The default potions are mana potions and health potions. You can purchase them at the store with gems or through Iron God offerings. These are crucial to your success in more advanced stages. There are more potions available at the store.


You can have a total of 4 active skills at a time in battle, and you have other 3 passive skills to learn. Characters do not have “builds” since skills are not located on separate trees, and you can max out all of them eventually.

Skills can be upgraded 5 times. However, in order to learn them with coins, you first need to reach a certain level, if you want to do it before reaching it, you will have to spend gems.


Each character has 8 gear slots, you can equip your gear through the inventory menu. The 8 gear slots are: Weapon, Head, Shoulder, Chest, Arms, Legs, Necklace and Ring.

There are different gear rarities, as indicated below:

  • White – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange


Fusion allows items to be upgrade, thus increasing their stats. You need to sacrifice other items in order to carry out the fusion. Fusion costs coins

Items can have a max fusion level of 5, where you can no longer upgrade the item stats.


Evolution increases the fusion cap of the item.

Items need to be fused to max level to be evolved. You need reagents to evolve gear [see reagents below]. As you can see in the item icon, they have stars. Each time you evolve, you reach the next tier, filling up 1 star. The reagents needed to evolve might vary from item to item, and usually, you will end up spending gems to buy the missing reagent.


By loging in every day, you obtain a different item, which can include, Tokens, Potions, gems, etc. Login Bonuses will reset every 20 days.


By tapping on any given player in town, you get the chance to inspect its equipment, chat with the player, invite him to a guild or add it as a friend.


The gear score is determined by the gear you have equipped (fusion level also affects the GS). By tapping on your avatar in the top-left corner of the town menu, you will see your current GS and your MAX gs. GS is a requisite to enter dungeons.



Once your character is level 5 and has 1000 of GS, you will be able to create or join a guild.


  • how to get more potions?
  • Buy them with gems or get them through Iron God offerings.

  • how to get more gems?
  • Log in at least 20 days in a month. You can earn 60 Gems. 10 on day 6, 20 on day 13, 30 on day 19. Also, some quests will reward you with gems

  • Gear Score (GS) represents a piece of equipment’s total power
  • Rarer items offer more fusion experience
  • You can inspect other players by tapping on them in town
  • If your inventory is full you will be unable to enter battle

If you have more questions not answered in this Eternity Warriors 3 walkthrough guide, just leave a comment below.

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  1. do you know how to reset your account on android? changed G account and deleted the app, but the character progression is still there

    1. complete daily quests to get more gold, get better weapon from offerings or farm cyclops until you get a gold weapon, actually the latter should be a priority.

  2. here’s one great tip for fusion: sell all your weapons that you no longer use, sell rings and talismans with energy reduction stats, sell gear with increase item find stats, why?, they have a much better selling price.

    1. To get legendary you first need to kill champion netherborn normal first which is the ivar mountains.

  3. As for as the following TIP, it is total Nonsense! Please think before you sell Item Find or Energy Reduction, Equipment/Rings/Talisman. tip for EW3 / January 28, 2014
    here’s one great tip for fusion: sell all your weapons that you no longer use, sell rings and talismans with energy reduction stats, sell gear with increase item find stats, why?, they have a much better selling price.—– Why would you sell Items to increase your chance to find more and better equipment our reduce the amount of energy to use Spells?

    1. plz make a drop list of the reagents at each map so can be more eazy for ppl to farm for it……and make low drop rate olso to use gems ho wana make evolution faster…..”Dtyvm and hope i wil see soon a drop list for reagent,s


  4. I just need to know the basic of moving! I get the north, south, east, west icon, but as soon as I try to use it, it goes away!

  5. How many times should I evolve my items to be able to kill champion netherborn and unlock the magnificent Mage? (Alliteration)

  6. Can anybody tell me please why my friend and I can’t see each other in the game?
    We live in different country and we can just added the name into friend list but can’t chat each other. He can’t see my message and me too. And we can’t see each other even we are in town which be in front of the queen.

  7. How do you get o the jade forest?
    even though I’m alreay lvl 36 I still don’t know how to get to the jade forest, and finally there is no free gems and free coins button my friends say they have one but I don’t pls. help

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