Dragon Skies Breeding Guide – Complete Chart List of Combos

Welcome to QuickGamer’s Dragon Skies list of breeding combos. In “best combo” we listed the easiest pair of dragons to obtain and then have chances to get the dragon listed on the first column [there are more couples that can be mixed]. The “breeding” and “hatching” columns indicate the breeding time and hatching time for regular dragon eggs. [after the link, a complete picture list of egg, baby and adult dragons]

Before you start searching for the Dragon you are still missing, you should know the following Dragon Skies rules, since breeding combinations do cause a lot of confusion initially:

  • There is NO EXACT “HOW TO BREED A” DRAGON COMBO, you can use any pair of dragons as long as they gather the needed elements to get the egg you want. However, some formulas seem to have a higher chance of breeding a specific species.
  • If a single Dragon has all the elements required to breed the egg you need, that should be enough to have chances for the desired egg to appear
  • By mixing/breeding a pair of dragons that have just the elements the desired Dragon requires, you increase the chances of obtaining it. This is because you are decreasing the list of Dragons that could be produced by the lack of other elements.
  • There are multiple dragon combinations that result in the same Dragon egg. However, you might have to breed the same couple lots of times until you get the egg you want
  • The more elements a Dragon has, the harder is to breed
  • The dragon must reach level 4 in order to be able to breed
  • You won’t see the dragon listed in the Dragon’s Den if it’s asleep
  • The level of a dragon does not modify the chances of getting a certain Dragon Egg
  • The order in which you place the Breeding Dragon pair does not modify the chances of getting a certain egg
  • Legendary Dragons are created with the same Dragons as their regular counterparts, the only factor that increases the chance of obtaining a Legendary dragon is the Stone of Legends
  • Remember, you can obtain a lot of XP points by hatching an egg. If you don’t want the dragon, you can sell it for the same price AFTER it hatches.
  • Once you install all plush buildings and hatch all plush dragons available at the “Buildables” menu on the left side of the screen, you will get an Epic Plush Dragon. So far, there are some objects/eggs that have not been released [read “coming soon”] so the Epic Plush Dragon cannot be obtained just yet.
  • Plush buildings and Plush Dragons require different items to be obtained through the buildables menu. These items are found in the levels where you train your dragon. All the items needed so far are: Stuffing, Buttons, Thread Spool, Fabric, Patch and Needle
  • Cottonmouth, Puff N Stuff, Snorky and Slinky are so far the basic dragons to breed later with other dragons and obtain new species.
  • The special plush buildings available so far are: Vast Plush, Dragonhaus, Dragon Pool, Dreamguard.

[box type=”shadow”]We have a separate guide to obtain legendary dragons in Dragon Skies[/box]

Your breeding and hatching times can differ a bit, but not so much that you in fact are breeding the next dragon tier. In fact, you will notice that the seconds are also included when breeding and hatching but we don’t include it.

Dragon Skies List of Breeding Combinations

DragonBest ComboOther CombosElementsBreedingHatchingShop
Maple DragonBuy
Heart + Meteor
L. Flurry + L. Spring
L. Forest + Typhoon
Mythic + Starlight
BuyMagic + Life-10h100,000c
Legendary Maple
Firemane DragonSnow + Rune + Life300g
Legendary Firemane
Falcon DragonStarlight + Timber
Maple + Cottonmouth
Magic + Life11h15m11h15m50g
Legendary Falcon
Snorfle DragonScortch + RuneLeg. scorch + Rune6h48m6h48m
Legendary SnorfleL. Scorch + Sweetreat
Rudolph Dragon
Legendary Rudolph
Frostfire DragonScorch + Blizzard
Smoke + Sleet [DoL]
Legendary Frostfire
Snowflake DragonLeg. Blizzard + Starlight
Legendary Snowflake
Timber Dragon
Legendary Timber

Forest + Timber





Rune Dragon






Legendary Rune





Forest Dragon






Life, Magic


Legendary Forest
Thorn + Thorn [SoL FULL]





Life, Magic



Cloud Dragon






Life, Magic



10 gems
Legendary Cloud
Thorn Dragon

Cloud + Forest

Timber + Forest

Life, Magic



80 gems
Legendary Thorn
Meteor + Timber
L. Timber + Thorn
Obsidian Dragon
Thorn + Typhoon
Sourpuss + L. Rune
L. Timber + Tiphoon
Typhoon + Cloud


