Battle Camp Guide: Evolution

Battle Camp. What is and how does Evolution work in Battle Camp?. First of all, only Rare Monsters and higher in rarity can Evolve. Each Monster has a different level at which they level, and is indicated in their individual info profiles. The evolution makes your monster transform into a brand-new more powerful monster. Below you will find more information on Battle Camp evolution.


The level at which a Pet levels up varies from one to another. What is sure is that the monster, once evolved, goes back to level 1, the stats certainly decrease, only rare and up can evolve and that the monster is a completely new one.

You need to sacrifice other Pets in order to evolve your targeted monster. Each monster has a unique “formula” or “recipe” with the ingredients/monsters required to evolve it. This always requires another monster of the exact same type and other special monsters.

Perfect Evolution. Each ingredient monster that you have maxed out provides you with a 10% of its stats, while those that are not maxed provide only a 5% bonus. Same goes to the monster you want to evolve. If the current monster you want to evolve has not reached its max level, it gives the new monster a 5% of the stats while a fully leveled up monster gives 10%. So, perfect evolution occurs when all the monsters involved in the evolution are fully maxed out. This is certainly a very demanding task, requiring a lot of time and stones to do it.


Evolving Pets looks great at the beginning, after all, you get a more powerful new monster right?. Well, not so. You could eventually find out that the stats of the new monster do not remain the same as the previous version on its highest level, but instead drop quite a lot.

It does not end here though, since leveling up this new evolved version costs a lot more coins and leveled specials to get the Pet to the stat level it had before the evolution took place.

Unless you are dead sure you have a Pet that you are going to keep for a very long time, stay away from evolution. And of course, do not evolve the fist rares you come across, since you will end up collecting puzzle pieces for more powerful monsters later in the game.


What are the max levels for each of different monster rarities.

  • NORMAL: 30
  • RARE: 40
  • ULTRA: 50
  • EPIC: 80

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