Castleville Legends Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s walkthrough guide for Castleville Legends. Check out our separate guides for Workshops, Crops, Animals, Heroes, etc.


Castleville Legends consists of five main processes or activities that you need to do to keep leveling up, they are listed below:

  • Harvest Resources: Water & Wood are the basic elements you need to get the production chain started
  • Produce Goods or Harvest Crops/Farm Animals: This is how you obtain the objects you need to later sell them at a certain price
  • Complete Quests: keep checking the quest log and complete the goals there to earn XP points and other rewards
  • Unlock new Realms by rescuing Heroes.
  • Sell your goods to Myra the Merchant or to other players (once you unlock the sea trading feature at level 5)


There are two currencies in the game. Gold, which is obtain by selling your goods, crops and animal production to the merchants and Crowns, which is the Castleville Legends’ hard currency, and is used to speed up processes and buy premium stuff.


Releasing Heroes from their frozen cages is one of the main objectives in the game, after you do it, the hero will make available an entire new realm of land, which includes unique buildings. For instance, Rafael gives you the building where you can create hatchets to chop trees.

The main restriction to rescue Heroes is your own level and the fact that you need to reach the nearby land plot to rescue the hero. For instance, in order to rescue Bluebelle and unlock the Flower Fairy Realm you need to reach level 21.

There are multiple heroes and realms awaiting for you; Ember the Fire Dragon, Yvette, Greenleaf the Earth Dragon, Bluebelle, Rill the Water Dragon, Bayoo, Tanya, Leif, etc.

[box type=”info”]Do not mistake neighboring land plots with realms. Realms contain multiple plots, which you need to buy individually. By the way, you can only buy neighboring plots, so unless your land is connected, you cannot purchase the plot.[/box]


Each realm contains a unique hidden building that once explored by your hero, will release a rare good or treasure. These rare goods can be harvested once and again at the same building. This is how you get rare objects such as the Forest Charm or the Opal Dragon Horn Ring at the Ancient Tower. The more you advance, the longer it will take the hero to find those treasures at more advanced areas.


You will make coins by selling your goods, crops and farm animal production to Myra the Forest Merchant and other players in the game. Not all goods are always received by Myra, they change randomly. However, once you get access to the player marketplace, you will be able to set a price on the goods you sell.


Workshops are the buildings where you use raw materials such as wood to craft new objects, for instance, arrows at the Woodshop. Workshops are close attached to new realms, since despite unlocking them by reaching a certain level, you could need a resource that is not available in the realms you currently posses. Other workshops are the Trail Kitchen, Dairy Barn, Jeweler, Tailor, Bakery, Alchemist, etc.


There are three types of resources you can harvest. Crops, Animal production and fruits. All those three require you to seed crops, have animal farms, for example Cows and Chickens and Trees like apples and oranges.


Goals are the main way through which you level up. Also, they are the best way to have a clear progression path in the game.


Decorations are there merely to make your Realm more beatiful.

Hope you enjoyed our Castleville Legends walkthrough. You can share your tips, cheats and hacks with us by leaving a comment below.

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