Criminal Case Guide: Cases Walkthrough

Welcome to the most complete Criminal Case‘s Cases Walkthrough. We revise every case in detail. If you’re having problems solving a scene or a puzzle, simply leave a message below and we’ll reply right away.

At the end of each case’s chapter, you will find the thumbnail of each crime scene, which is linked to a bigger image of it so you can take the time to figure out and memorize where are all the hidden objects/hints. If you still can’t leave a comment below so we can give you the location.

This guide contains Cases 1, 2 and 3 only.


Crime: The victim is Ned Dillard, after his hand was brutally cut off, he slowly bled to death.


The first chapter takes place at the abandoned house, where the location where the hand was cut off and also the first crime scene of Joe’s mini market.


  • Crime Scene 1: Junkyard Garden.
    • Clues. [Cut-off hand]
  • Crime Scene 2: Dirty Bathroom.
    • Clues. [flammable liquid, victim’s body, victim’s clothes, bloody saw]
  • Crime Scene 3: Mini MArket
    • Clues. [Trash bag]
  • Extra Crime Scene: Abandoned House Bonus
  • Autopsy Victim’s Body
  • Examine Flammable Liquid
  • Examine Tooth
  • Talk To Dave Simmons
  • Talk to Joe Stern
  • Talk To Tony MArconi
  • Examine Trash Bag
  • Unlock Chapter 2


  • Joe Stern
  • Dave Simmons
  • Tony MArconi


  • Bloody Saw

Junkyard Garden

Junkyard Garden

Dirty Bathroom

Dirty Bathroom

Joe's Minimarket


During the second chapter, the captain tells you to come back to the first two crimes scenes to find more evidence.

  • Crime Scene 1: Market Shelves
    • Clues. [Surveilance Camera]
  • Extra Crime Scene: Joe’s Mini Market Bonus Time Attack [unlocked after obtaining 9 stars in total in Corpse in a Garden]
  • Investigate Junkyard Garden Again
    • Clues. [Pile of Leaves]
  • Investigate Dirty Bathroom Again
    • Clues. [tie clip]
  • Examine: Pile of Leaves [you will find a card, it’s located on the upper right side of the pile you need to examine]
  • Analyze Fingerprints
  • Examine: The Clip [simply click on any grid and follow the arrow]
  • Examinine: Phone Number
  • Talk to Maria Sanchez
  • Talk to Dennis Brown
  • Examine Torn List
  • Analyze Surveilance Camera
Market Shelves

Market Shelves


  • Check Dave Simmons presence on Crime Scene
  • Assist Joe Sterns
  • Investigate Market Shelves
    • Hint: Box of Cookies
  • Investigate Junkyard Garden
    • Hint: stained documents
  • Examine Box of Cookies
  • Analyze bag of Powder
  • Examine Stained Documents
  • Analyze File Number
  • Tell Joe Sterns about the Drug
  • Interrogate Dave Simmons about Marconi’s Plans


You will gain access to Case #3, only after you do the following:

  • Get a 100% progress in Chapter #2 Additional Investigation
  • Complete “Investigate Next Case” task [1 star]
  • Get 3 friends to write the required reports by the captain, or buy them with 20 in-game cash.
  • VICTIM: Jennifer Carter
  • WEAPON: Bloody Cleaver
  • KILLER: Thrish Colletti
  • SUSPECTS: Raoul Colletti, Trish Colletti, Raphael Soza, One-Tooth-Sam, Vanessa Carter
  • LOCATION: Colletti Butchery, Cooperville & Carter’s Home



  • Crime Scene 1. Warehouse
  • Crime Scene 2. Homeless Camp
    • Clues 1: [victim’s body, bloody shoe print, garbage can]
    • Clues 2: [panties]
  • Crime Scene 3. Bonus Homeless Camp

The Warehouse

The Warehouse

Homeless Camp

Homeless Camp


  • Find the body in the Butchery’s Warehouse
  • Talk to Raoul Colletti
  • Examine Garbage Can
  • Autopsy Victim’s Body
  • Analyze Bloody Shoe Print
  • Talk To Thris Colletti
  • Talk to Raphael Soza
  • Investigate Homeless Camp
  • Examine Panties
  • Analyze DNA
  • Unlock Chapter 2



  • Crime Scene 1. Jennifer’s Backpack
    • Clues 1: [Cellphone]
  • Crime Scene 2. Vanessa’s Kitchen/li>
    • Clues 1: [Torn Page]<
  • Crime Scene 3. Shack/li>
    • Clues 1: [Bloodstained Rag]
  • Crime Scene 4. Vanessa’s Kitchen Bonus

Jennifer's Backpack

Jennifer’s Backpack

Vanessa's Kitchen

Vanessa’s Kitchen




  • Talk to Vanessa Carter
  • Investigate Jennifer’s Backpack
  • Analyze Cellphone
  • Talk to Raoul Colletti
  • Investigate Vanessa’s Kitchen
  • examine torn page
  • Investigate Shack
  • examine bloodstained rag
  • Go To Chapter 3



