How To Breed Legendary Dragons in Dragon Skies

This is a strategy guide to obtain Legendary Dragons, if you want to see the complete list of dragons (including leg. dragons) along with their breeding and hatching time, follow the link.

If you’ve been playing Dragon Skies for a couple of weeks already, and play it daily, you have sure come across a Legendary Egg [check out our Egg guide after the link], which then hatches and become a Legendary Dragon. From then on, you start wondering How do you do to breed a Legendary Dragon?. Remember, unlike regular Dragon Eggs, Legendary Dragon Eggs cannot be purchased, you can only obtain them through breeding.

Luckily, there’s one building in Dragon Skies that can increase the chances of breeding Leg. Eggs, that is the Stone of Legends.

The Stone of Legends cannot modify a regular breed to a legendary type, bear that in mind.

You will notice that the building menu has a bar, which is divided into three parts. Each of those parts represents a %, that percentage being the chances of getting a Legendary Dragon.

This meter can indeed be filled. But how do you charge the stone of legends?, by doing offerings. The first third requires you to offer 100,000 coins or 12 gems, the second third requires 200,000 coins or 24 gems and the last third needs 400,000 coins or 46 gems to be filled up. That brings a total of 700,000 gold coins or 82 gems. If you are just starting the game, the numbers sound ridiculous, however, expect to farm them quite easily once you have a dozen dragon habitats with 4 dragon in each one.

Once you finally breed a legendary dragon the Stone of Legends will reset to 0, bringing your chances of obtaining a Leg. Dragon to the default levels.

Each third brings up your chances of getting the Leg. Egg, but nobody knows the exact percentages of such occurrence.

Now, what about the Dragons you put to breed? do you need different formulas than the ones you need to get normal dragons?, NO. The Legendary Dragons are made of the same elements, the only difference is that they are harder to get and cannot be purchased through the store.

This may sound obvious, but before you start breeding, make sure the Stone of Legends is filled, since it doesn’t work after the dragon couple releases the egg.

One last tip, the breeding time of a legendary dragon does not neccesarily differs from the breeding time of a regular dragon

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7 thoughts on “How To Breed Legendary Dragons in Dragon Skies”

  1. I might add here that if one has the gems and is willing to make the trade…..the ugly viking will come up before an egg is sent to the hatchery and will ask you if you want him to “transform” your existing Egg for a Legendary Egg. (For a hefty price of gems….so be careful how you use your gems…..Q(:-}

  2. I bred river and rune then I got a legend river and than I bred forest with river and get a legend leviathan, after that I bred legend cloud with river and it got me a butterfly

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