Deer Hunter 2014 Guide: Animals

Deer Hunter 2014. We try to feature all animals for all regions, including the special ones featured in Trophy Hunts. We’ve actually recorded



You need to hunt down the wold “Howling Death” in order to unlock this region.



Hunt Series [40 animals]

  1. Spele’s Gazelle
  2. Young Buffalo
  3. Young Gazelle
  4. Pygmy Hippopotamus
  5. Young Elephant
  6. Young Rhinoceros
  7. Quail
  8. Stripped Jackal
  9. Small Black Wildebeest
  10. Eland
  11. Young Eland
  12. Forest Buffalo
  13. Lesser Kudu
  14. Speke’s Gazelle
  15. Greater Kudu
  16. Gazelle
  17. Small Brindled Gnus
  18. Cape Buffalo
  19. White Rhinoceros
  20. Mountain Buffalo
  21. Mature Lesser Kudu
  22. Small Blue Wildebeest
  23. Giant Eland
  24. Elephant
  25. Lion
  26. Hippopotamus

Trophy Hunt [6 animals]


  1. Young Caribou
  2. Olympic Elk
  3. Young Muskox
  4. Wood Bison
  5. Young Olympic Elk
  6. Young Shiras Moose
  7. Bison
  8. Wolverine
  9. Muskox
  10. Spurwing Duck
  11. Sitka Black Tail Deer
  12. Kodiak Bear
  13. Dall Sheep
  14. Artic Grey Wolf
  15. Alaska Moose
  16. Alaska Bear
  17. Polar Bear


You can find the complete guide to Mount St. Helens in a separate page – Region 6


  • Zombie Deer


  1. I wanted to know how do I get points for “animal value” in deerhunter 2014.

    • No, the “Animal Value” is not something that you “get”. The animal value appears only, when, for instance, you are in a hunting trophy level. Animals such as the Howling Death or the Unicorn have Animal Value.

    • What is the easiest way to get money I need a region 8 rifle

  2. How do you get to region 4

    • You complete all Trophy Hunts in region 3, after the Black Panther there’s a bear and that’s it.

  3. I am not able. to kill cheetah suggest ways…

    • Upgrade your rifle until it meets the requirements listed in the mission.

    • aim for the head, heart or lungs if you miss the cheetah will run and try to kill you when the cheetah jumps for you take out a shotgun and blast the cheetah in the vital spot. don’t bother aiming just fire

  4. I completed region 4 trophy hunt iwill give the animals name 1.the white eland 2.pinki 3.xhegu 4.scarface 5.kato

    • Thanks!.

  5. I needed help on the brush wolfes, I’ve seem too have a problem with them.. I can get my trophy no problem and most of the other hits. But I can’t kill them. What do I need?? Please help me out??

    • We suggest you always use a shotgun and upgrade the “capacity” to at least 6 rounds, and also the “Barrel” and “Ammo”. The shotgun model we use is the Clayton Raptor

  6. when are they releasing region 5 this is getting crazy

    • They released region 5, it’s Alaska.

  7. For droid I got the announcement for deer of the dead and Alaska but it won’t update

  8. Is in this game región 6?
    I want to go there, but i don’t know how? I finished trophy and other hunt IN región 5 and next region is nôt opened?

    • Simply slide to the right, the region 6 content should start downloading after that (as long as you finished hunting all the trophy animals from region 5 that is,)

    • Region 6 is Mount St-Helen, Australia is region 7.

    • there is no region 7, how do you know its gonna be Australia?

  9. I can’t get past the three melanic bighorns. I only see two iod them.

    • Try to move to the sides, there’s always at least 3.

  10. is region 6 is launched????
    its been rumoured region 6 is going to be australia
    please advise when region 6 is coming for android

    • We got Alaska for iOS (we already uploaded some hunts to our youtube channel). Don’t think it’s gonna be different for Android.

  11. i have got region 5 alaska and i have almost finished it
    what i need to know is about next region ie region 6
    please advise

    • We just checked again, there’s no region 6 so far, we made a mistake in our guide.

  12. Whats after Alaska? Ive passed all trophy hunts plus green checked all other hunts.

    • nothing after alaska so far.

  13. holiday hunt in region 5 asks for pistol with 250 max power
    but strange the max power pistal available in workshop is 238 which makes it impossible to enter holiday hunt for region 5 on adroid

    • There’s one the headsman elite that is max 300 power but only with 199 glu credits. Not available for cash. Strangely on mine it has appeared second pistol in and not at end like most more powerful upgrades do.

