Dragon Mania: Breeding Combinations

Dragon Mania. Below you will find the list with all Dragon Mania breeding combinations. Be patient with some breeding pairs, since it takes time and not all formulas containing the proper elements work.


  • For advanced dragons, having the elements necessary for the dragon is not enough to create the dragon you want. Only 1 pair of dragons are the ones that actually work for the formula
  • The dragons that allow you to start breeding from scratch are: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Void, Metal, Plant,, Energy, Light, Shadow
  • The egg color pattern repeats in same tier dragons, so that only actual useful data you can use to figure out if the combination worked out is the hatching time.


DragonCombinationBreeding TimeHatching TimeEgg
Fire DragonShop
Water DragonShop
Earth DragonShop
Wind DragonShop
Boiling DragonFire + Water5 minutes5 minutes
Lava DragonFire + Earth5 minutes5 minutes
Smoke DragonFire + Wind5 minutes5 minutes
Mud DragonWater + Earth5 minutes5 minutes
Ice DragonWind + Water5 minutes5 minutes
Dust DragonEarth + Wind5 minutes5 minutes
Clay DragonLava + Boiling30 minutes30 minutes
Void DragonShop
Metal DragonShop
Plant DragonShop
Energy DragonShop
Blueflame DragonVoid + Fire
Ghost DragonStorm + Void
Magnet DragonVoid + metal
Mist DragonTornado + void
Razor DragonEnergy + Wind
Mercury DragonMetal + water
Ironcast DragonClay + Metal180 minutes180 minutes
Tornado DragonEnergy + Ice
Sunflower DragonEnergy + Plant
Melon DragonWater + Plant [9 tries]120 minutes120 minutes
Root DragonMelon + Mud180 minutes180 minutes
Seed DragonDust + Plant180 minutes180 minutes
Eel DragonEnergy + Water3 hours3 hours
Lightning DragonEnergy + Fire
Meteor DragonGolem + Lightning
Ironcast + Phoenix
6 hours6 hours
Nightshade DragonPlant + Rain
Melon + Void
6 hours6 hours
Machine DragonMagnet + Energy
Golem DragonMetal + earth
Light DragonShop
Shadow DragonShop
Plasma DragonFire + Light14 hours14 hours
Rainbow DragonWater + Light14 hours14 hours
Planet Dragon
Phoenix DragonEnergy + Plasma22 hours22 hours
Ash DragonShadow + Earth30 hours30 hours
Cloud DragonShadow + Wind
Golden DragonLight + Metal20 hours20 hours
Berry DragonLight + Plant
Tesla DragonSmoke + Light18 hours18 hours
Doom DragonShadow + Void
Armored DragonShadow + Ironcast
Poison Ivy DragonPlant + Doom
Rain DragonVoid + water
Storm DragonShadow + light
Cosmos Dragon?
Archangel Dragon
Winter Dragon
Venom Dragon
Lynx DragonGolem + Lightning

You can leave your own breeding combination to contribute to the list.

320 thoughts on “Dragon Mania: Breeding Combinations”

    1. -Dragon archange : Lumière + Vide ( 11 h élevage + 11 h éclore )

      -Dragon d’hiver : Ombre + Glace ( 14 h élevage + 14 h éclore )

      -Dragon Venin : Ombre + Melon

      -Dragon Lynx : Foudre + Pierre ou Énergie + Lave (je ne sais pas la combinaison pour celui la je ne l’ai pas

    2. I am lev26 my best dragon is 31 lev I plry dragomania if you won to share gems and help is arena add me on my facebok = markos tsapakis :) have fun

    3. Which combo do you use for the sunflower I’ve tried them all but have failed every time. :( super frustrating! I need help to know exactly which one to use or if I need to level them up?

    1. i try clay + metal like over more than 10 times still no ironcast.. always end up getting golem everytime and energy once.