  • Crime Scene 1. Breakfast Table
    • Clues 1: [Groceries]
Breakfast Table

Breakfast Table


  • Talk to Vanessa Carter
  • Investigate Breakfast Table
  • Examine Groceries
  • Analyze Heart
  • Take Care of the Killer Now
  • Go To Additional Investigation



  • Talk to Vanessa Carter
  • Talk to One-Tooth-Sam
  • Talk to Raoul Colletti
  • Investigate Warehouse
  • Examine Glasses
  • Investigate Hoomeless Camp
  • Examine Trash Can
  • Investigate Vanessa’s Kitchen
  • Examine Broken Medal



  1. I like this game very much but have a question ” why have you made it that it takes so long to attain gold stars ? “, it is very frustrating only being able to do half the task , please try to remedy this thank-you . I don’t want to stop playing but at the moment I feel it takes too long thank-you Gillian

    • Gillian,

      First of all, we just provide game guides, we have nothing to do with Pretty Simple games, which is Criminal Case developer. It is true though, that they’ve raised the bar way too high, I guess lots of people are buying cash to get energy so they don’t feel the need to make it any easier for you to obtain those stars.

  2. Hi there.. I just want to know how to go to case 3.. I can’t move in to that case. I have 11team mates already.. :(

    • Did you complete the task “Investigate Next Case” that appears right after you get 100% completion in Case #2 Additional Investigation of Corpse in a Garden?

    • One more thing, remember that your friends, the ones you sent the 3 reports requested by the captain, need to log in to the game and ACCEPT the request, until the three reports are sent back, you wont be able to access the Case #3, unless you buy 20 cash with 2 US dollars.

    • You need to keep asking people on facebook, not just your teamates to give you a report…………only people who play can give reports and they can only give 1 report each when you have 3 reports you will be aloud to play case 3

  3. help me on case 4 please
    btw, thanks very much
    this walkthrough very helpfully
    and I just wondering if quickgamer have the screenshot with “the click things” of the crime scenes
    (example on the breakfast table, there are snake, scorpion, newspaper, pizza, steak, etc)
    thanks again :)

    • we’ll start adding those screenshots with the object location included, and also add case 4 soon.

  4. How are we suppose to find 60 objects in 60 seconds? It is impossible. I have made it to 37 and that is it.

    • You first need a computer powerful enough so the game flows properly and doesn’t lag. Second, you need to figure out a clicking sequence so the objects you click on are near each other. Finally, yes, only a few can complete the 60 objects achievement.

    • I have reached 60 objects more than once
      you jus have to concentate

    • I got 59! I was so mad because i was only 1 off!

    • i made 1,000,000+ points in 60 objects bonus games many times :)

    • It is very easy to get 60 items in 60 seconds once you learn where all the stuff is.

    • dude i found 60 items in 10 sec u just need a cheat engine

    • The more you play, the faster you get. You start to remember where everything is. I have done it many times, and have gold crowns (number 1 player) with those puzzles.

    • With practice, I have made it to 47 and I’m positive i can get to 60 in 60 if i manage to memorize were all of those are.

    • i got to 59, and i even had time over but didn’t know where that one thing was… also the longer you play the more time you get. in the beginning you get 40 sec, and it goes up to at least 70.

    • i can find all object in 30 seconds or less.. the key is you have to practice.. i often get the time attack scenes to 5 stars first before others.. >_< ..

  5. It costs 1 star to arrest a suspect, if you pick the wrong one do you lose the star??? If so, who is the killer in Case 3?

    • Yes, you lose it. You should read the guide better, the killer is Trish Colletti.

    • the girl with yellow on

  6. Hey Quickgamer….

    First of all you guys did a wonderful job by adding such details of cases…..keep it up……
    i just wanna ask can you explain how scoring of points calculated in crime scene? i observed when i clicked 47 items in 60 secs.i scored more than when i clicked 52 items in 60 secs. I understand the concept of hint bonus of friend but how X2, X3 ,..X6 works when i click the item???

    • Great question. Although we cannot provide you with the exact formula to calculate the score, we are 100% sure of the following:

      If you manage to click the right items up to the point of getting to the X6 part of the bar and STAY THERE finding other objects, you will get a multiplier effect on points scored
      As you progress through the scene, subsequent stars need more points to be earned, this is why you end up spending a ton of energy while getting the last star, and if you manage to take a look at our screenshots before doing the scene and memorize the objects, you can get the first star with almost in just a couple of sessions.

      Regarding the scenario you point out, you have probably missed a click and lost the entire bonus bar, thus missing the multiplier effect for a while.

    • Thanx for the reply…..
      I,m also confused in 1 thing…when i play with a team mate in crime scene….2-3 friends of mine plays shown up with full 5 hint bonus while other play with 1-2 hint bonus..
      Can you tell me how the full 5 hint bonus reach for a team mate n how it works??

    • Another good question. We are not sure how you get 5-hint team mates, but it’s highly likely that the ones that have a 5-hint play the game frequently. Another possibility is that there’s a daily quota, we’ve only seen up to three team mates showing all hints, but that after that it just goes down.

    • awesome tip.

