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Platform: Facebook Fee: Free
Category: Hidden Object Release Date: Nov 17, 2012


Criminal Case is a detective themed hidden-object game, where you taken through different cases trying to find clues in crime scenes, analyze objects in the laboratory and finally arrest the right suspect. This game incorporates a few social features to play along your neighbors and solve the case much easier.

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  1. I was offered a hat at level two after completing a crime scene and did not take it. I can not find it now – where is it ?

    1. I have earned 3 free items and they have not appeared. One was helmet, one hair with red braid and one more from several levels ago.

    2. i except energy and when i go to play it;s not there as well as the cards where do i find these things please help respectfull, Donna

  2. i am unable to move on from level 3 – i have passed all levels and have not been able to use money to get any further. how do you use the money-? it just goes to buy us $. I have used the coins for appearance changes etc

  3. am i able to change my player from female to male.. i started playen it for a day on my boyfriends then he took over and we cant change to a man. can you??

  4. only two of my friends play this game. i need three reports to move to next case, is there a way of adding random partners

    1. you can go on the criminal case app page lets you collect energy ec from people who have posted on it and loads of requests for people to add

    2. If you still need random players you can send me a request to Michelle Clark, just put a note in the box saying CC or somthing to that effect. I play every day, Michelle

  5. hello. i have a question and i really hope someone can help me. Me and a friend are playing Criminal Case, but on my friend’s account the energy bar is rechargeing slower than on my account. Why is this happening, because it is not fair.Thank you

    1. i cannot receive playing cards from friends when i click on them to receive or accept nothing happens

  6. Plzzzz i want to know that how i can change my gender from female to male as by mistake it happens… i am very confused plzzz tell me…?

  7. Starting yesterday I am no longer to send a card to a helper on a case nor can I ask for any help. It completely freezes the game and I have to reload. HELP PLEASE!

  8. If you’re looking for other people to play with go to gamers unite, there are tons of people that want to be added and will add you….this way you can get energy, reports, etc faster

  9. I have been playing this on FB and I love it but the past couple of days when trying to get on to play it I can’t get any further than the page where you get your daily bonus, which I can’t get it won’t let me go past that, I can’t get my bonus and I can’t play I get stuck on that page & can’t even skip it

  10. I am playing Criminal case from 1 month and noticed that I needed almost 60 lakhs to get an single star, but My friends needed just 40 Lakhs only for the same case level and for the same star of the same game.. why that difference..Can you help me to understand that???

    1. We are not 100% sure of this but our guess is that the points needed, as well as the waiting time for energy refills is affected by the amount of time you spend playing, or amount of daily logins.

  11. I am stuck on crime 3 it is asking me to ask 3 friends for help but the page with my friends is not loading is there another way to get past this.

    1. Same here. Found the solution: Deselect all team mates first, then reselect some of them one by one, finally click the button. Works for me! :)

    2. If you still need random players you can send me a request to Michelle Clark, just put a note in the box saying CC or somthing to that effect. I play every day, Michelle

  12. Hello

    please tell your facebook Name

    we will surely fix the probelm

    with regards
    Admin Criminal Case

    1. How do I change my Facebook account player on iPad? Is there a way to logout then change/connect to another Facebook account?

    2. How do I change my Facebook account player on iPad? Is there a way to logout then change/connect to another Facebook account?

    3. Hello, I need your help.I’ve been earned all stars from the case #1 to the case #18.But, I can’t earn one star more than 45 to go to the next case.Is this game finished for me?If it isn’t, please write me how to resolve a problem


  14. I have been using the new boosters, the 5 level works, the other two dont seem to do anything. Can you explain what they are suppose to do please. Sorry I dont understand..Thanks

    1. it’s not 5 level it’s 5 hint bonus i guess.. nyways.. i got to tell you tht the combo bar booster is used to get the image of item as and when placing on d name and x6 combo bar is the same booster which works for 6 gameplays. I hope u got me..