    2. I’M a daily player …if you want add me on Facebook”Milan Milosevic” im have all four Hero radiant Dragon xD have Fun xD

    3. Lighting Lvl 15+ golem lvl 16 =Lynx ….M Melon 15lvl + Shadow 16 lvl = Venom …..Cloud 16lvl +ice 15 lvl= Winter ….Ash lvl 20+Light lvl 20 =Storm …and Dulcon lvl15 + dust lvl 16= Windcather ….this formula is work on my way …good luck with this is hope to help players :-)

  1. Melon = Water+Plant (maybe in that order) it takes about 2 hrs when they start to breed and 2 hrs to hatch i think

    Root = Melon + Mud (maybe in that order) 3 hrs to breed

  2. it’s unfair how hard it is to level up after you hit level 10. quests are not quick to complete and some even require you to spend gems, anyone mind sharing any tip on how to level up faster?.

    1. change date in ur mobile after make breeding,hatching,and plantings.it will forward the game to next day.try it

    1. we’ve tried 15 times this combination, but yes, it was sort of obvious that it was the right formula.

    2. I have finally found the combination for seed dragon ! its dust + sunflower dragon. that gave me the seed dragon

  3. Shadow+light=storm

    Hope this guys helped you. I hope that quick gamer complete that sheet.

  4. You can get level 15 by upgrading your buildings , habitats, and also by planting and harvesting your farm. The dragon will also level up by feeding them. :) guys let’s complete the sheet to help the other players.

    1. By expanding a lot I levelled up a lot. Right now I am at the end of level 21, and my highest dragons are at level 18.

  5. if you want to lvlup. u need to plant and harvest more.. in that way you will get exp. i,m lvl 25 now. in just 1 week. if your thinking how i get million money. the secret is some little trick in the time in your phone. and also u need more habitat present in your field, with dragons in it of course.. ihope this tips will help

    1. Harvesting food giving tons of XP is an awesome tip. thanks. It’s worth noticing that you can install multiple farms and upgrade them. If you harvest advanced crops, you will get tons of XP then.

    2. i like this game but problem with breeding ive also learned how to hatch eggs n make money faster thn anything

  6. I’m level 24 now and like what jt said that was our trick. But my problem is
    I still can’t breed some of greater dragon like doom, ghost ash, even the meteor machine. Jt can you help me? Do you have some combination of the dragon that hard to breed?

  7. cheats to get more gems for free… adjust your device date every 7 days to get 5 free gems from ned.. look for facebook icon on right side to see ned profile and view the inbox and read the mail to get your free gems

  8. Plasma – Fire+Light (Took me few tries, about 4 or so, took 14 hours to hatch and breed)

    Rainbow – Water+Light (a LOT of tries, more than 10, also 14 hours for breeding and hatching)

    1. I’d been trying to get nightshade forever using the two combos listed. Then I tried root and void by mistake. First try

  9. Thanks guys but I have those last few days.. I want now the ash and doom.. Do you have machine.. Its a combination of magnet and energy.. I did a lot of tries hehe..

  10. hi guys i tried to make a mechanic dragon by breeding magnet +energy many times could any one help me with an other combination????

  11. the following is what I breeded successfully:
    tornado = energy+ ice
    machine = magnet+energy
    cloud = shadow +wind
    armored = shadow + ironcast
    doom = shadow+void

    1. sorry, forgot to write those down.
      here are two more confirmed:

      nightshade: void + melon
      berry = light + plant

  12. meteor = metal + lightning
    ash = shadow + earth

    I saw somewhere on fb that shadow + earth also gives golden supposedly, can anyone confirm this?

    1. Hey about meteor are u sure that was the combination?? I’m already try alot but still can’t get the meteor. Please help me thx

    1. I keep trying to get the sunflower but no luck yet does it matter what side of the column they one to start breeding? The level of the fire and energy what dragon I’ve tried everything I get everything but the sunflower please help:(!

  13. Hi guys I want to share something.. I have 2 cosmos dragon now I got those because I always saving my gem .. Later I will buy all the rest of the dragons that I haven’t buy yet..kindly add me @ larenz_12@yahoo.com on fb so that we can view each other islands and dragons.

    1. I play on a Kindle fire hd and don’t know how to add you to my dragon mania. I would love to have friends. Can you add me and send an invite I am on facebook, maybe we can connect that way?????