    • if ur teammates claim the daiy bonus regularly u get the 5 hint teammate. Even if they dont play they just need to login and claim the bonus for u to get the 5-hint teammate…if they accidentally miss claiming the bonus for a day … the hint goes down to 1.. i have 10 5-hint teammates who claim their daily bonuses almost regularly.

    • Thanks for the info, we thought it wasn’t necessary to claim the bonus, just login to the game was enough, but since the bonus windows is the first thing that shows up anyways.

    • it depends on the frequency of the user playing the game. if you don’t log in for a day you will lose one hint point. that means the daily player who plays everyday gets 5 hints, the one who only got 4 hints means they missed a day to play, and so on.

    • Just want to let you know when a player is missing one day the hint goes back at 1 it take 5 consecutive day to build back the hint points to 100.000 points from your friends and to have your potato chips since dec 10 i play and notice that from some friends never miss a day i know some friends had miss day of playing and their hint had drop from 5 to 1

    • I believe the number of hints is the level of daily bonus the friend is on.. just a speculation though..

    • How do I get gold crowns? I have completed 1 and 2 and do not see where I got any crowns..thank you…

    • Hi all,, I was wondering why I do not have any gold crowns in 1 and 2..I have completed them both and it does not show that I have any crowns.but in 3 it shows up in the corner of three of the scenes I completed… that I have gold crowns..grrr .also is there a help button anywhere in the game? Thanks..Have a wonderful day!!

    • It has to do with the rankings you have achieved in each scene. Check again what’s your position on each one of them.

    • So do I have to keep playing 1 and 2 even though I have all the stars? To get a higher score (more points)
      or crown?

    • You need to get the highest score of all people playing to get the golden crowns.

    • The gold crowns are earned in each scene, based on your score. You have to be the number 1 player (the highest scorer) among your friends to get the gold crown. 2nd place scorer is the silver crown, 3rd place scorer is the bronze crown. To get the gold crown for the entire case, you have to complete ALL of the stars in each scene; you have to earn 5 stars in each scene of that case.

  7. I saw a guy who got 1 million points in the time Bonus … is it possible ???

    • It is. Mind you, we’ve seen cheat engines that do the clicking for you. If you see a person in your rankings that always gets super high scores, they are using it for sure.

    • Hi there, when I select friends to help me to unlock case 3 the game freezes, it does the same if i send gifts or cards. Does anybody know what to do ?
      keep the good work

    • Well, do the usual, try to do the same exact thing but using another browser. If the game throw the same error, you could post the message in the official facebook app page, since Pretty Simple Games has not yet created a forum for Criminal Case.

    • I have noticed that my game freezes while sending free energy if one of the people I am sending to is no longer a friend of mine on facebook. I had to unfriend them from the game and not send them anything for it to continue working again.

    • it is possible. i think the limit is I got a by myself. If they scored more than a million and a hundred thousand there’s a big possibility that they’re using cheats.

    • I have received high scores very close to 1 million, and I don’t use any kind of cheat engine. I wouldn’t even know where to get that. I just persevered, and kept playing until I got the high scores. I just today found out that the highest scores come after all 5 stars have been earned, and you play for only 5 energy.

    • yes it is possible i did 1 020 000 points in the time bonus without the clicking thing just be relax and concentrate some scene are easier then the other and you have to make sure to really click on the thing like the pencil the paper clip ect are harder once you study with the tip i gave earlier and click exactly on the item you can do it i think i did some in 45 sec when they gave me 70 sec to do the scene and usually it’s on the 5th star you can earn 1.000.000 points

    • I’ve scored around 1,015,000 in a couple of time attack scenes. But only reached that in the fifth star or beyond (playing for 20xp) with 5 hints. At that stage you’ll obviously remember the positions of all the items, the clicking speed will vary the score (mainly the time bonus)..

    • In a regular scene, that I had played a lot and had 5 stars, I got to 1.07M with the “6+s” bonus selected for $3,000 when I started. I kept the click pace up so that the 6+s stayed full.
      It’s best to do this with a 5-hint game, to max your points.

    • yes it is.. and you don’t have to use cheat engines.. time attack is my favorite scene in all cases.. i play it over and over again.. i usually get 1 million+ score on time attacks..

    • I have gotten over a million points on quite a few of the cases without buying a power up and I have never used a cheat program, so I have to wholeheartedly disagree with your statement “If you see a person in your rankings that always gets super high scores, they are using it for sure.”

  8. Hope these help. They helped me :) and forgive if I missed anything.

    Junkyard Garden :

    Dirty Bathroom :

    Mini Market:

    Market Shelves:

    The Warehouse:

    Homeless Camp:

    Jennifer’s Backpack:

    Vanessa’s Kitchen:


    Breakfast Table:

    • Outstanding Job. Thanks a lot for taking the time to point out all the objects in those scenes.

    • thank u turk good job helped us a lot

    • You’re welcome ^^ I am glad that it helped. I will do the same thing for next chapters later :)

    • THANKS A LOT!!! great job

    • do u do HIDDEN EXPRESS sceens?? Thx

    • yes, click on the corresponding link on the right sidebar

    • Uh, Turk, I believe you missed two. The hanging lamp has 888 on it and the baseball under the shade.

