Arcane Legends’ Beginners Guide & Walkthrough

Welcome to the ultimate Arcane Legends walkthrough guide for beginners. You will find here every single piece of information necessary to get you started on this massively popular online world without major trouble.

If you already played games such as World of Warcraft, you will find all of the RPG-related vocabulary simple to understand, but if you are new to MMO RPGs, you will have to google quite a few of them


Arcane Legend Classes

  • Warrior: This class is the right one for taking the “Tank” role in parties, they have a bigger energy bar and strength, thus being able to resist a lot more damage than other classes. They are responsible to always holding the aggro of all the enemies.
  • Rogue: This is the best DPS class when fighting single enemies, they can yield and outstanding amount of damage in a very short period of time. They are also good when dodging attacks from enemies, but not good when facing large crowds.
  • Sorcerer: The sorcerer can either be a long range dps class or strictly party healers. They are pretty weak when taking direct hits and should never take the lead in a party.

Creating Your Character

Arcane Legends Character Customization

  1. Your first move in Arcane Legends is to pick your class (see classes brief explanation above).
  2. Next, you have the chance to customize your character appearance or just randomize it (the NPC, named Gypsy, will charge you platinum coins for doing it again).
  3. The third screen will introduce the first 3 pets, you must choose one of them. Timber, good for warriors, Precious, good for rogues or DPS builds and Guapo, which grants movement speed and more strenght.
  4. The last screen is where you can name your character and companion.
  5. What follows next is an in-game tutorial where you learn how to handle your toon’s basic abilities and learn a bit about the storyline.


Arcane Legends Gameplay controls

Character & Pet Status

Located on the top-left corner of the screen you have your character current status. The green bar represents the energy, the blue bar represents the mana/stamina. The yellow bar represents the XP bar once you fill it you will level up. The purple bar is your pet’s energy bar, once it empties, you will have to feed your pet in order for it to attack again.

Moving The Character

By default, the “joystick” or pad is placed on the bottom-left corner of the screen, but you can move it to any other part of the screen if you tap and hold on some other spot. The characters cannot run and only have 1 speed (unless you use speed elixirs).

Character’s Skills and Powers

Located on the bottom-right corner of your gameplay screen, you have the full arrange of skills and regular powers. You can choose to do a single tap on the regular power button or any of the skills button and the character will attack single enemies. By tapping/clicking and holding these same buttons, you will get a more powerful attack, hold it until the “power bar” is fully loaded and the screen reads “Charged”. This type of attack is suggested when attacking multiple enemies. You will use more mana/stamina when using “Charged Attacks”.

Above the main set of attack buttons, the pet special attack button is located, represented by a paw icon. This attack cannot be charged and the type of damage done varies according to the pet being used.


Arcane Legends Companions

Fortunately, you are not alone in your journey, you will be able to choose (once unlocked) from multiple type of pets. Each one has different stats, arcane abilities and passive abilities. Besides summoning your pet, you will only have to worry about two more things, feeding it to activate its happiness bonus and use the “arcane power” when fighting. You can own as many pets as you want.

You can access the pet menu window by tapping on your character’s profile and then tapping on the “stable” tab.

On the right side of the screen you will see the full list of pets, unlocked or not. By tapping on each pet, you will obtain information on how to obtain it, if possible. If you want to check the currency you own, click on “Show Satchel” option (important when you want to know how many more story tokens you are missing to adquire certain pets.).

Companions also level up along your side (the pet’s current xp amount is on the top-right corner of the stable). The “Stats Button” shows the damage stats, arcane abilities, passive abilities and describe the happines bonus. As your companion levels up, its damage and critical chance will increase.

The happiness meter indicates when your companion needs to be fed to regain the happiness bonus attack. If you simply want to forget about it, check the “auto feed” option that automatically takes out gold coins of your pocket to keep your companion happy. The amount of gold required to feed it will increase as your pet levels up.

[box type=”shadow”]a well fed companion not only can use its arcane ability, but also grants you a buff and collects the loot dropped in fights. Also, depending on your character race and build, there will be a pet that fits the best, simply try to match their bonuses with your most desired stats.[/box]

The Inventory

Arcane Legends Inventory

You access the inventory by tapping on your character’s avatar. Rookies might not be initially aware that the inventory is not only meant to display the drops and chests you got, but also to equip your character and save different armor sets.

On the left side of the inventory screen, you will be able to select your character’s weapon, helmet, armor, ring and amulet. On the right side, you have the vanity helmet, the vanity armor, the banner and chests. Each time you select one of these slots, the right side will display the current item you have equipped and its name and stats. Also, the list of stored items you have in that category will appear, when displaying a padlock, it indicates they belong to a different type character (sorcerers, warriors and rogues). For each item selected you have the option to sell for a default amount if you dont want to trade it or put it in the market, equip or unequip.