  14. how come i cannot breed metal + water for mercury dragon?? i’ve been trying for almost 20 times and no exact breed came out while on ironcast was almost the same metal and dust was not breeding the same dragon for ironcast :( please help

    1. raven – it is water + metal : mercury
      took me about 10+ time to get it..

      my spec :
      level : 25
      water (level 15)
      mercury (level 15)

    2. thanks cross i got it already but now my worries are those dragons on the upper level which breeding combinations were shadow, light, metal and void. all of a sudden those breeding combinations given were all not working on mine :( those were armored, planet, storm, berries or any upper levels was not coming out from any combination i attempt :(

  15. Guys this game is so easy and also the breeding combination. Just look what time of the dragon you are breeding then put any dragon with same element with your 2 dragon you can get any dragon as long as the element you want to breed is in the list of 2 dragons. example:

    Ironcast(metal,fire,earth) =
    Golem(metal,earth) + Fire or Lava(fire,earth) + earth

    Clay = Boiling + Earth or Mud + Fire or Lava + water

    as long as the element is there there is a chance you will get the dragon you want. Just be patient. =D

  16. Guys this game is so easy and also the breeding combination. Just look what type of the dragon you are breeding then put any dragon with same element with your 2 dragon you can get any dragon as long as the element you want to breed is in the list of 2 dragons. example:

    Ironcast(metal,fire,earth) =
    Golem(metal,earth) + Fire or Lava(fire,earth) + Metal

    Clay = Boiling + Earth or Mud + Fire or Lava + water

    as long as the element is there there is a chance you will get the dragon you want. Just be patient. =D


  17. I think there’s a hidden prerequisite for breeding certain dragon. I was not able to breed machine dragon (30+ attempt) until i bred meteor. After i breed meteor, it just need 1 attempt to get machine

    1. what is the right combination to get meteor?… i cant figure it out and try a dozen time breeding using metal + lightning

    1. breedin can’t create a element,, cosmos is crystal element.. want it just buy it,, if you want new element the only way is buy its,,

  18. sometime just breed once to get what we want,, but sometimes its hard to get,, just see the breeding time,, the longer time will get the better dragon,, a short time will get a usual dragon,, or fail..

  19. Im playing the mobile version of the game ( not android or ios ) the java version, and i cant make the ice dragon, i tried water n wind, and then reversed, but aint working.

    1. You have probably managed to get this to work for you now (or given up playing the game if not) but water & wind with both dragons at level 6 & above works for me.

      I too am having issues with the Java version in that I cannot breed the Poison Ivy Dragon or the Ghost Dragon…ANY advice from anyone would be much appreciated as even Gameloft cannot help me & all tips are directed at the android & ios versions from what I can tell, as none of the combinations for Poison Ivy Dragon are possible due to Dragons required.


  20. I got my Clay Dragon by breeding Boiling and Mud. It took me several tries of failure to eventually give this two a shot. Previously I tried Fire with Mud, Lava with Water, Lava with Boiling and Boiling with Earth to no avail.

  21. now I’m lavel 35 I can’t successfully fight with bettle because my one dragon in level 40 and this level is last level for every dragon.. now tell me what I do for win fight again… my level 40 dragon is week

    1. Check the dragons weekness and level up one of ur own which has that power and also is resistant to the power its enemy casts

  22. I have only fire, water, wind, earth, smoke, lava, ice, clay, dust, boiling, mud type dragons. How to get another types of dragons

  23. hello guys can anyone help me, i reach level 23 and had a chance to open up the availability for all the dragons except the crystal which you need to buy it, my problem was, after i got the shadow dragon i did follow the breeding pattern for each but never got any new combination for any element which i really dont know why combinations for each breeding does not work. it seems that it affects the adjustment of time that i make.. (im adjusting time to make the hatching finished easily.) i have attain 13 million coins but not the breeding combination for any shadowtype dragons.. :( please help..

  24. Im lvl 18, I tried the combinations for plasma dragon which is fire+light but for almost 50 tries I still cant get it..any suggestions guys?

  25. you can advance the time or date in your phone setting to faster harvest food,money and faster hatching,breeding,upgrading etc..uo

    1. i do as given tips to advance the time and date but after i reach a higher level upon the market which you can breed high level dragons something was wrong, all of a sudden all of this breeding tips were not working like using light + plant or light + shadow or shadow + metal, shadow + void or any were not working on my system.. i dont understand how it was not working i reached level 27 and till now it was not giving me any breed at all. I just bought seed since breeding combination was not working :( anymore

    2. I did that.. Im at level 24 with 54 dragons.. Only problem is getting them all level up.. Already wasted 200k doing that and still cant pass level 41..

