Dragon Mania Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s walkthrough guide to Dragon Mania, a casual dragon breeding game that quickly become one of the most popular ones in android. Before we begin, yes, it reseblems similar games like Dragon Story, Dragon Skies, Monster Legends, sharing with them plenty of features.


Yes, this is what Dragon Mania is all about, dragons, and plenty of them right from the beginning, we counted 50. Dragons are categorized in 3 main tiers; Basic, Advanced and Greater.

Each dragon has one, two or even three elements. The elements relate to its resistance, immunity and weaknesses during battle, but not directly. Meaning that when a dragon has multiple elements, it could cross out some weakness than a single element dragon might have. Check out our complete list of Dragon Mania dragons to know their weaknesses and strengths. There are a total of 11 elements, Fire, Water, Plant, Energy are among them.

You start out with 4 dragons, which can be purchased at the shop with coins [Wind, Earth, Water and Fire], the rest can be purchased with gem or instead be bred at the breeding den (we don’t know if all 50 dragons are breedable).

Each dragon, while attacking in a match, has a different attack meter bar, beware of that.

FEEDING YOUR DRAGONS. Yes, it’s not just enough with breeding and then hatching your dragon, you also need to feed it and level it up, mainly because only adults can breed, but also because just in case you want to challenge other players in the arena, or defeat other dragon teams in castles, you need to have high level dragons.

The higher the level of a dragon, the more coins produces at its habitat.


Each element can give a dragon resistance, vulnerability or immunity to other elements. The overall effect depends on all the dragon’s elements. Click here to see the elements chart, displaying all three stats affected.


Habitats are not considered buildings. They are important since your dragons will find a home on these once they hatch.

There are 6 types of habitats: Water, Plant, Energy, Mystic Mountain, Fire, Wind, Earth. You need to level up the habitat in order to store more dragons and to increase the coin storage. Some habitats can host dragons with different elements. For instance, the Earth Habitat can host Earth and Metal dragons.


Here is our breeding combinations guide for Dragon Mania.

BREEDING. In order start breeding, you need a Breeding Den building. Basic-tier dragons that can only be obtained through breeding (or spending gems of course) are quite easy, for instance, you can get the Lava Dragon by breeding an Earth Dragon and a Fire Dragon. Advanced and Greater dragons can get a lot harder to breed, since the breeding combinations to use are not that easy to obtain and there can be multiple dragons sharing the same elements, but only a single dragon couple can breed a new type. Besides, you can for sure get an undesired dragon after hatching it. Only adult dragons can be used at the Breeding Den.

HATCHING. After breeding, comes hatching, in order for the egg to hatch you need to wait a certain amount of time that depends on the egg’s rarity. The more advanced and harder to get the Dragon is, the more time you will have to wait. Bear in Mind that all dragons, including those purchased at the shop, need to go through the Nursery first.

Each different dragon has a unique egg color patern, and that is crucial to see which dragon you will be getting, and this is specially important in advanced dragons, where the hatching time can last for more than a day.


You can purchase expansions to build on by tapping an adjacent expansion area. Expansion areas can be bought with coins or gems, but the cost gets higher as space on the island gets scarce.


  • COINS: You can use coins to buy most buildings, decorations and the basic dragons you need for clear obstables and expand your territory. There are many ways to earn coins. Visitors are always paying to see your dragons; you can tap the Viking to make him drop some of his; and you can win them in the arena or grab them as loot in a raid. There’s always the option to get packs of coins at the shop, buying with gems.
  • XP: perform various actions to earn XP. The more XP you earn, the mroe you level up. Higher levels unlock new quests and items in the shop.
  • FOOD: food can be grown on farms. Your dragons need food to grow and level up. Different crops provide different amounts of food when harvested. Upgrade your farms to get all possible options.
  • GEMS: gems allow you to buy special dragons and special items in the shop. They can also be used to hurry any time, consuming actions. You can buy gems by tapping the Gem icon at the top of the screen. You can also get them as gifts and rewards.


Dragon Mania does have achievements. They are located at the menu you get when you tap on pause button.


Every so often, a crazy Viking flies across your island on his dragon. Tap him before he disappears to make him drop his coins.


The island is littered with rocks and trees that need to be cleared to use the space for construction. Removing obstacles costs coins and takes time, but grants you experience.


Leveling up your castle/village is crucial, since on that depends to unlock buildings such as the breeding dens and also unlock dragons at the shop (we don’t know if you need to have a certain level to breed a certain dragon.)


The most relevant buildings you will have are:

  • Breeding Den: this is where you combine dragons to new ones
  • Nursery: this is where you hatch your dragons. You can upgrade the nursery to incubate more eggs at the same time
  • Farm: this is where you plant and harvest your food. Each farm can grow a single food at a time. You can upgrade farms to unlock newer varieties of food for your dragons.

