Empire Four Kingdoms Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Empire Four Kingdoms walkthrough guide for beginners. We have separate guides for best attack strategies and best defense strategies, FAQs, Tips and unit and defenses.


Empire Four Kingdoms

The castle is the seat of your power and can not be captured by other rulers. By upgrading castle walls and towers, you can substancially improve your defenses against attacks on your castle

As soon as you have proven your capability and your influence and level increases, you can build more castles as outposts and expand your powerful empire

You can change your castle name and your coat of arms through the Throne Room menu in Admin in exchange for rubies.


Outposts are castles on the world map that you can capture and upgrade. Each outpost lets you collect 2 resources. The construction options for buildings at outposts are limited when compared to your castle

You can capture outposts from level 13 up, after you have constructed an estate You can own a maximum of 3 outposts in the game


You can build new buildings from the build menu . Below you can find the 4 different categories of buildings;

  • Civilian Buildings (e.g. for increasing the population)
  • Military Buildings (e.g. for recruiting units)
  • Fortifications for improving defense
  • Decorative Items for raising public order

As soon as you select a building, you can upgrade it, move it anywhere, and even demolish it to make room and retrieve some building materials.

The upgrade level of your keep determines how fast buildings are constructed and upgraded

You can extend the construction area and limits of your castle walls via the arrows when the build menu is open in exchange for resources or rubies


Resources are used in particular for constructing and upgrading buildings and tools

  • Wood: produced by woodcutters
  • Stone: produced in stone quarries
  • Food: produced by farmhouses

The location of your plants in the castle has no impact on production. You can also exchange and trade resources with other players. The storehouse’s capacity determines how many resources of one resource type can be stored

You only have a limited amount of resources per castle. The first three plants always produce at their maximum rate. Once the local limits have been exceeded, each additional plant of the same type will have a lower workload and therefore produce less.


Coins are used mostly for recruiting units, for attacks, espionage and dispatching resources. How do you get coins?

  • By collecting taxes with the tax collector
  • By fullfilling quest tasks
  • By attacking robber baron castles
  • By defeating enemy attacks
  • By tapping on your citizens to retrieve coins from them

The larger your population, the more taxes your tax collector will return with.

The longer your tax collector is out collecting coins, the more taxes he will collect from your population. Once he has returned, you will have half of the collecting time to pick up the taxes. If you arrive too late, some of the coins that were collected will be lost as time passes

A tax collector can also be bribed with rubies. This prevents taxes being lost, and gives you a bonus on the coins that were collected.


Rubies are the premium currency in the game. You can spend them to save time, use special functions and purchase special buildings or items. How do you get free rubies?

  • By fullfilling certain quest tasks
  • By levelling up
  • By attacking and plundering robber baron castles
  • Through the daily login bonus


Empire Four Kingdoms Public Order

Public order represents the general mood of the population at your castle and your outposts

What advantages do you gain from a positive public order?. Increased production of resources and increase the speed of recruitment of units & tools

How do you improve public order?. Number of decorative items and upgrading your defenses.

What damages public order?. Population in dwellings and damaged buildings after enemy attacks (unrest)

What is affected by a negative public order?. The production of resources and the recruitment of units and tools are slowed considerably.


The player level shows your game progress and increases with the experience points you get in the game

Empire Four Kingdoms Level Up

How do you get experience points to level up?

  • By fulfilling quest tasks that are rewarded with XP
  • By fulfilling and upgrading buildings
  • By fighting robber baron against peers

What advantages does levelling up have?

  • New buildings and building levels are unlocked
  • In turn, this gives you new units and tools
  • You receive 60 rubies as a reward


Empire Four Kingdoms World Map

The world map shows you the castles of other players and your own troop movements

World map icons. The pictures on the world map show you the upgrade level of another player’s castle

If you tap on a castle, you will see that player’s player level, honor and alliance. A green parchment banner indicates members of your own alliance, a yellow banner indicates members of a friendly alliance

Robber Baron castles that are occupied by bandits are shown on the world map as towers. Outposts are indicated by the resources available there

Arrows on the world map represent troop movements. You can see a troop’s remaining travel time by tapping on the info button. The color determines whether this involves an attack, or supporting units for defense.


Units and tools are intended for attacking and plundering as well as for the defense of your castle.

What unit types are there?. Each unit is ideally suited for a particcular role, either attacking or defending. A distinction is also made between melee and ranged units

How can you recruit units? Units are recruited at the barracks. To recruit units, you will need coins.

Always make sure that you have plenty of food. Units consume food regularly and desert as soons as you are unable to supply enough

Shadow mercenaries are a special type of unit, who come to your castle to offer their services from time to time. They do not consume any food at your castle, and the defender will not discover who hired them

The different types of tools are used for various purposes and in different areas in attacks and for defense

You use Siege tools when attacking an enemy castle, for instance to reduce the defender’s wall or castle gate protection. You assign defense tools to your castle walls or your castle gate to weaken enemy attacks.

