Homeless Camp


  1. where is the arrow in this scene please?

    • It’s located on the right side of the matress, below the basket ball.

    • that’s where! i do the bonus where you find 60 and always get the arrow, no clue where it was…

    • arrow is on the top of the worker helmet ok

  2. You just answered where basketball is! thanks Where is boxer shorts?

    • Below the 47 sign. To the left side of the snake drawing.

  3. where is the fish please?

    • Top-Left corner of the screen, above the yellow skull sign.

  4. Where’s the machete?
    Thanks in advance..

    • Above the briefcase and below the bowl.

  5. where the the shoe is, plz ?

    • Below the district sign.

  6. Where is the Sock ?

    • To the right side of the barrel.

    • More accurate to say below the briefcase

  7. Where’s the “Pin Up” and the “Jacket” Plz…

    • The jacket is below the graffiti and the pin up is the only item we never managed to locate.

    • the pinup is on the red locker

    • Pin up is located below the yellow worker helmet … right side of the broom and fuel can.

    • pinup is at the top of red box, beside worker helmet, yellow color symbol

    • pinup is in the left pink box below the yellow helmet

    • the pin-ups on the left red locker on the far right its the chick in a dress magnet

  8. salad ?

    • below the graffiti and the wooden plank, to the very right side of the screen.

  9. spring, plz ??

    • all the way on the right, on the bottom. between the wheel and a wooden beam.

  10. Found the Pin UP … its the picture of the girl on the red locker.

    • Thanks.

  11. missing person? thank you

    • It’s found on the very middle bottom of the scene, below the bottle and the dog dish.

  12. Where are the backpack and gloves please?

    • the backpack is below the radio and the gloves and right next to the orange cone.

  13. Where is the oar?

    • standing up against the blue boards with the snake on them

  14. where’s the banana? thank you

    • on the roof … on the left side of the bowl

  15. where is the aerial please? thank you in advance :)

    • The aerial is next to the red locker, under the graffiti. Above the traffic cone, next to the jacket. It’s slightly hidden behind the jacket.

  16. where is the bird?

    • The shadow between the dice/key and tire track ;)

  17. where is the bird i can’t find it :( thanks..

    • it’s a shadow on the ground to the right of the key and up a little

  18. Where is the pi, wheel and bloody dishcloth, please?

    • the dishcloth is on top of the car front lights. the pi is a drawing on top of the locker.

    • The wheel?

    • wheel is buried on the right side to the left of the spring

  19. where is the bird thanks

    • It’s at the bottom, above the key, and to the left side of the tire track.

  20. can someone tell me where the sprout is ????

    • Right next to the duck, the dice and the tire track.

  21. Looking for the wheel…

    • it’s half buried. on the right side down, underneath the orange cone.

  22. Where is a wheel?

  23. Anyone find the bra and the broom?

    • bra to the right of the car hanging it is pink

      broom is to the right of the ‘house’ near the worker helmet

  24. Where is the wheel?

  25. Where is the wheel? Thank You.

  26. can someone tell me where are the wheel, banana and tire track?

  27. ~Tomato and Aerial please and thank you?
    ~and by Skull do they mean the skull and crossbones on the yellow sign?

    • tomato-a picture above the front tire of the car
      aerial- to the right of the red lockers left of the jacket
      and yes that is the skull

  28. Never mind, about the skull, it was the skull and crossbones on the sign in the far left back. Thanks again

    • where is the wheel?? thanks in advance :)

    • Duvet? :(

  29. tomato and aerial pleeeeaaassseeee thanks!!

  30. where is oar , barrel and wheel

    • oar is by the back of the car to the right, barral is between the shack and car, wheel is half buried tire on bottom right hand side.

    • The oar is next to the shack, beside the blue planks with the snake on them. The barrel is partially hidden behind the shack, to the right of the car, next to the pink bra. Both are at the centre of the picture. The wheel is buried in the ground next to the spring and the traffic cone, on the right of the picture.

  31. where is the spring?

    • spring is bottom right hand side between tire and wooden plank

    • The spring is on the extreme right, next to a plank.

  32. where is foam finger and duvet?

    • the foam finger is to the left of the tv and directly underneath the shoe.
      The duvet is in the trolley on the bottom left of the screen

  33. does anyone know where the district sign is please?

  34. Where is the Eddy? Can anyone help? Please and thank you in advance. :)

  35. The Eddy is a named chair, holds the radio. In front of the driver’s door of the car

  36. when you hold the cursor over the name of the item you are looking for, it will show a picture of the item. i find this very helpful now that I know exactly what i am looking for.

    • This is true. However, you will lose momentum and lose the bonus points bar.

  37. Why don’t you label the image and upload. It’ll be easier for you rather than answer everything after ;)

    • We’ll be uploading tagged images from now on.

    • where is the district sign pls???????????

    • On the left side of the screen. Placed on the wall right next to the Lantern Fish.

  38. Where is the tin can Please and TY!!!

  39. Where is Sam’s gold tooth?

  40. where is the tin can?

    • at the back of the car

  41. where is the net?

    • beside the oar.. on the right

  42. the wipers and the sprout, please?

  43. Tin can is below 47 sign, above jeans; Net is behind shack, in front of window… huge covering. Wipers are on the car; car wiper blades. Sprout is by dice, radio, and bird… little plant growing up out of ground.

    So – anyone know where is gas bottle?

    • in between the radio and tomato

  44. Where is shovel?

    • The gas bottle is next to the radio, and the shovel is up the back between the No Wolves and District signs

  45. where is sams gold tooth please?

  46. where is the cd?

    • the cd is to the left of the doll hanging above the fence behind the shed

  47. Sam’s Golden Tooth & Br0om ?

    • GoldenTooth: in the trash can.
      Broom: between shack and the red cabinet with the pinup.

  48. Cd is just above the basketball

  49. where is the plastic galon ??

    • Hanging next to the oar on the top centre of the scene

  50. can’t seem to find the cat. thanks for all your help.

    • Cat is on the mail box above the ’47’ sign

  51. where can i find duvet

    • Duvet is in the trolley on the left side besides the battery.

  52. where is arrow , sprout and jacket?

  53. Where is teh matress , arrow and skull

  54. where is the license plate and sock is missing ??

    • License Plate: On the top right corner
      Sock: Rainbow colored object between barrel and briefcase below the banana

  55. Where Is the mattress ? :(

  56. where is the arrow?

  57. Where is the victims body?

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