Criminal Case Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough

Welcome to the most complete Criminal Case Facebook game walkthrough on the internet. We dissect each different aspect and feature of this hidden-object social game so you can quickly grasp the concepts and start playing. Please share this guide if you found it useful or leave a comment if there’s anything you don’t yet understand about the game mechanics.


The top bar as usual contains all the counters, which are as follows;

  • XP Points: Represented by a badge icon, XP points are given after each task or entire case is completed. Of course, you level up by gathering these points.
  • Energy Bar: You use the energy to investigate crime scenes. Each crime scene play takes 20 energy points and a single one is restored every 2 minutes. You are granted bonus energy point for sending cards to your friends, and by playing the game daily, also if you select a game friend as a partner for any given crime scene investigation.
  • Coins: Coins are mainly used to customize your character. They are also granted after each task is solved.
  • Cash: Criminal Case cash is used to do instant autopsies, get reports and gives you access to exclusive items.
  • Stars: The most scarced and looked forward resource in the game. You gain stars by solving crime scenes. Each scene grants a total of 5 stars, so you can go back and play it until you get all of them (as long as you have the energy of course)


The bottom bar gives you access to the most important features of the game. From left to right: The Tablet, Crime Scenes, Forensic Kit, Laboratory, Suspects and the Map


The tablet contains the current case being investigated and all the “missions” or tasks pending. It will tell you how advanced you are in the investigation and detail the victim, murdering weapon and the suspect, if identified. The icon is always located on the bottom left of the screen, right next to the “Criminal Scenes” button.


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We’ve got a guide with all the cases in detail, including screenshots of all crime scenes.

Scenes Walkthroughs 1-3 Scenes Walkthroughs 4-6 Scenes Walkthroughs 7-9

You will be visiting Crime Scenes lots of times, and we mean a lot!. Crimes Scenes can and must be replayed since this is the may way you obtain stars, until you manage to solve them the first time, they remain as pending tasks in the tablet. Even though the crime scene is the same, the objects you need to find are not, and the finding sequence can change as well. However as they consume energy, you cannot play them indefinitely. The good thing is that if you play the same scene lots of times, you will end up getting high scores and bonus points because you will remember the objects location. The “clues”, which lead to other tasks within the case, only come up during the first investigation though. As you keep playing the same crime scene and max out the stars, possible bonus scenes may unlock. Even after the case is solved, it’s worth coming back for extra stars as well.

You will notice a sort of energy bar at the top that quickly drains right after you find an object. This is actually a time bar, which grants you extra coins and XP if you quickly find the next object in the sequence before the time bar drains out.

If you leave the cursor long enough on the object/clue at the bottom bar, a small image of the object, identical to the one on the scene, will help you find it, but the time will still be running, and the more time it takes you to figure out where the objects are, the less points you are given.

You can make use of hints your partner can give, he will give you a total of 5 per crime scene.

After each crime scene is solved, you will be presented with a leaderboard, where your performance in the crime scene is compared to your game friends and you’re given points, coins and stars accordingly.

Once you obtain all 5 stars in any given crime scene, is considered mastered, and you can keep playing it for just 5 energy points, but it doesn’t yield any more stars though.


Some autopsies and object analysis can take a lot of time. With the exception of the first case, you will have to wait a while before it’s done, this is where “Criminal Case Cash” comes in handy, to do instant analysis, reports and instant autopsies. This is where the game slows down as well, since stars are quite scarce and you cannot open additional missions or tasks without them. Autopsies are carried out by the game character. New clues and tasks are triggered after the lab job is finished.


This is where you examine the clues found on the crime scene (remember, not all objects found are clues.) Each clue/object that you examine requires a star. Each action is timed, and the more time it takes you to restore/analize an object, the less points you will get. Your reward will be energy after you complete it.


This is where the suspects get added, and you’re supposed to correctly identify the suspect that perfectly matches the killer’s profile (which are the clues at the bottom) and put him under arrest. If you arrest the right person it marks the end of the case. However, you might first have to talk to the suspects before you gather enough clues to unlock the “arrest option”, these are considered missions within the case and required 1 star to get done.


After the end of each case, the next one will be unlocked. After the first tutorial case, the “crime map” is introduced (the icon is located on the right bottom side of the screen). This allows you to go back to old cases and load additional investigations (which you need more stars for)


The map works sorts of your game main dashboard. The map not only details each case which you can go back to, but also future cases not unlocked yet. On the left side, you have the Customize Character icon, Give Cards, Trophies, Daily Bonus, and mailbox.


The trophies section is found on the left side of the map, represented by a trophy icon. Trophies are basically achievements you get every time you accomplish each of the feats listed there. They don’t grant you anything valuable though.


You can customize your character/avatar’s profile by changing its clothes, accesories, hair and face using coins or buying them with Criminal Case Cash. As you progress and level up, you will unlock new clothes and other items as well.


Lucky Cards is a feature that might not be found by those playing the game the first time. But it’s a relly cool option to obtain free energy and keep playing. Each time you play a criminal scene and select a friend partner, you have the option to send him a lucky card. In time you will see how you will also receive such cards. Once you complete a full row you can exchange them for energy, xp points or coins.

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  1. I can’t get to case 3. It asks me to get a friend to help write my reports. I have sent this to different friends but still cannot open case 3. Any suggestions? Thx.

    1. That is because none of those friends have accepted the request. We suggest you add active players from the community (there are fan pages on facebook). We’ll soon be adding an “add me” page to request for criminal case friends.

    2. i have added ppl and i know they have accepted as i asked my friends too but it still shows they have to write reports what does that mean?’

    3. I did do this and the friend responded but Case 3 is still unavailable. Looks like a bug, and at this point I can not play anymore since I have all 5 stars for case 1 & 2.

    4. Simply visit the official Criminal Case facebook page and post your message on the wall. Keep posting twice a day on the wall and you will get a flood of invitations.

    5. you have to play the additional case in case 2 and finish it and when you get your second medal you will proceed in case 3!

    6. What do you mean by additional case? I have the five stars and see nothing about additional cases. I can plan the scenes over and over for 5 energy points, but I am not confident it is doing anything for me.