Magic, Water, Life

200 gems
Legendary Obsidian
River + Thorn
Crush + Crush
30 hrs30 hrs
Reef Dragon



Life, Water



20 gems
Legendary Reef



Life, Water


Siren Dragon
Forest + River
L. River + Thorn



Magic, Water



25 gems
Legendary Siren
Thorn + L. River5h5h

Typhoon Dragon



Magic, Water



20 gems
Legendary Typhoon

River Dragon






Legendary River
Legendary Galaxy + River [DoL]

Leviathan Dragon




Life, Water



25 gems
Legendary Leviathan

Phantom Dragon
Rune + River
L. Cloud + River
L. Typhoon + L. River
Siren + Typhoon

Magic, Water

100 gems
Legendary Phantom
Thorn + Hurricane
River + Thorn [DoL+SoL]
Thorn + L. River
L. Ocean + Sweatreat [SoL]

Blizzard dragon





7k coins

Legendary Blizzard

Flurry + Flurry






Sleet dragon



Water, Snow



95 gems
Legendary Sleet
River + Blizard [SoL]
Sleet + Sleet (DoL+SoL)
Reef + L. Squall (DoL)

Flurry dragon



Life, Snow



95 gems
Legendary Flurry
Blizzard + L. Timber
Gale Dragon



Magic, Snow



300 gems

Legendary Gale
Blizzard + L. Rune
Smoke + Sleet (DoL)


Magic, Snow




Cosmic Dragon









40 gems
Legendary Cosmic
Meteor + aurora

Spring Dragon



Life, Star



40 gems
Legendary Spring
Maple + Starlight [DoL]10h10h

Ocean Dragon



Water, Star



40 gems
Legendary Ocean
Firebird Dragon
Life, Star
50 gems
Legendary FirebirdFirebird + L. BlizzardLife, Star7h38m7h38mN/A
Meteor Dragon
Cosmic + Cosmic
Magic, Star
50 gems
Legendary Meteor
Crush + Scorch
L. Starlight + Meteor
Galaxy dragonStarlight + Leviathan
Starlight + Rune
Legendary Galaxy

Starlight Dragon






40k coins
Legendary Starlight

Solaris dragon



Star, Snow, Life



Legendary SolarisLegendary Flurry + Aurora
Legendary Flurry + Ocean
Volcanic Dragon
Rune + Scorch
L.Nova + L. Thorn


Magic, Fire

80 gems
Legendary Volcanic
L. Scorch + Smoke18hr18hr

Hearth Dragon





Life, Fire



80 gems
Legendary Hearth
L.Timber+ Scorch
L. Spring + L. Volcanic
-Life, Fire
Thunder Dragon
Typhoon + Starlight
L. Starlight + L. Siren
Phantom + Sundrop



Legendary Thunder
Hurricane Dragon
Kraken + Scorch
L. Scorch + Kraken


Water, Fire



80 gems

Legendary Hurricane



Water, Fire


80 gems
Storm Dragon
Starlight + Kracken
Maple + Hurricane





Legendary Storm





Comet Dragon







Legendary Comet

Hearth + Meteor




Kraken Dragon



Fire, Water



Legendary Kraken
River + Scorch

Fire, Water

Scorch Dragon

Mythic + Starlight





Legendary Scorch
Scorch+Scorch [SoL Tier 1]

Aurora Dragon



Fire, Star




Legendary Aurora
Obsidian + Firework [DD]


Fire, Star

Squall Dragon



Fire, Snow



Legendary Squall
SourpussWater + Life13h13h230 gems
Legendary Sourpuss
Smoke + Sleet
Gale + River
Snow + Water + Magic200 gems
Legendary Frostbite

Mythic Dragon



Water, Fire, Magic, Life



Legendary Mythic

Neptune Dragon



Fire, Water, Magic, Life



Legendary Neptune

Crush Dragon



Water, Magic, Life, Star



Legendary Crush

Lava Dragon



Magic, Life, Fire



Legendary Lava
Volcanic + Legendary Reef [DoL]42hours42hours
Nova Dragon
Scorch + Timber
Scorch + Legendary Timber


