Deer Hunter 2014 Walkthrough Guide

Deer Hunter 2014. Welcome to quickgamer’s walkthrough guide for Deer Hunter 2014. The game is not the first hunting game for iOS, but stands out because of its simplicity and diverse range of weapons available, the upgrades, and also because of all the animals waiting to be hunted. Also, check out our other guides for more tips, cheats and hacks.


Deer Hunter 2014 - gameplay ui

As the image shows above youu a series of commands that you need to pay attention to:

  • Movement Arrows: located at each side of the screen, they allow you to reposition the character for a better aiming sight, most of the time you forget about it but it’s very useful.
  • SWAP BUTTON: really important you will always take 2 weapons with you, and one of them is not suitable for the job
  • Premium Ammo: this ammo costs hard currency to be purchased but is highly powerful even with not so powerful weapons.
  • Aim: this is how you activate the aim, the icon is located on the bottom left corner of the screen. You can calibrate the aim zoom by tapping and holding on the aim zoom counter.
  • Shoot button: use it only when you are sure to take down the animal.
  • Infrared: the infrared allows you to see the animal organs, the lung and heart more specifically, it runs out of battery pretty quick, so first aim at the animal without it and then use it.

Once the hunt is complete you will get cash not only for completing the mission, but also for Animal Value, Heart Shots and Lung Shots.

[box type=”info”]Energy. Each mission requires a certain amount of energy to play it. The more you progress into the game, the more energy it will take per mission played. Your energy will refill automatically in 10 minutes.[/box]

Mission Objective. Each mission has a different objective, which could include shooting a single animal in a certain part of the body (Heart or Lung Shots) to take down a series of animals, etc. Even if you kill the animal, but hit it in the wrong part of the body, the Hunt will be considered a failure.


The mission type can vary between just requiring you take down several animals, others will ask you to shoot the animal in a certain part of the body. Some missions are timed.

Challenging Missions. If your weapon does not have the neccesary attributes, such as a powerful enough ammo, enough aim, or enough power, you will be warned to accept the challenge and expect not to take down the animal in a single shot. However, after reaching a certain threshold, it becomes mandatory to get better upgrades, otherwise you won’t be able to enter the mission.

Deer hunter 2014 Report

REGIONS. So far, there are three main hunting regions available, Pacific Northwest, North Africa and British Columbia. Each one has its own set of animal species. Some missions are repeatable (series) giving you cash each time you complete them.


[see separate weapons guide]There are lots of weapons available for your hunting at the weapon shop. The weapons are divided into 4 categories, Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. Some of these weapons are premium and can only be obtained with gold.

Weapon Stats: All weapons have the following stats; Power, Stability, Max Zoom, Infrared, Capacity (bullet load) Reload Time and Fire Rate. Some of them even have a special bonus attached to them.


All weapons have several categories of upgrades and several upgrade layers within them. The types of upgrades available are: Barrel, Muzzle, Stock, Sight, Infrared, Capacity and Ammo


Lots of animals are awaiting for you in the wild. Some of them, like the Mule Deer or the White tail deer will simply run away if you don’t get to kill them in a single shot. Others though, like the Wold, Grizzly or Wolverine will turn around and try to kill you. If you allow them to get close enough you will get a great chance of wiping them out with the shotgun.

Deer Hunter 2014 - Hunting a White TailDeer Hunter 2014 - Hunting a White Tail


  • If you shoot but don’t kill certain animals like the Timber Wolf, the animal will turn towards you with the intention of killing you. Sometimes this is a great chance to finish it in the right part of the body with a shotgun.
  • You can swap your primary weapon to be secondary by heading to the weapons shop, selecting the weapon you own, and tapping on the button, swap to secondary
  • Can you sell your weapons and exchange them for cash?. No, that option is not available in the game.
  • Strangely, leveling up does not unlock regions or weapons, but sometimes yields special ammo or energy drinks.

[box type=”info”]Stay tuned, we are currently recording videos for many challenging hunts with the biggest and most dangerous animals in the game, such as the Grizzly Bear, the Elephant and more.[/box]

Hope you enjoyed our Deer Hunter 2014 walkthrough guide for beginners. don’t forget to check out our guides on weapons, animals and also some really cool hunting videos.