    7. Why do some friends give 5 hint clues and others one. how do i know how many hint options am i giving my friends?

    8. Send request to your criminal case friend. Not to Others.
      If any of your close friend is playing ask him to accept your help of report. Ask him to check messages

    9. I can’t open the game for 2 days all the time just loading and so tomes it’s opening for 2 min and then it show me i have problem and i should send report to ( )with the link of dd0a3dc6be76251ae88843ad7ec6
      bd0_rvu_goldchain.swf can you help me please .


    11. your friends join into a case and unlock the your request ,,, then you play the game.

    12. i cant go to case number 3.when i try to click on friends to ask for report it doesnt open the box…nothing happens. what do i do now???

    13. They actually have to respond to your request. You sending the note is not enough to get you passed. I only sent my request to people that I saw played frequently so they could respond quickly. Some people actually make up a fake facebook account to help them get passed.

    14. My problem is I don’t think my friends have actually been notified since the bar seems stuck there and doesn’t close. it just shows that I’ve asked 5 friends out of XXXX. How do I get that bar to go away????

  2. I can’t get to Case 3 as well. I can’t find the option to ask friends to help me either. Do I need to get more stars to get the option to advance or am I clicking the wrong button or something?

    1. You need to complete the task “Investigate Next Case”, if you didn’t, that means you haven’t fully completed Case 2.

    2. yes, you can get your family members to play and get them to send you your report, that is what i did. my sons doesn’t even play, but I use them to pass things like this. it works.

  3. Yes, I’ve investigated the next case and got the option, thanks! I have another question though. When I open the 2nd case it shows that I have 0 stars but when I reopen the 1st case it shows that I have 1 star. Why is that? Are the stars we collect in a case only applicable for that case?

    1. Good question. The stars you obtain in one case cannot be used in another case. So don’t get extra stars just in case, they are worthless once the next case is open.

    2. No really true. If you have extra stars in a completed case you can trade then for juice, chips or a burger. In other words, Energy! Click on the tablet to see your options.

    3. UPDATE: Our answer was wrong. It seems that once you complete the additional investigation in Case 3 and probably on case 4, you get the chance to buy Orange Juice, Potato Chips and Hamburguers with stars. This is new though, these options were not there before.

    4. Iknow this post is from long time ago … but is it worth it to spend all you eneergy to get more energy ? ? ?

    5. The stars can’t be used for another case, but still you can buy orange juice and stuff for them … just open the tablet!

    6. Stars gained in a finished case are not worthless, they can be used to buy energy which can be used in all cases.

    1. i have accidently selected a female avatar and now i cant select a male avatar
      what should i do

  4. I have completed Case 2, however dont find the “Investigate Next Case” task anywhere and so case 3 is locked as well. Where do I find the “Investigate Next Case” task?

    1. Did you also complete the “additional investigation”?. The tablet should never be empty of tasks, if it is, that means you fully finish that level and only need to get the “reports” from 3 friends or just bypass them with in-game cash.

    2. No I didnt complete the additional investigation, as in the case 1, it was not mandatory to complete the additional investigation. So I will start to complete the additional investigation?

    3. Yes, it is mandatory to complete it in order to unlock the case the follows, Case #1 is just a tutorial.

  5. hey guys i’ve got a bit of a problem!!! when started the gameafriend of mine set my avatarasa female can i change this setting somehow?

    1. You sure can change your avatar. Just go to shirt icon on the left hand side of the screen and when the avatar comes up, click change gender under the picture. Hope that helps. Just realized this was from 2013 – hope you are still playing.

  6. I think it’s kind of ridiculous and unfair to require friends or cash to pass on the the third case. Any chance this will be revised? I enjoy the game but my friends don’t want to be bothered with game requests. Thanks!

    1. Not very good friends then he. It’s part of the game. Your friends are not bothered when YOU send THEM energy????

    1. Click on the map icon, on the bottom right corner of the screen and then click on the “shirt” icon on the top left corner of the screen.

    1. Indeed. But don’t worry, just look at all the clues, there’s only one person that matches them all.

  7. I’m curious; how do I know how many hints I give as a partner? And if I don’t give 5 hints, is there a way to increase it?

    1. Yes there is a way. I have told all my friends to check their daily bonus everyday. It’s the blue present box on the side when you are viewing the map. Click on it and you’ll collect rewards. 😀 Hope that helped.

  8. I try to send things to my friends like energy and such. I am on level 3 but I need friends…but I cant get any because each time i press the button to give presents or cards or anything (other than me) it gets all fuzzy like its going to bring something up…but it never does.

    1. has anyone figured this out? i have the same problem, the image freezes and i can’t send anything to anyone.

    2. Are you using firefox with ghostery or some other tracker blocker? You need to enable/allow any plugins/trackers specifically with “facebook” in them.

    3. can’t find where to fix this problem….can’t ask for help or send any… locks and goes fuzzy

  9. why the hell is there a bronze, silver and gold medal… if you always need at least a silver medal to move to the next case??

    1. Good question, simply for achievements purposes, to keep players engaged to the game and continue playing even if they finished all Cases already.

  10. hi… i cannot advance to level 3… I try to ask friend but the screen become fuzzy and nothing happen… what should i do?

  11. When I click on “my teammates” or “invite friends” or send free gifts to teammates my screen is going blur. What can I do?????

    1. Does this happen on all browsers?. If so, then it’s a bug, report it to the official page on facebook.

  12. Have you ever had criminal case go wonky on you? Yesterday I did the arrest in case 3 – and last night I finishied the additional investigations and got the reports I needed and case 4 unlocked for me. Now today I am back at case 3 showing that I need to do the additional investigations all over again?

    1. No. But certainly that is a huge bug. It’s a shame that pretty simple games has not opened the official forum where they could handle bug reports like yours. Currently only the official facebook page is available.

  13. Whenever I obtain juice or food as reward they do not get converted to energy when I accept them – is there something am missing there? a step or something?

    1. You can only use the juice obtained as a reward when you run out of energy. When that happens, click on the crime scene and the menu with the different energy foods will come up, its only then when you will see the ones you have available.

    2. Not so. You can click on the energy symbol at the bottom left, where it has the map, the shirt, the cards, etc., and it will show you what is avilable to you. Click on USE and it appears on the energy bar at the top.

