Criminal Case Case 4 to 6 Scenes Walkthrough

Welcome to the most complete Criminal Case‘s Cases Walkthrough for Cases 4,5 and 6. We revise every case in detail. If you’re having problems solving a scene or a puzzle, simply leave a message below and we’ll reply right away.

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  • VICTIM: Dan Broke
  • WEAPON: Pocket Knife
  • SUSPECTS: James Smith, Gloria Roach, Sally Stone, Bart Williams, Bulldog
  • LOCATION: Grimsborough Port, Studio Sally’s Apartment, Oakville Valley; Bulldog’s working place

The Docks
The Docks
Living Room
Living Room

Garbage Bin
Garbage Bin

  • Crime Scene 1. The Docks
    • Clues: [Victim’s Body, Dan’s Wallet,Broken Badge]
  • Crime Scene 2. Living Room
    • Clues: [Sally’s Bag]
  • Crime Scene 3. Container
    • Clues: [Cigarette Butt]
  • Crime Scene 4. Bed
    • Clues: [Sally’s Shoes]
  • Crime Scene 5. Backstreet
    • Clues: [Bloody Poster]
  • Crime Scene 6. Garbage Bin
    • Clues: [Knife]



  • Investigate The Docks
  • Get The Badge Driver’s Testimony
  • Examine Broken Badge
  • Examine Dan’s Wallet
  • Autopsy Victim’s Body
  • Ask The Building Supervisor About The Victim
  • Question Sally Stone about the victim
  • Investigate Living Room
  • Examine Sally’s Bag
  • Go To Chapter 2



  • Investigate Container
  • Examine Cigarette Butt
  • See what James Smith Wants
  • Examine Drug Package
  • Investigate Bed>
  • Talk To Bart about the Drug Package
  • Question Bulldog about the Victim
  • Investigate BackStreet
  • Examine Bloody Poster
  • Analyze Soil Sample
  • Confront Sally about being on the docks
  • Question bulldog about the blood found in the alley



  • Investigate Garbage Bin
  • Examine Knife
  • Analize Blood
  • Take Care of The Killer Now
  • Go To Additional Investigation



  • Chek up on James Smith
  • Check up on Sally Stone
  • Check up on Bart Williams


  • VICTIM: Anton Levin
  • WEAPON: -
  • KILLER: -
  • LOCATION: Levin’s REstaurant, 89 Winniped Avenue

The Dining Room
The Dining Room
Mikhail's Apartment
Mikhail’s Apartment


  • Garland
  • Turtle
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Crack
  • Scarf
  • Gun
  • Painting
  • Lipstick
  • Kiss
  • Infinity
  • Globe
  • Bowling Ball
  • Spaguetti
  • French Fries
  • Bouquet
  • Heart
  • Humidity Stain



  • Axe
  • Remote Control
  • Lipstick
  • Broom
  • Slipper
  • Roller Blades
  • Cow
  • Monster
  • Cup of Coffee
  • Chocolate Box



  • Crocodile
  • Bird
  • Ginger
  • Bottle
  • CCTV Camera
  • Trash Bag
  • Flag
  • Frog
  • Rat


The Tables
The Tables
Living Room
Living Room
Sewers Conduit
Sewers Conduit

Crime Scenes for Case 5

  • Crime Scene 1. The Dining Room
    • Clues: [Smashed Phone, Victim’s Body]
  • Crime Scene 2. Mikhail’s Apartment
    • Clues: [Cartoon Pieces]
  • Crime Scene 3. Sewers
    • Clues: [Wallet, Gold Watch]
  • Crime Scene 4. The Tables
    • Clues: [Ledger, Bloody Napkin]
  • Crime Scene 5. Living Room
    • Clues: [Sanitizer, Card]
  • Crime Scene 6. Sewers Conduit
    • Clues: [Gold Chain, Meat Tenderizer]



  • Investigate Dining Room
  • Autopsy Anton Levin
  • Examine Smashed Phone
  • Ask Marconi About The Picture
  • Investigate Mikhail’s Apartment
  • Examine Cartoon Pieces



  • Talk to Bart
  • Investigate Sewers
  • Examine Wallet
  • Examine Gold Watch
  • Talk to Tony MArconi
  • Talk to Dimitri
  • Investigate The Tables
  • Ask Eva about her relationship with Anton
  • Examine Bloody Napkin
  • Examine Ledger



