Eternity Warriors 3 Guide: Gear [Drop Locations + Stats]

Below you will find the list of gear (armor + weapons) along with their stats and drop locations. We also give you a list of armor categories (different from rarities) and which stats they improve in each case.


  • White – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange

[box type=”info”]If your question is “what is the best armor set in the game?”, we suggest you go for the Resolve gear type, simply because this set is the one which boosts most stats when compared to other items.[/box]



Each item category boosts a certain stat/stats, here they are


  • Butcher: ATK/CC/CD
  • Raider: ATK/CD/IIF
  • Predator: ATK/CC/IIF
  • Slayer: ATK/CD
  • Destroyer: ATK/CC
  • Hound: ATK/IIF


  • Resolve: HP/DEF/IIF
  • Fortitude: HP/DEF
  • Golem: DEF/IIF
  • Bounty: HP/IIF
  • Defense: DEF
  • Life: HP


  • Berserker: CC/CD/ER
  • Vulture: CC/CD/IIF
  • Tracker: CC/IIF/ER
  • Boar: CD/IIF/ER
  • Maiming: CC/CD
  • Tides: CD/ER
  • Barbarian: CC/ER
  • Insight: IIF/ER
  • Merciless: CC/IIF
  • Bloodthirsty: CD/IIF
  • Tranquility: ER
  • Piercing: CD
  • Executioner: CC
  • Luck: IIF


Below you will find some key tips to make the right decision when choosing which items should be sacrificed and which ones should be sold. All items have a total of 3 fusion tiers, first is 5, second is 10 and third is 15

  • When using items to fuse, leave aside weapons and rings, it’s better to sell them since they cost more gold when used in fusions.
  • Common and uncommon items are the ones to use for fusions, rare and above should only be spent if you have much better gear.


GearStatsDrop LocationType
Sturdy Cap of BountyHP +133.0
Increase Item Find +2.0%
of the ButcherAttack: 45.0
Critical Chance +1.0
Sturdy Cap of FortitudeHP +95.0
Defense +9.0
Outskirts of Vulcos
Sturdy Coat of BountyHP +139.0
Increase Item Find +2.0%
The Fate of Vulcos [Q]
Sturdy Shoulderguards of FortitudeHP +104.0
Defense +10.0
The Fate of Vulcos [Q]
Sturdy Gloves of Defensedefense +17.0Peiko's Labyrinth
Sturdy Shoulderguards of LifeHP +156.0Peiko's Labyrinth
Sturdy Gloves of FortitudeInto the Laryrinth
Sturdy Shoes of FortitudeHP +109.0
defense +11.0
Into the Laryrinth
Peiko's Labyrinth
Sturdy Talisman of the BloodthirstyCritical Damage +6.0%
Increase Item Find +3.0%
Sturdy Talisman of the TidesCritical Damage +6.0%
Energy reduction +0.6%
Sturdy Talisman of MaimingCritical Chance +1.0%
Critical Damage +6.0%
Peiko's Labyrinth
The Labyrinth's Depths [Q]
Sturdy Talisman of the TidesCritical Chance +6.0%
Energy Reduction +0.6
The Labyrinth's Depths [Q]
Resilient Helm of ResolveHP +161.0
Defense +16.0
Increase Item Find +4.0%
Iron God Offering
Fine Spaulders of BountyHP +206.0
Increase Item Find +3.0%
Iron God Offering
Sturdy Talisman of the MercilessCritical Chance +1.0%
Increase Item Find +3.0%
Ancient CavernsUncommon
Fine Boots of DefenseDefense +22.0Ancient CavernsUncommon

104 thoughts on “Eternity Warriors 3 Guide: Gear [Drop Locations + Stats]”

    1. the best set is the Godly Gear Set, dropping only from endless mode, it’s a Tier 8 set, it’s the gold equivalent of the wonderous armor

    1. yes, a lot, if you are at level 40-45, you will find that a single run can get you several items with much better stats.

