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Welcome to quickgamer’s Disco Zoo walkthrough guide. Certainly this puzzle casual game from Nimblebit promises to be as popular as all their previous releases.


Version 1.2 of Disco Zoo added an important content update. Moon Animals were added. The difference this time is that in order to rescue these animals, you need space coins instead of regular coins. How do you get space coins?. By completing space requests (which menu/building can be found right next to the rocket area). Each request will task you with finding one of more animals, depending on the animal rarity the reward will be less or more space coins. You don’t have to buy the vehicle, since it’s available by default (the rocket)

You always have the chance to store any animal of any region and keep it for future space requests (the other option would be to release the animal if you already have the the max amount of animals per cage).

Once you have enough space coins, you will be able to start a moon rescue, which works exactly like the other regions (and the rescue cost gets bigger and biggers as well).

All the Moon animal Patters are already available in the respective guide

CITY ANIMALS (Version1.2. Update)

A new region, besides the Moon was added in this update. The City needs you to find enough Moon animals to reach the “epic zoo” status before you are able to purcahse the special vehicle to rescue the animals, you can always spend zoo bucks to take a shorcut and buy the vehicle instantly

How to Put The Hats on Animals?. It’s simple, tap on the respective cage, then tap on the hats button, then buy as many hats as you want/can from the menu, and then, after you bought them, drag them onto the specific animal you want to wear the hat.


We already have all ice age animal patterns and Ice Age Animal Stats.


Getting the Hot Air Balloon. This is the first item you need to unlock the Farm Region and start rescuing animals there. It costs 500 gold. The second rescue aircraft is the Outhopper, which unlocks when your zoo becomes a small zoo, the Outhopper allows you to get animals from the Outback region. Each following region requires a new vehicle to be unlocked.

When rescuing an animal, you need to find all the pieces in the puzzle to rescue it. Each animal has a specific pattern within the puzzle. The pieces can be hidden in any tile of the map, whether it has an object on top of it or it’s empty. You have a limited number of attempts, otherwise it wouldn’t be that much fun. Each rescue operation costs gold.

Although you can buy the Zoopedia to obtain all animal patterns, you certainly don’t have to, we’ve got the complete Disco Zoo patterns guide after the link

[box type=”info”]If you want to know when is your Zoo to level up, go to the stats menu to see how many animals you still need for the upgrade.[/box]


How to Get Gold in Disco Zoo?. Simple, captured animals are the ones that produce gold for your Zoo, but remember, you need to keep them awake to keep earning gold, otherwise they fall asleep and stop yielding coins.


Discobux is used to extend resuces and make habitats build faster. If you are wondering how to start a disco party, swipe to the entrance screen and tap on the purple button. During a disco, your zoo earns double the normal amount.

1 minute costs 1 discobux, 1 hour costs 10 discobux and 8 hours costs 50 discobux. 100 Discobuxes cost $4.99


Each animal species will have its own habitat, no matter if they belong to the same region.In the beggining, they might look empty, but in future captures, you might probably end up capturing the same animal, and they will go to that same cage.

All animals have a certain coin production per minute and an awake time. They also have a rarity, which is the chance of them showing up during a rescue.

Habitats will take longer and longer as you make progress in the game and rescue animals from more advanced regions

Leveling up Animals. Each time you rescue a certain species, the level up meter increases 1 time. Once you fill up the level up bar, the animal species will level up, increasing the coin production and awaking time

A total of 42 animals, 50% of them common, 33% rare and only 17% mythical


There are a total of 7 regions in the game: Farm, Outback, Savanna, Northern, Polar, Jungle and Jurassic. Each Region requires you first to buy a rescue vehicle to get access to the region.

[box type=”info”]As you progress through the game, you will receive rewards from major institutions such as the Zoo Lover Club. Also, Newspaper reviews will tell you how your zoo is doing, and what you should work on.[/box]



  • Leveling up an animal increases its awake time and earning rate.
  • Use the map button to get around your zoo quickly
  • Throw Disco parties to keep your animals awake and happy
  • Learn the animal patterns to become an expert rescuer
  • Switch the aircraft in the hangar to rescue from different regions
  • Tap the animal tabs in the rescue game to see the animal patterns
  • Animals can and will escape from their habitats, when they do so, you need to find them hiding in other animal’s habitats. This is one of the ways you can get free discobux.
  • Another way to get free discobux is by finding them in your rescue missions, when they are actually there, a discobux icon will replace one of the animals to be found. Also, if you frequently patrol your habitats, sometimes the visitors will drop discobux as well.
  • What is the maximum amount of animals per habitat?. You can put 25 animals max per habitat, which is precisely when they reach the level 5 cap


Once you reach the level cap for any given species (which is exactly 25 animals at level 5) you unlock the Statue Gardens Are for the corresponding region (if you haven’t capped another animal of that same region before). Now, what happens after this is pretty interesting;

All the leveled up animals, which exceed the 25 per habitat, will be automatically released and give you coins in exchange. Besides, each time you capture one of these animals , it counts towards Freedom Trophies; Bronze, Silver and Gold. You need to “free” 10 animals per trophy to get it.

Also, each time you get a trophy, you obtain a free Disco Party that lasts for a minute

The Map
The Map

We hope our Disco Zoo walkthrough guide for beginners was useful. If you want to share any tips, questions or hacks for the game, please leave a comment below

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    1. You have to reach 25 animals of one kind and every time you get another one it will be released into the wild and you will get coins for it

  1. I got diamond for a few animals. My fiancĂ© did as well but she has these awesome statues in the middle of the exhibits in addition to the ones in the freedom gardens. Why don’t I have the statues in the exhibits?

    1. You have to get diamond statues by getting 25 of each animals then freeing like, 40 more the you get the diamond statue and a diamond figure in the middle of your habitat

  2. I got diamond for all animals in the farm, and each time I got one, my animals threw me a 15-minute disco party. Not just 1-minute

  3. I got a few diamond animals, but only one has a statue in it. Also sometimes I see the visitors go into the animal areas

  4. Once you get to the gold statue, you need to rescue a further 10’animals and you’ll get your free 15 munute disco party plus the diamond statue in the middle of the enclosure (which lights up during disco parties!)

  5. Uber Zoo and almost 30,000,000 coins earned… And still don’t understand what bout the hats and beach balls… Shame on me…

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