Criminal Case – Cases 16 Scenes Walkthrough [The Kiss of Death]

Welcome to the most complete Criminal Case‘s Cases Walkthrough for Cases 16. We detail all victims, suspects, free hamburgers and, weapons and tasks for each case. If you’re having problems solving a crime scene screenshot or a puzzle, simply leave a message below and we’ll reply right away. We’ll be updating the object list for each scene progressively and not all at once.


  • Crime Scene 1. Square’s Entrance
    • Clues: [Victim’s Body, Blank Sticky Notes, Tablet Computer, Victim’s ID]
  • Crime Scene 2. Newsroom
    • Clues: [Pile of Folders]
  • Crime Scene 3. Rachel Priest’s Desk
    • Clues: [necklace, Broken Hard Disk]
  • Crime Scene 4. Casino’s Top Floor
    • Clues: [torn photos]

Casino Games
Casino Games
Rachel Priest's Desk
Rachel Priest’s Desk

Square Entrance
Square Entrance
Square Steps
Square Steps
Top Floor
Top Floor



  • Investigate Square’s Entrance
  • Autopsy the Victim’s Body
  • Examine Tablet Computer
  • Examine Blank Sticky Notes
  • Quizz Rachel Priest about the victim
  • Ask Rozalina about the victim
  • Investigate Newsroom
  • Examine Pile of Folders
  • Confront Rachel about her files on Emma
  • Go to Chapter 2




  • Ask Richard about hiring Emma’s Services
  • Investigate Rachel Priest’s Desk
  • Examine Broken Hard Drive
  • Examine Unknown Molecules
  • Examine Torn Photographs
  • Analyze Hard Drive
  • Question Rozalina about enslaving Emma
  • Question the crazy old lady
  • Analyze Photograph
  • Ask Roger about his row with Emma


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10 thoughts on “Criminal Case – Cases 16 Scenes Walkthrough [The Kiss of Death]”

  1. Hi, I am on Case 16 and as usual am trying to earn all stars. I am not having a problem but would like to know how to earn more coins besides those we are awarded by Ramirez, from playing the game and those our dog earns for us. Customizing our character is very expensive. The outfit I would like totals 131,000 coins. How can we possibly earn that much and use the coins for boosters also? Thanks

  2. Good evening I very much enjoy playing your game Criminal Case. In case 16 you have the US Flag flying upside-down I was wondering if it would be too much trouble to turn it over as the way it should be. You also did the same thing in one other case, I just can’t remember in which case it was right now but it too was flying upside-down inside. Thank you Captain Orrell.

  3. VICTIM: Emma Ternon
    WEAPON: Defenestration
    KILLER: Roger Dence
    SUSPECTS: Rachel Priest, Rozalina Davidov, Josie Picket, Richard Dobbs, Roger Dence
    FREE HAMBURGERS: Rachel Priest

  4. I am on case 16 and my lab processing the tasks will not complete. Any ideas on what to do. I have all stars but the lab isn’t working correctly

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