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Dojo Mojo. The guide below lists all the buildings available in Dojo Mojo along with useful notes that you might be aware of from if you are new to the game.


  • By upgrading a building, you also increase its Health, thus making it harder to destroy by enemy raids.
  • As you upgrade your Castle, you will notice that you will be able to install more buildings of the same type.
  • Speed Ups: The architect Hud has a pretty neat option nobody tells you about right off the bat. Once you enter the building menu, you can click on the green button “speed ups”. By asking your friends for speed ups, you shorten your building times. Speed Ups expire after 24 hours after being received so use them quickly. You can use up to 3 speed-ups per construction.
  • Defenses are included in the Raids article.
  • Decorations can be used to obstacle enemy units from easily accessing your village. A good decorations article can delay them enough so your towers can do their job and wipe out the enemy.
  • Sushi Chefs and Goldsmiths have their own capacity and you need to collect from them periodically in order to let them keep producing. What you collect goes to the respective storage buildings.
  • The red number next to the shop tells you how many new buildings (including walls) you can currently install in your village.
  • Exclamation icons in your village tell you about defenses that have been destroyed and need to be repaired in order to continue to be operational.


  • Goldsmith: Goldsmiths produce gold for your village. Upgrading Goldsmiths increases Gold Generation and Gold Capacity.
  • Sushi Chef: Sushi Chefs generate Sushi for your village. Upgrading Sushi Chefs increases Sushi generation and Sushi capaticy
  • Gold Bank: Gold Banks store your accumulated Gold. Upgrade Gold Banks to store more Gold. To see the max amount of gold you can store, position your mouse over the Gold Meter.
  • Sushi Storage: Holds your Village’s Sushi supply. Upgrade the Sushi Storage to store more sushi.
  • Dojo: The Dojo creates troops for your army. Upgrade the Dojo to unlock new troop types and increase training capacity.
  • Gadget Factory: This building creates mechanized troops for your army. Upgrade the gadget factory to unlock new Gadget troop types and increase training capacity.
  • Ammo Depot: This building creates ammo for your ships to fire in battle.
  • Jade Mine: Place Pit traps to capture enemy Troops to work for in Your Jade Mine.
  • Training Ground: This building upgrades your troops stats. Upgrade the Training Ground to increase Troop level limits. By updrading your troops through the training ground, they not only become more resilient and powerful, but also cost more Sushi to produce.
  • Graveyard: The graveyard is not yet available. But it’s supposed function is to take back fallen troops at a certain troops.
  • The Altar: This building comes by default. The Altar allows you to create Elite Units Troops, line the Oni, which are not only useful to attack other villages, but also remain active during a Raid. They are also fairly more powerful than regular units.
  • Treasure Chest: This building, located by default to the Northeast of the village is meant to give you FREE daily gifts in exchange of new Dojo Mojo players that you invite through Facebook. For each new player you get to play the game, a new gift Tier is unlocked.
  • Clan Hall: Despite being in the Village, this village has not functions yet. It’s supposed to work as a Guild’s hub.
  • Torii Gate: This building is meant both to make Troop Requests to your friends and also to send troops to your friends. The more daily troops you send to your friends, the bigger the reward is at the end of the week. The troops you send are not gifts, but rather real units that you need to produce at the Dojo.
  • Architect Hut: Each time you upgrade this building you will gain an additional Architect. Despite you can’t actually see them in your village, Architects increase the number of buildings you can create or upgrade at the same time.

THE PALACE: The Palace is the most important building in your village because it restricts most of the other building upgrades and unlocks, including some of the troops. Also, when upgraded to level 3, releases the Princess, which is a unique units that sits atop the castle and defends it with powerful blasts against enemy troops. You can also check out your current list of treasures within its menu.

Dojo Mojo Altar
Dojo Mojo Altar
Gadget Factory
Gadget Factory

 Jade Mine
Jade Mine

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  1. how do i do to store more than 150k gold?, I already have two gold banks at level 4 but the cap is still quite low, at 45k

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