Arcane Legends Sorcerer Guide – Skill Builds, Gear & More

Mages a.k.a. Sorcerers are the only ranged class in Arcane Legends, and thus played by lots of players, even more with the lack of options to choose another ranged class. Sorcerers are indeed weak by nature and the gear they carry is simply not enough to protect them from multiple mob attacks or boss attacks. This is compensated with the fact of the insane DPS they can yield if the build is the right one for stats and skills. We’ll also give you some tips on the best weapons and pets you can choose depending on your spec and objectives.

The AoE damage is what makes the mage stand out. Some tips if you are new to the game is to always stay behind the tank and melee dps and release your attacks from as far away as possible from the enemies. A pure DPS build could certainly be frustrating when used in random groups, since you will die a lot when fighting bosses, a couple of hits can take you down.

Arcane Legends Sorcerers Stat Builds/Specs

Below you will find the list of sub-stats affected when you add points to the main stats.

  • STRENGTH: Health points
  • DEXTERITY: Critical Hit % and Dodge
  • INTELLIGENCE: Mana points, bonus damage and regular damage output

By reading the list above you can realize that the most important stat is Intelligence, followed by Dexterity. Why not strength?, simply because you will be very weak despite adding some points to it and it’s worth it considering you will lose a lot of attack power. Anyways, below are the three possible spec paths for your mage stat build.

  • 100% Intelligence
  • 80% intelligence, 20% dexterity
  • 80% intelligence, 20% strength
  • 60% intelligence, 20% dexterity, 20% strength

The first build is only for very experienced players, or those that first manage to level up their character a few levels above the area where they are playing, thus reducing the risk of getting one-shot .

Mage Active Skills Descriptions

Below you will find the complete list of Sorcerer skills in Arcane Legends. Each one with its description.


  • Fireball: 116 Mana, 4 sec cooldown, 14m range, 84-105 damage, increased damage on a critical.
  • Engulf: Increase spherical area of a fireball explosion by 3 meters.
  • Ignite: Targets take burning damage every second for 5 seconds.
  • Impact: Enemies struck by a charged fireball will be knocked down and briefly stunned.
  • Scorch: Hitting targets with a charged fireball reduces their hit chance by 25% for 5 seconds.

Lightning Strike

  • Lightning Strike: 101.5 Mana, 3 sec cool-down, 12m range, 128-160 damage, increased damage on a critical.
  • Empowered Bolt: Lightning Strike does 15% more damage.
  • Electrical Discharge: Enemies slain by this attack have a 15% chance with normal lightning strike and 25% with charged lightning strike to explode and release bolts of lightning upon their allies.
  • Positive Surge: Bolts of lightning will now do 250% damage on a critical hit.
  • Shock: Charged bolts have a 25% chance to stun your target for up to 3 seconds.

Gale Force

  • Gale Force: 101.5 mana, 5.5 sec cool-down, 9m range, 84-105 damage, increase damage on a critical.
  • Outward Squall: Converts your charged gale force to be an area-of-effect attack.
  • Protective Current: Charging up your gale force will grant you a dodge bonus of 25% for 3 seconds.
  • Speed of Wind: Charging up your gale force increase your movement speed by 25% for 5 seconds.
  • Weighted Wind: Enemies knocked down by gale force have the potential to stay down for 2 additional seconds.

Frost Bolt: project a large shard of ice towards an enemy causing an arctic explosion that freezes them in place.

  • Frost Bolt: 101.5 mana, 3 sec cool-down, 14m ranage, 112-139 damage, increased damage on a critical.
  • Ice welder: A charged Frost Bolt has a 20% chance of freezing and damaging enemies around your target.
  • Jagged Ice: Enemies that are either slowed or stunned by Frost Bolt will also receive low amounts of additional damage over time, for the duration of the effect.
  • Shiver: Increase the duration an enemy is slowed or stunned by 3 seconds.
  • Arctic Shatter: Any enemy slain while frozen by the initial impact of Frost Bolt has a 20% chance to leave behind an ice patch that freezes other enemies that walk over it.