Legendary Nova

Smoke Dragon






Legendary Smoke
Volcanic + Sleet [DoL]
Rune + L. Scorch

Twilight Dragon
L. Spring + Scortch

Fire, Life, Star

Legendary TwilightScorch + Spring
L. Nova + Aurora





Rune + Reef
Starlight + Reef
L. Timber + L. Rune
Thorn + Patchwing

Magic, Life

Legendary Butterfly


Star, Water


Legendary Salamander
Storm + Storm43hours43hours


Legendary Timber + Blizzard







Legendary Flash


Typhoon + Starlight

Water + Rune



Maple + Snowflake
Maple + BlizzardMagic, Life, Snow
MerfolkSnow, Water350gems
Legendary Merfolk
QuarrySnow, Water, Fire, Magic850
Legendary Quarry
CottonmouthBuy at BuildablesN/APlushN/A?1 Stuffing
Legendary Cottonmouth
Puff N' StuffBuy at BuildablesN/APlushN/A?3 stuffing + 2 buttons
Legendary Puff N' Stuff
Legendary SnorkyBuy at BuildablesN/APlush + MagicN/A?100000 coins + 5 buttons + thread spool 3 + 2 fabric
SlinkyBuy at BuildablesN/APlushN/A?175000 coins + 5 stuffing + 5 thread spool + 3 needle
Legendary Slinky
ChillypuffBlizzard + CottonmouthPlush + Snow?13hours120 gems
BloomyPlush + Water + Life270 gems
Legendary FireheartFire + Magic + Life200 gems
TriplushatopsPuff & Stuff + CottonmouthPlush80 gems
PatchwingL. Sleet + Puff N StuffPlush + Water13hr13hr165 gems
Legendary Patchwing
SweetdreamTriplushatops + MaplePlush + Star + Life385 gems
SundropStarlight + Ocean [DoL]
Galaxy + Ocean
Star + Water400 gems
SnowballPlush + Snow170 gems
SweetreatL. Nova + L. Cosmic
Cottonmouth + Meteor
Star + Magic13hr13hr230 gems
Legendary Sweetreat
FirefluffPlush + Fire200 gems
Legendary Firefluff
WarmheartLeaflet + Legendary Scorch200 gems
Legendary Warmheart
PlushzillaQuarry + Sweet DreamPlush + Snow + Water + Life850 gems
PolarisSnow + Star + Water400 gems
Legendary Polaris
ScyllaFire + Star + Water + Life850 gems
Legendary Scylla
Epic Plush Dragon
Install/Hatch all dragons buildings in buildables plush menuPlush + Fire + Star + Magic48h48h
Zipperella Dragon
Powderfluff Dragon
Heart Dragon
Easter Egg Dragon
Boulder Dragon
PlushapigPlush + Life8 Stuffing + 7 buttons + 5 needle + 300000 coins
FireworkAurora + MeteorFire + Star + Magic14h14h245 gems
Legendary FireworkFire + Star + Magic
GlacierL. sleet + L. blizzardSnow + Star300 gems
Legendary GlacierGlacier + Sleet
TritonTimber + GalaxyStar + Water + Life330 gems
CharFire + Life300 gems
ClubbyLeg. Leviathan + GlacierStar + Life + Magic17h.17m17h.17m200 gems
Life Dragon?Life17h.17m120 gems
Fire Dragon?Fire, Life17h.17m120 gems
Magic Dragon?Magic17h.17m120 gems
Star Dragon?Star, Life17h.17m120 gems
Snow Dragon?Snow17h.17m17h.17m
Sea Dragon?17h.17m
Alpha Dragon?17h.17m
Omega Dragon?
Garden DragonStarlight + CloudStar, Life12-14hours12-14hours150 gems
Legendary Garden
Red Dragon
Yellow Dragon
Green Dragon
Blue Dragon
Purple Dragon
Rainbow Dragon
Orange Dragon

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221 thoughts on “Dragon Skies Breeding Guide – Complete Chart List of Combos”

    1. !I know how to breed the mythic and neptune dragons!

      * breed the alpha and legendary river dragon!
      The combination is so easy,I got the mythic and neptune on the same day!

      you have to try it.

    2. I tried, but it didn’t work. I bred Aurora Dragon and Starlight Dragon 50 TIMES! (Actual times I bred them). So, please reply back with any Tips.

    1. Tara, thanks for the data. We already updated our tables. You’re welcome to keep contributing.

    1. My thing to breed my dragon just dissapeared , I’m wondering how can I get it back ???

    2. It’s a bug. Go to settings (from menu on bottom right corner of the screen) >> then tap on report >> enter your email, subject and explain the problem in detail. I suppose the building that dissapeared is called Dragon’s Den, the only other building that breeds dragons is the Den of Legends, which is much bigger.