97 thoughts on “Deer Hunter 2014 Walkthrough Guide”

  1. Hey, I’m on one of the early levels, and it’s saying to kill the white tailed deer with a long range shot. How do I do this? Is it just saying I need to kill a deer that is a certain distance away? I’ve tried scaring the deer, and then killing them at range, but no luck. I feel like I’m making this more complicated than it is, I mean it’s a poxy phone game…

    1. If you are on Android:

      If your game is freezing and crashing and you know you have enough memory do this:

      Download: File Manager (Explorer)

      If you are experiencing a crash immediately after launching the game, the problem may be due to a small data file on your device having become corrupted.

      Using file manager, locate the folder on your device under /Android/data/ called “gWallet.” Deleting the folder “gWallet” will cause the game to re=create the folder next time it is launched. This re-establishes contact with the server and your game should start.

      The other way around is submitting a ticket to Glu and see if they can help.

  2. Completed all trophy and the other hunts (6 green check marks) for the first 3 regions…Is there a Region 4, if so how does one unlock said region???

    1. Slide to the right and the content should start downloading. There’s a region 4, and a region 5 (Alaska)

  3. I bought gold for real money but i didn’t get the gold, it says that I have bought the object in the app but i have to get it! What should I do?

    1. Same thing happened to me. You just wait and soon you get the glu credits. I pannicked then a few hours later it gave me them.

  4. When I have to kill 10 oryx, only 8 or 9 appear for the duration of the hunt. So even if I get every single one, I still fail. I understand that you can use a call to keep your kills, but you only get 3 of those and then you’ll have to pay for more. Is there a way to pass the first time around? It makes sense to make the animals faster or farther to make the game more difficult, but I think allowing less less animals than the requirement is unfair.

  5. Cannot Move from Region 1 to Next Region.
    Please Help. The Arrow is already showing me Region 1 and says Scroll
    I have played many levels and it keeps repeating those hunting series kills again and again. I am tried to shooting ducks and the deers and the wolves.

    1. I couldn’t figure this out either but i got it! press on the mouse with one finger and swipe with the other. :)

  6. I just can’t move from region 1 to region 2. I’ve pressed every button and it just doesn’t move. i already finished the trophy thing and the series of hunts. I don’t know if there is an end to the contract killins. Please help

  7. I’m on region 4 last trophy hunt and it tells me I need a rifle with 92.4% stability. I own the Maginot Legionnaire (90.6%) and Grantham Huntsman (90.8%). These are both the best you can buy without gold. They are fully upgraded on stability. How do I get to 92.4%? They are not fully upgraded on power. Do I need to do that and then it will offer me to upgrade the stability further? I’m stumped so please help!!

    1. Break out your wallet-you need a better rifle. Im stuck on Region 6…I need to buy the 3000 gold rifle to finish the game. $99? Dont think so….

  8. Hi to all, it’s really a good for me to pay a quick visit this web page, it
    contains precious Information.

  9. how do i get a “holiday event weapon” theyre not in thr store and i cant complete two series because i dont have one and it wont let me continue?

  10. how many holiday event weapons are there because so far ive won 2 pistols and an assault rifle but ive done about 20 extra rare hunts and so far nothing??

  11. I have completed region 7 and am looking to find out if there are more regions (8,9,10,etc.). When looking at some of the guns, some say region 7 through 8, but I have yet to see a region 8 screen. Is there a region 8 or higher? If not, please create more regions, we love this game.

    1. Yes there is region 8 am in the middle of it,it’s difficult though due to unsuitable guns,have to earn some money to buy.

  12. I am level 5 there are lot of missions in which I have to kill two deers in lung shot.
    I managed to reach 34th level by wasting all the animal call. but now I m left with none.
    can anyone help me in clearing this stage.

  13. Just finished region 8, it’s a fun game. Ignore anyone saying you need to spend money on it, you CAN complete all the hunts with the weapons provided to move to the next region. Most of the hunts that say you need an assault rifle or shotgun you can complete with a powerful rifle, so keep that up to date. The Christmas hunts were fun too.

  14. Hey, I am currently on star level 23 and on region 6. I see there are another two regions. Is it true though that once my star level reaches level 30 it unlocks more regions after the 8th one, including underground regions and a selection of higher power guns? That’s whAt my brother told me but I don’t know whether to believe him?