Arcane Shield: manifest a protective shield that causes incoming damage to be reduced by 30% for 10 seconds (or until 500 points of damage have been absorbed)

  • Arcane Shield: 87 mana, 30 second cool-down, 30% damage reduction for 10 seconds.
  • Extended Shield: Increase the amount of total damage absorbable. Also, the maximum length of the shield is increased by 5 seconds.
  • Displacement Wave: When casting the charged Arcane Shield, enemies near you will be knocked away.
  • Static Resonance: Increase the damage reduction granted by the Arcane Shield by 15%.
  • Hardened Shielding: Your charged Arcane Shield grants invulnerability for 2 seconds after casting it.

Time Shift: manipulate the dimension of time to your advantage by summoning an arcane powered clock that damages and snares your enemies.

  • Time Shift: 116 mana, 10 second cool-down, 112-139 damage on impact, snare enemies in a 5meter radius.
  • Lower dodge: reduces the dodge chance of your targets while they are under the influence of Time Shift.
  • Time Bomb: Your magical clock explodes when it expires, damaging all foes nearby.
  • Countdown of Pain: Charging Time Shift will also cause damage over time to all targets under its effect.
  • Freeze Time: Charging Time Shift will root affected targets instead of snaring them.

Curse: place a curse upon your enemies, causing them to take an additional 10% from all incoming damage.

  • Curse: 87 mana, 15 sec cool-down, 4m range, targets will take 10% more damage from all incoming attacks.
  • Words of Weakening: Curse will reduce each affected target’s damage output by 10%.
  • Penetrating Curse: Charged Curse will cause the target to take an additional 5% from all incoming damage.
  • Lingering Curse: The effects of your Curse will last an extra 2 seconds on each affected target.
  • Sweeping Curse: Increase the range of your curse by 2 meters. Also, the potential amount of affected targets is increased by 2.

Lifegiver heal yourself and allies with magical energy.

  • Lifegiver: 101.5 mana, 15 sec cool-down, 6m range, Heals allies for 223-279 damage.
  • Increased Ranged: Increase the area of effect range of lifegiver to 8 meters.
  • Empower: In addition to recovering lost health, charging Lifegiver will now also recover lost mana.
  • Regrowth: Charged Lifegiver will grant +10 health regeneration for 10 seconds.
  • Recharge Mana: Charged Lifegiver will grant +5 mana regeneration for 10 seconds.

Arcane Legends Sorcerer Skill Builds

Remember that the level cap for all characters is currently 26. That means there’s a total of 26 points to be assigned to skills and their upgrades. Below you will find multiple specs, chosen by most players when playing a wizard depending on the scenario.

Best Sorcerer PVP build

  • Fireball: Everything except scorch
  • Frost: Everything except ice patch.
  • Lifegiver: Recharge mana only.
  • Knowledge Passive: Full
  • Damagepassive: Full
  • Stats: Full intelligence
  • all your gear should boost your damage output and your ring and weapon your mana restore.

Best Sorcerer AOE PvE DPS build – Low Health

  • Knowledge Passive: 5/5
  • Damage Passive: 5/5
  • Critical Shot: 4/5
  • Frost Bolt: 4/5 except ice patch
  • Fireball: 4/5 no scorch
  • Time Shift: 4/5, no lower dodge
  • Attributes: Full intelligence

Sorcerer Best Pets

Best PVE Pets for Sorcerer/Mage: If you got the plat coins for it, then Malison is your pet of choice because of the multiple bonusese for Dex , Int and Crit. Same rule applies to Clyde. If you die too often, then choose Wrathjaw.

Best PvV Pets for Sorcerer/Mage: Use Clyde if you go for a defensive build.

Sorcerer Best Weapons

The best weapon for a level 26 sorcerer is the Flamestrike

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  2. Best weapon is not flamestrike, it’s the expedition rifle of brutality, longer range and higher damage. The higher damage helps your spells too.

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