How can you make tools?. Tools are produced in two military buildings: the defense workshop and the siege workshop. To produce tools you need resources or rubies. Once you deploy your tools for attack or defense, they are used up.


Empire Four Kingdoms Attack

To attack a robber baron castle or another player’s castle, tap on the enemy castle icon in the world map and select attack from the ring menu

Your enemy’s castle is divided into a front and two flanks. Select one or more wall sections to attack, and deploy units and siege tools

It is always worth using espionage to find weaknesses in the defenses.

TROOP MOVEMENTS. the time it takes for an army to travel from its point of origin to its target depends on the distance on the world map and the army’s travel speed.

The travel costs of an attack increase depnding on the distance to be travelled and the size of your army. When armies march to a castle on the world map, they will be discovered by its castle lord as soon as they are within range.

Once you have defeated an enemy castle, your victorious units will begin to plunder the resources in the enemy’s camp. Each of your units has its own plunder value, which determines how much plunder they can carry.

However, the Keep has a secure storage to protect some resources from being plundered by an enemy.

If you defeat another player in battle, you gain honor and rise in the general ranking

Depending on the number of attackers, the buildings in a plundered castle will be damaged. This reduces the public order at that castle


To defend your castle, tap on one of your towers or on the Military button to open the Defense menu

Use the slider to set the distribution of units on all three wall sections. You can also specify the ratio of melee and ranged soldiers on each wall section.

Depending on the upgrade level of the castle wall castle gate of your castle, your units will receive an additional defense bonus. You can use defense tools to increase it even further

The number and upgrade level of the towers of your castle determines how many units can stand on the castle wall and benefit from the defense bonus

The time it takes for an enemy army to travel from its point of origin to its target depends on the distance on the world map and the army’s travel speed. If the enemy army is very close to your castle on the world map, its arrow turns red. Once this occurs you can see a more detailed formation of the units and siege tools and position your defense accordingly

If you defeat the other player’s attack, you gain honor. However, if another player defeats you in battle, you lose honor and fall in the general ranking


Robber Baron Castles that are occupied by bandits are shown on the world map as towers

If you command a successful attack on a robber baron castle, you can plunder resources and coins afterwards. If the robber baron castle is level 3 or higher, you can even obtain rubies

The level of a robber baron castle increases if you defeat it often enough. Each player increases the levels of the robber baron castles for themselves

You cannot weaken robber bbaron castles through several attacks, as they are re-occupied again after each attack.


A player’s honor determines their position in the general ranking. How do you get Honor? You can gain honor by battling other players. A successful attack and a successful defense will both get you honor, but a defeat in either case will cost you honor. However, you will never drop below zero honor points

How much honor you can gain?. The amount of honor you gain or lose after a battle depends on the difference between the attacker’s honor and defender’s honor.

If you attack another player with a much lower level than you, honor will be deducted from the amount you gained, and you might even receive and honor penalty.


Alliances are player pacts in Empire: Four Kingdoms. How can you benefit from an alliance membership?

  • Mutual support by dispatching units and resources
  • Protection through diplomacy with other alliances
  • A dedicated alliance chat
  • Plan and execute joint battle strategies
  • Bonuses through expanding the alliance

How can you join an alliance?. You can join an alliance by contacting its leader, a general or a sergeant and requesting an invitation to it.

When can you found your own alliance?. You can create your own alliance as soon as you posses the necessary resources.

Which ranks are there in an alliance?

  • Leader: full rights
  • Generals: membership management, circulars, announcements, expand the alliance
  • Sergeant: membership management, circulars, announcements
  • Members: No special rights


Agents are specialits that you can use for espionage. How do you employ agents?. The number of agents at your castle depends both on the number and upgrade level of your taverns.

What advantages do you gain with your agents? Agents allow you to spy on enemies before an attack to discover their defenses (military espionage) or resources (economic espionage)

To spy on a robber baron castle or another player’s castle, in the world map tap on the enemy castle icon and select espionage from the ring menu.

The travel cost for espionage increase with the distance to be traveled on the world map, the number of spies deplyed and the mission risk.

How can you guard yourself against enemy agents?. City guards are a way to increase the risk for enemy spies. The number of city guards you have depends on the number and upgrade level of your guardhouses.

Depending on accuracy and risk involved, a successfulm espionage mission will provide information on an enemy castle’s [properties. However, should this mission fail then the enemy castle lors will know of your attemptem espionage.


Saving your user account, changing password, changing user account, restting password, music controls, languages are all handled through the setting menu, accessed through the bottom bar.