    • You also missed the “no wolf” board ;)

  9. How can you earn more stars? Is there a good reason to buy new equipment or clothes like the glasses?

    • No, character customization has nothing to do with getting more stars.

  10. who is the killer on case 2? ive read the guide, and it doesnt mentions the killer. i dont want to lose my star by clicking the wrong suspect. thanks.

    • It’s not that hard, just match the suspect with the clues.

    • all the clues should lead you to the bodygaurd! Forgot his name?

  11. do you can mention why in case the suspect kill the victim? My Notebook always lag. and i can’t read that carefully.. by the way.. thanks for your help.. its very helpfull.. :)

    • i mean in case 3

    • Do you mean including the dialogues?. Maybe that’s a bit too much and would not add anything valuable to our walkthroughs.

    • okay.. but can you give tips, so my computer won’t lag again??

    • When playing the game, make sure you have fully cleaned the cache and that is the only tab you have opened. Chrome, when used without addon, is the lightest of all browser and the game will run smoothly there.

    • okay,, thanks for your help :)…

    • You can also try going to task manager and closing unwanted programs in the background

  12. can you buy food with stars

    • Yes, you can. But only once you have fully finished the additional mission for each case. The stars gained can be applied on any case you want.

  13. I have one question.I finished the the 2nd case and when i want to ask friends to give me reports the game craches.What i have to do?

    • Close the Browser and that open it again ..

      if it didn’t work .. clear the browser cookies, restart the browser than open the game

      after that the game should work perfectly =D

  14. I have been awarded a “Free” plaid hat from One Tooth Sam for returning a missing gold tooth to him and was told it could be found in my inventory. Where do I look for it because I can’t seem to see it anywhere in any of my avatar tabs.

    • there’s nowhere else to look at. Another bug then.

    • The hat is in with the hair,

  15. What do you have to complete to get to case 4?

    • Just keep completing all tasks that appear in your tablet, and that includes finishing the additional mission.

  16. how many additional cases shud v solve in case 3…? am stil gettin an additional case after de one u mentioned above… plz help..

    • No, there’s only 1 additional mission. After you finish it, you will the task “Go To The Next Case”, or “Unlock Next Case”, thats the only one you need to worry about.

  17. is ter any way to get a star quickly? the 1st star can be easily obtained after 2 few games… but de final star s takin a lot of games.. wat to do?

    • The first and second star in all crime scenes are easier to obtain. Specially when you have friends that play daily and have the full hint bar.

    • Hello,
      the 1st star always takes 4 at most to unlock .. and you can unlock it even faster if you first find the object by looking for them that clicking on them all at the same time and fast .. like that you will get PERFECT SCORE.

      the 2nd star it will take you 7 to 8 times to complete it only if you are fast in locating the objects ..

      so, first locate the object by looking for them that collect them FAST AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME WITHOUT STOOPING

  18. any tip on find the difference……….i am not able to score high in that

  19. Hi there is there any other way i can have more energy pts i am on case 8 and a tip for gamers is each time i go to investigate a place on the first time before i start is i press print screen Sysrq button and paste it on paintthen on paint save the image or scene as the name of the scene EX the dock 1 case #3 then study it for about 20 or 30 min then go back into my game sometimes only with 1 (20) energy point i can fill a star you don’t have to study while your time is running in your game i better lose couple sec the first time i play a scene then lose min to look for only 1 item

  20. How quickly does the cash that you buy, transfer into energy?

    • You need to buy the energy food with the game cash you obtained. Simply run out of energy and click on any Crime Scene to let the food purchase window appear.

  21. I can’t find the aerial, jacket or arrow in the homeless camp. Can anyone help?

    • the jacket is on the right side of the screen next to the salad..the arrow it’s under the basketball..i don’t know about the aerial

    • Thanks. I think I’ve spotted the aerial now sandwiched between the locker with Pi on top and said jacket. I was looking for a feathered arrow, lol

  22. Good evening,
    First of all, i want to thank you for helping us solve the cases ..
    I have some Q about the game:
    1- Dose the energy Bar increase when we finish certain case >> or it will stay at 110 for ever !?

    2- at what level i get to rank up from a deputy to another rank?


  23. Do you by any chance know what the “cool down effect” is mentioned in the trophies???

    • I believe that “Cool Down” refers to when you click incorrectly too many times while searching for an item. I’ve gotten it once or twice but not recently.

  24. When I have worked on a scene there is a message to reward the ‘hint’ friend with a playing card. If I skip this, what happens to the card? I’ve been playing with a lot of ‘friends’, should have full hints value as I haven’t missed a day but only received three cards.

  25. What is the deal with ranking up? None of my friends have posted “chips” in days. Do we have to keep adding newbies to get the chips?

    • Well, the more the better

    • we get burger just to daily rewards everyday! i am in Case #6 that;s y! :D

  26. Does buying the Identity card and the walkie talkie in the character customization shop helps or its just for nothing

  27. need help in the level 5…please can u update it properly………..casuse many things are missing

  28. Hi Where are the thumbnails you are talking about that you can study to memorize where thins are to increase your scores. Thank you in advance for your help.