    1. You do not need to invite them, once they are added to your Facebook contact list, they will shop up in the game (if they are playing it of course). If you want to invite the ones that are not playing it, take a look at the top bar, its always visible, next to the “earn cash” option, and click on “invite friends to play”.

  14. You talk about 2 minutes between energy points in the beginning. Do you have any idea why I have to wait 3 min 20 secs and my girlfriend only 2 min 40 secs between energy points? Is it because of amount of friends or what? It’s kinda weird, that’s all.

    1. Well, we’ve just started a new case and our counter has come back to over 3 minutes. When gaining that last stars to unlock it in the previous case the counter was on 2 minutes 20 seconds, so definitely has to do with how deep you are into each Case.

    1. You can only trade stars earned exclusively after the additional mission is finished, you will the tasks pop up.

    2. i wish i new how to collect all my coins and what to do with the cards ,,, i’ve never spent any coins or used cards sence i ben playing ,,,, i do trade the cards when it comes up ,, but where are they ,,,, lol coins and cards are worthless to me cause i don’t no where they r

  15. Unable to unlock 3rd case. Done everything needed to get there. Have friends on 3rd case and beyond. It says loading friendlist and it wont go past that bit :(


  16. I have a question, why does the energy bar’s cooldown less for some players?
    I see in the guide it says one energy point comes once in 2 minutes. I have a few friends who regen exactly after 2 mins, but in my case it takes 3mins 20secs.Is there something that influences this?

    1. We’ve already replied to the same exact question. It might depend on how much progress you’ve made on the case.

    2. Oh sory. But i know that i have never had 2 mins cooldown, and a friend of mine had 2 mins even when she started a new case

    3. Then it might be related to the in-game activity, or the amount of active friend players you have. We’ve noticed different cooldowns along the same case, go figure.

  17. Bugs as evolved:

    It started with geting BSOD every time I maximise screen. Happened 3 times! 2nd time I maximised it, I knew what trigger it… If you wonder how on earth I got 3thd BSOD, here is it… On starting the new case I accidently clicked on play in full screen menu! DAMN!

    The fun with this game gets even weirder now. After those 3 BSOD triggered by trying to play it in full screen now I can’t get game to start up. No matter which browser I use I am waiting in endless starting screen of game where we see loading line… And yes! I have latest Flash player installed as soon I realised the couse of BSOD at second trigering.

    Thing is that I am just telling you all this so you know that if same happens to any of you, you aren’t alone suffering from this game!

    System specs:
    OS: 32bit XP – service pack 3
    CPU AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 960T
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT (driver: Version 266.58)
    RAM: 8GB (4.75GB used as a hard disk cache)
    used browsers:
    Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.91 m
    SRWare Iron Version: 24.0.1350.0

    p.s don’t forget the fact that I played a few cases, so game was loading just fine untill BSOD comes. And yes! I cleared all browser cache, and restarted my computer too.

    1. hi, i’ll help. let’s make this clear once and forever: BSOD comes two ways.
      1. virus
      2. hardware fault or driver fault
      end of story :)
      so, now you have to check your computer for viruses, remember, there is no perfect antivirus. disable the antivirus you have, if you have one and check your computer with reliable software like MBAM and COMBOFIX.
      also check on your hardware, remove dust, check cooling system and look for swollen capacitors on your motherboard and psu. heat , dust and bad capacitors will kill your computer.
      good luck

  18. hello, i just started to play the game today, i found the first 6 items, but than the game doesnt proceed at all!! why ?? whats wrong??

    1. who knows. thinking its a bug but no 1 knows how to fix it. Have emailed the game creator via email twice in a week and no reply back. i suggest we give up. they have very poor customer service skills

  19. I have not been able to move to game 3. I have sent requests for the “report” and have had one person respond so still need another one and I am now at the point of nagging friends! There must be an easier way to move to the next level! I am not prepared to pay cash to do this and have also completed everything there is to complete in 1 and 2. Please help.

    1. Simply post a message on Criminal Case’s official facebook page asking for neighbors, you will be flooded with requests.

    2. I did and wasn’t flooded with replies. This game will kill itself by not letting people progress.

  20. i was working on case 4, now every time i try to play it tells me there is an error and will mot load the case. i cannot go back into case 3, same issue. i have completed case 1 and 2, and was moving along until a few days ago when i encountered this problem.

  21. Suddenly I am getting NULL message on the game and the game is not opening…i m working on case 3….level 9 ….how to solve it????…..with repeated attempts of logging in still the NULL message is seen and the game is not opening…kindly help

  22. Can’t start the game, someone sent me an invitation but it just keep loading the beginning and then starts all over again.

  23. I’m on level 18, and I belive in 4 hours level 19. I play fast all the mission but never I finish more then 3 place… i think some of the players are use some tricks. or i am a bad player…. ????

  24. I am having problems with criminal case, i finished cases 1,2, and 3. I was working on case 4, now every time i try to load the case it tells me “sorry that didn’t work out try again” it does not matter how many times i try i cannot load the case. I like this game but I am on the verge of deleting it. I have emailed simple games with no response, does anyone else have this problem?

  25. Hi. This is probably a stupid question but I’ve only been playing for a day so forgive me lol! I keep getting messages saying a friend has sent me a request. When I log in to Criminal Case and check my mailbox, there are no messages there. There aren’t any cards for me to accept, or free energy or anything like that (I’ve accepted and sent gifts without a problem).

    Am I missing something with these alerts? I wondered if it might just be generated when my friend investigates a crime scene with me as her partner.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Can anyone help me out with this? It’s still happening and I still don’t understand why. FB tells me “Friend’sName sent you a request” but there are no messages for me in Criminal Case. Any ideas?

    2. I have the same problem with a specific friend. They send me the request to join on facebook and I’m never given the option to add them. Maybe I’m maxed out on friends playing? I’ve also tried to invite them. We can’t seem to get the game to accept that we want to work together. I’ve not had this problem with anyone else I’ve added to the game or vice versa.

    3. When you need energy and you have no orange juice or any chips or burger then the time you try to close the window of energy pops out the option of asking energy from friends. If you click “ask energy from friends” they will receive this “empty” message.