  26. *order might be messed up since i just select based on what appears first usually*
    eel: think i got it originally from just water+energy, but i have on my chart here that energy+ root or the other way around gets eel.
    meteor: golem and lightning
    razor: energy and wind.

  27. Hi,

    I’m a level 26 (almost 27) and i have the same problem as raven… I try so many times breed shadow with all others and never result. With light dragon i get golden, plasma and rainbow but i can’t breed the others… Normally the breeds results in the most simple dragon that the breed can…
    Someone can help me?

    thaks in advance

    1. as you say, i really dont understand why its coming like that.. im reaching level 29 now and still i havent got any idea how the breeding combination for all fails.. could someone help us??? please?

  28. I have tried countless times to create a doom using Shadow+void, both level 15. But unsuccessful still :( what am i missing here ?!!

  29. it’s not easy to breed powerful dragon like doom,ghost,planet etc (mainly powerful dragon which has shadow power)
    u can buy them if u want to safe yoir time.
    or try breeding them by doing same dragon combination for example-if u want doom
    breed void and shadow until u get doom.it can take a long time

    1. i got Doom on my 1st try using Shadow + void which is both level 21 but when i try to re-breed it to make additional Doom it was changed again you try try it on level 21. I got Cloud dragon too on my 1st trial by matching up shadow and wind. All is by 1st trial only at level 21 but if i try to make another one it wont come out.

  30. i wonder, do i need to follow the exact element written based on the dragon element?
    for example i want phoenix, do i really need to put the energy+(fire and light dragon)?
    or is it random?

    1. It’s not random. I think you need to have the elements present in the dragon that you will breed. One example is this, most people in this blog say that nightshade dragon is a combination of melon and void. I kept on trying this combination with varying positions and levels but I can’t get a nightshade dragon. Then I bred a plant dragon with a rain dragon which gave me the nightshade dragon.

  31. Man I normally get the dragons on the 3 try or so. However I have not been able to get the seed Dragon. I keep coming up with a dust or a plant. Any ideas? Does the levels even matter?

    1. Try breeding something else and come back to it. That worked for me when I was working on an Ironcast and a Seed. I switched which one I was working on and got both on first attempts after the switch.

    1. hello master of breeding, do u mind sharing us what level does your storm and void was when you breed it and how many hours it takes? as well as for doom and plant what level does it has when you breed it. I find it very hard when it comes to breeding since im on level 31 and all my dragons are level 16 up to 24 yet i cannot get such combination for breeding.. any help matters thanks

  32. I tried the combination of dust and plant
    so many times for the seed dragon but it’s always end up to plant dragon. Then I also tried the combination of dust and sunflower, still.. no seed dragon. guys need help here.

    1. Uh…Have you tried to turn it around like instead of for example light + shadow you turn it around to shadow + light

  33. hello anyone ..do you know how to create meteor dragon i try with golem + lightning but can’t success ..maybe lv or there is another combine to create??

    1. I think I will have one after 7 hours. I combined Lightning (level 4) with Metal (level 4 or 6).

      I forgot the level of the metal. They’re still in the breeding den.

    2. Yuna…did you have any joy with breeding on the Blackberry? as I cannot breed the Poison Ivy or the Ghost Dragon on Blackberry & as you said metal doesn’t work

  34. How to breed ironcast dragon? Clay + metal don’t working – many tries, but anything like this, mercury, fire, boiling, etc. What I did wrong?

    1. they will work but your dragons should be at high level. try clay at level 25 and metal at level 22 you will get it for sure.

    2. Try having dragons with different levels. That’s how I breed newer dragons. One dragon has level 4-6 while the other dragon has level 12-14. Also, try switching the positions of the dragons.
      I hope this’ll help.

    1. hi”!!!im lvl18 but i cant breed golden dragon” can you teach me
      how to breed golden dragon? please?