As far as decorations go, we don’t quite know if they actually play any role in the game besides making it look better.


Dragon Mania has quests, lots of quests to complete, pretty much like all other dragon breeding mobile games. As usual, completing these tasks is the very best method to get coins, at least during the first levels. Also, completing early quests helps you unlock game features.


Supposedly, freeing the king from some evil force is the game’s main objective. We clearly now that that is not true, since you will get pretty obsessed with finding the different breeding combinations for the dragons most of the time. However, raiding castles can yield a substantial amount of coins, so don’t forget about doing them in a daily basis. Each castle, or episode, contains 20 levels, where your team of dragons need to defeat another group of dragons in order to keep moving forward.

Remember, when taking a Dragon to a Raid, pay attention to its level, since it determines its health and attack skills.

ATTACKS. Dragons use their elements to attack their opponents. Its elements can make a dragon more vulnerable, resistant, or immune to certain elemental attacks, so choose your team wisely (and check our Dragons strengths and weaknesses chart).

FOCUSING YOUR ATTACKS. to be successful, you need to tap the paw when the line is over the green or orange area.

Switching a Dragon during a fight will cost you a turn.

HIRING MERCENARIES. Hiring mercenary dragons from other keeper’s fleets can be really helpful, but pricey. I’ll lend you some gems this time. Of course, mercenaries do not come for free, you need gems to hire them.


Of course, a dragon breeding casual game would not be such if it didn’t have a social menu where you can add friends. The only way to get more friends is through Facebook by the way.

You can not only get aid from friends when Raiding towers, but also challenge them to an arena PvP match.

You can also get coins by helping friends by visiting them. Only 5 actions per day are allowed.

Finally, you can also send gems as gifts to your friends. We guess the gifting limit resets every 24 hours. This is likely the best incentive to add players to your contacts list.

We hope our Dragon Mania walkthrough guide was useful. If you want to share any tips or cheat s for this awesome dragon breeding game, just leave a comment below.

28 thoughts on “Dragon Mania Walkthrough Guide”

  1. just did something with the date to hasten up the coin production.. gems are hard to get.. but i did acquire enough to get all dragons.. getting them to level up sure takes time… still stuck at level 14 for each.. like the update..

  2. Hi I’m playing this game on an old nokia.
    It’s very similar to android version.
    I’ve a problem with figthing: I’ve a lot of money but when I breed a dragon to level it up, my xp is always higher thant the dragon xp cause when i collect food my xp increases.
    So when I fight I always loose in the arena cause enemies are my level and my dragons level is lower.
    Can you help me?
    I tried uninstall and reinstall to start from begging but it the same from level 14 my level starts to be higher even if I don’t complete any mission

  3. When I try trading my coins with gems they asked me to give a code number AMD to get that code number must sent message which coat me 3rs from my balance but still it never replies me..but the balance is still cut can you please help me solve my problem…??

  4. Can any one tell me why my dragons keep disappearing and left behind are signs with hearts?? Please help..

    1. SMOKE and Root went to the breeding den and never returned All I have left of them is the little signs They take up space in the habitat but otherwise are not useable. I had to breed them again to move on.

  5. When I fight in the arena the enemy dragons levels are far lower than my dragons, but for whatever reason they always beat my dragons with a single hit! What am I doing wrong?

    1. Please contact customer care. I play on a Kindle and I think the dragons in the arena are level 40, not 4. Let’s get them to work on a patch.

    2. how can I earn gems I want to buy a comos dragon and a mystic mountain I have no more balance please help

  6. My son was on level 10 or 11 and somehow his dragons and upgrades disappeared and the game restarted at level 4…is there any way we can get his dragon’s and levels back?

  7. I finished my fights to 20/20. Why cant i fight anymore? I can choose my dragons, but they do not appear when were in the arena

  8. Easy way to get upgrades faster. Works everytime. Turn off your internet go to date and time move foward the time. While still having internet connection off get on Dragon Mania. Upgrades will be done.

    1. I too have a Nokia Windows Phone. Dragon Mania won’t let me in without an internet connection.

  9. I am playing the game on my Blackberry but I battle to buy an expansion. It says tap #5 on adjacent area but I have tapped all over the area already and cannot seem to buy land. Please help??

  10. if you want unlimited money and gems goto that website and download apk-http://apkgalaxy.co/android-games/dragon-mania-v3-0-0-mod-apk.html

  11. When I try to breed new dragons for my island I never get the one Im supposed to. For example, when I breed my storm dragon and my void dragon Im supposed to get a ghost dragon but I always end up with a void dragon instead. Why won’t my dragons give me the right one? And how can I fix this?

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