Deer Hunter 2014 Guide: Weapons

Deer Hunter 2014. Below you will find all weapons for the game. The Region column indicates which Region is suggested for the weapon, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use it in another region.


  • There is a correlation between Power (stat) and the rest of stats. Expect to pay a higher price for more powerful weapons
  • In several hunts, you will have to end up using the two weapons you carry, one for presicion long-distance shots and the other one when other animals, like bears and wolves get too close to you.
  • Almost half of the weapons in the shop are premium, that means they can only be bought with gold, which is not obtainable by playing the game (you do get just a bit of gold each time you level up.)
  • Most weapons have special features, such as semi-auto reloading, hi power or mag-fed. You can check them out on the individual profile of each weapon.
  • Expect to buy and upgrade one weapon a lot on each region in order to meet the requirements for Trophy Hunts.
  • You will eventually get the money you need for upgrades or new weapons, even if that means playing contract hunts several dozens of time (the hunting series on each region are limited, despite having a bigger reward)
  • Once you reach a certain upgrade level for a wepon part, you will have to wait some time for the upgrade delivery.
  • Regular contract hunts and hunting series let you play the mission even if the weapon does not have the recommended gear. Trophy Hunts won’t let you play the mission if you do not meet the requirements.
  • The upgradeable parts for any given weapon you own are: Barrel, Muzzle, Stock, Sight, Capacity and Ammo. Each part can be upgraded multiple times.
  • Wondering which weapon is the best for each region?. Check out the charts below.


WeaponRegion [Suggested]CostTypePower
Grantham Model 5001-Rifles80 [129]
Clayton Frontline190 GoldRifles97 [142]
Grantham Lightning26,750 CashRifles130 [187]
Clayton Shadow2180 GoldRifles141 [207]
Westin Warfighter315,620 cashRifles189 [276]
Clayton ODG Falcon3375 GoldRifles207 [304]
Maginot Lineman434,245 cashRifles276 [405]
Clayton DXR4499 GoldRifles303 [443]
G&H Howitzer4-51,999 GoldRifles334 [591]
Maginot Legionnaire5360 Gold
63,595 cash
Rifles406 [595]
G&H Arbiter5720 GoldRifles444 [648]
Westin WP505-62,310 GoldRifles489 [867]
Grantham Huntsman698,560Rifles596 [869]
Westin Vantage6850 GoldRifles650 [951]
Clayton Rebel7134,370Rifles870 [1268]
Hauer Savage7930 GoldRifles952 [1394]
PHC Model E1008174,470Rifles1269 [1853]
Grantham Outlaw8?Rifles1430 [2040]
G&H Valkyrie8-92,800 GoldRifle1533 [2715]
Clayton CV-151Assault Rifles
Maginot FAS2158 Gold or 14,055 cashAssault Rifles86 [138]
Hauer Hammer3180 Gold or 25,950 cashAssault Rifles126 [183]
Hauer MAK-54260 Gold or 45,930 cashAssault Rifles185 [271]
G&H Enforcer5405 Gold
Assault Rifle270 [396]
Clayton Cavalier6146,225 CashAssault Rifle396 [579]
Hauer Stockman6410 GoldAssault Rifle436 [638]
Maginot Barbarian7205,260Assault Rifle580 [846]
Hauer Extractor8540 GoldAssault Rifle849 [1243]
Grantham Swordfish1-Shotgun200 [323]
Westin Warhawk155 GoldShotgun220 [355]
Clayton Raptor250 Gold or 2,500 cashShotgun322 [472]
Grantham Model 1100296 GoldShotgun354 [518]
Maginot Marauder375 Gold or 6,695 cashShotgun471 [689]
Grantham Toconderoga3138Shotgun518 [759]
Maginot Maul414,420Shotgun689 [1007]
G&H Cobra4179 GoldShotgun758 [1110]
Westin Vanguard5125 Gold
26,500 cash
Shotgun1011 [1480]
Hauer Thunderclap5220 GoldShotgun1112 [1630]
Clayton Commando636,235Shotgun1480 [2165]
Grantham Model 2200X6350 GoldShotgun1628 [2385]
G&H Trench763,235Shotgun2166 [3172]
Westin Exterminator7420 GoldShotgun2383 [3488]
Maginot Breach864,145 CashShotgun3172 [4645]
Hauer Scythe8537 GoldShotgun3489 [5108]
Clayton Sportsman1Pistols
Grantham 1911240 Gold or 2,000 cashPistols51 [75]
Westin Jaguar360 Gold or 5,355 cashPistols75 [111]
Clayton Hammerhead480 Gold or 11,535 cashPistols110 [160]
G&H Night Hawk5100 Gold
21,200 cash
Pistols162 [238]
Clayton Strongarm5160 GoldPistols178 [260]
Hauer TactX634,785 CashPistols237 [347]
Grantham Havoc755,330 CashPistols347 [508]
Clayton P8088180 GoldPistols507 [744]
Westin BulleyeLT90 EagleBows404 [652]
Grantham TrackerLT110 EagleBows488 [786]
Barton HawkLTComplete Lost TempleBows650 [950]
Westin Spur10137,000 CashRifle2720
G&H T1 Timberwolf1-31,000 GoldRifle117 [275]
Rohman K.R.9Rifle[2718]
Knarre Blitz91,050 GoldRifle2040 [2986]
Hauer Cog101,100 GoldRifle2987 [4376]
Clayton FNG11488,000 CashRifle3980 [5821]
Plisskin Venom11747 GoldRifle4373 [6401]
Westin Desperado11-122,800 GoldRifle4811 [8522]
Vorovskoy KA-481-2Assault Rifle71 [140]
G&H Veteran6120 GoldAssault Rifle396 [579]
G&H Elite Soldier7288 GoldAssault Rifle580 [846]
G&H Elite Patriot7360 GoldAssault Rifle609 [875]
Rapier Hound9462,990 CashAssault Rifle1243 [1822]
Grantham Oxford10792,285 CashAssault Rifle1820 [2664]
Rohman Collie111,253,547 CashAssault Rifle2664 [3904]
Grantham Ticonderoga3138 GoldShotgun519 [760]
Plisskin Mamba983,285 CashShotgun4644 [6799]
Gripton Barricade9620 GoldShotgun5108 [7481]
Rohman Pitbull10116,680 CashShotgun6799 [9954]
Clayton Force10650 GoldShotgun7479 [10948]
Hauer Gauge11441,390Shotgun10950 [16031]
PHC Stingray9119, 935 Pistols
Plisskin Fang10186,690Pistols
Barton MK VII7200 SilverBow787 [1150]
Dixon Snare2