  • Investigate Living Room
  • Make Dimitri Talk
  • Investigate Sewers Conduit
  • Examine Card
  • Examine Gold Chain
  • Analyze Meat Tenderizer
  • Analyze Phone Number
  • Make Bart Squeal
  • Analyze Blood Residues


  • VICTIM: Ed Dunkin
  • WEAPON: -
  • KILLER: -
  • SUSPECTS: Harry Landry, Angel Martinez, Zeus
  • LOCATION: Queen Street Station

Subway Station
Subway Station
Third Floor
Third Floor

Subway Seats
Subway Seats
 Ed's Desk
Ed’s Desk
Submerged Car
Submerged Car

  • Crime Scene 1. Subway Platform
    • Clues: [Victim’s Body, Garbage Bag]
  • Crime Scene 2. Third Floor
    • Clues: [Torn Page]
  • Crime Scene 3. Riverbed
    • Clues: [Gun]
  • Crime Scene 4. Subway Seats
    • Clues: [Betting Ticket]
  • Crime Scene 5. Ed’s Desk
    • Clues: [Phone Number, Drawer]



  • Investigate Subway Station
  • Talk to Harry Landry, the victim’s partner
  • Examine Garbage Bag
  • Autopsy Victim’s Body
  • Analyze USB Key
  • Investigate Third Floor
  • Examine Torn Page
  • Interrogate Angel Martinez about his ties to the victim.
  • Interrogate Zeus about his ties to the victim.
  • Ask Freddie Whitmore about his ties to the victim
  • investigate Ed’s Desk
  • examine drawer
  • analyze phone number



  • Investigate Riverbed
  • Ask Harry about the other suspects
  • Interrogate the woman who saw the killer
  • Analyze Gun
  • investigate subway seats
  • examine betting ticket

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146 thoughts on “Criminal Case Case 4 to 6 Scenes Walkthrough”

  1. So is it worth it to finish all the stars for a gold medal or should i just move on to the next case?

    Also, how can i find other people playing the game… only 2 of my fb friends are playing so I’m playing every day with about 115 energy and it’s taking FOREVER!!

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Go to the next case, if you have too much free time after the case is completely finished, you should see tasks where you can exchange stars for energy.
      The official app page of Criminal Case is the best spot to get friends that play the game.

    2. i am almost @case5 i will sent you the killer so you can update the page of •WEAPON: –
      •KILLER: –
      is that good?

    3. i have found the murderweapon on case 5 its a meat tenderizer am so close 2 the killer i will sent send you the killer and suspects soon mayby tonight or else tommorow




    5. hi I play criminal case friend please my id name Donovan Tavarez facebook me give u energy send me friend request dear thanks

  2. i,ve been following this forum from past few weeks…..but now looks like quick gamer guyz has stopped giving walk through for next cases 5 n 6…i,m on case 5 now..but no help this time??????????

    1. As for the walk threw for cases 5 n 6, Scroll down the 1-3, there with be 2 choices in blue lettering, One says walkthrew and the one below it says cases 4-5-6. click on that and you will see the case scenes. click on the scene. it will be full size. put it in your favorites so you can refer to them. Unfort. there is nothing for help after case 6. Your on your own after 6.good luck.

  3. I am at a place where I have to wait for 3 reports to be sent by friends. Without waiting is there a way to bypass this step?

  4. PLEASE CLARIFY MY DOUBT….in my account energy refills for every 3 min 20 secs an i’m in level 14 case 4…but my friend’s account energy refills for 2 mins 40 secs and he’s in level 12 case 3….how is it possible???…whats maing the difference…please please tell me

    1. Quite good question. I guess it might depend on two things; how often do you log in to the game, the Case itself. We were not aware that energy refills also changed from one account to the other.

  5. I am lvl 12 and my energy refills every 2mins, my husbands acct refills every 3min 20s and he is a lvl 10 but has remained constant since the beginning….any ideas?

    1. I am trying to figure out how to get more energy quicker too. I have a friend who plays and she ALWAYS gets refilled to more than 110. How is that possible? I would love to get energy every 2 mins rather than every 3 min 20 sec. I am currently a level 15 and play ALL the time.

    1. here..i have marked them for you.. also marked the “8” which someone was asking abv.

