Disney City Girl Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough

Welcome to quickgamer’s Disney City Girl Walkthrough. This fashion simulation game created by Playdom for Disney.

Basic Items & Currencies

  • Coins: Coins are the game’s soft currency, you get from completing quests and tasks in your work tasks.
  • Gold: This is the hard currency for Disney City Girl. You need to buy it and then use it to complete tasks, unlock items, buy premium objects and complete tasks in your job.
  • Glam: Glam is also obtained by interacting with your friends’ characters. Some items can only be purchased with Glam points.
  • XP Points:
  • Keys: Golden Keys are needed to unlock new shops. Golden Keys are obtained by mastering job tasks and by doing other activities while Dazzling (this include simple things like fullfiling your needs in your apartment).
  • Recommendations: you get them from interacting with your friend’s characters


Your needs are located at the top of your screen. You can click them to queue up an action that will satisfy them. Fill your red needs first!. When a need is red, you can’t do anything else until you take care of it. Just click on them until they are all green, once you do so, you will become Dazzling (the needs bar will become shiny)

Your needs include Friendship, Fun, Health, Hygiene and Rest. Most objects that you need to interact with in order to fullfil your needs are already placed in your apartment, with the exception of Friendship, which needs to be done in a friend’s apartment.

You can also check out which objects increase a specific need by clicking on them and see if the list of actions available matched the icon of that specific need. Some needs, when fulfilled decrease others.

The Door

Your apartment door allows you to start outdoor activities. Your current quests will load the task in the Door menu automatically. Just click on the door to see the full list.


The quest log is always shown on the left side of the screen. If you place the mouse on top of each quest, you will see a brief version of completed and pending tasks.

As you progress some quests will require you to buy objects from the shop and install them in your apartment in order to complete a task. For example, if you are tasked with finding pics of a rusty duck, you need to purchase a bookshelf and then click on it to complete the task.


Yes, Disney City Girl is not only about decorating your house and wasting all your money on clothes. Early in the game you will be prompted to choose a career. You can’t change your career later, you won’t lose any progress in your previous career. Simply click on the briefcase icon at the bottom bar, on the right side.

So far, only two jobs are available; Fashion Designer and Chef. Author and Musician will be released soon.

Tasks and quests related to your Career will always be found by clicking on the briefcase icon. You must master a series of tasks before considering a job position performed successfully and make progress in your company. After that you will be taken to the next position. All working tasks have a salary, travel cost (metro passes) and refresh time. These tasks also take energy

Visiting Your Friend’s Apartment

Besides Jenna, which is a default Disney City Girl that you interact with during your early tutorial quests, you can go visit all your friend’s apartments by clicking on their avatars at the bottom bar. Once you travel there you can interact with any of the objects within the apartment.h

The more you interact with your neighbor/friend, the more you increase your friendship level. Remember, the actions that increase it are only the ones you can do directly with the other character and not other objects in the apartment. This gets you more Glam which is used to buy special items.


Some objects in your apartment will increase your skills each time you interact with them. For example, interacting with the bookshelf increases your knowledge. Charisma, Cooking, Fashion, Music and Writing are among the main skill. The skills tab is located in the “My Items” tab.


Not only you get xp points and coins from doing actions, you also get a series of items that are needed to unlock or complete more complex tasks, below you have the complete list of items and what you need to do in order to get them [we are working to list them all]:

  • Espresso: you get it as gifts from friends. You can request it by clicking on it
  • Cappuchino: You need to purchase it with gold. It refills your energy bar
  • Mocha Shake: Same as above but more powerful
  • Metro Passes: Get more of these by doing actions while Dazzling and as gifts from your friends.
  • Keys: Get more of these by doing actions while Dazzling and as gifts from your friends.
  • Blueprint: Find more of these by using books and computers
  • Bolt: Find more of these by using kitchen appliances
  • Books: Find more of these by using books and computers
  • Chocolate: Find more of these by resting or using Kitchen appliances
  • Courage: Find these by doing phisical activities and by being more social.
  • Credibility: Find more of these by writing and by being more social
  • Dream: Use chairs and beds
  • Flour: Use kitchen appliances
  • Good Vibes: Use chairs, beds and be social
  • Inspiration: Do phisical activities and learn from books
  • Martini Glass: Practice your speech and relaxing activities
  • Measuring Tape: Sewing and phisical activities
  • Paint: Fashion and Fun activities
  • Snark: Practice your speech and be social
  • Trivia: Be social and watch tv
  • Washer: Washing and Bathing drop this item

Daily Look Competition

The daily look button is found in the middle tab on the right side of the bottom bar. This is a daily tournament. It basically consists of a daily task where you need to dress your character to a certain occasion/theme. Sometimes you can’t enter the competition if you don’t gather enough style points after you are fully dressed. How do you win the daily look competition?. Simply by getting votes from other users. You also can vote other players and earn bonuses as well. After you submit your character you can “ask for votes” or vote other players


Yes, shopping for clothes plays a very important part of the game. Click on the shop button at the bottom bar. You will notice a menu with different stores displayed. Not all of them are available by default, you will need to complete certain quests or make progress in your career to do so. Some cloth stores have just certain category of clothing, read more below to see those categories we are talking about.

These clothing style categories are Activewear, Everyday, Nightlife, Work, and special Events. It does matter how you dress since some activities have a strict dressing code and you will be rewarded for dressing accordingly. We suggest you only shop for clothes just when necessary, since they cost silver coins and you might need them for decors for your apartment.