  1. You are missing an element for the Obsidian Dragon. There are 3…life, water and Magic. The breeding guide is ok I think, but the element column is missing life.

  2. I found a stardust dragon… I was curious how you do that one! I’m looking everywhere to see which dragon to breed and its an ice, life, and star dragon!!!!

    1. I got a stardust by breeding maple and blizzard, if that helps anyone? Breed time is around 45 hours.

    2. Got stardust from Maple and Snowflake in epic den and from Legendary Spring and Legendary Flury in Den of Legends

  3. Has anyone been able to get the butterfly dragon through breeding? If so, can you tell me which dragons you used please? :)

    1. You can try with any other formula that includes the elements, the less elements, the better.

  4. Great table. But the Crush dragon is water, life, magic, and STAR. You have it listed as water, life, magic, and fire.

  5. I bred the two dragons, “Lengendary Reef” and “Legendary Rune”, and I got the Thorn dragon. I had heard that it was going to make a Butterfly dragon, but I wasn’t too surprised to see these results, considering that it was 9 hours instead of 24 hours (the butterfly dragon takes 24 hours for both breeding and hatching).

  6. Is there a list of which dragons have a legendary form? Have heard the thorn doesn’t but then why is there a question mark next to it in the game? Is there a legendary obsidian or flurry?

    1. All dragons have a legendary form. Of course, some types are extremely hard to breed. That’s why you need the SoL and keep it fully charged to increase your chances of getting legendary dragons.

  7. Just to let you know to hatch a thorn dragon you can also do timer and forest and If it says nine hours thirty minutes that means it is a thorn

  8. I bred a Thorn & River and got a Legendary Siren, breeding time 5 hrs. & hatching time 5 hrs. I have for days been attempting to get an Obsidian. My guy got a Merfolk from a Blizzard and River 17 hr. 40 min. breeding time and 13 hrs. + hatching time.

  9. Help! My app keeps crashing all the time, i’ve tried resetting my phone already but it’s no use, do you guys know if this an app issue, a specific problem for Iphone users or if it’s just me? Really appreciate it!

    1. Maybe you could back up Dragon Skies with iCloud and iTunes and uninstall and reinstall the app. Also, do you have the latest iOS installed?

    2. Yep, just did the upgrade, tried again and didn’t work. But i’ll try backing it up, thanks!

  10. Breeded a rune and scorch, breeding time is 12 hrs. Anyone know what breeding time is for a smoke or snorfle? Trying to figure out what I made

    1. we are working on a guide where we’ll post the both regular and legendary dragon eggs, babies and adults pictures, so you can easily recognize them besides knowing their hatching time.

    1. Try other combos that include the elements that the Obsidian Dragon requires. You could try breeding the top-tier dragons, meaning those that were the hardest to breed. Mind you, Obsidian might easily be the most difficult dragon to obtain.

  11. Hi, I’ve just bred a scorch and a typhoon (I was hoping for a hurricane) and it says the breeding will take 15 hours could you tell me what dragon I have please :)

  12. I have also been trying to acquire the phantom dragon but I feel like it is hopeless. Also what do you mean by top- tier dragons?

  13. I’ve just bred a thorn with a thorn and its taking an hour. Will I get a legendary thorn (the SoL was half full by the way) 😉

    1. Scorch and blizzard bred . Taking 27 hours please tell me what dragon ill get :)

  14. Siren and typhoon have me a phantom . It took 12 hours to breed and hatch :) I also got a meteor from a cosmic and a cosmic ; that took around 9 hours if that helps :)

    1. Your contribution has been added. WE hope you keep coming and keep leaving new combinations.

  15. Scorch bred with legendary timber gave me a legendary hearth. Not sure how long breeding took but I think it was around 12-14 hours. Hatching takes 15 hours :)

  16. How do you upload pictures to the website? I took a snapshot of my legendary hearth egg but I don’t know how to upload it. Please tell me :)

    1. we are about to add a forum to the site, where you will be able to upload as many images as you want.

  17. Trying to get a Butterfly Dragon, I’ve tried the Legendary Reef and Legendary Rune combination several times and got nothing, I’ll keep trying, I was just wanting to see if anyone has had success with something else

    1. I bred a starlight and a reef dragon and i got a butterfly dragon!!! Didnt expect it at all to get the most expensive dragon

  18. Just a note to all who are looking for Gem or Coin cheats. There are none !!!! NaviBlue-team has the most convincing download site….but all it is…is a Ad-Rigged site that does not deliver. If someone does run across such a cheat…..please post….thanks….GL Q(:-}

  19. I just bred Blizzard & Legendary Timber with a Legendary FLURRY as the result. The Stone Of Legends was drained in the process. Please note that the Blizzard Dragon seems to be the catalyst for many of the Legendarys.