  14. I have finisher degion 4, and there is nothing after this. How can I get region 5?
    I have finished all trophys, and bought and upgraded weapons (all second to best weapons), and I have no region %! Please help!

  15. Where is region 6?!?!?!?!

    • There is no region 6 so far.

  16. on other sites they have posted info for region 6 as below:

    Answer from: Programmer Tom Region 6 for deer hunter 2014 is still being tested for bugs, and isn’t quite ready for release. Additional features are currently being added as well. The current expected release date is the beginning of December, but could happen earlier. Posted on: Nov 5, 2013

    how far this news is true??

    • Regardless of this specific paragraph, and considering that Deer Hunter remains one of the most popular casual games for iOS devices and Android as well, I’d say that the developers are running against time to release a new update and keep players from abandoning the game all together, don’t worry, Region 6 will be released sooner than later.

  17. Region 6 was released today – it’s Mount St. Helens, which is basically a Pacific NW redux. First three trophy hunts are as follows:

    1. Silverfang (wolf)
    2. Forest Guardian (elk)
    3. Django (wolf)

    • Trophy hunts 4 and 5 are below:

      4. Stag Lord (deer/stag)
      5. Big Ben (bear)

    • We are working on Mt. Helens, thanks for your update, we added the Trophy Hunts.

  18. mt.helens already released??? but i could not find its update for android
    may i know which is the version?

    • just swipe the region 5 to the left and you should see the region, it only downloads once you finish region 5 first. Android version could be released later, that is another possibility.

  19. deer hunter must get a grand region like COSTA RICA or any other region with dinasaurs hunting like T-REX etc
    tropphy hunt of such a region would be extremely full of excitement as it would have killer dianosaurs
    please if possible consider this suggesion

    • We’re dead sure that once they are out of regular geo locations they will lean towards dinosaurs, and also prehistoric beasts like giant rhinos and camels.

  20. Hey, I’ve completed all the regions, but how do i get the region 6 to be unlocked? Where can i find the update to my android device? Please reply, thanks :)

  21. excellent!!! dinasaur hunting will be like a dream coming true
    eagerly waiting for such a region!!!
    love you deer hunter

  22. mt helens released on android just today v1.1.2

  23. Any idea on region 7 eta? Done with 6.

    • 6 was released 2 days ago, forget about region 7 until december I guess

  24. just finished region 6. if your having issues updating to 6 with android go directly to google play store and update game though there.

  25. C’mon guys, please help! I have finisher degion 4, and there is nothing after this. How can I get region 5?
    I have finished all trophys, and bought and upgraded weapons (all second to best weapons), and I have no region 5!

    • You must drag the screen to right so region 5 appears and starts being downloaded.

  26. Done with 6! Any idea about region 7 release?

  27. can you tell me what is the use of HOLLOW POINT & how to use it??

  28. I’m out of commission 3rd back operation it’s nice to kill something other than these weapons are expensive

  29. As far as I’ve seen the hollow points just do a lot more damage.

  30. How can you get 94.2% stability I’m on region 4 trying to hunt Kato byt I only have 94.1% I don’t see a way. Thanks

    • Are you using a weapon that actually fits that region?. Don’t try to use a weapon that is useful only for previous regions.

  31. ok but i still want to know the exact purpose of HOLLOW POINT
    can u explain in detail

    • A hollow point bullet mushrooms (or fragments altogether) much wider than an ordinary round on impact causing massive internal damage and a gaping exit wound.

  32. just got pop message while playing game “holiday event”
    it showed ostrich as hunting animal
    but dont know how to get this update
    can anybody advise

  33. they could include giant wild boar, those things are bigger than a van. How about an underwater spear fishing hunt?

    • I bet that if the app remains popular for just a couple more months, they won’t have other choices than to start with underwater, dinosaurs, prehistoric animals (mammoths, etc). They should be ashamed of the content they released for Mount St. Helens, 100% rehashed animals from previous regions, even the same skins all over again.

  34. I cant get past the 3 SEASONED WOLVES in contract Hunt Region 6. Is it a glitch as I can not even kill one single wolf even with a high powered shotgun. They pounce too fast that your best bet can only be a random shot. Aiming at organs is IMPOSSIBLE.

    • try the sports drink, it will slow the animals down for you to aim, also i think the hollow points help with the damage

    • Try to kill only one with a headshot. Others will attack you one by one. When they’re right in front of you you’ll see a little sign on them showing their brains, hearts, or lungs at that point target the sign and they will be dead even with a pistol shot but make sure you shot right on the sign. PS lung may require more than one shot so don’t make the pistol your only gun. Good luck

  35. When will region seven come out?

  36. Anxiously waiting for Region 7, i have the Grantharn Huntsman rifle currently fitted, the clayton Commando Shotgun currently fitted and $500,000 to play with when that region opens… it’s onnnnn!!!!