  29. i don’t know how to go to case 4 do i need to completee 5 stars in each

  30. Is it easier to play on computer, I use my tablet. Also on case 2 the torn list I cannot examine it for some reason it doesn’t come up.

    • Same Problem here…did you find a fix for it?

  31. where’s the ‘coffee bean’ located in the market shelves??

    • It is on the underside of the middle shelf, directly above the ice cream cone

  32. Hope someone can help me! I am playing case #2 while waiting for my last report to open case #3. Now on case #2, it does not say my name for the high score but gives an id#. It also has my name as another player. Also, I can’t open case #3 to buy the 3rd report that I need. Does anyone have any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance

  33. Admin Please help me, I’m in case no- 4 and i have only two more friends in the case but I’m Ranked-22. Is this a bug???
    Moreover, I’ve earned gold crown in many crime scenes but then also my name is not on the top. Please help me out with this!

    • Did they ever respond? I have noticed the same thing.

  34. when you have completed a case you can go back and use 5 energy to find more items. Is this worth doing? You’ve got all the stars so what’s the point?

    • Exactly, since you need to spend energy to get the food it seems contradictive. HOWEVER, if you just plan to store energy, meaning, you don’t play new scenes, simply store up food for whenever you plan to go forward with the new case.

    • i use the 5 energy game play when I am almost ready to level up.. that way i can spend 5 energy points a few times and get 20 exp points every time.. then after i rank up, i get a full energy bar again!

  35. Hi, I am done with the Roadside, Wrecked House and Roadside Bonus in the case #1 and in case #2 done with Junkyard garden, Dirty Bathroom, Abandoned house bonus, Mini Market, Market Shelves, Mini Market Bonus… I am stuck at level 13 with $1 and full energy.. and click on case #3, it is asking for the reports from the friends… been waiting for long for reports from friends but none are sending.. how can i go to the next case or any other places i need to identify in the 2 cases i had completed to go further..

    please advice and thanx in advance…


  36. Is it possible to reach 1 million in a scene (other than time attack) without using cheat engines? (I never use cheat engines and can only reach

    • Yes, it’s possible, but only when filling up the fifth star of each regular scene and performing well.

    • hi there….i just write about that…998,00?for me it’s only 992,00 in 10sec my best score!how did you succeded it?is there any way??

    • Hi vivi, once you have filled all the stars in a case and unlock that case for 5 energy instead of 20 energy, your able to find more objects or have a longer timed game…and as long as you keep up the ‘bonus’ bar at the top; your score will be increased to a level better than when collecting the stars!

  37. i arrested the suspect in case 3 but how did we confirm that the butcher colletti was not a smoker

    • Look,when you arrested the suspects,you can see the killer s profiles.Mr.Colletti is not a smoker,but his daughter is a smoker and Jennifer s killer.

  38. hi there…i have only one question and it’s really simpe…how to make high scores….i understand that if you finish a scene and then the game asks you to give 5 energy an d play again it’s possible to have a score let’s say 990,200 in 10 seconds….but i have seen some of my friends reaches 995,00…how it is possible?

    • it is posssible! i also have a score of 1,102,002 in the Breakfast Table Scene! we have to find things as fast as u can i am very fast at this game! :D

    • hey quickgamer.. who is the killer in case 2?? i really don’t know who it is.. i have only two suspects,, dave simmons and dennis brown..who among these 2 is the killer?? thanks.. :)

    • Purchase x6 Booster (3000 coins) then play… and you will get more score..

  39. When I get towards the end of a case I have the option to “get 5 stars on all crime scenes” but I don’t know how to do it??? Please help!!!

    • you just to investigate next case…. if you wanna complete the task.. you will be awarned a gold medal

  40. Although I dont require case 1 walk through but still it is missing on your website as your website says case 1,2, and 3 guide

    Still Website is very helpful

    • That’s the tutorial, we’ll upload the scenes anyways.

  41. Why is it that we *must* play the additional investigations in order to unlock the next case? I’ve already earned 20 stars to make a successful arrest — I’m ready to move on – why can’t they be optional? Also, why isn’t there a forum for this game?

    • Well, that’s how the game works. The game developers need to make a living of it, thus the additional investigation is a good incentive to buy energy food to speed up things a bit.

  42. can we earn points with help of coins..?if so can u pls tell me how to earn the points by giving coins..?

    • Yes, use the boosters right before you enter the scene, there are three in total.

  43. Case:1
    VICTIM: Rosa Wolf
    WEAPON: Bloody Knife
    KILLER: Matt Barry
    SUSPECTS: Matt Barry, “I FORGOT”
    LOCATION: Roadside, Wrecked House
    BONUS STAGE: Roadside Bonus

    VICTIM: Ned Dillard
    WEAPON: Bloody Saw
    KILLER: Dennis Brown
    SUSPECTS: Joe Stern, Dave Simmons, Tony Marconi, Maria Sanchez, Dennis Brown
    LOCATION: Junkyard Garden, Dirty Bathroom, Mini-Market, Market Shelves
    BONUS STAGE: Abandoned House Bonus, Mini-Market Bonus

  44. need case 2 help .where to find the “tie clip” :(

  45. what are the diffrent criminal case ranks and which level can we become them?