    1. Well, that formula worked in some cases, so yes. Other combinations that include the elements are also possible, but the ones that have higher chances are only discovered by players.

  20. Falcon Dragon
    Breeding a- Maple Dragon + Cottonmouth Dragon
    Breeding Time-12 Hours
    Hatching Time-12 Hours
    Chance-45 Percent Chance

    I Hope This Help
    Note The Egg Looks Like A Wavy Water

  21. Just succeeded in Breeding Blizzard and Legendary Rune for a Legendary Gale Dragon. You have to keep trying as I got 6 Gale Dragon before snagging this puppy. Also come back the next day and try again. My past note on nabbing a Legendary Flurry was removed. I hope the Forum group will e-mail me as to what happened…….@(:-}

    1. good to know the formula still works, some of them change randomly. Can you add the legendary flurry note once again?, it was deleted by mistake.

  22. Just Bred a Legendary Kraken from River and Scorch. Important note….it was listed that one could find a Legendary Hurricane by breeding these same Dragons. The Secret is to breed the heck out of the singular element Dragrons until their sore or you’re tired. (I also got the regular Kraken from these same two Dragons !!!) Eventually I hope to snag that Legendary Hurricane…….Q(:-}

  23. Hate to admit….I have to eat some serious Crow here. If you have the time and the inclination. This is a bonified coin a breeding cheat. Ready…Set…Go. Make sure to collect all coins from all platforms….make sure two dragons are breeding….double tap start button and force Dragon Skies to stop running (you’ll see red minus sign in corner of icon) press red minus dot and tap start again. Start-up Utilities in that row and go to General…then to Date & Time….turn Set Automatically Off…GOTO Set Time & Date….touch Date Line and set year into the future…(a quick spin will whirl you to January 1, 2038, touch time and whirl again…it will set itself…Goto top left corner and touch Date and time. Tap Start button and touch Dragon Skies….this is what happens. Any egg in hatchery is finished, any breeding is now done, any levels that you might be waiting for are finished, any platforms being built are done and all platforms have total amount of coins. Not bad for 2 minutes 47 seconds of your time…….Q(:-} (Did I mention that your regular Level Bar also extends by a couple thousand points each time you do this ????) Just don’t forget to force down Dragon Skies and return to your present time by simply hitting “On” the automatic date set.
    Otherwise you’ll be stuck in 2038 with who knows who for President…..Q(:-}

    1. Sorry…..forgot to mention that when you get when you get to the time a date area of the General Utilities….you have to turn OFF the “Automatic Time Set” before the Manual Set bar will appear. Then head for the future…….Q(:-}

    2. Beware! When you do this you lose your daily bonuses for the amount of time you jump forward. There is a penalty.

      I am usually not a cheater but curiosity got me and having fun I did go to January 1, 2038 so no bonuses for me buahahaha! My bad!

  24. FYI….don’t sell an egg you don’t want. Hatch it first then sell the Dragon. You’ll recieve a substantion amount of points for your Level Bar each time you do this…..why waste good points? Q(:-}

  25. Scorch bred with scorch gave me legendary scorch with SoL on teir 1 breeding took 6 hours and 41 minutes hatching takes 6-7 hours

  26. Here’s a few others that you might try.

    Got a Legendary Timber on the first try with Forest and Timber.
    Got a Legendary Flurry breeding Blizzard and Legendary Timber.
    (Mate these two regualarly and the Original Flurry will show up.)
    If you happen to have Crush…mate with Scorch for a Legendary Meteor.
    That’s it for now. Will post later…….Q(:-}

  27. @Quickgamer……found the “Future cheat” quite by accident on another site where only one person made a comment. Had to play with it a little but I can work through a host of dragons, platforms, Levels, Hatches, Breed times and Coins in an hour. For those who are racing in the Collesium on a regular basis….this “Future Cheat” will wake up your Dragons to race without having to wait for their recovery time. It is especially helpful if you have favorites you like to race. Also….if you are having a hard time with some of the races use the slower Dragons with Magic to gather as many stars (Doubles and Reach) as possible. Near as I can tell the time has no effect on the outcome of reaching a 3 Tier race…….Q(:-}

    1. Just to be clear on the race issue. USE the barriers and blocks to slow you down….these buttresses actually will help you win the races….try it….see what happens………Q(:-}


    Never saw this coming but the Main Dragon Skies ENDS on Level 30.
    You can only get 3 Platforms of each element and as far as I can tell there is no other races in the Coliseum but what is there now.