  15. I am having trouble with loading the game… it takes a very long to time… and it never opens… after a while it says server error, please refresh… I have updated flash and java… and it still does not work on Firefox… Please contact me with help…

  16. On case #2 and cannot advance to next case unless I have 1 friend write a report. 2 friends have written the reports and I still cannot advance to case #3. What do I do now?

    1. if your fb frnds dont give u report, then just for this purpose make three extra or fake facebook accounts and add them to your friends list…request those extra/fake frnds for report and ultimately its u who will send 3 reports to urself…

    1. don’t use cash for energy or stars.. u can get stars by investigating crime scenes & u can investigate scrime scenes by energy.. u can get energy by criminal case bonuses or criminal case app page!!

  17. hi,
    im a regular player of criminal case.
    when i beat one of my partner’s score i cannot post the same on his wall. it shows error. but for other friends i can post.
    please clarify on this

    1. Maybe he’s got game feeds blocked, otherwise other players would keep spamming the wall with notices.

    2. Dear Quickgamer,

      kindly advice how to block game feeds so as to avoid from spamming the wall with notices

  18. I am playing this game since 2 weeks, its an addictive game no doubt. But I am facing trouble when trying to get the rewards offered on the Criminal Case Facebook Fan page, somehow, it’s showing that i am restricted to get the reward and need to pass the security test, wonder why?
    Also, I got a status on my FB wall where someone is telling that I have hacked his account…..I am really surprised to see that!!!!!…i never did that, even I do not know how to hack. Seems someone is using my FB account for hacking. I am seeking help to Criminal Case Admin to resolve this issue.

  19. I am curious, are there any plans for getting rid of excess cards, Its nice that we can now use our points for things other than dressing up our charactor, but I still have a bunch of extra cards that keep accumulating for example I have 36 jack of clubs..Can we trade with our partners perhaps for cards we need.. Thanks

    1. No, you cannot get rid of cards, they are pretty useful now, since you can use the boosters spending coins.

  20. Hello. Can someone tell me what is the complete free meal promotion that keeps appearing when I play Criminal Case? Because every time I try to get this promotion I get an error which says “promotion unavailable”. please explainn. thanks

  21. Im on case 3 and it wont let me restore the ripped up diary pages, the page is not frozen and the energy levels are still going down but there are no pages to restore, whats going on? :(

  22. Hello. My friends got a white sleeveless shirt equipped on their avatars. When I asked them where did they get it, they were unable to give me a particular answer. Would you know how can I get that white sleeveless shirt for female agent? thanks in advance!

    1. That clothing is not available for beginner players. The only tank top we see is the one that comes with a tattoo, we can’t see any white tank top, that probably means it’s given as a gift from one of the characters in the additional mission [at least after case 10]

    2. The white tank top is actually underclothes. If you deselect an outfit your avatar will be be in what looks like straps to an undershirt or bra.

  23. the crime scenes often fail to load on first attempt and when i refresh, officer jones comes up by default to assist (rather than my friend whom i selected).. i dont get any time bonus with him either.. my flash player s up to date, facing the problem in both mozilla and chrome.. PLZZZ HELP

  24. 1)sometimes getting heritate by playing dis game im in level 14th ending even wen i played well(im getn msg “heah”,”awesom”,”impressive” – on right bottom corner) but the star is loding up to 7%,8%,10% max bt not 20% etc and also level score also raising jst 10points 8points 12points ,even i played well wat this non-scence.
    2)if dis contines no 1 vl keep intrst to play the game,,,
    3)and just to complete 1 star im deducting my energy of 190pts wtz diz non-scene and
    4)im unable to get the concept of Hint bonous

    1. after u earn abt 3 stars in a crime scene, it happens tht the points to earn next star increases too much.. in such a case u can investigate any crime scene left with 1 or 2 stars earned.. and abt xp.. well i suggest you 2 earn xp by investigating mastered crime scene to get straight 20xp!!
      Hint bonus is the bonus you get by ur teammates.. it depends upon how much ur frnd play cc (no. of days played in last 5 days=no. of hint bonus)

  25. Hello quickgamer.. i m an active player in cc and i wanna know that y does this xp goes on increasing as we level up in the game? Also can you tell me how much it increases per level and till which level will it increase? Is there a limit?