  26. My friends send me 2 energy as gift every day and ask for energy as well.. ?
    How can i do the same // ? most of the time i see ppl sending 1 energy ,,

  27. On my tablet I have the option to “get 5 stars on all Crime Scenes” but when I click on “go” it it just takes me back to all crime scenes. How does this work?

    1. It takes you there because you need to revisit each crime scene to collect all 5 stars in each. That will earn you the gold medal.

  28. I cannot play criminal case when i try to play in google crome…though i can play in IE…google says adobe is automatically updated in crome…so i cant download …but i still prefer google crome…what do u suggest i do?

  29. I have been trying for 2 day sto play criminal case on IE and it wont load, i have deleted all cookie on my laptop and have the newest adobe

    Please help :)

  30. I cannnot get case 7 to load every time i click on it it says error and just freezes on me is anyone else having this problem too? I have never had a problem up to this point and all my team members can play it. I have done the flash update and deleted cookies and temp files already so why isn’t it working. Please Help I love this game.

  31. hi.does anyone knows how my friends can send good cards to me, like hearts and leafs ? i don’t get them from my friends and they are willing to help me in order to send me the card i need…

  32. I guess you can never have enough friends, cause that’s where most of our energy needs to come from, otherwise it’s a lot of waiting. so If you need help I’m on facebook. add me.

  33. i m unable to play criminal case from my laptop.but it’s opening from other computers .. i hav instald update version of adobe flash player . still it’s not opening from my laptop.

    1. have you tried playing with a different browser?. Try one you never use, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera.

  34. One the criminal case web page under the FAQ tab there are some images that show large amounts of energy instead of 110 engery points in the bar. Is there a legit way to get extra energy or is that just fake?

    1. yes, it’s possible, but you should not spend a single point of energy and just keep filling up the bar through free energy from friends, food and drinks. Makes no sense though.

  35. Hey! its a very cool and interesting game but the problem is that while playing a crime scene we get the star but the star takes lot of energy to fill why it is happening but i played my friend in my system with less energy the star is filling fast please tell me the reason is there any option to solve the problem

    1. Thats the main complain from players. And no, there’s no way around it simply because the developers make money from that system, thus allowing you to play the game for free.

  36. Do any of these sights that offer free cash and burgers etc actually work or are they just scams or a virus? I am just interested as people constantly post on FB how they have received these offers but you need to post the link claiming you got the offer before you receive it so I am assuming that they don’t work?

    1. Likely scams, just focus on getting facebook friends and requesting energy, you will surprised to fill in entire energy meters just by adding a bit of energy from multiple contacts.

    1. yeah… i tried using different computer… it works fine on some pcs…but i dont understand wheres the difference… it doesnt work on my home pc which has same windows 7, same browser version and same flash player version!! what else can possibly cause this issue?!

  37. I just went to level 33 and did not get my energy refill not only that it also took my remaining 40 energy i had left…the the h… happened

  38. My game requires more points to compete a star in each crime scene than compared to my friend’s game .. why is this difference? .. very unfair

  39. The no. of points to attain each star in a crime scene is not same for all the players. Why is this so?

    I am posting the comment again as my comment was deleted seems.

    1. You need to become friends with them first, then they should show up in the game. You will probably have to send them a request from the game once you add them as a friend.

  40. Time waste … points for each crime scene is not same for all the Facebook players. For me, to get a star in case-3 requires around 14000000 points! I am quitting this game as of now. I recommend developers to fix this bug which would save lots of time for other players.

  41. When playing criminal case in full screen, after less than a minute the screen goes back to the facebook view and takes it self out of full screen mode. which is often annoying when your looking for something. is there anyway to fix this?

    1. I get this same error message: OOPS could not connect to the game. There was an error while contacting the server:/ Please refresh Error info: Timeout:SCGame.swf

      I always refresh. I even removed and re-installed the game unsuccessfully.

  42. How do you get the option to buy additional food with stars on level 2 I played the level and got the option, husband is on same level now and doesn’t get the option, he is trying to get as many stars as possible on the puzzle games before questioning subjects etc

    1. These options are given when you complete the additional mission, which comes after you solve the case. So, solve the case first, then complete all tasks given in the additional mission, and you will finally see the tasks which offer food for stars.

  43. I want to know how we can use the feature of getting orange juices and chips for free. Many of my friends told me they get 3 orange juices daily by clicking on links and in return they send cards even to unknown players… Where do i find such links and how can i post them myself…Also, is there any limit to that??? Please reply as soon as possible…..

    1. You can get up to 3 orange juices and 1 potato chips from other players when they level up and share it in their walls. There are some facebook fan pages that compile these links and post them, however, you are always too late to the party, since the juice gets shared too quickly (there’s a limited amount of players that can receive it). Now, regarding the cards, yes, you can also obtain juices by collecting cards, but these cards are the hardest to get from friends, and you need A LOT of them sending you cards daily.

  44. I always get this error “OOPS!
    Could not connect to the game.

    There was an error while
    contacting the server :/

    Please refresh.

    When I try to access CC from my home network, It works perfectly at office 😛 .. can someone please advise!!

    1. I have the same problem. All the time I take this message while I am trying to connect. Please help

  45. Can’t level up to the 3rd case. I have completed everything and got all stars. I have been given the first 2 reports from friends. I have been sent the 3rd/final one needed several times. This also appears in my notifications. But yet it doesn’t register and will not let me level up! I have messaged them with no response. Looks like i will not be playing this game anymore….

    1. Well, add friends that are active criminal case players and you will sure get the report completed.

  46. hi, is there a way to stop any automatic post from this game to my page/timeline… i like this game but dislike the automatic post…ty

    1. Yes, from the facebook app options, disable the game feed for all games or just criminal case.

    1. I have this problem for over a week. When it finally loads and when I go in a case, it says something about ERROR and sending an e-mail.

  47. dear quick gamer please help me about this problem, when i play game came this option in starting of game and not played
    Could not connect to the game.

    There was an error while
    contacting the server :/

    Please refresh how i fix this error

  48. I love to play this game, when it works. Most days it doesn’t load. I keep getting this error message
    Error Info: 2032:startStage
    Please fix this

    1. post your problem on the official Criminal Case facebook wall, only the developers can handle that issue.