    The programers have just started a new series called the Plush Dragons which is interesting….but I am miffed at the short sightedness of the developers of this game that it ends so quickly. I am just breeding now to collect and keep some of the Dragons I don’t have. Sorry for the post but those of you that are spending any hard earned cash on Gems are wasting your time…..Good Luck…..Green Lantern…..Q(:-}

  29. QUESTION……has anyone recently bred Flash, Snorfie, Oculus, Rime, Stardust or Clover, say in the past month? I don’t think it is possible to breed these guys until the developers “announce” that they are being “brought back for a short time”.

    Also has anyone turned a Dragon upside down to see if it is a He or a She?

    And yes….I have way too much time on my hands !!!!!!!!

  30. Just to confirm Quickgamer’s Breed List:

    I have been breeding Scorch and Legendary Timber 25 times…this is the list of Dragons Bred:

    Another Legendary Nova Dragon (2)
    Another Nova Dragon (3)
    Another Legendary Scorch Dragon(2)
    Another Timber Dragon (1)
    Another Hearth Dragon (16)
    AND FINALLY…..A Legendary Hearth Dragon

    One has to be persistant….and try the Future Cheat I posted…it will really help cut down your wait times.

    Drag…on (Sorry…couldn’t help myself) Q(:-}

    1. thanks again, the formulas do work as you say, some of them need to be tried out multiple times until they work.

  31. Just wanted to confirm the breeding of Starlight and Scorch to get the Legendary Aurora Dragon. A weird sidenote….my Stone Of Legends was NOT affected and remains full after L. Aurora appeared !!!!!

  32. Aurora and firebird are breeding. BTW it’s taking around 23 hours. Really I’m just hoping for a good dragon from that breeding formula ; not sure what I’ll get but I’ll post the results if that helps. :)

  33. I KNOW HOW TO BREED legendary smoke
    BREED scorch on the left side and typhoon on the right side
    THEY BOTH HAVE TO BR REGULAR NOT LEGENDARY or you will get volcanic
    absolutely free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. For those of you just starting the “Plush Dragons”….Cottonmouth and Puff N’ Stuff produces A Triplushatops Dragon. I have tried breeding these with some of the original Dragons but nothing so far. Q(:-}

  35. Just got the Legendary Ocean Dragon by breeding Starlight and Typhoon with the Stone of Legends emptied as a result.

  36. i now have 3 EPIC L dragons

    1 legendary sleet 2 legendary smoke and 3 legendary phantom
    ( I do not have a normal phantom yet that is my 1’st phantom)

    1. Cool I have 9 epic dragons! One alpha,two quarries,one Neptune,one mythic,one Scylla,one crush,one rattles,and one omega! Also I got
      The butterfly dragon

      Solaris. <3. Typhoon,really. Works!!!!

  37. There is a cheat if you want more coins and if you want to speed up breeding time. You have to go to your options and change the date and the money’ from your stables and your eggs that you hatched will be finished.

    1. Yeah….I posted the full cycle and benefits from this cheat above on May 19th. Would love to find a bonafied Gem cheat for this game…but as yet….nothing Legitimate…..Q(:-}

  38. The expected dragons from starlight and timber are spring, legendary spring, firebird, legendary firebird, falcon, starlight, legendary starlight, timber, and legendary timber. And by the way, me and my brother bred a legendary spring with reagular starlight and reagular timber witch you’d think is plain but actually it’s really exiting because we have been trying and trying and trying to get one. My mother plays dragon skies too and she’s probably going to get in a big tizzy about us getting a legendary spring because she has been trying for one way longer than us and kept on getting spring and we got one first try. This is how hard it is for my mother to get a legendary spring and how easy it is for us to get a legendary spring. I know that you can get other dragons besides just spring but my mother constantly when she tries to get legendary spring and that’s what happens all the time when she tries to get anything. This is because she is expecting somthing. But that’s not the magic. The magic is not to expect it. So if you breed in the den of legends and you breed starlight and timber and it takes 10 hours and your expecting a spring, then that’s a legendary spring.