    1. nope, we suggest you do all the quests and dungeons you can until you get a purple weapon, try farming cyclops after that (try to level up your weapon as much as you can)

    2. actually, yes you can farm with that. I have a fully upgraded level 9 purple weapon and i can kill cyclops within 15 seconds. I got a level 15 green and saw that it has a bigger max GS so I’m sure you can farm cyclops with it if upgraded well. Both the weapons were Destroyer type

    1. no, purple you can get from bosses only and orange only from netherborn and nian, sometimes that is

    2. thats bs you can get orange from the first cyclops i got an orange greatsword the “Stonesplitter” from him

    3. Is “the fists of the grey sage” better than the “glowing fists of the destroyer” which 1 is better? Please answer

  1. Wheres the best place to farm weapons? I’m a level 15 warrior and I’ve yet to get any weapon drops and I cant pass the cyclops cause of it..

    1. you don’t need very good weapons to beat cyclops, all you got to do as a warrior is to get use to his moves and parry at the right time, If you still can’t beat him, the other way is to sign in and collect daily rewards and use the offering tokens.

  2. I u errand the orange is the best gear correct? if so, what to the downward facing red arrows mean? if their better when you get them wouldn’t/shouldn’t it be a green upward facing arrow showing some type of gear increase, not a decrease?

    1. Yes, but what about the level cap of each gear?. A maxed out purple could have better stats than an orange item, but eventually, the orange item will have better stats when you level cap it as well

  3. Hi un monk level 36, my question is, cyclope MODE legendary can drop oranger set level 36 for me? Or nian or netherboarn? Thx

  4. How to find wonderous set? I saw some ppl using those gear especially helm n bracer.
    Offering to gods doesnt provide it. It is only offering unbreakable set.
    Appriciate for ur information. Thanks

    1. Wondrous armor drops from the toughest guy in the Jade Forest. At least, that’s where I got the helm. Haven’t got the bracers yet.

  5. Can anyone share the ranking of the naming system of the items? For example, a list to show if “Imposing” is better or “Spectacular”, or “Blessed” or “Exquisite”?

  6. men i have a doubt, im desperate because Ive been searching for a better weapon.. im at hellboy now and i cant kill him, and all of my gear its fine but my weapon its a lvl 9 sword its purple and have the 3 stars but it is too low lvl, i need help to find a better sword because it has been troublesome to get to hellboy with that piece of shit sword that i got

    1. Try Nian.I farmed it a couple of times and effectually got a purple sword that was about level 20. That should help.

  7. I want an orange sword drop,I am lvl 30 and I have everything good except a sword,please help and I also wanted to know how to get wings from nian I spammed it more than 500 times but I didn’t get any wings

    1. Took me over 700 normal Netherborn kills before my wings dropped. It’s random and requires patience. Farming Netherborn and/or Nian enough should see you getting an orange weapon. Also helps if you have IIF (increased item find)

  8. How to get good sword I am lvl30 and I need a legendary sword to kill neherborn,and also can you tell me the drop rate of wings from nian ?

    1. You can win them with Jade Coins (which you can win from Jade Cyclops) or from Legendary Nian/Hellboy drops. I’ve heard of the Jade Cyclops dropping them, as well as high floors in the endless tower, however I cannot verify those claims myself.

  9. hello. i killed nian over 500 times and even now, it didnt drop me purple weapon. im level 31 with 2065 gs and i cannot pass ivar mountains

    1. My recommendation is to keep increasing your armor stats, and get “Resolve” armor, as that will increase your chances of finding something good from Nian (or any other zone).

    1. First thing to know is that there are currently 8 tiers of weapons and armor. Each can be used based off your experience level. You can note each tier as it will say you have to be XX level to use this. WIthin each tier are subtiers: White > Green > Blue > Purple > Gold. White is the most common and Gold is the least. Within each color band are subtiers, of which I don’t recall all the names. it goes from Broken all the way up to Wondrous/Godly (these two can only be found in Tier 8).

      On top of all that, Monks use different weapons than Mages than Warriors. So, you have all that hot mess to go along with it. I play the Warrior class and currently (to the best of my knowledge) the best weapon is the MurderMaker. The best armor pieces are Wondrous/Godly. These can all be looted by the Cyclops in the special arenas (current Jade Forest) or Level 110+ in the Endless Tower.