  49. I love to play criminal case,but unfortunately only a handful of my friends are interested to my invites and shares.Is there any possible way of adding teammates only to criminal case,without having to add them in facebook.

    1. Yes, you need to create a separate list of friends and block the game feed in your wall. But still, you will be adding facebook contacts.

  50. when a friend sends me a request for energy and asks for energy back, why does it only allow me to accept energy and not sent any back to them?

    1. you can send energy to all your criminal case friends, but not to auto-send it back like other casual games on facebook. Go to the map, click on “send gifts” and send energy to all your CC friends in a couple of clicks, you cannot send energy more than once a day.

    1. We are not pretty sure about case 2, but from case 5 on, you will always need 4 stars on each scene, including the bonus ones, to fully complete the case and unlock the next mission.

  51. when i get all the stars in one of the boxes in a case and it only cost 5 energy can i still get more stars or is that it?

  52. I’m curious; how do I know how many hints I give as a partner? I can only see 1 hint under my avatar. And if I don’t give 5 hints, is there a way to increase it? some said we need to play for 5 days in a row, I’ve been playing it for over 2 weeks, but no effect. Please help!

  53. there is a bug that makes me cant continue the game in case 5 and thi message sent to me

    Error Info:

    what can i do??

  54. could someone please tell me if you can report problems somewhere. I had issues tonight losing energy and lots of card. there were there one minute the next when i reloaded the page they were gone.

  55. I got this when I tried to get to case 5, I have already unlocked it and started it: Error Info:

  56. Why suddenly all of my partners had gone ????? I have no idea, i still receiving energy and cards and everything, but i can not choose anyone other than Jones to be my partner !!

    1. it happens a lot, maybe is the way Pretty Simple games makes sure you buy energy food instead or refilling your energy bar by just asking friends, when you have many that is.

  57. hello, i accidentally ticked to only accept gifts from friends and not to send gifts back to them. what can i do for it?

  58. Hi I posted in here earlier but I cant find my post now :9 I put a link to my group but now I have found out if you click on it, It will say no content. This is because I have my settings to secret and I now have over 250 members and cant change the settings. Sorry

  59. i can’t see my teammates but i can accept their enegy and request my problem is everytime i play the game jones is only my teammate. why is that?

  60. When finding the objects on a page, what is the best way to get a high score.I understand that you have to be quick but should you find the objects in any certain order? I have one person on my friends list that earns upwards of 1 million points and I know that there is NO WAY I can work any faster. I average around 7 to 8 hundred thousand. I am way TOO competitive! Thank you!

  61. dont think should have 3 orange and 1 chip for limit when u have more people
    playing crazy should not have limit

  62. can i trade in bronze,siver or gold medals for extra energy?(like how we trade poker cards or daily bonus for extra energy).If yes,then how can i do that?

    1. I don’t know about medals but you can trade cards for goodies….You should have the complete set of cards to trade in…cheers

  63. I have seen people use their avatar picture as their porfile pictures. How do you do that…I don’t see an option to download or save the avatar picture

  64. Hi,

    I am the active player of criminal case. Most of the times I have observed the game hangs after deducting energy before starting of game at the picture of police van. I had lost many energies in past because of it. Can we report this to someone ?

    1. You do not visit friends, they get added to the list automatically if they play Criminal Case and they are in your friends list.

  65. I can’t get to level 3. I had more than nine stars. Not knowing I needed them to advance I bought energy etc. I now haven’t any stars. I keep getting reports but I cannot advance. What do I do now?

  66. I still can’t get to level 3. I do get a message saying “Congratulations you have mastered this case!” but that’s it can’t go any further can you help please.

    1. Have you asked friends for help to complete your reports? You will not be able to advance until 3 friends have helped you

  67. I am sending report request to my friend for the case 4, but he is not receiving any request for it. but he is able to send& receive energy to me…..

  68. Is there any benefit of buying from avatar shop? I meant to say does any kind of accessory help in the investigation or its just for show of.

  69. Unable to get to case 3. It asks me to ask friends for reports but each time I select a friend and click on send, it seems to send but I get nothing back from them….yet they send me requests for things. I’ve complete all things from Case 2. Did the additional investigation. The only things on my tablet are to get more energy (like get 100 energy for 3 stars) and the Get 5 stars in each crime scene for a gold crown. That’s it. The case itself is done with.

  70. I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked. I tried to read all the way through and didn’t see it.

    How can I increase the percentages that I am making towards a star? I notice that one doesn’t make many points per game. Does the amount ever change or is it always the same percentage? Sometimes I am very fast at solving and makes lots of points yet I still only get about 10% or something like that towards making a star. Thanks for your help.

    1. Get teammates that have a full hint bar. Try to find objects fast enough to keep the bonus bar at X6 all the time. You can also buy boosters for both hints and power bar, if you have enough coins. Remember, the first star is easy to obtain and it gets harder and harder after that.

  71. I cleared level 8. Now it is asking me to collect reports from friends. But when I click on ‘Ask Friends For Help’ tab i cannot see any friends in the list. Why is this happening?

  72. I have cleared 1st and 2nd case with their additional investigations. But before case 3 i need to submit 3 reports. the problem arises when i am requesting my friends for a report. the request is not going to them. in fact when i am choosing them and clicking “send request’ button, the screen remains same.

  73. I cannot open #5 I have completed all of Case 4 with Gold crowns. Please tell me how do I open case 5? Thank you.

  74. Hey, If I earn all the stars in a case will it go unlock the next case? Even if i use the stars to trade for energy and not “unlock next case”? Or will I get stuck:-o

  75. Do I need to be friends with people first to invite them to play Criminal Case? I need people to write my reports… How does it work exactly with people on the facebook page of the game? help please

  76. im getting msgs dat my frns sent me energies bt wen i open my msgs in criminal case i dnt find evn single msg., wat shal i do fr dis??
    i dont find evn a single msg!!., hw to solve dis??

  77. I think it’s kind of ridiculous and unfair to require friends or cash to pass on the the third case. Any chance this will be revised? I enjoy the game but my friends don’t want to be bothered with game requests. Thanks!

  78. i have a task ‘restore broken action figure’ and i even have a star, but when i click to restore it , the entire screen is blank. The action figure is not displayed despite reloading. I really need to complete it to get on to the next case!