Another distinctive feature is the “Loadout” option, which allows you to save your current set of equipped items, you have four slots available. This is good when you respec your character for different roles in parties.


Arcane Legends Skills

Each race has a different set of skills, 8 in total for each one. You will be able to unlock Skills once you start levelling up. For each level up you are granted 1 skill point, which you can assign to any of the skills, which can be upgraded a total of 5 times, each upgrade makes the ability more powerful adding bonuses to it.

But that’s not it. You can also assign points to your passive skills (these are all the same for all races, durable, critical shot, damage, agility, knowledge, agility, quickness and might.) Passive abilities are always active and boost your character’s stats.

If you unlocked more than four abilities and wish to replace one skill for another, go to the “Skills” tab and tap on the “Map Skills” button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Now select a skill to map. Finally tap on any of the skills you want to replace and tap on DONE.

The play button gives your companion a happiness boost. You can rename your companion by tapping on its name, the first rename is free, the subsequent need platinum coins.

Interacting with Non Playable Characters

Arcane Legends NPCs

Before you start reading this section, we have a separate guide where we show the exact location of NPCs in Arcane Legends. You will come across dozens of different NPCs in the game, you will not only interact with them just to accept and hand in quests, but also to buy items. To interact with the character, simply get close enough until your attack buttons changes to a pointing hand, tap on it to open the NPC’s dialog box.


Arcane Legends Quests

This is what you will be doing most of the time, questing. There’re up to three type of quests; Regular quests, Daily Quests and PVP quests. Quests are obtained through NPCs along the game. You simply have to interact with the NPC and click on the “Accept Quest” button (rookies sometimes click on the cross icon, which closes the dialog box but does not get the quest.). In order to access your current list of pending quests, simply click on the bookmarked book icon on the top-right corner of the screen. One great feature of Arcane Legends quest log, is that most of the pending quests have “Go To” button that takes you to the exact map location where you can complete the quest.

Some missions do get really confusing, specially because of the rushed gameplay. You might have to replay the dungeon or area more than 1 time in order to collect the items in some quests.

The Map

Arcane Legends Map

You have two maps, the minimap and the World Map. The first map shows an overlayed diagram of the zone/dungeon where you currently are at, completing it as you advanced through the area. You can turn on/off the minimap by tapping on your character’s profile (top-left corner) You will see a compass icon in the middle of the menu screen, tap it once to activate it and tap it again to turn it off. The World Map can be accessed through the same menu screen, it’s located right below the “Emotes” button.

We’ve got all maps of Arcane Legends, allowing you to quickly find NPCs.

The arlor world map indicates each different area. The areas with a house icon, indicate an outpost or city, where you mainly go to trade, turn in quests and other activities. The areas with an arrow icon indicate a dungeon, or zone where you will be fighting enemies. The areas in red are not yet accesible by your character.

Finally, the “Elite Map” allows you to switch the game mode to be much harder (same maps though), but at the same time, getting much better drops.


Elixirs are buffs that add a bonus to some of your character’s attributes. So far, there are XP, Damage, Armor, Speed, Reroll and Luck Elixirs. Same category Elixirs DO NOT stack. Although you can purchase Elixirs through the icon in the bottom middle of the screen, you can also obtain them from doing Daily Quests and PVP Dailies. It’s suggested that you buff your toon before doing regular quests, it will ease your journey a lot.


There are two types of potions in Arcane Legends, Energy potions and Mana/Stamina potions. They are meant to restore the character’s energy or mana bar. These can be used by tapping on the green and blue bottles icons respectively, located right next to the attack buttons. Potions are mandatory when fighting in difficult dungeons and battling multiple enemies at the same time.

Mailbox – Alerts

Unlike other RPG games, you do not have to go to a certain location and find a mailbox to get alerts, messages and invites. The “Alerts” button located on the top-right corner of the screen represented by an envelope. The good thing about this message system is that it tells you when an obtained weapon or piece of armor is actually better than the one you currently have equipped.

Chat Window

The chat window can be opened by tapping on the bubble chat icon on the top right corner of the screen, you will see the entire log of comments made by everyone in that zone, including your party members. If you want to expand the chat box and type in your messages, simply click on the expanded section of the chat window. The chat box can certainly be improved a lot, since there are many features missing, which are common to popular MMO games outthere. To send a private message to any other character, you must first locate it in the screen and tap on it, from the drop down menu, choose “message”.


Arcane Legends Achievements

Arcane Legends is an RPG, thus making Achievements mandatory. You can find all of them in the “Avatar” tab within your character’s options menu. There are a total of 6 Achievements categories; Character, Adventuring, Archenemies, PVP, Assets and Social.

You can see your current achievement progress in the small window on the bottom right corner of the screen.

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  1. This is awesome I am lv 31 but I like reading this stuff but the map is from the older version it now has nordr and stronghold which have been added and there is also PvP death match

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