  35. Hello Guys….
    I want ask, how to make Ghost and Planet in Breeding? What the combination?
    I already try the right combination, but i still cant got Ghost and Planet…
    I try
    – Storm + Void
    – Void + Storm
    – Light + Doom
    – Doom + Light
    For Ghost
    and I try
    – Storm + Earth
    – Earth + Storm

    Please,,, HELP ME!!!
    Just Ghost and Planet, and I do not use Breeding Den anymore…….
    Who help, I say ‘Thank You’…..

    1. thanks for your tips i got it on 1st try but the levels of the dragons were different my shadow was level 10 and my lava was 18 and breeding time was 14 hours now i have to ash dragons i just need meteor dragons which seems difficult one to find. thanks anyway :)

  36. Thank you soo much for posting the info about the changing time on your device, that works. It even allows you to buy rubies or other items that are on the sale from the game. Whoever found this out, excellent job!! Thankyou

    1. I noticed the if you set the date back to anytime in January 2013, collect whatever you need, and then change the date back to January 2014 that it does the same thing. This is by far the quickest way to level up. The only downfall to changing the date is that if you changed your fb password prior to January 2014 it may not allow you to log in using your current password. It doesn’t error out or give you a message saying that your password is invalid, it just takes you right back to the log in. {I don’t have FB installed on my phone}

    1. Clay = Mud+Lava (good in the first try). Both 30 mins in breeding and hatching.
      I tried Lava + Boiling earlier to no avail.

  37. anyone can help me how to get golden dragon? i try with light lv (18) + metal lv (15) until 50 times but cant success ..maybe lv or another combination? thx

  38. Hello, that combination is to make the dragon planet ghost ivy. matter the level or my dragons to cross them. a greeting

  39. good news dragon mania fanatics, new updates were given on dragon mania game and give 5 new dragons as additional but the bad news was the game use to hang and close unexpectedly. i got a new dragon named lynx and I am aiming for archangel and other dragon which is venom nice additional :)

    1. 1st i bought it but when i try to make it i get it from lava (20) + lightning (24) and the breeding time was 11 hrs. when i remake it again its not anymore coming, same with my berry dragon i get it from venom dragon + shadow dragon not same combination and got it by luck. when i try to remake it not coming anymore,.

  40. hello anyone ..plz give me the right combination for :
    ghost dragon = …. (lv) + …. (lv)
    planet dragon = …. (lv) + …. (lv)
    armored dragon = …. (lv) + …. (lv)
    poison ivy dragon = …. (lv) + …. (lv)
    thx before ..

  41. Guys , i play this game with blackberry version , i looking for metal and energy dragon , but there’s nothing at shop. So where i caan get it ?? Answer pliss , because a dragon tht i want made need metal and energy

    1. I got 8 cosmos.dragons.but.do.not.know.how.to.get a radiant or winter.arhangel venom lynx plz.help.meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    1. i got the new 4 dragons which was winter, venom, lynx and archangel :) sadly i have to buy machine dragon but its worth hehe now i need 9 dragons more to complete all :)

    1. how did you get Archangel, Winter, Venom and Planet? Also is there any combo for Cosmos?
      Thank you very much for the help 😉

  42. I have been playing for almost 3 days and have all the combinations I can do but I don’t have metal dragon and can’t buy it? Any ideas?

  43. Hi guys i am on level 22 but cant breed doom dragon and storm dragon. I want ghost dragon. I have tried many times nut get void when i breed shadow and void and get shadow when i try to breed shadow with light….
    Plz help….
    How to update dragon mania……

  44. 71k gem bug happened when i forward the date in order to hatch 3 dragon eggs and ended up getting 3x more… sadly i cant get it to work after i updated.. what is the level required to access the new dragon a.k.a. radiant dragon..

  45. what is tbe level required to reveal the dragons on the new button beside greater… ine dragon being mention is named Radiant..

  46. If you want to be foda like we say on brazil do this stuff turn off internet go on date and clock configurations turn off the auto-set(may vary from each version) and adjust the clock one day further then play it do what you have to do plant n harvest biuld breed fight and leave the game and adjust the clock again one day further then log in and it ll be all complete i hope it helps;-)

  47. breading an angel and lynx resulted into a lava dragon.. i’m so dismayed… when will the fourth tab be unlock.. can’t wait for the dragons inside it… after defeating all the boss in the quest i cant gain any more gold coins with the new ones.. hmmm better level up..