  79. I’m waiting to move to case 3, but I have a question. I was going to settle on paying to move on (i don’t have enough friends playing actively). However, my concern is that I’ll have to do this after every case….and that’s a bit pricey. Does this happen after every case?

    1. Yes, before starting every case from case 3, you’ll need help (reports) from 3 friends.

  80. How do i know whether m a 5 hint bonus partner or not????
    N how can one becum a 5 hint bonus partner?????
    Pls help me really fast. m in desperate need of it.

    1. It co-relates to your daily bonus. If you are picking up your daily bonus and it’s Chips, then you are at 5 hints to your teammates.

  81. I have a TON of coins. Can these be used to buy energy or is it JUST to add to your Avatar – clothing etc. I’d love to be able to buy energy from it!

    1. You can use them to boost your points. Just before you go to the full screen, you will note a bonus bar 500 for knife, 1500 for hints and 3000 to load the bar. Select either the 1500 (hints) can get up to 100,000 points or the 3,000 which gives additiona multiples of the items you find.

  82. how can i post the free links when i level up or rank up to the criminal case page just says ‘post to you wall’…

    1. do the following: post the level up in your facebook wall, then visit your facebook wall, right click on the promotional link you just published, and then share where and as you like.

  83. I played criminal case and reached to level 7 and now when i open it, it gives me timeout error and doesn’t download and when i refresh the page, it does the same
    I changed the browser several time i used firefox, google chrome and opera browsers and nonsense done

    how can i play this game again :( ??

  84. I have 18,500 coins and 3 stars (Case 2) but no energy. I can examine the trash bag for one star but what do I get for it as I thought I was to save my stars. Also Not understanding how to redeem coins for boosters, how to?

  85. while playing criminal scene, and got the full bonus bar (6 bonus bar), i thought that i had clicked the right object fast enough, but why the bonus bar lost suddenly? it happened many times. It should lost while I clicked the wrong object, but it also often happen with the right one. anybody can explain it?

    1. You dont have too and in fact you are risking your Facebook account when repeteadly joining groups that get banned.

  86. I have over 36,000 coins, but when I try to use them, it takes me to a page to buy them or buy cash. I just want to use my coins, not buy more.

    1. It’s your own rank in the leaderboards for that particular scene. You only compete against your facebook friends (those who play criminal case of course)

  87. ok I am playing crimminal case off of my facebook page I have a problem with my flash player that keeps popping up, and when it does i can not send out the cards that need to be send then only thing i can do is keep closing it. to send them out but why is this happening, any one have any ideas??

    1. There are some sights under earn cash where yu can do a survey or sign up for a game app to earn points

  88. i canot play criminal case because there is an error “OOPS!
    Could not connect to the game.

    There was an error while
    contacting the server :/

    Please refresh
    Error Info:
    Timeout:SCGame.swf”i have refreshed so many time but same thing happens.

  89. I noticed a trophy that says “potato farmer” which states something about going onto a friend’s timeline and finding potato chips. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to go on a friend’s timeline in this game….is it something I have to do in facebook itself?

    1. Well, if you have TONS of facebook friends that play criminal case, you will eventually see the Potato Chips (just like you do with the Orange Juice) the “friend’s timeline” is actually posted in your own wall. Make sure you have game feeds enabled, especially criminal case.

  90. What good are the ‘coins’? Can you use them to ‘buy’ energy? It seems that I don’t get to play very long at the time because I keep running out of energy but I keep winning coins and I wish I could buy some energy with the coins.

  91. Hi im at case 5, only thing left to do was analyze complaint record, do i have to wait 5 hours before i can hit the instant button before i can contineu playing?

  92. What happens to your remaining stars after you’ve completed a case? How can you use them all up if you haven’t already?

    1. your remaining stars after you finished the game you can use to buy juice chips or burgers depending on how many you have

  93. not able to open new case…..have asked my friends many times…..they are responding but case is not opening

  94. Does anyone play this game on a pc with touchscreen? Are you able to touch items to select them instead of using a mouse? Any issues with the game?

  95. Hi
    New to the game, just wondering if I exit the game will I still get an energy point every few minutes? Also I’m currently doing a 3 hour analysis, do I have to leave the game running whilst this happens?

  96. Is there any way, any way at all to earn cash and not buy it? I do not want to give out credit card information, I don’t want to purchase anything, or purchase cash for that matter. I tried to do several surveys, and after investing time in the qualifying phase, they tell me they are not interested in me. I am so frustrated……… having the cash would solve many issues I have in the game.

  97. i want to change criminal case game resolution to 1366*768 in order to play in my full laptop screen size. is it possible?

  98. does anyone know how to become a potato farmer or an orange farmer? it says something about collecting potato chips or orange juices on your friends timeline. anyone know how to do this?

  99. Would like to know if there is any way to increase the maximum energy limit from 110? I know that I can have more energy than that, but is there any way to increase it so that overnight it will accumulate more than 110 energy points? Thanks

  100. I cannot get my puzzle to line up and connect, tried several times, and I can’t move on to next case until this is done, any help out there to move on thanks

  101. When people send you daily energy it says sen/accept how come i can only accept and ones who can accept and send how do they get that option?

    1. Everyday, CCase let you claim your daily prize and send “free gifts” in energy to your partners.
      Actually, these gifts are the 2 energy message, and they will have the option to send you back 1 EP more.
      If they do not claim the message, you won’t get the energy point.

  102. i have every star collected in level 2 but spent all the stars on energy. now i cant get to level 3 because i need 1 more star. how do i get it?

  103. Now i want go to case 4 but i need 3 reports but until know i cant’t play this game coz i need 2 reports (1 report i hv got).i was tell to another friends and they said already give the report but why i still not get the 2 reports.

  104. I had around 18,000 coins when I was on case #5 and then they disappeared. What happened? Do they expire? Are they taken away when you go to the next case????

  105. Can you please explain how the police dog systems works. I have won gold medals, but I still don’t have enough for a dog, even though it tells me I need just 2! TIA

  106. How come when friends send me an energy I always accept and send them back but when I check on my inventory I am not seeing the energy I accepted. Please help. Thanks

  107. “Lucky Cards” question. Is there a way to move cards to different rows? I notice that I have several of the SAME card in one row (indicated by x2, x3 etc…)

  108. Why am I getting a message “reward all used up” when I click on a “get orange Juice from a friend”? I only get this message when I select this one friend’s OJ and there is no way too many of her friends have used the reward especially when she has last played at 1am and I am selecting the reward at 6am. This just started happening with her rewards.