  26. This game is extremely addicting, I enjoy the heck out of it, BUT I get so agitated when you have points and then go past the large number to next round and it just takes you to the 110, instead of adding it to what you may already have. ALSO the last 2 stars take so much infact up to 240 points just to get the last one. I’m about to stop playing, I get so tired of trying to get the last star, or I save the extras I get in order to finishe the scene to come to find out I need more and have to wait, I’ll have to keep the game open as two of my friends I am the third person in order to complete the game for the next murder. I’ve gotten to murder 11, and it gets rougher and rougher.

  27. I can not move forward to solved on case 4. when I go to solve a clue on forensic kit section, it’s always says Timeout:eb5d331a899b870590ba37b7b84a
    what should I do???? please help…..

    1. hello admin or other users….will you please someone help me I can not move forward to solved on case 4. when I go to solve a clue on forensic kit section, it’s always says Timeout:eb5d331a899b870590ba37b7b84a
      829_MGDecode.swflve my problem….I relly need help!!!!!!!!!!

  28. How exactly do I add partners if they are not on my friends list? I only have a few friends that play the game daily and it makes it difficult to proceed without help. Kindly respond with instuctions.

    1. Cindy,
      I play “Criminal Case” twice a day and always have “5” hints available on my avatar, character. Send me a friend request and I’ll add you as a friend and that will at least provide you with another “active” teammate>
      P.S. It’s Michael Maruzo in Southington CT on Facebook

    2. Cindy, I game across your post from last year, I have had the same problem since I only have a few friends that play also. I look for players but you never know who they are or anything about them. So, when I find someone that is in the same situation as me I write to see if we can team up if for nothing else to get our reports done. Would you be interested in that? We have 5 players and are not extreme players but simply enjoy the game. Let me know. I don’t know since this was posted last year sometime but will await you reply. Have a great day.

    3. Hi Cindy and Nancy,

      I just started playing a week ago and have been trying to get info on the rules, what to do and all that stuff when I saw your posts. I too have the problem of only having a few friends that play so it takes forever to move on…I like to play games for hours but with this one it’s like a half hour and I’m cut off. If y’all want to join up it would be great, not sure how we connect though.

    1. The same, but with case 19. The cleaning cookies didn’t help. I use google chrome. And don’t tell me that I have to change it for Mozzilla firefox, because that server made my computer freeze.

  29. Alors que je joue tous les jours à criminal case ma barre de bonus d’aide revient toute seule au minimum. Pouvez vous m’expliquer cela alors que le bonus maximum vaut pour 5 jours et plus..?

  30. I try to reload and it doesn’t work. When the game freezes, the energy I tried to use is gone. This is very frustrating.

  31. actually game provides 110 energy points but burger gives recharge of 120 points. when and how actually total points to be got

  32. I have a question. I’ve moved from case 2 to 3 and am almost at the end, but the highest level I can get for my energy is 110. Does it ever get larger than that or do we need to keep buying energy snacks to refill? Thanks for the help

  33. Can somone please tel me how come i need for the 5-th star in sted of 10.000 (aprox) i only need like about 500 .. i just promoted lvl 45 cand this be the answer ? or the fact that i play aprox 2 times per day… wish someone could help… 😐

  34. I know how to post my orange juice on the criminal case app page to get cards back, but I can’t figure out how to post the 1000 coins on the app page. Can you advise me?

  35. i didn’t got a orange juice and i am hanged in 4 case and the server is not opening from so many days please can you advise me?

  36. My husband and I both play this game…on case 3 he has to get upwards of 10 million points for final stars and I have never had to get more than 4.5-5 million. Does anyone know why this is?