61 thoughts on “Empire Four Kingdoms Walkthrough Guide”

  1. Hi I have joined up to empire four kingdoms in the last month and still haven’t figured out how to attack and defend as the game gives little info about how to do so it seems like all they want is money from my bank account for rubies.i have searched to web for hints and tips but all it brings up is information on how to hack accounts is there site that gives more info on how to play game and not some tutorial on how to start.

    1. i totally agree with you, i had the same problem in the game but until i found a good alliance , which it helped a lot and by thier game experience they answer all my question on the game alliance pop chat.

    2. click on the castle you want to attack. if you have built a tavern you get the option to send a spy. if sending a spy you must ensure that the bar is green otherwise the spy will be unsucessful. when spied you will be given the number of defence troops at the site. you then click attack and options of what you send is down to you. remember that blue troops are attack and green are defence

    3. When you want to attack just tap on the castle you want to attack and press the button that looks like a spider Web and set out the format of how you want to attack,for defense you press the military button and tap on the defense button and set up the formation you want it in…… :) hope I helped,sorry if i’m late if I helped

  2. I thing there should be a few more ranks in the Alliance to help separate different players. Like another type of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain,

  3. The game seams to be designed only for rubies… I cannot function well without them. Since I refused to pay them the random $, I am just giving up.

    I suggest one not pay them anything… Then again, i am not your papa.


    1. You don’t have to buy rubies. You can also earn them by defeating robber baron, doing missions, and leveling up. Best way to earn coins and rubies is by doing shady character mission. She tell you which castle to attack if victory you will earn 5000 coins plus 100 rubies.

  4. Thi is a game of patience and community. Rubies help but are not mandatory if you play the game with a good alliance to support you. Its actually lots of fun then.

    1. If you press the food bar, it’ll show you whether or not you’re producing more food than your troops are consuming. If the amount you produce is less than the amount consumed, eventually your troops will desert you. A red number indicates you’re not making enough food and will soon run out.

    2. The red means that your food bar is just right and that it cannot hold anything else but the food that it cannot hold goes in the storage sane for the rest of the bars, hope I helped :)

    1. Bootom Toolbar -> Admin -> Economy -> select the thron picture on the top -> Castle Name

      From here you can change the name of your cstle but be awre that it cost you rubies to do so.

    2. This is a triffic game. One of the best I have played, you must make an Alliense. I was lucky I had a good one. Only problem is it cost so much to play, the higher you get the more it cost in rubies(your money). It was a great time while the money lasted.

  5. This game is a money pit for sure the amount of rubies you get for defeating a robber barons is very minimal and is not a guarantee and has to be over a level 7 or 8 The amount of rubies it takes to buy the most important blds is way to expensive yes you can play still but without the watchtower, You cant see the incoming attacks early enough to get support in time. Without the upgraded bakery you don’t get the minus 20%-30%-40% food consumption witch means you cant support a lot of troops attack and defensive. Then theirs the stables for for traveling. theirs a bunch more things you can spend rubies on that you can do without like the firehouse/hospital/Drill grounds and a few other Deco’s
    But for the most part you need those three upgraded blds to join any good alliance most of them require upgraded to the max levels on those blds.and the rubie moat which is very expensive also but most alliances the top ten will require you to have them fully upgraded or in the process of fully upgrading those blds. So in my opinion this game is a money pit bottom line…..

    1. GGS just wants your money They say it is a FREE game but it cost you and they try to sell you everything if you don,t buy you can not play at higher levels

      SAVE YOUR MONEY ( Quit playing )

  6. hi, I agree with what is said here. I only advance by “guessing” strategies because nowhere do you find information on how to advance. I have joined an alliance so things are better now. But it’s true that I’ve spent quite a lot of money on rubies because I didn’t know how to play without rubies. Now I’ve completely run out of food, my soldiers are deserting and I can’t find any informaition on how to quickly fill up my resources. I have thousands of rubies, but can’t use them to buy food!!! It’s so annoying !!!!

    1. Kat, i did the same mistake at the beginning, but for a while i began with to fix my Wood and stone production but i still bought Food every single time.. but you rly need 2 focus build, upgrade all 100% farmbuildings and maybe 1 outpost with 8 full farmproduction “100%”. if u want a huge army 2, build farms like i said and bakery and Everything like boost your food and army production. its not easy but you need 2 w8, it takes time. Production is Everything, if thats work you dont need 2 spend so much rubies anymore.. :)and my problem now is Gold, what i do? i build many like over 50 lvl 1 house so my tax is really high = i dont need 2 buy gold 24/7 anymore ๐Ÿ˜› GLHF!!