WeaponPowerStabilityZoomInfraCapacityReloadFire R.Supression
Grantham Model 5001291%x48 sec36.33 sec2.97 sec
Clayton Frontline1423.1%x49 sec44.73 sec1 sec
Grantham Lightning18716%x43 sec25.1 sec3.1 sec
Clayton Shadow20721.4%x46 sec44.73 sec1 sec
Westin Warfighter27642.2%x63 sec25.1 sec3.3 sec
Clayton ODG Falcon30447.3%x66 sec44.5 sec1 sec
Maginot Lineman40564%x83 sec25.1 sec3.5 sec
Clayton DXR44368.1%x86 sec44.5 sec1 sec
G&H Howitzer?
Maginot Legionnaire59581%x103 sec25.1 sec3.5 sec
G&H Arbiter64881.5%x156 sec4`4.5 sec1 sec
Westin WP50?
Grantham Huntsman86982.8%x123 sec25.1 sec3.5 sec
Westin Vantage95183.3%x166 sec44.5 sec1 sec
Clayton Rebel126884.6%x123 sec25.1 sec3.5 sec
Hauer Savage139484.6%x166 sec44.5 sec1 sec
PHC Model E100185384.6%x123 sec25.1 sec3.5 sec
Grantham Outlaw204084.6%??44.5 sec1 sec
G&H Valkyrie271584.6%x2012 sec63.9 sec0.45 sec
Clayton CV-15891%x1.2083.47 sec0.53 sec
Maginot FAS1406.2%x1.20122.5 sec0.4 sec
Hauer Hammer1386.2%x1.2083.47 sec0.47 sec
Hauer MAK-518310.6%x2083.47 sec0.47 sec
G&H Enforcer27127.6%x3083.47 sec0.47 sec
Clayton Cavalier57958.1%x5083.47 sec0.47 sec
Hauer Stockman63864%x4083.47 sec0.47 sec
Maginot Barbarian84672.2%x5083.47 sec0.47 sec
Hauer Extractor124381%x5083.47 sec0.47 sec
Grantham Swordfish3231%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Westin Warhawk3551%x1.2062 sec0.67 sec
Clayton Raptor4721%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Grantham Model 11005181%x1.2062 sec0.67 sec
Maginot Marauder6896.2%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Grantham Toconderoga7606.2%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
Maginot Maul101016%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
G&H Cobra111116%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
Westin Vanguard148027.6%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Hauer Thunderclap163027.6%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
Clayton Commando216542.2%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Grantham Model 2200X238542.2%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
G&H Trench317252.6%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Westin Exterminator348852.6%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
Maginot Breach464564%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Hauer Scythe510864%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
Clayton Sportsman501%x1.2072.8 sec0.67 sec
Grantham 1911763.1%x1.8072.8 sec0.67 sec
Westin Jaguar11110.6%x2.4072.8 sec0.67 sec
Clayton Hammerhead16027.6%x3072.8 sec0.67 sec
G&H Night Hawk23847.3%x3072.8 sec0.67 sec
Clayton Strongarm26047.3%x1.2072.8 sec0.67 sec
Hauer TactX34758.1%x3072.8 sec0.67 sec
Grantham Havoc50872.2%x3072.8 sec0.67 sec
Clayton P80874481%x3072.8 sec0.67 sec
Westin Bulleye6521%x1012.63 sec1.87 sec54%
Grantham Tracker7861%x1.2012.63 sec4.17 sec46%
Barton Hawk95016%x1.2012.63 sec1.87 sec60%
Westin Spur272084.6%1232
G&H T1 Timberwolf27548.7%x141263.9 sec0.45 sec
Rohman K.R.2718100%x603711.27 sec3.5 sec
Knarre Blitz298684.6%x16644.5 sec1 sec
Hauer Cog437684.6%x16644.5 sec1 sec
Clayton FNG582184.6%x12325.1 sec3.5 sec
Plisskin Venom640184.6%x16644.5 sec1 sec
Westin Desperado852284.6%x201263.9 sec0.45 sec
Vorovskoy KA-481406.2%x1.20122.5 sec0.4 sec
G&H Veteran57958.1%x1.5083.47 sec0.47 sec
G&H Elite Soldier84672.2%x1.5083.47 sec0.47 sec
G&H Elite Patriot87576.6%x1.5083.47 sec0.47 sec
Rapier Hound182282.4%x5083.47 sec0.47 sec
Grantham Oxford266483.7%x5083.47 sec0.47 sec
Rohman Collie390484.6%x5083.47 sec0.47 sec
Grantham Ticonderoga7606.02%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
Plisskin Mamba679972.2%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Gripton Barricade748172.2%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
Rohman Pitbull995481%x1.2044 sec1.67 sec
Clayton Force1094881%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
Hauer Gauge1603181.9%x1.2062 sec0.45 sec
PHC Stingray108982.4%x3072.8 sec0.67 sec
Plisskin Fang159283.7%x3072.8 sec0.67 sec
Barton MK VII115016%x1.20803.63 sec
Dixon Snare