    • Australia is coming, don’t get too anxious.

  37. cool..when is austrial getting released??
    hope to get new animals in region 7 as region 6 had all the same animals as previous regions making region 6 as complete flop

  38. Hello so i have ipad mini with the latest update i was finishing the last reigon of the game then it crashes every time i opn it i rebooted and didnt slove the problem so u deleted the game and re install it and now i finished reigon 4 i cant get new reigons even though i finshed all the trophy hunts

  39. Can’t wait for region 7 im totally upgraded & have well over a million bucks for new upgrades in 7. Turkey shooting is $%$^# you need glu credits to get better gun.

  40. How to kill stag lord?

  41. Region 7 for Android?? Anyone have an update? Patiently waiting, well, not really.

  42. How come I can’t do the holiday hunt in region 4 with a maxed out region 6 shotgun? Do I have to have region ,4 shotgun??

  43. i finished region 6 since 3 week, i wanna know when region 7 will be release

  44. Hi, the rifle I currently have is a region 6 but it’s telling me for the last kill on region 5 trophy hunt morozko I need a stability of 99% but my huntsman Grantham is maxed at 97.8% yet it’s a region 6 rifle is this correct or is there more I can do to upgrade stability?? the next rifles you can purchase only with gold!! 850 and 3000??

  45. Kill 3 seasoned western moose with lung shot in region 6. Impossible
    Unless you can buy a semi-automatic rifle…..

    • Kill 3 seasoned western moose with lung shot in region 6. Impossible
      Unless you can buy a semi-automatic rifle…..

      -I used the sports drink-slows everything down

  46. I have finished region 6. The game is awesome!!!
    You maust upgrade the game. It should do itself upone each start. Rifle at this stage should be upgradable to 7th upgrade.

  47. I have the huntsman grantham and it does go up to 99 stability. Mine is maxed out on 99.2. You just have to fully upgrade the weapon to its top spec on everything. Getting bored now though waiting for region 7… I’ve completed everything and have all the top weapons you can buy with game cash all fully done up I’ve got nothing left to work for they need to be quicker with these regions.

  48. Got a pop up about Christmas Holiday Hunt showing polar bears and Rudolph., but have yet to see it in the game. What’s the deal, anybody know?

  49. Finest region 6 is there a region 7 I have 3and a half million dollars the game is getting boreing ??

  50. waiting for region 7 and holiday hunts……got a time table what release is…..?

  51. pretty much stuck in the holliday event on region 6. I’ve got the Clayton Commando maxxed out. but cant seem to hurt those sheep.
    Is it a bug of am I doing something wrong? I want to finish the holiday events.

    • Are you talking about killing all 15 of them? I had to use the hollow points to kill them all. Otherwise, I could only kill 9 at best. I’m stuck where it tells me I have to have a shotgun with 16 max capacity and the best $ shotgun I have is maxed with 11 and the holiday shotgun is maxed with 14… I really hate it when I can’t go beyond something WITHOUT having to use IAPs… I don’t mind having to level up, but when you try to make me pay for something to proceed… C’mon… I wouldn’t mind paying for DH2014 if it leveled the playing ground. Or paying ground, if you will… :)

  52. I’m Too addicted , Region 7 just came out and i finished it in one night and fitted the rifle and shotgun, smh

    • Region 8? lol

  53. I finished it in one night as well now i’m enjoying missing the last kill with many dollars to stack…..
    awaiting region 8,to blast it with all the necessary guns needed….
    I can even to go over one million in three days time from now…

    Just can’t wait for region 8 to be released….

  54. Stuck in region 4. I completed all hunts but cant get region 5. What do I need to unlock region 5. I am playing on Facebook.

  55. Anyone have an idea of when Region 8 is coming out??? I’m getting inpatient and the last two regions were kinda lame! Also how are you guys getting up to a million dollars?? Are you using cheats to achieve this feat? Oh and ya, region 8???? lol

    • Easy don’t spend money,once you have a powerful enough rifle shotgun and assault rifle there isn’t anything to spend money on so just do hunts that give you the most $$ and save that shit

    • Once you’ve earned enough cash you’ll end up buying all of the weapons and upgrading them just to strip them back down to make the hunts more challenging. I wouldn’t rush it or you’ll just be stuck waiting longer like the rest of us. Million saved…to do what?; blast through another region in hours so you can wait another month for a new region? Waiting for a weapon upgrade is about the only challenge left and it helps to have to hunt to earn more cash while you’re waiting….or play a new game for a month…..getting bored…..hopefully this game is getting popular enough/ earning enough endorsements to hire more programmers….can you imagine the popularity if they released new regions weekly?