  48. i got cosmos dragon but i dont have mystic mountain huhuhu, im worried it might just get lost if i dont get it. i dont have enough gems for 1000 gems amount of habitat tsk tsk

    1. I did reach level 40 and completed all the dragons with 6 cosmos dragon but i havent had a chance of unlocking that radiant dragon tabs including that i have no option to breed cosmos. why is that?

    2. so even getting level 40 will not reveal the insides of the new tab… and i am now in my level 37.. arg.. defeating all the dragons in the dungeons was all for nothing.. and planting to level up is really tiresome if i am not in the mode.. hmm have you collected all 54 dragons??

    3. yes i did collect all dragons and i have 8 cosmos now on my island yet there were no option to breed cosmos.. so sad i have to buy it every time it will goes on sale.. :(

    4. I have reached lvl 40 days ago. Have 6 lvl 40 dragons, colected all dragons, completed challenge and still no luck unlocking that new slot and radiant dragon. I think there isn’t anything more to do – just give up.

    5. probably it will be on the NEW UPDATE maybe they plan to give new dragons and some additional to the game somehow i wish they add expansion on the island, my island already full hehe

  49. tips for those who need more GEMS,

    1. save your GEMS, as much as possible do not spend it while you can.
    2. when you have enough GEMS to buy a mystic mountain and a cosmos Dragon, buy it. It may cost you all but it is worth buying for.
    3. turn your device DATE back at least a year, then adjust every 7 days or more. You will notice that you are earning GEMS more that what it takes and probably get the quantity of GEMS you have spent the last time.

    It may be simple yet WORTH and USEFUL.

  50. Mercury = Metal(lvl 5) + Water(lvl 8)
    120 mins breeding time, 120 mins hatching time
    please add this data to the table

  51. This iis such and awesome game …. On level 19 right now and have sooo many dragons already … In da process of breeding an ash dragon ….. Hope u guys are enjoying da game

  52. The dragon on the shop is limited , im level 13 , what level is required to see the other dragon available , i want plant dragon and its not appear on the shop , i use mobile (nokia c300) hope you help me gamers

  53. I have been trying for days now to breed seed. I have done every combination I can think of with dust and plant. Any ideas?

    1. dust : simply breed wind + earth
      with some luck, you’ll get dust
      plant has it’s own element so you have to buy it, or breed plant with other

  54. awfully bad, the recent update which so called “BUGS FIXED” made my worst nightmare on this DRAGON MANIA GAME. After the recent update they made last march 19 i lost everything, imagine that, i was playing since last november for this dragon mania and this last update yesterday made my game miserable by NOT LOADING, yes not loading AT ALL.. I lose all the dragons which i completed (means all 54) + 10 cosmos and all 40 levels completed were all gone what a mess tsk tsk im really fed up with such mistake they made.

    1. what dragon mania you talking about?
      for dragon mania game discussed here, player max level is 40, also dragons max level is 40 too. well, at least till now, those are the max level.

  55. Do your dragons need to be at certain levels to breed the SEED dragon? I know its dust and plant but so far have not been successful getting seed.

    1. You can.
      But to make your breeding result have 3 element, just like clay, is really need sooo much luck. So you need to try again and again.

    1. Breed any dragon that have shadow and light element have some possibilities to make storm dragon. But since both of them are greater element, it will be harder than basic element to make the combination work.

  56. I accidently found the combo for planet dragon I used mud+light=planet dragon…. Who can give me some advice on how to buy new areas? Ek can’t go to new areas and I have a quest that says press 5 on an adjacent area bla blabla damnit why can’t I buy new areas I’m already on level 24

  57. Hola quisiera que me ayuden tengo todos los dragoness me dieron al dragon planeta en un intento y al de de oro que es oscuridad y tierra en un intento pero los demas no salen ya estoy en nivel 36 pero no salen mucho estoy jugando desde un blackberry y cada que visito a ned puedo recoger dinero gratis se debe a una falla o es asi mismo pa el celularr asi es que subi de nivel tan rapido en 4 dias si pudieras ayudarme para el cruze de dragon de metal o cruzes fuertes con los dragones que te mencione gracias