    2. Do you have screenshots for cases 7 onwards? It seems these guys have thrown in the towel.

    3. Did you notice that case 6 was updated during the last few days?. We’ll be soon creating Case 7, 8 and 9. If someone wants to submit the scenes with all objects marked up, that would be awesome.

    4. Jo… the outlet is at the far end of the room on the bottom of the wall… the coin is on the front top of the desk… tucked under some papers… all you can see is a small corner or a silver coin. I have not found the cross yet.

    5. Meg, the Cross is on the Noticeboard on the left side. It’s not a crucifix, rather a cross made by a pencil and encircled to mark a spot on a map, it seems.

  6. quickgamer….in case 4 the additional investigation hw long is it…..u have given onli check up on 3 guys…is it onli tht or we have to do further in each check up….

    1. @ soel in additional investigation of case 4…
      u need find the delivery form,decipher address on it then need to hnadover to James smith…
      and then u have to find out anti depressnats pills and to anlyse and need to handover that to Sally stone..
      and u ve to find wallet of Bart williams and rearrange the photo pieces in that…and then u have to talk to bart williams

    2. also, in every case’ additional investigation, u ll get a burger after helping 1 of them..
      case 4 – sally
      case 5 – dimitri
      case 6 – ginger
      don’t remember abt earlier cases..

    1. SO far as I know…

      Level 5 – Deputy
      Level 12 – Detective
      Level 20 – Corporal
      Level 32 – Sergeant
      Level 45 – Lieutenant
      Level 60 – Captain

      would let you know more if I came across any….

    2. 1 : Officer
      5 : Deputy
      12 : Detective
      20 : Corporal
      32 : Sergeant
      45 : Lieutenant
      60 : Captain
      75 : Major
      100 : Inspector
      125 : Lead Inspector
      150 : Commander
      175 : Deputy Chief
      200 : Commissioner
      250 : Sheriff
      300 : Ranger

  7. Killer in Case 5 is — Mikhail ( Son of the Victim)

    There is additional investigation as well…

    Can u please upload the hints at Sewer Conduit as it is very much complicated.


  8. since dis site helped me a lot ders one glitch i found … idk u all must b knowing but still would like 2 share….. actually wen u r in crime scene just do a right click on mouse nd c a magic ….. currently m on case 4 .. hope i helped u

  9. Thanks for this site–I love having the pictures to give me the feeling I can find something faster—I don’t but at least I feel like I will :-)

  10. Thanks very much for doing the guides for these.

    Just one thing – please can you put the killer for each case in spoiler text or at the bottom so that we can use the guide whilst trying to guess the killer ourselves

    1. 1. Torn Ribbon hanging from the fan on the roof
      2. Harmonica is just below the mouse and keyboard, inside the drawer of the desk
      3. Surfboard is right behind the electric fan next to a shelf on the extreme right of the scene!

    1. The case 20 is the latest case available, in order to unlock it, you need to finish all previous levels.

  11. Case 6

    Victim : Ed Dunkin
    Murder Weapon : Police Gun
    Killer : Harry Landry
    Suspects : Harry Landry , Angel Martinez , Zeus , Ginger , Freddie Whitmore

  12. Case #5 A Russian Case
    Victim:-Anton Levin.
    Weapon:-I forgot it.
    Killer:-Mikhail Levin.
    Suspects:-Mikhail Levin,Tony Marconi,Eva Coleman and Dimitri Balanchine.
    Location:-Levin’s Restaurant, 89 Winniped Avenue.

    1. I think the weapon is like a brush with pointy something that killed Anton Levin by pressing it on has head maybe

    2. Oh yeah it was Meat Tenderizer
      On Case 5
      Victim: Anton Levin
      Weapon: Meat Tenderizer
      Killer: Mikhai Levin
      I know why Mikhail killed him because Anton Levin is having an affair with Eva

  13. Hi,quickgamer,are you sure there aren’t additional investigation on case 5?BTW i analized the pregnancy carton one but they ask me to ask Levin’s son,and i dont have marcony as a suspect….

  14. I am on Case 6 in chapter 2…all of a sudden his morning…all my team mates disappeared… friends on any case or no pictures o team mates on the industrial site…!!

    1. You’re not alone, we received quite a lot of messages and lots of people are reporting it in the official facebook app page. The most active players seem to be the ones that dissapear the most.