    • I would also like to know this, searched and searched and cant seem to find the answer. if anyone knows please share x

    • Tazzer and Aman, I believe you get promoted by continuing to do the additional investigation tasks that keep getting offered. I was promoted several times without being aware of it until later, but I had done the tasks of going back to give additional help to the other suspects who were innocent. You also gain coins energy, and points for moving up. Check the trophy icon, and it will give you a better idea. This game is one, I feel, where slow but steady wins the race. The more coins you have, the better, because you can then buy hints to make up for all those one-hint friends, and the more hints left after a search, the more points you gain.

    • Level 05 – Promoted to Deputy
      Level 12 – Promoted to Detective
      Level 20 – Promoted to Corporal
      Level 32 – Promoted to Sergeant
      Level 45 – Promoted to Lieutenant
      Level 60 – Promoted to Captain
      Level 75 – Promoted to Major
      Level 100 – Promoted to Inspector
      Level 125 – Promoted to Lead Inspector
      Level 150 – Promoted to Commander
      Level 275 – Promoted to Deputy Chief
      Level 200 – Promoted to Commissioner
      Level 250 – Promoted to Sheriff
      Level 300 – Promoted to Ranger

  46. I was wondering if you notice it when someone else captures the gold crown. Not in the ranking-list after you’ve completed the scene but in the scene selection where you can see what crowns you’ve earned and select the scenes (duh) :P I’m trying hard to earn gold crowns now but if you can’t see anything of it later it would be for nothing. I like seeing #1 on top. Sucks that there are cheat-engines though, I guess it will be impossible to beat them at a higher level. I don’t get why people like to “win” that way.

  47. is there a way to increase the number of Jones’ hint bar?

  48. if you can make a list of the objects required to be found in every scene it would be of great help, we can then study the scene carefully and locate the objects before we start the game. Thanks :)

    • From case 11 on, we will pinpoint all objects on each scene screenshot and list them below. It would be awesome if you guys can send us older scenes marked up.

  49. Hi pls help me iam playing case 3 1st chapter i hav evidence the panties but i dnt know how to play ( Examine Panties ) pls guide me wat 2 do

  50. I had collected 7 stars, used one to talk to a suspect and now the remaining 6 have disappeared!!

  51. i have completed 5 stars on case 1 and 2 but dont know what to do next please help me

  52. How come when I complete the offer for the6 650 cash, 1200 energy etc., it doesn’t work. It always says that I didn’t complete #3 which I have on several occasions.

  53. Does it really cost $70.00 for 100 energy points?? That’s only 5 times playing a game since it cost 20 energys for each game!!!

  54. My partner and I started playing Criminal Case at the same time, but every time we start a new scene, she requires almost twice as many points as I do to earn each star. Is there any reason for this? Is it based on our relative rankings or numbers of team-mates? As it happens she has one more team mate than I do.

  55. consulta como hago para llenar mas mis indicios osea mis amigos cuando me tiene de jugador apoyo… ellos me ven con uno solo …y te da 20 y cuando tienees los 5 te da 100??? como es ayuda?

  56. i went from the grim butcher to the docks without making a arrest did i miss something???

  57. Hi,
    How do get “Relax” achievement?

    • Jusr randomly click on the crime scene

  58. my pc is switching off when i start playing criminal case can any 1 help me out

  59. im on case2 corpse in junkyard and found the torn list i have a star but when i click on it to examine it gives me a white/grey screen and says restore how do i play this?

    • Yes I have the same problem, what can we do?

    • I have the same problem. What to do now?
      Has anyone a solution?

  60. hi,
    in Mini-Market scene,,,i’m scoring max 780000 and i’m finding the items very fast,,,,,,i heard some talking about Time Bonus they said you’ll have to find the items in 80 secs,,,,,how to get this timing ??? can’t find how to get 80 secs :(

    • With increase in number of stars in that scenario, your time will increase by itself..

  61. In the last week, my games have double in speed/ time. The clock seems to tick faster, my bars lose energy faster. It’s as if things have been speeding up on me, now, im not making squat for points.What gives? Did I not get a memo?

  62. Hi, I am trying to achieve the “quick as lightning” star, and the best I am able to do is 8 energy points… I just can’t seem to get to 9. I am on case no. 5, the Russian Case, is there a website where I can get the clues to help solve the puzzles to be able to score a 9? Thanks.

  63. Am I missing something. Why does it take so long to get engery. Seems like you would want people to have more gaming time

  64. I have to get over three times as many points to get a star compared to a family member on the same case same level. Requested to fix this and have been asked to provide my FB ID which I did 14 days ago still no response or fix. Is support always this bad?

  65. I wanted to know, how the scoring is done in hidden object scenario of criminal case. It looks me like on first correct click u get 25000, on second 30k*multiplier and so on, but i m not sure.. thnx in advance

  66. Can you tell me where i can find the guide to this game…like how to use boosters plz…

  67. thank u so much quick gamer u helped mee alot.. not only u told wat to do next but infact u helped me completely …. thanq ….

  68. I am playing this game through Facebook and I am on case #2. I have a touch screen that I use to play it and I can not figure out how to reconstruct the torn piece of paper. All it is, is a grey screen and I can’t figure out what to do with it. Please help!