  15. i had completed 4 region but my lv is 14 . i can’t find more regions and don’t know how can finish this game , so please help me to finish this game .

  16. I have completed region 9 and am at level 30 and haven’t spent a dime. Just keep hunting and earn $. Then buy the best rifle and shotgun and upgrade to the max. You’ll get there in time. Does anyone know if there is a region 10?

  17. finished all regions (through 9) without spending money. However now I have the highest guns and over 1 million in cash. I have a region 10 weapon that I won but no region 10 yet. Any idea when it will come?

  18. I’m on android and in region one was fine I was able to see body parts in region 2 unable to see it. I’m I doing something wrong

  19. I’m finished Region 9 like 3 weeks ago and have the highest weapons available and have accumulated over $5 Million .. when is Region 10 going to be released?

  20. Ok so this has been bothering me and I can’t find the answer anywhere. When I’m doing a hunt, the aim is like from the gun, not like I can use the infrared and stuff. When I click the aim button, it wants me to do a long shot, and sometimes when the mission doesn’t ask for it. I hope u understand what I mean and. Can you help me plz thanks

  21. im using an ios device, and ive updated the game, but i cant see any rare hunt icon?, i can’t get any more of the silver coins because i cant see the rare hunt icon!! thanks. and i already completed the shotgun series in region 3 and also have 1 piece of the map for hidden temple. and thats it! no rare hunt icon.

    1. Region has just been released, you’ll have to wait at least 2 months to get a new region, maybe a new hidden region is released sooner though.

  22. How do you use zoom and infrared? I know where the icons are but I have no curser. When I move to it, it only moves the weapon.

  23. Love the game… but it is ridiculous how long you have to wait for a new region to be added.. I’ve finished region 10 and once again no level right after completion. .. y’all are going to lose lots of people this way.. lose interest waiting months to play a game… stupid. . Please fix this

  24. I have completed 10 standard levels and 2 hidden levels without spending a penny. Are there anymore levels. I’ve maxed them all

  25. I’ve seen that there is a region 11…..I’ve completed all the other regions….how do I get region 11 to open..

  26. hi,

    just wondering what happen to my deer hunter. when i click my energy button it appear “Hunting requires energy! Your energy will refill automatically in 42094 minutes” it a very long minutes to wait and f.y.i i was playing in facebook app.

  27. i have the game on amazon fire tv. is there an instruction manual on how to use infrared, upgrade options etc?

  28. It won’t let me look through my scope on my cross bow. What do I do? I play on droid. I press the cross hairs and it just comes up but can’t look through the scope

  29. One of the “bounties” is to kill polar bears with a cross bow. How do you tell which are cross bows and which are just bows? Sometime I get credit for them and sometimes I don’t. Thanks for your help!

  30. My energy has not yet refilled itself….it says 10 minutes but it’s been like two days and it still hasn’t refilled! What should I do?

  31. Starting a level 7 the game took all of my goal and I’m not able to receive any mote. How do I go about restoring the ability to collect golf. I’m on levr l 10 and has 8 gold bounties?

  32. I’ve finished Standards 1&2. I swipe my screen to the right to download standard 3. It loads all the way till about 1mb left. Then says failed. It’s done this multiple times. Help?

  33. My region 1 disappeared after I did the trophy hunt and I’m not able to play the rest of the missions it says map locked I have to collect the 9 missing pieces

    1. I’m having the same problem, any luck? Can’t play region 1 and I’ve only done a few hunts on it. It won’t let me play

  34. I just started the game and half way through it says region locked and I’m still in region 1 but it says to complete series hunt and I can’t get back to the series hunts what do I do?

    1. Just have to beat the 5 boss’. Here’s a tip grind
      hunts and save money to buy a rifle 2 to 3 levels up
      so your good to hunt thru a few levels with no problems.
      ex: if a level 3 rifle costs 100000$. Save 500000$
      So you can buy the gun and all the upgrades.thoes
      number are just numbers I forget what they cost buy you
      get the idea.

  35. I am just starting out. On Level 1. I cannot seem to bring down the White Stag Deer. I have upgraded my rifle many, many times. I have all the updated equipment that a gun can have, but sill can’t get the deer. Maybe I am not aiming right…..but I don’t know. Getting frustrated..please help. Any suggestions will be appreciated. TY

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