Style Points

Each cloth has a number of style points associated with it. You will see it in your own closet and also when purchasing clothes. Some work tasks have a dress code associated with it. Follow the clue to dress accordingly. The higher the points you accumulate for your entire dressing style, the more coins you will get after the task is completed.


The Decor menu has a total of 3 tabs; Featured, which only displays premium items which can be purchased with gold, lot of glam or lot of coins. The market tab includes all of the items you will placing in your apartment, the objects are divided into different categories like; Decorations, Dining, Office, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Electronics, Hobby, Wall and Floor.

Before you start buying these items, just wait for quests/mission to request for them.

Each time you access this menu, you also activate the edit mode that allows you to sell, rotate and storage objects already placed in your apartment.

Some objects need to be assembled before they become functional, until then, it will occupy room space and be just a box. For example, if you buy a Modern Coffee Table you must collect Bolts, Washers and Mints.

The Coffee Shop

Initially, the coffee shop, or “cafe” icon will be locked. You must complete all the early Jenna’s missions/quest in order to gain access to it. Once unlocked, the coffee shop will trigger its own quest chain. You can also fulfill many of your needs in here.

Renting New Apartments – More Space

Each time you run out of space in your apartment, there’s no option to expand it. What you must do next is renting a new apartment with more sqft. Click on the “rent” tab at the bottom bar. Pick one of them to see what are the requirements, of course, the bigger the apartment the more expensive it gets.

Hope you found our Disney City Girl walkthrough useful. If you want to, you can leave your own tips on this game.

85 thoughts on “Disney City Girl Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough”

    1. If you want credibility, write a story while “dazzling” however, be sure that all of your characters needs are in green, otherwise you won’t receive any. All of the needs must be in the darkest/greenest green and then you receive credibility everytime

  1. How soon is the Musician and Author Careers being released as I have completed both the Chef and Fashion Designer careers and need a new one?.

    1. False. I play Disney city girl via Facebook and you can sell your clothes if you go to the store you purchased them at. When you put the mouse over the clothes you own which are marked with the storage box icon, it gives you the option to “sell” them. However, you will be selling them for a considerable amount less than you purchased it for.

    2. you can sell clothes by returning to the store you bought them at. at the end of the list there is all the items that you have purchased there and if you move your mouse over it there should be an option to sell.

    3. first you have to buy then go to that shop thaty you bought from and go to the place that you got your clothes from then press sell

    1. you have to Write Short Story on your computer or your friend’s computer :)

    1. Bolts: You can get them by using kitchen appliances.
      Allen Wrench: You rarely get them by using chairs or beds. Best way to get them is by simply requesting them.

    1. There is no specific level requirement that I know of, you just have to keep working on Jenna’s missions until she eventually gives you the one to go to the coffee shop for the first time. Be patient it does take a while. (I know this is posted waaaay late, but I’m hoping it helps someone else who is looking for answers to the same question)

    1. Interacting with friends earn you credibility. Or, you can try the easy way out: Request them from your friends. :)

    1. Pedestal sink: Practice Speech
      Standing Mirror: Practice Compliments
      You can also get them by interacting with your friends. Click on the actions with the symbol of a white sun-like thingy in a yellow circle.

  2. Where do you buy glasses? I’ve seen a few people wearing them and there’s a category for them in your closet but I can’t find them in any of the stores. Help?

    1. You can purchase glasses at the designer boutique Edie O. under shops…but you have to have gotten a promation at work to unlock it. Once you do you will see them and they costs a bit.

  3. How do I get keys? I read what was above and it says you can get keys from fulfilling your needs but I’ve never gotten any keys from doing so. Also, I’m stuck on my quests quests with Jenna so I’m unable to get anymore keys for now.

    1. If you are dazzled. usually it wil drop a key . Other wise finishing certain chain quests will give you one as well

    2. Being “Dazzled” will drop a key occasionally, however, I’ve found that most of the keys will come from completing missions…usually the ones that are oriented towards your chosen career.

  4. They are asking me to buy my apartment, but then I press the green button to buy it a banner pops up that I need to refresh my browser because the game had been updated. I’ve refreshed my browser several times, nothing. What’s going on?

    1. The same thing is happening to me. Every time I try to move in to the new apartment, it asks me to refresh, but then doesn’t let me move in.

    2. The same happens to me… I can’t move in. I refreshed it several times too and the character still appears in the old apartment.

  5. When will we have the game in Spanish?? I think it’s a very spoken language…. And when will have the possibility of being a man in the game?? I have some boyfriends who would like to play… Thank you.

    1. add me then 😀 my facebook name is just the same: Winnona Sarah Chmb. inbox me and I’ll recognize that it’s you. thank you!

    1. Hi, Im stuck at the sports drinks too. Nothing Ive looked up shows how and I am getting frustrated with this quest.

  6. How do you get a boyfriend/girlfriend in it because on the team news thing at the left hand side of the screen sometimes it says that my friend and her partner are taking it to the next level? Thanks if you leave a comment

  7. So why isn’t Disney’s City Girl game loading properly and repeated send an error message saying the game is being updated and to refresh the browser but when that is done it turns around and send the very same error message again and again. It does load but then the message box won’t go away and won’t allow any interaction with the apartment, tasks or anything. What is wrong with the game today???? When will the techs fix it??

  8. Hello, I was wondering if someone would add me as a friend b/c none of my friends play city girl and I would love to be able to progress in the fashion career but I need two recommendations first so if you are able to, I would really appreciate it…Thank You

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