  56. I have killed Vixen and some other notorious holiday reindeer, but I do not have enough rare calls to keep going. Has anybody done enough rare hunts to see if the game eventually let’s you kill Rudolph?

    • Yes u can

  57. I have region 7 assault rifles to buy on cell but cant get thek on my tablet. ?.

  58. i cant finish shotgun series region 6 as it requires some gun thats not available also when is the next update. is there a region restriction i am from india and i do not have club hunts

  59. When will region 8 be available

  60. What do I need to unlock region 5. I am playing on Facebook. please!

  61. Just waiting….for Region..8. Plz.. YES! Release Dinosaurs!!!

  62. Is there Ny news in when next update is out for a new region? I have 1.5 million in the bank but it is now a bot boring and starting to hunt without using the zoom in sites just for a variety!

    • Region 8 is out now for iOS. Region 8 is called “Klondike Yukon”. Region 9 not available yet.

      New cash rifle:
      “PHC Model E100″, max power 1853….don’t remember the original price but I think it was about 700K after paying for all the upgrades.

      New gold rifles:
      “Grantham Outlaw”, max power 2040, initial cost 1000 gold, currently listed at 40% off, fire rate of 1 sec.
      “G&H Valkyrie”, max power 2715, initial cost 2800 gold, fire rate of 0.45 sec (like a assault rifle), listed for regions 8-9.

      New cash assault rifle:
      “Hauer Extrator”, max power 1243, initial cost 293,170 cash, fire rate 0.47 sec.

      New cash shotgun:
      “Maginot Breach”, max power 4645, initial cost 64,145 cash.

      New gold shotgun:
      “Hauer Scythe”, max power 5108, initial cost 540 gold.

      New pistol:
      “Clayton P808″, max power 744, initial cost 160 gold or 82,105 cash.

  63. Is Region 7 available on Mac OS? I see it on IOS but not on my Mac OS? I’ve completed all the series and trophy hunts on Region 6.

  64. Region 7 was harder than Region 8, in my opinion. Region 9? lol

    • The last rifle is listed for region 8-9, so I’m assuming they’ve made or are making a region 9. They’re going to have to come up with animals that are realistically harder to kill. A shotgun with power 400 killed animals that now takes a power 4000 to kill. Maybe they introduced elephants and buffalo too soon. They’re going to have to go prehistoric or underwater to keep up with the military grade weapons they give to go shoot prairie wolves and geese with.

  65. For those of you who haven’t upgraded your weapons, don’t unless you are required to. All you really need to graduate to further regions is an upgraded rifle and shotgun. Before you purchase the upgrade you’re about to buy, look at the preview of what you’re going to change about what you currently have; you can’t take upgrades off your weapons once you’ve purchased them. When you take the requirement /want to get to the next level out of the scenario you’re left with the realism and difficultly of the game. Why upgrade your pistol to look like a short rifle if it’s not necessary to progress in the game? Trust me, once you get to a point where you’re able to pass a new region in a day, you’ll thank yourself for limiting your weapons to continue to enjoy the game like you did on level one when you didn’t have the super weapons they offer.

    • Correction: You CAN take upgrades off your weapons! Select weapon, choose upgrade, select what you want to downgrade, select back button next to ‘level’.

  66. When will there be a region 9 on deer hunter 2014 cuz I’m done with all the other regions with nothing but contract hunts to do

  67. only till region 4,, how to unlock region 5/more?? please..
    i play in fb app not android/ios..

  68. What i did was take a few days of hunting the trophy animal on region 8, it requires a heart shot. So i shot him in the brain and got 8k for losing. The money qiuckly added up and now i have the top shotgun, rifle, and assault rifle, with 1.2 million stacked up.

  69. How can i kill artics grey wolves in alaska they are very strong and fast!!!

    • a more powerful weapon, whether a rifle or a shotgun, no other trick.

  70. Does region 8 is difficult?? Cause i have grantham huntsman riffle and maginot breach as shutgun… very well upgrade

  71. How do kill 8 geese in region 8? It’s hard to even see that many.

    • Geese issue…have you tried using an assault rifle? You have to be a bit more accurate but the firing speed is quicker than a shotgun, unless you picked up a holiday series shotgun like the snow plow that fires at an assault riffle rate. The only other advice is to practice targeting without using the scope so you can quickly find the next target. Good luck. BTW: REGION 9 is out for iOS, so stop messing around with stupid region 8 geese and start on some cheetahs!