    1. MOM…..keep on trying….it took me 30 Breeds to get the Legendary Spring. Again, I used the Date Jump Cheat I described above to quicken my Breed times. And…the Stone needs to be full. Good luck…..GL….Q(:-}

  39. I made a Thorn dragon on the first try by breeding Cloud + Forest if you want to add that combo to the list. Also, I already have a Reef dragon, but I need another one to fulfill the quest for the Reef dragon, since it came up late. I’m breeding life + water (Timber + River) like the quest says, but I’ve gotten two Sourpusses instead (which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s odd that I’m getting the rarer dragon more easily).

  40. i have a legendary squall and the egg looks totally diffrent the dragon looks epic
    im on day 85 i have so much dragons

  41. Butterfly made from Rune + Reef, but the 9hr. 30 min. breed time listed is incorrect. It’s about 24 hr. to breed and another 24 hr. to hatch.

  42. Can you make a formula for Legendary Phantom? I know there’s a Legendary Phantom because I breed two of my dragons randomly, and after the breeding was done it asked if I wanted my egg to be a Legendary Phantom for 600gems. Can you make a formula please? I’m like, so siked!!!

  43. Hey guys, so I bred a legendary sleet with a legendary cloud and it says 14 hours 35 minutes, any ideas of what it might be?

    1. Use the time glitch to know what it is. The time glitch is when you go to settings and choose Time&Date. Cancel set automaticly and then tap set time & date. Choose your date ahead at least one day and know what it is.

  44. I bred the Maple!!! I didn’t really expect it because I was going for a Led. Comet. I bred the Heart and Meteor together to get it.

  45. So my 14 hr egg turned out to be a phantom, out of l. Cloud and l. Sleet (which I’m not even sure is possible) but just after the breeding finished the app started crashing, and I couldn’t play for more than about 30 secs at a time. I deleted and reinstalled the app and the phantom egg was gone. :( I did the same combo again and all it did was get me another blizzard….

  46. I breeded legendary cloud with river and got phantom! Breeding time: 12hr 38m and the SoL was not activated at all! So excited :)

  47. OMG. 4 words: Naturally. Bred. Legendary. Obsidian.

    River and Thorn, took me three tries. First try: timber 2nd try: reef 3rd try: legendary obsidian.

    Breeding time: 30 hrs
    Hatching time: 30hrs


    1. I GOT A L TYPHOON!!!!!!

      Bred:- thorn + Phantom!

      I wish i could show you a picture he is so CUTE!!!!!

  48. I decided to restart my game for fun, so now im lvl5. Or lvl6 sorry. Stone of legend not move 1 bit. I bred rune and river and got …? PHANTOM!!!
    i wanted another so i did the same and got Siren. YAY!!!

  49. What is the 3rd dragon in the starry night collection? I have legendary spring and the legendary starlight. I want to try for the other to get the gem reward.

  50. I just got legendary thorn the egg is suuuuuper epic… Exremely rare… Meteor and timber got me it. I was going for the fire work dragon. Breeding time is 22-23 hrs. Hatching time is 11 hrs. So epic and awesome!!

  51. Thorn + L. River = L. Phantom. Took about 13hr. 50min. for breeding and hatching. Currently my favorite dragon because he’s so handsome – all white with russet eyes. :)

  52. Leg. Gale- Smoke and Sleet (DoL) Leg. Sleet- Sleet and Sleet ( DoL + SoL)/ Reef and Leg. Squall ( DoL )

    A few Leg. Dragons for you to add. Thank you.

  53. TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!! SUPER COOL!!!! It’s cool bro… I have bred him in the regular den without SoL. Each hatching and breeding takes 2 days, Mostly 33hrs for breeding. I used Leg. Spring and scortch. I have tried to breed Spring and Scortch sooo many times it never EVER worked. Then I accedently bred Leg. Spring becase Itwas on top of spring. It says its very rare but its easy ro breed.