18 thoughts on “Deer Hunter 2014 Guide: Weapons”

  1. What are the max stability for shotguns in deer hunter 2014………I need one with 98% for region 4 holiday hunts

  2. i started deer hunter 2014 about 5 days ago. i’m level 14 and in region 4.
    buying weapons for each level and upgrade them to max takes forever to advance in the game.
    here’s what i have learned. i started the basic weapons, a rifle and a shotgun.

    1. in region 1, i upgraded the rifle only.
    2. in region 2, i did some contract hunt to buy westin warfighter (region 3 rifle, $16k).
    3. in region 3, i upgraded westin warfighter to max and did contract hunt to buy clayton commando (region 6 shotgun, <$40k).
    4. in region 4, i didn't buy region 4 rifle. i just stopped hunting series and just doing contract hunt ($1.25k per play) and i currently earned $94k. using clayton commando, it is just boring but worth to earn quick money because i plan to buy grantham huntsman (region 6 rifle, $99k).

    that's what i have done so far. once i get the granthan huntsman, with little bit of contract hunt, i believe i can easily upgrade the rifle to max. then i will save money to buy clayton cavalier ($147k). then i think the game would be completed shortly.

    i hope the game developer removes those annoying game center banner during the play in next upgrade.

    1. I don’t remember if I purchased the holiday weapon or had to qualify for it by winning a certain amount of holiday hunts first….same time frame. I was having too much fun blasting reindeer out of the sky! I will say that when I first bought the “snow plow” semi-auto shotgun that looked like it came out of the Willy Wonka factory I wasn’t a fan of it….but now in regions 7 and 8, I have to say it has become my favorite weapon to use. Hope you ended up getting your holiday weapon….it is fun.

  3. I’m on a holiday hunt that it won’t let me attempt without an assault rifle with an infrared scope, am I being blind? I can’t find a single assault rifle with this,

    1. I also ran into the issue of not qualifying for certain hunts which asked for unavailable weapon upgrades, but was kind of used to being limited by hunts that require gold purchased weapons only. They have seemed to correct the completely impossible hunt game flaws now.

  4. I am on region 4 and have Standard 10 Rifle in Shotgun fully updated.. i have 415 silver and 98 gold not spend single one yet. i play it more then 3 weeks to earn this :)

  5. I m in region 4 but the Gantham tracker is still locked, how can i unlock it ? because i don’t want to buy the first bow in order to keep my eagles… thx !

  6. Hey Glu I Have a good Question for you when I’m done Reigon 11 could you add Reigon 12 and called Venezuela and that’s it.

    1. Its a bug. If you just upgrade the sight to level four og five (i think), it would work. It worked for me at least.

  7. I’ve played all levels, just finished Independence and was awarded the G&H AR100X, and would like to purchase the Hauer Gauge, but it says internet connection required. Really weird! Anyone have an idea for a reason or fix?

    1. @David: Maybe you just had a temporary Internet disconnection? Had that in a while. But I’d like to know what you mean by finishing independance? You mean this one series in Region 8 oder 9 I think where you need to buy the independance shotgun for? Since I have the Hauer Gauge already I dont wanna spend hundreds of gold on that one in order to get the AR100X… :( is there another way?
      Thanks in advance!

  8. What is up with hidden region #4, Kingdom of Gold? Targets show up at bottom of screen where I can’t shoot. What is best weapon for hunting in the dark?

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