  109. why cant we delete people that don’t play no more without deleting them as friends. They stay in the **add teammate ** and they should not be there. When we remove someone they should be removed from whole game.

  110. I’ve had suspects give me gifts a few times but I can’t find them. like when I returned a guys wallet he gave me a coat. where are these items?

  111. i have got 12,000 coins
    How do i convert that to buy energy.
    it is not displaying
    i m in level 3 additional information.

  112. Hi! I’ve got a problem, I completed case 9 and I cannot go to case 10 because it is blocked but there isn’t a way to send an help request to friends….Can someone please help me?

  113. Any idea why some people to gather stars have to earn twice as many points as the others? on some 5th stars i get to gather 17 000 000 pts, im on case 8. it ridiculous

  114. Case 4, I need to more stars to unlock a crime scene game is not giving me opportunity to earn stars. I have completed all over crime screen and currently have 11 stars. But I need two more to unlock a crime scene. So, I’m stuck on case 4. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!

  115. When getting energy to rebuild, I have watched how much time is needed for each energy point. I thought it was supposed to be an energy point for every 2 minutes. My friend only acquires an energy point every 3 min and 20 seconds. Can anyone explain?

  116. i can’t accesthe game since two days ago..i don’t know what told that “Timeout:1470040977c29cb2f05e8cfa01c9de6b_sc_maps.swf”

    wht should i do to acces the game and play again..?? thanks before

  117. I have a question. I do not see any options under the list of partners that lets me spend my coins. My friend has those options to fill the energy bar, increase partners hints etc. I am on Case 2. How do I get those options?

  118. i just randomly lost 5 of my friends on criminal case, one of them being my boyfriend. We have reinvited and no connection is established

  119. when trying to load the game it gives this message
    oops could not connect to the game

    there is an error in connecting to the game server :/

    please refresh

  120. I can’t receive or sent energy to my friends. Any possible cause? At first it appears on my Notification but once I clicked it and go to the game page there’s nothing on my message. The app. notif. is turned on but doesn’t change anything. I still have no request on the “Message” tab. Help please. I’m using Firefox Browser.

    1. I use google chrome and was having the same problem. Instead of check all I sent the gifts 1 by 1 until I found 2 players that I couldn’t send gifts to and deleted them from my team. problem solved. I think they quit playing and stopped notifications.

  121. have just completed level 8 all scenes and solved the crime…..cannot get onto level 9 for some reason….went onto map and it jumps from level 8 to level 10…any idea why???

  122. I cant find where to get some help with this problem, I was given an offer to make some different purchases and if I did iwould be given cash for the game. I did choose to make a monthly payment to the ASPCA and I made the payment. But I still haven’t received the cash. It has been about two weeks now. can anyone out there help me

  123. Ok…so I’ve had no response…getting pretty pissed off. Why the hell should I have to spend another 2 to 3 weeks solving a case I’ve already solved and completed all stages in??? Doing my head in this game….will more than likely delete very soon……NOT HAPPY!!!!!!

  124. In scene 2 the screen freezes just before i’m taken to the time trial in the shop. I’ve already chosen my partner and the cutscene with the police car has passed. It’s just sitting at a picture of the detective desk. Any suggestions? I’ve already lost energy… :'(

    1. Scratch that, i think it’s a fault with the fullscreen option, because when i don’t click it when it prompts me, the scene opens up fine…

  125. I am on the last part of case 18 and I cannot move on. I have no more things to do in the case but I cannot go to case 19, why???? I have 6 first place’s, 2 seconds and 1 third place. What is going on???

  126. HI,
    When i send any gift or free energy then a message saw “sorry something went wrong. please click reload and try again”. When i click reload and it is hang. Please help me to solved this Problem.
    Thank you

  127. sometime back too much criminal case was showing up and i disables it… now i have tried everything in my privacy settings but i dont get criminal case activities in my gamesfeed … also when share coins they dont get posted to my timeline…..pls help me resolve these issues … thanks

  128. Enjoy playing … some questions:

    1) When I make an arrest, I get a gold, silver, or bronze award. What sm I doing/not doing that determines what level award I get? Time it took me to get to that point?

    2) When I play criminal case on Mozilla I can’t send prizes/cards to my partners. I hit submit, the picture goes fuzzy, but then it freezes there. I have to reload the page. Doesn’t happen on Explorer. Any ideas of how to fix? I didn’t have this problem previously until I had a trojan virus. I removed the virus, but perhaps it damaged some files?

  129. I am on Case 3 and it has the pink underwear, but the arrrows won’t go in the direction I was them to and I cannot get past that. Any help please

  130. I just lost all my criminal case friends on my” ask friends for energy” list. The friends who don’t play the game are still there. Can you help me? Thanks ,Julane

  131. How doI increase my rank? Also-how can I increase my points when finding the hidden objects (besides, of course, doing it faster? Thanks!

  132. How do I increase my rank? Also, how can I increase my points when finding the hidden objects (besides, of course, doing it faster? Thanks. Does getting a dog help increase your points?

  133. I have over 1190 friends that play. Some are in the 400 and no longer require as much help. I believe some have gone as far as they can. My computer is older. So when I try to get to lower level players my game freezes. I would like to take the 400s off my team. How do I do this without unfriending.I feel this will help to get to the lower level players.

  134. No puedo abrir Criminal Case y me sale Información de Error:
    Timeout:SCGame.swf,que tengo que hacer para solucionarlo?

  135. Why make it so difficult to get a star? It drags the game out until it makes it very monotonous to play when everything takes a star to get to the next stage of the game and it takes such a ridiculous amount of energy playing the same scene over and over just to get one star! And then to get the next stage you have to start the process all over again to get, yet another star to examine the next clue!! And on top of all of that, unless you spend actual cash money to speed the process up you have to wait HOUR, sometimes DAYS, for stuff to be ‘analyze’ unless you pay cash for ‘instant analysis’ on the body or item. It just takes too long to get a star or too much time to wait on analyzing stuff. Being on a fixed income, I can’t afford to keep paying money to pay for ‘instant’ anything and it really gets boring having to play the same scenes over and over and over and over, just to earn one star at a time only to have to do it again for the next clue. Thank you.