  69. why don’t my partners’ scores show up on my scoreboard in Criminal Case

  70. I have the option to “Get 5 stars on all crime scenes”. When I click the link, “GO”, the several crimes scenes are blinking, but I don’t know what to do from there. Clicking on them only takes my energy to play again.

  71. Has anyone noticed why some people can earn stars quicker than others, My friend and I both play and for a star in level 7 they need 1.9 million for the first star and I need 1.2 million for the same star. any ideas

  72. where can i find tips/walkthroughs/clues for game number 6 please? Please help.

  73. what is the score calculation of criminal case game pls reply

  74. I am playing crime scene number three I have earned all stars in three of the nine scenes and ranked number 5 .Have earned 14 stars Next case says I need one more star to unlock but wont let me earn another star as all stars on unlocked crime scenes earned.How do I earn another star to unlock crime scene.I just keep playing the same scene over and over I have earned two gold and one silver crowns Need help to move on to next scene Thanks

  75. for verification – in all scenes do you have to have all stars in order to move forward to scene #3 along with reports for the Captain

  76. I am stranded on case 2 chapter of joe mini market I am unablee to find the items.Please help me

    • Use the hint button

  77. I have nearly finished case 2. I know I do need reports from 3 friends to get in case 3. How and where do I find those? I have only one partner I play with and I don’t want to pay.

  78. If I stay on a case to complete all levels to get gold crowns for police dog, when I go to next case will I lose all the stars I have accumalated?

    • Hey Kathy –
      You have to spend the stars in the individual case, you can buy soda, chips or a burger with the extra stars.

  79. Sorry, but do you have any idea how can I speed analysis of bodies and other stuffs? It make me nervous when I must wait hours and hours…Thanks for the answer… :)

  80. I’ve noticed a very strange thing happening in criminal case: my brother and I are playing this game with different accounts, and after completing the additional investigation, the same scenes require different scores to get the stars, and I’m not talking about few hundred thousands, I am talking about huge difference, for example, the last star of the same scene took me more than 14 million points, while it took him just above 5 million!!!

    do you have any explanation?

    • I also got this problem. I need to take more than 10 million to fill the 5 star for every scene on case 4, while here my friend only needs about 5 million. Any idea??

  81. I am not able to share coins…. nothing is published on my wall when i click on share button…

  82. How do you get game money without using real money? How can I find out if any of my partners help with reports?

  83. I want to know the scoring of the Time bonus.

    I mean, for how many seconds, we will get how much points?
    Eg, if we have finished a case in 15 seconds, we get 260,000 points as time bonus. I want to know at what time this goes 0?

    I want to know the time bonus os “Timed levels’ for eg, if we finish 60 objects in 60 seconds and 20 seconds is remaingin, how much points do we get?

  84. how do you earn caxh without buying it for real money

  85. I have finished the junkyard=etc. case and it says I”Ined your reports”
    I have asked friends but none of them play this game. (I don’t do a lot on F/B) why can’t I get to the next level?

    • Hi Jeri, I had the same problem. type in Criminal Case on facebook and look up groups. You can request teammates on those forums to play criminal case with. They will send you requests or you send them requests and you build up teammates that way. :) I hope this helped. You can request me for a teammate under Maggie Schlabach. :)

  86. Funny I don’t see any Q&A about the dogs. What happens when you place the dog off duty, you don’t have to feed his as often? Also, I’ve noticed other breeds of dogs since I had acquired mine. Do the different breeds do different things? I would appreciate any info at all on the “dogs”.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance and advise.

    • Yes, different dogs have differing levels of skills. Some will find energy, some will find XP points, some will find coins….when you choose a dog to adopt, their skills are listed. Once you have fed your dog to completion (the loyalty bar is totally filled), you will no longer have to feed that dog at all. There are more adoption points further in the game, however,they will require that you have completed ALL STARS in your previous crime scenes before you are able to open the adoption point.

  87. How do you unlock case 5- I have been on case 4 too long and am ready to give up!

  88. On level 17 all scenes cleared and shows murder solved wont go to next level what is wrong

  89. Why don’t I get rank 1 in cases when I get 8 golden crowns in 8 crime scenes. Earlier I needed only to get 5 golden crowns to rank 1 in a case. Now, I must get the whole 9 golden crowns to rank 1 and if they become just 8 , I rank 2

  90. How do I make use of the free coins that I am receiving I have over R30 000 but are unable to use them

    • Hi Juanita, You may use the coins you are earning to buy clothes, new faces, hairdos,accessories or even a police dog. You can find the icon for the clothes, hair, face, accessories at the bottom of your screen to the left. It looks like a doctors scrub uniform. Click on that to find many items you can buy. As for the police dogs, you can buy one after you after earned all gold stars on a certain amount of cases. To earn all gold stars, you must earn every star on a case, filling in every star on all the boards in every single case. But, on the bright side, by doing this, you also get to earn stuff like orange juice in exchange for one star, chips in exchange for two stars, or a hamburger in exchange for three stars.