    • Thanks David – Geese dead – onto Region 9. Those stinkin jackals can take a punch and keep going!

  72. The 9 region is not working properly how should I re update 9 region in my tab

  73. Region 9 issues: I’ve seen a lot of variations of issues with the region 9 update; I had to download the update twice for mine to work so maybe it will work for you too. After the first update downloaded unsuccessfully….I closed the DH program, cleared my internet cookies, restarted computer and DH automatically re-downloaded the update when I opened it. I haven’t seen any other message boards post a verified solution but you might try searching a few if someone has a definite solution for the OS platform you’re playing DH on. Good luck.

  74. please help! I have finished region 4, and there is nothing after this. How can I get region 5?
    I have finished all trophies and bought and upgraded weapons and I have no region 5!

  75. Im in region 5 and to play the pistol series i need a sportsman pistol but the only pistol available you have to buy with glucredits…. Is there other way?

  76. I’ve killed everything that has to be killed in Region 9, and no more region to be opened …. Does this mean that’s the end of Deer hunter 2014… Please answer … Because i keep killing the same animals over and over again!!! that’s on on Samsung Galaxy S4…

    • Well, probably not, still millions of people are playing this game.

  77. How do I shoot(even see) the mature melanick bucks in region 8 hunt series #26?

  78. Is there a region after nine??

    • not yet.

  79. When are more Regions going to be ready i’m at region 9 and it’s been a while… Just wondering if or when more Region going to continue??? I”m up to 4 millions in cash and wondering if that cash will be able to be used in other regions…. Please answer … waiting patiently.

  80. Can the rare hunts in level 3 and hidden level 1 ever be beaten? I’ve done them a bunch of times, completed the trophy hunts on both regions but rare hunts is like it’s never ending?

  81. I can’t get Alaska to download, I had played the game to level 9 but wasn’t getting anything new. No zombie or level 10 hunts so I restarted the game, now Alaska won’t download! Very happy with game tell now, please fix this.

  82. Can u tell me what is the end of this game
    I completed all 10 regions and hidden temple as well and I completed most of the bounties as well
    Is there any more thing can I do in this game or it has been ended???

    • You can play it again on facebook. It’s always updating…

  83. Are there going to be additional regions added beyond 10 have finished all regions and would love to go on.

    • Dino Hunter Deadly Shores seems to be the game replacing Deer Hunter 2014, it is already available at the New Zealand itunes store.

  84. How do I kill the mature dall sheep with a brain shot in region 10

  85. Nice weblog here! Additionally your web site loads up fast!
    What web host are you the use of? Can I get your affiliate link on your host?
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  86. Are there anymore new levels after region 11 dayong and after hidden region 2 island of thule? I’ done witn both of the, compketed all rare hunts, trophy hunts, G&H series hunts, and all bow, cross bow, shotgun series in all levels. It getting to be boring playing the contract hunts over and over again. I’ ve already accumulted more than 2.5 million cash points. So what’s next?

  87. I purchased a hell amount of weapons and it respected upgrades then I bought a new phone and now im 1 level behind and none of my purchases rolled over!!! Any comments or opinions is greatly appreciated

  88. I have completed all the challenges of Region 1 and eligible to download region 2. But even after so many attempts the Region 2 is not downloading on my iPhone 4.

  89. Trying to finish

  90. Trying to finish the “Kill Deer” bounty and I can’t find any deer! Been playing Region 5/ Region 10 for hours, gone through so many rounds of killing moose, etc and can’t find any deer. Help me out, where are the deer?

  91. Trying to finish the “kill deer” bounty and I can’t find any deer to kill! Been on region 5/10 for hours and still haven’t found deer. Anyone know where they are? Any comments/suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

    • Lots of deer in region 6 and hidden region 1

  92. I’m looking for ducks to kill with my assault rifle, are there any besides region 6?

  93. All done with Hidden 3 does it go any farther

    • Yes im on hidden 4

  94. I cant get region 2 it downloaded only 18.1to18.3 after this its start again from 18.1

  95. A kane 47 series in holiday event won’t unlock even though i finished the 3 prior events

  96. please help…i am new to this game…it does not let me finish the trophy hunts at region 1 and then it shows a blank and locked pacific forest area…maps and everyother things get locked and it does not allow me to proceed further or even get back to the previous situation…it happens in terms of the old one eyed one….now what to do and how to unlock that? thanks in advance..

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