    1. Not at all, you need to complete all tasks in the additional investigation, talking to the people are the firsts tasks, you will then have to complete other tasks. In total, you should estimate that 4 stars are needed per scene, including the bonus ones, to complete a case and unlock the next one.

    2. So all investigations require 36 stars, right? It doesn’t require more than that? Are the higher cases requiring more stars? @quickgamer… please reply! thanks xx

    1. Police Badge is in the drawer right below Handcuffs.

      The Cross is on the Noticeboard on the left side. It’s not a crucifix, rather a cross made by a pencil and encircled to mark a spot on a map, it seems.

  15. Do we just have to talk to any suspect through stars? Why?
    Because owning any star is very difficult and by owning one stars reduces our 90% of energy and that energy is refilled fully approx. 6 hours. Therefore in one day, we can”t play only one crime scene just for getting our stars so that we can talk to our suspect. Do you have something easy way so that we can talk to our suspect and even examine the broken object or any clue and can you tell me the victim, suspect, weapon,killer and location of case 5,6 and 7 respectively.

  16. How do you get promoted from corporal to detective? My friend is 2 levels below me but she has already been promoted to detective and I am still corporal. Do you have to get really high scores, or get all the gold stars? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you :)

  17. Case 5 – The Dining Room

    bowling ball
    bread sticks
    dish cloth
    fire extinquisher
    french fries
    happy face
    humidity stain
    hunting cap
    lightning bolt
    lipstick kiss
    owl’s head
    Russian dolls
    spicy bottle
    swiss cheese
    teddy bear
    vodka bottle
    wine bottle
    wine stain

    1. Before the update, it was just clothes and stuff merely to decorate your character. But now, you can spend coins to apply boosters to each scene, there are a total of 3 boosters which you can choose from (you can pick the 3 if you want to) right after you choose the scene.

  18. My friend and I am playing at the same time. He needs less points to fill a star than me. For example in case#5 he needed 700.000 to fill the first star of the first scene while I needed 1.200.000. This difference gets more for the coming stars. So he makes more stars with less energy. Do you know why there is this difference ? Or how I can avoid ? Please help :(

  19. also, i had one facebook account that i started playing on, but i opened a new account so i can add players. but in my first account i still collected chips, juices and burgers. can i move those over to my new account?

  20. I finished case 5 and need to ask 3 friends to help with reports so as to proceed to 6. When I click on it, nothing happens. Been stuck here for a week. How can I fix this?

    1. i am at the end of case 5 and cant seem to put the broken doll or idol or whatever you call it together there seems to be a piece of the leg missing or something have tried a dozen times cant go on with out it please help

  21. please tell us how you refill the energy because we are only get 110 to 120 credit and this is very short time to use this game. also advise how you get promotion, when we click screen coming and says not promotion available.

  22. Hi, can anyone tell me what’s that new Thing with the Police dog. do I have to go to all completed cases and get all stars to get the Gold medal to adopt the dog? what is the dog necessary for? any idea anyone? in Banking area you Need 12 Gold medals to adopt the dog. thank you.

  23. Why can’t I examine the broken camera on crime scene 6 level 2. I can’t seem to put it together properly. It’s as though you need to turn some of the pieces around for it to fit.

    1. Where is the quick reply you promise, is anyone actually reading any of these comments. It’s a week since I asked a question and had no response.

  24. On case # 4– I have completed all of the scenes and have identified the killer and have earned 17 stars but I have never seen where to end this case and go on to case # 5. Could you please help me?

  25. On any of the puzzle bonus scenes, when I drag a tile to its appropriate place, it occasionally will go back to the spot I dragged it from. I’ve had to drag some tiles as many as three or four times before they stay where I have put them.

    Is there a trick to it, or perhaps something I’m not doing correctly?


  26. I completed case 4, but it shows the killer not shown on suspect page…I tried leveling up but that didn’t help..used up all my stars, that didn’t help..keep getting a message that say mastered all scenes keep trying for better scores….?? why cant I go to the next scene?


  28. Case 5 – broken action figure.

    I have completed this three times but cannot find the place for the spear, is there a picture of the completed action figure? Thankyou

  29. I’m curious at what happens if you arrest the wrong killer. I’ve never done it before, but I’ve always wondered what would happen.

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