  37. Hi,

    Please advise me, I do not have friends playing this game, i am stuck at level 2, unable to play on as i don’t have friends to send me reports.

    What can i do?


  38. I have completed case 2 and entered into case 3, But for further move, game requires from me to use case 10 or reports from 3 friends. i have no friend and cannot use money. Please help me how to move further. regards,

  39. My criminal case game is problem. My massage box is no open and when i send free energy or any energy request. it is hang and show reload. But i play this game properly. Please solved this problem

  40. All but two of my friends have quit playing your game so how am I supposed to advance with my reports – been stuck for weeks!

  41. Hi been playing cc for ages, but i get messages to say shock player has crashed, and blank pages when i go into a scene,this is so frustrating, and happens all the time, plz help.

    1. This happens to me also. First don’t have other tabs open that you flash player. I now some of my games crash more than others. This way if it crashes you will get a pop up you can click on to reload flash player. your time will not be correct but you should be able to resume your game to save your energy.

  42. Please tell me exactly how to use X6 combo starter. I click on it, but I do not see how the combo bar is totally filled out?

  43. Anybody pls help me…i have a doubt regarding in criminal case without our approvel player has option to choose detective themself?

  44. I moved up to level 64 went and had dinner now I’m back to level 63 what’s going on before I realized what was going on I used all my energy. And how come when I have energy and I move up a level I don’t keep the energy plus the refill.

  45. Some of my team mates have personally customized avatars, with faces, clothing, hairstyles and accessories that are not available AT ANY LEVEL for any amount of money. For instance, one of my team mates is dressed as a hippie/flower child. Another lady is all dressed up as a proper Scottish lassie. There’s one guy who has a really cool skull for a face, etc. Is there a special app that I can use to customize myself as an individual more than using the available Crim. Case avatars? I want to stand out from the crowd! Thanks :)

  46. The only way to receive money is with my cash? what is the coins used for other than customs for my character.? How else do I receive free energies other than completing a star?

  47. I want to share my energy stocks to some of my friends. Is there any means or possibilities to do that. Please HELP

  48. when i send friends energy or ask for reports it wont send and a large screen appererse saying the pop up is too small please enlarge does anyone know how i do that thanks

  49. i just promoted lvl 45 and they ask me to recruit people… how can i do it if i lost the menu? nowi i choose the people but i cant do it…

  50. Is there really anything to do in this game but find the hidden objects? What is the purpose of anything else?

  51. I have been trying to find out how to play the mini games so I can get the trophy. the game says you have to play the mini games & you get a lightening bolt[energy I guess] the game says it takes 9 mini games to get the trophy but I cant5 find out where the mini games are.

  52. Hi! Can this game be played on ipad2? I wanted to start palying this but the app doesnt appear on itunes. Pleas ehelp. Thanks!

  53. To all my teammates that play Criminal Case I urge you to quit as of today I have reached level 105 and I was working on case 34, and again Quick Gamer Team have chosen to disrespect the flag I fought for. I written to Quick Gamer team several times about this with no results and again they continue to do it again. So long teammates and please do not include me in any shares or other energy rewards. I have removed the game app. Bill

  54. How can there be a “Happy Hour” bonus of the stars filling two times faster if they are all ready filled in the first place? It even says on the game start page banner “playing crimes scenes of previously solved cases fills the stars two times faster”.???????????????

  55. I have reached case37 but now it keeps on telling me there is a problem and I have to reload. It opens the previous cases. What’s up? Will be grateful for any help to overcome this hiccup

  56. I am having problems getting to case three. I am logged on, have completed the additional investigation in case two 100%, and have even gotten all five stars on the scenes. However, I don’t even have the option to ask people for reports, there is no button for me to click to move on, nothing.
    Anyone else have this problem, or have an answer to it?

  57. Have been playing on my iPad and now have a issue with synchronizing with Facebook, collect free oj and it doesn’t show up in game, so I did what the help page said and reloaded the game, still won’t work. Any ideas?