  58. i cant load the game after the update yesterday.. and like many others, i don’t want to restart all over again.. so happy for the new dragons, so sad because i cant play…

    1. seriously coodie29 this game sucks, i feel very horrible after i hardly work on this game and ended up nothing but NOT LOADING issues. I feel very sad that i cannot enjoy anymore with this situation. its awful update that give a horrible experience to a gamer. anyways, not Im focus on playing a new game which is Castle clash i think this one really rocks. Updates are nice too

    2. fortunately i uninstalled the game and load the current update which turn out to load fast and i also end up starting from scratch… i tried to install the first version from my back up hoping to get more gems since it still has some issues but of no avail so i uninstalled it also… all the sleepless nights… raven i’ll try that game after i finish playing fantasy heroes… hmm maybe i will play this game in my laptop just to kill time.. argg the gems…

  59. After the update its hard to play game. Takes forever to load now. Hope they fix it soon. Love this game otherwise.

  60. Can anyone help with the Blackberry (I’ve been told it is the Java version) breeding guide on this game.

    I cannot breed the Poison Ivy Dragon or the Ghost Dragon…ANY advice from anyone would be much appreciated as even Gameloft cannot help me (they said about Java) & all tips are directed at different versions from what I can tell, as none of the combinations for Poison Ivy Dragon are possible due to Dragons required on the game version I have.

    Levels of relevant breeding dragons for each would also be appreciated as have found this can make quite a difference when breeding others.


  61. playing again after the latest update disappointment.. so happy with the 800M gems… hmmm i will collect all dragons and uninstall it after just to satisfy my crave for collecting them all since i lost all my dragons during their latest update…

  62. Hi guys
    I got question how to breed venom, winter and archangel dragons?
    I am on level 15 but it wont take long to get to level i need.
    Can anyone help me please :>?

  63. Hlooo,,,my crystal cafe is not useful,i can’t not have plasma,rainbow,ash,cloud,and all greater dragon,are you can help me?,,,please

    1. crystal cave just for speed up hatching time
      you can get higher chance to get greater dragon if you use gold breeding by paying some gem, but you should have at least 1 greater dragon as one of the parent
      basically, to breed certain dragon, your dragon parents must have all elements needed
      Ex: archangel is light and void, so to breed archangel, you can try any dragon combination that have those element, like light and void dragon, or plasma (light,fire) and rain (void,water) etc

  64. Hi just wondering if you need to spend money for a
    better chance to breed seed dragon or will it work if
    you do it for free because I have tried every posible way
    Yuo can think of and it wont work with dust + plant
    Can anyone help

    1. surely you can spend money for a better chance
      but you can also do it for free. just need many tries, and luck
      breed a dragon having 3 element has smaller probability than 1 or 2 element
      just keep try and try

    2. I’m trying to breed a seed dragon too. I tried using the non-free breeding. It did NOT work, so I keep trying for free now. Dust + sunflower is working for some people (not me), try that 😉

    3. non-free breeding will just help you get bigger chance to have plant element (in case you want to breed seed) as breeding result, since seed dragon has plant as one of it’s element. if you use free breeding, you’ll easily lost that plant element, that mean surely failed to make seed. as I said, breed dragon with 3 elements needs much luck

  65. Energy + Lava = Lynx Got it on the first try!
    Seed is impossible for me. Have tried Dust + sunflower and dust + plant, in different order, maybe like 50 times now :/ I think the game wants me to buy it for gems, but I refuse. I wanna breed that motherf*cker!

    1. my choice will always dust+plant. because if it success to breed 3 elements dragon, it will surely seed dragon

  66. I make clay dragon without boiling dragon and lava dragon. Is there another way to make clay dragon? Because I forgot the formula that I use to make clay dragon before

  67. To hatch egg in an instant and save time and gems. Just quit game directly when the egg is in hatchry and reopen . You find the egg ready to place. I’m using nokia 112.

  68. Wow they really messed this game up. No more Crystal cavern for Gems , no more breeding the better dragons for free. The good stuff costs 1000gems aand the crystal cave 10.00> They got greedy

  69. i tried breeding dust+plant for almost 50 times but theres no seed dragon came out! same as nitriti! always dust nor plant dragon only. im level 23 now. what should i do? plz help

  70. i also tried dust+any dragon with plant element but doesnt work at all. always ending in dust dragon. cn u help me guys?