    I have bred the obsidian! I purposely bred Legendary Thorn and River without den of legends. Just like my last post its very rare but easy to breed. It’s 23 hrs according to my game. Im trying to get Leg. Obdisian now. :)

  55. Verifying two breeders and a new one.

    Rune + Legendary Scorch = Legendary Smoke (with SoL)
    Gale + River = Frostbite

    NEW BREED—–Thorn + Legendary River = Legendary Siren (with SoL)

  56. What is chance of getting obsidian dragon it is the only one I haven’t got, I’ve spent about 2 months of breeding and no obsidian :(

  57. I got a legendary obsidian by breeding 2 crush dragons together 😀 today I’m really lucky 3 crush dragons and a legendary obsidian dragon XD

  58. Legendary Forest was eluding me for the longest time… None of the recommended pairings were working for me. I finally got it by breeding Thorn + Thorn with full SOL. :)

  59. I just bred a Firework dragon using:

    Dragons den
    No stone of legends
    14 hours hatching time (I think)

    I got first go 😀

  60. I got a legendary aurora using:

    Dragons den
    No stone of legends
    26 hours breeding time

    I got first go 😀

  61. You should add on the chart that the breeding and hatching times for the Legendary Siren are 5 hours each. 😉

  62. Several things to add… Sourpuss takes 13 hours… I got a Nova with a Scorch and regular Timber, which takes 8 hours… and finally… I bred a Maple + Starlight in the DoL, the SoL was empty, and I got a Legendary Spring egg! Breeding and hatching are both 10 hours for that.

  63. Just bred the legendary thorn, took 10hrs 58 min and looks amazing. Breed legendary timber with thorn, can’t post pictures here though. It’s orange, red and green with curved horns instead of straight ones like its original version

    1. you can post pics here, just leave the img url (upload to free hosting site first) and we’ll add it to your comment

  64. I have much to report, as I’ve been breeding dragons like mad. :p For me, the magic combo to get both Obsidian and Legendary Obsidian was Thorn + Reef. Other combos of note: Legendary Scorch + Smoke = Legendary Volcanic, 18 hr. each breeding and hatching.
    Legendary Starlight + Meteor= Legendary Meteor, 11 hr.
    Legendary Scorch + Kraken = Hurricane
    Legendary Sleet + Puff N Stuff = Patchwing, 13 hr.
    Legendary Spring + Legendary Volcanic = Legendary Hearth
    Legendary Nova + Aurora = Legendary Twilight, 37 hr.
    Legendary Nova + Legendary Thorn = Volcanic, 16 hr.
    Legendary Starlight + Legendary Siren = Thunder, 24 hr. 15 min.
    Legendary Nova + Legendary Cosmic = Sweetreat, 13 hr.
    And after trying dozens of combos dozens of times, I’m finally getting a Legendary Firebird from Firebird + Legendary Blizzard, of all things. As you can see, I have the best luck breeding new dragons when I use my existing Legendaries. The Nova in particular seems to be a good catalyst for a lot of dragons like the Thorn is. Two Thorns made my Legendary Thorn, with breeding and hatching at only 11 hr. apiece.

  65. I have been writing down the names of the dragons I have bred every time they produced a good egg so I thought I’d just say a few of what I got in hopes to help you get some good ones :)

    Galaxy + ocean = sundrop
    Phantom + sundrop = thunder
    Meteor + aurora = legendary cosmic

    These are just a few the others you either needed a thunder, triton or a lava and I don’t know how I got my triton or my lava but I read somewhere you could try breeding cloud with scorch to get a lava? No idea if it will work but yeah

  66. I have a quest to breed an Alien Cosmic Dragon. The reward is 8 gems so I’m guessing it’s a pretty rare. I don’t see it in the store or on the dragonpedia. I don’t even get results for it when I google it for some reason. So far I’m just breeding combinations for cosmics but has anyone bred one/completed that quest?

    1. Pretty sure it’s referring to the “Cosmic” dragon, there’s no “Alien Cosmic” dragon. Besides, all dragons have a single name.

  67. Guys you’ve got to try breeding a Phoenix with an Obsidian!! I got awesome dragons with this combination: Triton and Garden and I’m sure I can get other cool dragons with this combo..

  68. Iam just wondering it it is worth to buy that pink colored breeding den that cost 100 gems, will it replace my regular breeding den or if it will increase my breeding dens from 1 to 2

  69. a few additional

    kraken+scorch = hurricane 21 hours
    typhoon+cloud = obsidian 24 hours
    L.typhoon+L.Reef w/ SOL at Level2 = 2 1/2 hours

  70. i recently hatch a firefluff dragon and to my surprise instead of seeing a picture of an egg i saw this question mark instead “?” plss help me :)

  71. I just started playing this game and one of the missions is to breed a timber and rune.. everytime I do this, the mission is still there like I havent done it.. help?

  72. Timber + Legendary Forest seems to be a pretty great combo for getting a Thorn dragon. Been trying to use that combo to get a Legendary Timber but I’ve gotten 3 Thorns from it

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