  58. Hey!
    I’m currently on a case which I have completed and it won’t let me go onto the next one? I’m on an iPad and it has a big yellow arrow pointing at the case I have finished and I can’t find where to unlock the next one.
    Please help!

    1. have you solve the problem?I have the same.If you have solved, please write me how to do that

  59. i lost a star after the game crashed, not sure what happened, but tried to refresh the game for several times, didn’t worked.. can’t go to the next case. what to do? :(

  60. After completing case 10, all 45 stars achieved, the gold medal update popped up, then a pet store update popped up, when cleared both and returned to case 10 to unlock case 11 one of the stars was gone. Now I have 2 stars, need 3 to move on, and all stars are already completed. I’ve emailed help desk multiple times and it’s not been helpful to the situation at all. Can anyone help me?

    1. I’m in the same boat, so annoyed cause i’ve spent money on this game and no one will answer me! highly unprofessional !!

  61. im having the same issue, game crashed, lost star and cannot move on or earn more stars to do so. I’ve contacted help desk 8 times, no response at all.

    1. I’m wondering if there was a bug around that time??? We are all experiencing problems around the same date. I completed the level it said congratulations… Said I unlocked the pet store then froze. I restarted my iOS device then it informed me I need another star but all the stars have been attained!! I have also sent messages and reported the bug but no answer…. Very frustrating as I was enjoying the game!!!!

    2. I am having the missing star problem as well with a response from the help desk that they cannot respond to all inquiries. I used their links and deleted and reinstalled the app. When I connected back to Facebook all my info came back still with the missing star. I am totally stuck and cannot go from Case #10 to 11. HELP!

    3. When you finish a case you should be left with 9 stars plus what you need to open the next case. When you have opened the next case you can then use the extra nine stars to buy burgers, chips or oj for extra energy. If you do not have enough stars to open the next case you should still have case work to do and stars to earn. I’ve never seen a situation where there are not enough stars.

  62. I am getting to clue 2 (panties) for the DNA test, using the star to “examine”. Three times now I’ve done this and it freezes on that screen for 20 min to half hour. When I go back on after it unfreezes, the “do DNA test” on the panties is still there waiting to be done, asking for another star. It won’t let me go to anything else now that I’m there… any guesses what the heck is going on???

  63. This thing not “processing” has left me with no way to be able to trade in FIVE stars I have for energy… this is getting SUPER frustrating cause I’m trapped here with this screen that freezes for a half an hour, acomplishes nothing and prevents me from doing anything, anywhere. PLEASE, can you help me wih this???

  64. Need help to unlock case seven never gave me my final star when I completed the last crime scene. Who has been able to solve the problem I would like some help with this thanks

  65. I’ve been playing this game for months. All of a sudden 3 days ago it said I need Adobe Flash Player 11.1 or greater. So I updated but it still does not let me play. I can play on my iPhone, but prefer to play on my laptop. What gives????

  66. I just finished case 10, it’s telling me I need 3 stars to unlock the next case. The problem is that I only have two and all my crime scenes/bonus stages all have five stars including 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9. What do I have to do? Is this an error ? How can I get one more star to unlock the next case if I already have earned all stars ? Somebody please help. Thank you

  67. i was at level 222 case 26 pacific bay..something went wrong and i changed to level 170, lost most of my trophies,all my avatar items, and energy went way up (over100,000) even though i have earned all stars, game says i need one more star to talk to last guy. no help from game developer..please can someone advise me what i can do to fix the problem…

  68. what are the crowns for in criminal case. I have almost all bu don’t know what todo with them or why I even have them

  69. I have installed this game on my cellphone but it’s not working always a pop-up comes saying phone storage low even after freeing 100mb of ram.
    Kindly let me know the minimum requirements for the game

  70. I just completed the first case and recived a bronze medal. It wants me to enter my name but when I do I hit enter on the key board and nothing happens and there’s not buton to hit on the screen it self?

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