    1. is your dust dragon at a level higher than any of your other dragons? try breeding them when they’re at the same level, when i did this, the most i ever had to breed was 4 times in order to get the right dragon. it worked for me so hopefully it increases your chances of getting the dragon you want :)

  71. Hey guyz, I’m level 17 and I can’t really get the magnet dragon… I’ve tried like 46 times and I still can’t get it… Plz help…

  72. Hey guys, I was just wondering about that gem statue thing, you know, the one that says it ‘consumes gems’ so that I can lower the skippable waiting time by an hour? How does it work and how many gems does it cost? I don’t wana buy it without knowing what it can fully do. Thank in advance this is much appreciated!



    1. For archangel, it’s combination of light and void, use the silver options breeding.. Winter dragon, you get two options for you to get it.. Shadow + ice or cloud + ice.. I already tried both, but it much easier combining cloud and ice.. I tried it only time compered the combination shadow + ice..

  75. Hey my dragon mania version is 3.0.0 but I still don’t see any extra dragons then the ones already there in v1.1.3. so do you just get new dragons like meteorite. lynx,etc by just breeding the combination posted here?

    1. on version 2.0.0 there are 4 new dragon: archangrl,lynx, venom and winter
      they were available at shop, but now they are only appear sometimes for limited time, though you can still crossbreed to get them
      on version 3.0.0, there are 4 new dragon with new category that available at shop. You can get them at hero section, radiant, spearhead, dark machine and ragnarok

    1. light + metal is the best combi,
      but since light is greater element and metal is advanced element, it will be pretty hard to make this combi work, especially if you use free breeding, since you’ll have smaller possibility to keep the greater elements
      my advice is use paid breeding if you have much coins (not always work but you’ll have bigger success chance) or keep trying free breeding if you patient enough

  76. ash dragon is 14 hours of breeding and hatching time.
    machine dragon took me a lot of tries with magnet and energy (both dragon at level 15) and its breeding time is 9 hours and hatching time is 9 hours too

  77. im trying to get Phoenix Dragon (energy + plasma) over 50+ times and still cant get it … anyone help ? im lvl 23

    1. Archangel = light + void..
      Winter = shadow + ice..

      I already got this two dragon.. But, lynx & venom not yet.. Right now I’m focusing to get machine which is really hard for me.. Sometimes you need to try combined some dragon that have two elements which got some same elements, for example cloud + ice = Winter.. Both of them got same wind elements then mix with shadow and water for the other to become Winter.. Keep on trying until you success..

  78. Help! I can’t breed a seed dragon.

    I tried the combination dust + plant about 20 times now and i only get plant and earth dragons.

  79. Can someone help me any time I fight in the arena I always lose the opponent don’t even take any hit after I attack why is it so.

    1. Boiling dragon level 12 plus tree level 12. The both combination gets me the salamender dragon try now only i get dizzz now the is hatching for me..

  80. I got the plasma dragon on first try n I didn’t know it was hard to get so I sell it T_T
    Add me taufiq alfiansyah

  81. Level up gardens and plant food. Becomes easier as u go along…note: Once you can open your quests, that are on your islands there will be more gems to win. Just an insight: if u don’t need to, try not to hit the refresh button, simply because it is best to continue consecutively this will allow u to slowly but surely increase ur winnings I have received 5 to 10 gems on many occations. I have yet to open the ones on volcano and plant island yet. good luck!!! elmo

    1. Basic dragon should purchase its possible to purchase. Void dragon at 80000coins… but u must reach 25 level…

  82. What’s the deal…is it not possible to get the light and shadow dragons any more….every where I look it says to buy them….I don’t have that option

  83. Can the people who are kindly leaving their names to add to Facebook so we can link up in game please specify if on Android or IOS or Windows, etc. And also several people appear for most names so if you can include something unique to set you apart from the rest in the list that would be much appreciated (I.e. male/female, hometown, etc.)
    Thanks and have fun playing!

  84. You cannot breed metal and water directly together so that cannot be the correct breeding to do to obtain mercury dragon

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