    2. u can get alot of food by having more than one Store houses so that u can get more food and store more than you could have store the first time you started playing the game. Hope I helped :)

  7. Hi, 1 question, example the medic-building need you buy and upgrade it in all your outpost, or you need 1 in your castle? like the watchtower..
    Bec it feels wrong to build medic,fire everywhere.
    Please tell me wich Rubie-buildings you need 2 buy in every castle and outposts. :) btw, love this game, but you need 2 buy a lot of rubies if you want 2 play with the highest ppl and its so FUN specilly if you build your own Allians and climb up very well and you do it Fast with rubies and it gonna be more fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ ..not every time but when u rly need to do that :)

    1. In espionage – at the top it defaults to military, click on it and a pull down bar will show military and economic – click on economic

      My guess is you don’t understand how to do sabotage either – that is also in espionage on the left side the button that looks like a torch – click on it and that switches the agents to sabotage

    1. Admin – economy – throne – move castle. Can only move main, in main. Cannot move outposts, or castles in everwinter, sands, or fire.

  8. Normally take 55 minutes to 1 hr and 15 minutes to recurit 2 hands swordsman.. But it show 21hrs and 21 minutes.. What take so long?

    1. Were you in protection mode? Protection mode greatly increases offense recruit time. Helps to ensure people don’t go into protection just to build a massive attack army.

  9. I had notification that I had won a colossus after participating in it, but it asked me to choose where I wanted it, I clicked the green tick and it disappeared. How do I get it back.


    1. go to the castle you selected. go in to the build menu. go to the last tab on right. should be a crate icon. click on your collosus and place

  10. I’m playing this game on my iPad but noลต it won’t let me get back in keeps saying it’s connecting to server

  11. hey i am in an alliance and i have a player who doesnt play anymmore
    i want to remove him from alliance
    what do i do can anyone please tell me ??

    1. Leader or general can boot members from an alliance. View that player’s info then select the alliance icon with split hands.

  12. With the moat that cost rubies. Why or how is it better? Spent 3 Hundred dollars and with my last Hundred I spent receive 4,000 special troops. Spent a lot of rubies trying not to lose thouse troops. Lost a lot of the ones I already had for defence.

  13. How to rotate view of your castle..as some building are hidden by the tower and you can’t move them..each time you try to access them u hit the taller build around them

  14. Hi. I am play good game empier in i pad and my good game empier don’t work now please wats the problem ???

  15. If Protection mode greatly increases offense recruit time then how can I switch back and forth between protection mode and offensive mode?

    1. You cannot switch back and forth between protection mode….and no protection mode. This feature takes 24 hours to take affect and is meant for mundane world issues that take you away from the care and well being of your castle; holidays, illness…W.H.Y.

      Queen Anonamiss

  16. ok, here is the ting. tips for good attack:
    First espionage enemy castle to find out what defenders he has and their position.
    Don’t send units that are for defense. SO, don’t send Spearmen and Bowmen.
    Send more Macemen and Crossbowmen. Also notice that meelee attackers are good for ranged defenders and ranged attackers are good for meelee defenders. Thanks to espionage, you know on which side he put which warriors.
    Don’t forget to use tools. Enemy castle has a great bonus that gave him his defense tools. And you can reduce that bonus to 0 if you have right tools.
    Also pick the wall with the least defenses, so you can get bonus for each side you defeated.

    1. Thanks for the great suggestions. I didn’t know about the attack/defence specialists.

      Please expand on your last sentence. Is there any need to send attackers if there are no defenders on one of the flanks? Is it better to send more on undefended sections to ‘break in’?

      Thanks again.

  17. Hey, I’m having a hard time finding out how to plunder. I’ve gotten this mission to plunder 1 castle. I’ve now successfully attacked 3 different castles and I still didn’t fulfill the mission. In the tutorials all I read is I can plunder after I’ve attacked. Could anyone please explain how? What am I doing wrong? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Thanks!!

    1. To plunder resources when u are arranging the tools u want put the sacks they are used for plundering.Sorry if i’m too late to answer and ur welcome if I helped……….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I play this game at level 25 but one thing I don’t understand is why I build farm house more than 9 building upgrade maximum still can’t support my troops, pls explain!

    1. It will be your public order mate. Build more decorations. You should have 200-250% to be efficient.

  19. Joining an alliance is definitely the way forward with this game as you can use screen chat within your alliance or private messaging within and outside of your alliance to give and receive advice to your team mates which provides a much valued supportive network.

    1. By going to higher levels u can’t jus unlock them u have to login everyday,build build build,attack etc to go to higher levels so the other kingdoms can unlock.

  20. i cant movemy cabin from the bottom bar to inside the walls evry time i click on it nothing happens ive been here for 30minutes and cant even place a building inside the walls and the red arrow just keeps blinking

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