  91. I am stuck on examine panties. No matter where I start the arrows, it does not follow a correct order. Can someone help. Thanks

    • Hi Ricky, when examining anything that uses the arrows, you must be willing and able to follow the arrows to their final destination. This may begin for example; in the upper right, then you click on the box the arrow is pointing to in succession until it reaches it’s end. For example: you begin by clicking on a box in the upper left corner-the next arrow then pops up pointing down-so click on the box it points to and then click on the box THAT arrow points to…etc, etc, etc. The examination requires you to be able to follow the arrows until the arrows lead you to either DNA, or some other substance. I hope this helped.

  92. How do you complete the Practice Makes Perfect trophy award? I am at level 28 and case #8 yet it says I only have 9 hours completed. I am confused as to how to accomplish and gain these trophies, even though the trophies mean nothing at all.Thanks

    • Hi BLJ, you earn trophies as you play the game. This trophy merely means that you can beat a scene with no hesitation or need for clues from teammate. As you play and advance, you will earn more of these trophies. There is no way to hurry them, except by being vigilante, observant and doing your very best. As each trophy is earned, a little message will appear on top right of screen, showing you title of trophy and how many of that trophy you have earned and have yet to earn. Good luck and I hope this helped. :)

  93. in case 2 it says if you want to get to case 3 you have to have 3 friends ” write a report”. (I don’t know what the means) or use 10 cash. I don’t have 10 cash and none of my friends play the game. is there any way of getting past that??

    • Hi Sarah, do you have teammates? If so, just click on them to reqeust reports. The same as when you request energy from teammates. You should have your threee reqports soon after…maybe in a day or less. The game will send your teammates a request to help you with your reports. They just click on it and it gets sent to your game. :) I hope this helped.

  94. Case #21, examine shredded paper, it will not allow me to restore the broken item. Two pieces will not click together with the rest.

  95. I have all my stars in the scenes and I need I more star to unlocked next case how do I that

  96. I have a question. How do you use the “Get all stars on all scenes” reward you get at the end of each case?

  97. When I play criminal case on facebook, it freezes when I try to share free energy with other teammates, or when I try to click on add teammate and when I try to send card to teammate after we did a case together. PLease fix this bug. It is also happening to my husband and my daughter. And it does not matter if I am on google chrome, internet explorer or firefox. :(

  98. I can’t get a dog, I have 3 medals in all> for one case # 5
    Please tell me what I need to do to get a dog.

    • the easiest is get all the stars in both the first crime scenes and second crimes scenes, I was confused at this too at first..

  99. Hi
    I’m wondering how the scoring works. Is there a breakdown listed anywhere?

  100. How do I restore a broken item?

  101. Heyy, I want to ask. Is there any other way to get the reports? My friends get really angry when I send the the requests :/

  102. How do I get to the avatar shop?

    • I’m on case #7 and I’ve seen a flying angel 3 or 4 times. What does that mean

  103. When i start playing a scene on first screen it shows the bonus level of hints of my friends. how this level increased?

  104. I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for posting. He removes the greatest ornament of friendship, who takes away from it respect. by Cicero. eedaccdkkdff

  105. Hi there. Merely desired to question an instant dilemma. cabegfabeekg

  106. I cannot get through case two even though I paid $10.00 for the documents/reports. Friends are not helping. Can you please let me through??? I really enjoy the game! Thank you.

    Laura Jean

  107. how a dog finds something? is there any calculation or probability law of dog’s findings?

  108. what to do with the cards what are their purpose and how do you pass how cards do you need . I just need some explanation and use of the cards

  109. I don’t have friends that can send me a report to go to level 3. Does that mean I cannot continue to play? I don’t want to pay or buy cash…can there be a way
    Thank you regards Vincenzo

  110. Hi there,
    I have a question. I completed three scenes from Case 1 (all starts gained), and I see some scenes that are unlocked so I assume there are more scenes to do from this case. While working on Case 1, the yellow arrow prompted me to click on Case 2 so I started working on this new case. How can I go back finish those scenes unlocked from Case since it doesn’t let me or prompt me to do anything? Does it make sense?

    • Go to map and click on case 1

  111. I can’t get to level 4 …I have got all the clues all the stars and still no unlock?

  112. In reassembling the chess trophy in case 18 I have one piece left over and have no idea where to put it, since I don’t play chess.

  113. in case 18 there is a chess trophy to be repaired. I have 1 piece left over. I think it is one of the chessmen, but don’t know where it goes

  114. I cannot move into my case for some reason. The screen won’t let me go to the airport region. I am on case 56. Any idea why this would be?

  115. What happens if the last star you have on cc is the one you need to get onto the next case with turns up missing?

  116. I’m trying to advance from 2-3, and have gold crowns and 3 stars accumulated. I’ve done the additional investigation as well, but it won’t let me advance. Why is this?

  117. How many scenes are there to clock the game, i can only see up to 51 on the map? thanks

  118. How do I send my friends energy and what is the deal (no pun intended) with the poker cards?

  119. I completed level ten and gained all the 45 stars. I was saving three in order to move forward but when i gained it, the game froze and took my star so now i am stuck with only two stars and no way to gain another one. Is this game over now for me???? Very very annoying! Please help.


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