  136. please help, are the additional investigations the mini games that are referred to, if not what and where can i find the mini games?

  137. I think I inadvertantly turned
    OFF the notifications because
    I haven’t gotten any coins or OJ notices on my page. how do
    I turn it back on?

  138. I play under more than one name, and on one of my names the get more energy is lit up but when I click on it it says “No videos available right now. Please check back again later.” I don’t understand this when the videos are available under the other name. How can I fix this?? I need extra energy to finish a sta now and then.

  139. The place to watch videos is lit, when I click on it says hat no video are available at this time. I play with more than one name and I don’t get that notice on my other names, is there anything I can do to get over this problem?

  140. I have purchased cash to buy energy several times, and the big boss comes and replenishes my energy, however, whenever he does that, I lose my purchased energy or the energy that is sent to me by other players. So far I’ve lost about 350 to 400. My facebook friends are not interested in this game and I didn’t know how to contact people who are. Can you help me?

  141. I got a notice that told me to play previous finished locations for 5 energy points to fill the stars 2 X faster. What stars is it talking about ? If it is the little box to the right below the cashbox nothing is being added to it ???

  142. There are several videos you offer in order to collect extra energy. Most of these videos will not load and play. IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU WOULD CHECK THE GAMES TO BE SURE THEY ARE WORKING CORRECTLY

  143. I am currently on lease 2 but it won’t let me unlock case 3 cause I do not have enough stars….but there are no more stars to get so I have no clue how to proceed

    1. I am having the same problem but with proceeding to case 3. I have sent multiple emails when I click the report a problem button but it’s bein over a week and still no response

  144. can any one tell me how to let criminal case app publish on my wall again i disabled it and i can’t find the coins and i want back please if anyone knows how tell me.

  145. I have not played for a while and I am confused. I have collected all the stars on the current level (12) completed each scene and identified the killer – why does my game not progress to the enxt level?

  146. I have complete case 2 and have 6 stars but it does not show me the option to go to next level or to ask for reports. What do I do?

  147. I have earned all my stars on Case #1 and Case #3 in order to purchase a dog. Criminal Case says I have earned all my stars and has given me a gold medal for Case #3 but not Case #1. It shows I have completed everything but has not given me a medal. Has anyone else had this problem? Any idea how I can fix it?

  148. Does any one know what you do after you have completed all the cases in Criminal Case and you haven’t got the 3 medals, it won’t let me go on further either.

    This is the email I received tonight, any ideas that I can pass on ?

    I do not play this game and know nothing about it at all.


  149. I am at level 22 I think. My sister is also playing but she is at a much higher level than I am. She tells me that she has beaten me at finding items. I don’t see h ow she is doing that as I am not at the same level as she is. How is that possible. I know I can beat her at my level because she has already done that level. Hopefully you have an answer for me. Thank you.

  150. I finished level 10, received 5 stars in all crime scenes. My phone glitched and now, even though I show 5 stars in all of my crime scenes it still says I only have two of the three stars needed to move on to level 11. I have tried to contact criminal case support but they are not responding. Any ideas on how to fix the problem? P.S. Same issue when I log into Facebook from a computer now too.

  151. Every time I try to send my friends a free gift or energy my screen fades and freezes. I’m trying to get to Case #3 but can’t send out the request to my friends because of this.

  152. my criminal case app is not working….i am having windows XP and i have updated windows flash player…adobe flash player everything but still not working…….everytime it says timeout swf….it is happening from the past 1 week…please help…

  153. Sorry, I don’t have time to read all the previous questions and this may have already been asked. How do we actually send the 2 energy to our friends? I know when I use the send gifts, it only sends one energy and I assume when we send the card to our helper, it only sends a card. Thanks.

  154. I cannot unlock case 11 because I am short 1 star. I have already obtained all possible stars which I believe is 45. I have 2 stars but need 3 to unlock case 11. How can I unlock if im short a star and no ability to get another star cause I already had them all.

  155. hey my windows seven doesnt work to play criminal case on face book so i have to play on my phone. pretty disappointing. how can i fix this

    p.s. it fails to work for every facebook game, with 2 or 3 exceptions

    1. What OS system are you using? Try Google chrome and see if that helps. I always had trouble trying to play games on FB using Internet Explorer …. just didn’t want to work for some reason.

  156. hey my windows seven doesnt work to play criminal case on face book so i have to play on my phone. pretty disappointing. how can i fix this

    p.s. it fails to work for every facebook game, with 2 or 3 exceptions

    1. Nothing; it just costs you one star. But so far, I’ve only ever found one suspect who matches all the evidence.

  157. I have a dog who occasionally finds a lucky card… But the card does not seem to go into my collection. For example, it’ll find a Queen of Diamonds but when I check my collection, there’s still no Queen of Diamonds. Any thoughts??

  158. Is there a way to add people without freinding them on facebook? Very few people I know are actual players, but I’m not about to add a bunch of strangers on facebook just to play.

  159. Hello,
    I have a huge dillema cause there are few days since i cannot see Energy and Cards in my message box…all i can see are requests from my friends which i recently added…so is very frustrating to cannot see the Cards & Energy you got, i am desperatelly asking for a help. I got an advice to remove the game from my app then to add it again…well i have done this 4-th time by now. No result! I really want to play the game again cause i am so addicted. Thanx :/

  160. My friend started playing the game after me and i’ve sent multiple invites to join my team but they aren’t showing up on it. They claim i’m on THEIR team but all I get is a never ending “add to team” prompt on mine

  161. Hi there.
    How can i send free energy to my friends? Always when i start the game, the button doesn’t work!

  162. My friend isn’t showing up on my team list yet I am on hers. I cant use her as a partner or gift her anything. Does anyone know how to sort this?

  163. i have reached upto case 3. yesterday night i played the game ..
    next morning when i open the game it reaches to case 1..
    how it comes???

  164. How come I don’t get the SHARE COINS icon everytime I progress in a case? However, I have no trouble sharing OJs and Potato Chips.

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