      To make any weapon/armor stronger, the process is the same. Fusion/Evolution. Take crappy looted weapons & armor and FUSE them into your current weapon/armor, thus making it stronger. Once the Fusion level is maxed, you have to EVOLVE your item to be able to handle more fusion. THe more you fuse/evolve, the stronger/better it gets.

      My favorite armor pieces are the “Resolve” class of armor, because it gives a better ability to find more loot, thus increasing the possibility of finding more/better weapons and armor. On top of that, the “Resolve” class also gives good armor and health stat bumps too.

      …that’s all I got for you. Good luck, and good killing!

    1. Just keep fighting in the level immediately proceeding a boss you can’t beat. Doing so will increase your EXP (thus your stats and the level of weapons/armor you can use), allow you to find better equipment, and fuse the equipment you find to be better. You typically want maxed out equipment before being able to beat a boss. Once you CAN beat him tho, that instantly becomes the best place to farm for equipment/coins/reagents.

  10. Sorry u guys, I really need demond soulshard but i couldn’t find the map Hellboy that u guy said. What is the real name of this hellboy map

    1. Champion Netherborn (aka Hellboy) is the boss on Mount Ivar. The three main bosses of the game are Cyclops, Nian, and Hellboy.

    2. you can also get demon soulshard in heroes road,or tower of heroes lvl 50 to lvl 75
      here´smy youtube channel if u like some tips and watch how to clear stages using warrior Char

    1. Hero’s Road is the best place for Demon Hearts, however you can get them anywhere from Calth Region from Mead Rivers dungeon on. Wings can be obtained from Nian, Hell boy, Or the Jade Forest.

  11. I’m new to this game and can’t seem to find any sight that has allot of information but in an understandable form. Is there like a wiki for this game? I really want to know abiut the runes…what do they do…which does what?

  12. Hi guys, i searh for internet around 2 hours now and i cant find if weapons did drop somwhere else or only from the three boses,

    I am now lvl 25, and i,m doing quests lvlving up.

    I just want to ask if i can have purple blude drop weapon get from tower or normal lvlvs besides BOSS.

    thanks for reply

  13. How many times do would I have to fight cyclops to get legendary stuff in normal mode using the warrior I am no where near nian so I can’t farm it and I don’t have the gs needed to even think about farming nian yet anyway. I have an epic weapon and greaves and superior everything else. Also with the monk how many times would it take to get a legendary weapon from cyclops in normal mode?

  14. You know the special bosses you can fight for special prizes well I always beat the first one but never get the special prize for beating him why is that?

    1. because the rewards are quite rare. kill it maybe 200 to 300 times and you may get it.

  15. I defeated hellboy 100 times and i mat level 43 but i didn’t get wings why! Can anyone help me.

  16. Will a lvl36 purple weapon get me to nian and beat him at a decent time so I can farm him for l36 legendary weapon

    1. Keep playing the level “Ancient Cavern” over and over until you find a purple weapon of the butcher. I did that and upgraded it to 3 stars (last star flashing) and was able to kill him easy afterwards. Your only other option is to farm Hellboy over and over hoping for a gold weapon. My experience was that the weapon dropped easier from Ancient Cavern.

  17. I just started the game today and I am overwhelmed. When wanting to upgrade my mages’ gear there are different types of gear with green arrows up and some w red arrows down. Is it right to always go with the green arrows up ones? Does that mean it’s an improvement over what you have equipped? Need serious help!

  18. Hahaha quick gamer don’t know anything we can get epic-purple and legendary-yellow not orange,from only nian and netherborn huh hahaha I got so many from cyclop,and. Other normal stages too and from endless mode- tower of heroes and tower of the fire lotus,and from the spider queen from frostbite cavern and the lord minatour these 2 boss are new they are from version 3.00 as u must know.You are just an idiot kid who made this site to make a fool out of people

  19. Where is this Nian??? And which stage is it ? Is it normal mode or legendary mode? And where is this jade forest I keep reading about?????!?! I need a better weapon! I’m at lvl 40 and I got a lvl 26 weapon… I need a better one so I can do more damage and do the harder stages! Please can anyone help me out???????? Q.Q

  20. in version 4.0 , is there any way to solve the scourge invasion glitch? the enter sign keeps glowing but nothing happens when i tap on it. I tried to reach glu but they just didnt reply to my message. plz help me with this issue.

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