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    1. that’s where! i do the bonus where you find 60 and always get the arrow, no clue where it was…

    1. the pin-ups on the left red locker on the far right its the chick in a dress magnet

    1. The aerial is next to the red locker, under the graffiti. Above the traffic cone, next to the jacket. It’s slightly hidden behind the jacket.

    1. bra to the right of the car hanging it is pink

      broom is to the right of the ‘house’ near the worker helmet

    1. tomato-a picture above the front tire of the car
      aerial- to the right of the red lockers left of the jacket
      and yes that is the skull

    1. oar is by the back of the car to the right, barral is between the shack and car, wheel is half buried tire on bottom right hand side.

    2. The oar is next to the shack, beside the blue planks with the snake on them. The barrel is partially hidden behind the shack, to the right of the car, next to the pink bra. Both are at the centre of the picture. The wheel is buried in the ground next to the spring and the traffic cone, on the right of the picture.

    1. the foam finger is to the left of the tv and directly underneath the shoe.
      The duvet is in the trolley on the bottom left of the screen

  1. when you hold the cursor over the name of the item you are looking for, it will show a picture of the item. i find this very helpful now that I know exactly what i am looking for.

  2. Tin can is below 47 sign, above jeans; Net is behind shack, in front of window… huge covering. Wipers are on the car; car wiper blades. Sprout is by dice, radio, and bird… little plant growing up out of ground.

    So – anyone know where is gas bottle?

    1. GoldenTooth: in the trash can.
      Broom: between shack and the red cabinet with the pinup.

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