Arcane Legends Boss Strategy Guide

The best groups in Arcane Legends are those created with 1 tank, 2 pure DPSers and 1 hybrid sorcerer healer/dpser.

Try not to get too far away from the area where the fight starts, otherwise you risk a boss reset. Also, Elite bosses are not good choice for random groups that get spawned into the area, this is only for pre-built groups where everyone knows what they are doing,


Location: Brackenridge Forest

This is one of the first bosses you will be facing in Arcane Legends, besides an AoE closed range attack, this boss is quite easy, even for lower level groups and even releases health bonuses every once in a while.

Elite Stabb: Same strategy as above

Stabb Drops:

Krax Wildstorm

Location: Brackenridge Aqueducts

Krak has the ability of healing himself by picking up potions from the ground. You will have a bit of trouble with this boss if your group is weak in terms of attack power. This is mage you are dealing with so melee classes are better than ranged ones here. He also summons small mobs and they will stack up if you are not fast enough to defeat him

Elite Krax Wildstorm: Same strategy as above

Krax Wildstorm Drops:

Jarl of Brackenridge

Location: Brackenridge Village

This is an easy boss despite of his melee attacks. Make sure to get rid of the mobs that come ahead of him first, and do not pull him by getting near it. One tank is suggested in order not to have trouble.

Elite Jarl of Brackenridge: Same strategy as above

Jarl of Brackenridge Drops:

Thunk One-Eye

Location: Brackenridge Village

For this boss, a fighting strategy that includes a well-built tank is mandatory for low level groups. This is because of his deadly ranged front attack, if you are ranged dps class, always stay behind him. Also, if you take too much time to kill it the summoned minions will make the job very difficult.

Elite Thunk One-Eye: Same strategy as above

Thunk One-Eye Drops:

Ghul Bellybottom

Location: Gold Mine

If your group total DPS is low and you take too much time in taking Ghul down, you will see additional bosses being spawed. The bosses included are Thunk, Krax and Stabb. Notice that the extra bosses, if killed, will also drop unique items, just like regular bosses do.

Do anything in your power to slow Ghul down in order to prevent him from reaching the portal, where your damage is absorbed by him. Also, avoid the initial explosion at the beginning of the fight, unless you are in the tank’s position.


Location: Ydra Outskirts

You must have 1 well-built tank warrior when dealing with Stalh, mainly for slowing it down and get some chances of stunning him. His ranged attacks deal some heavy damage to sorcerers. Just try to avoid these specific attacks and you will be fine.


Location: Rook’s Hideout

Only tank warriors can stay in front of the Spider, the rest of the group should always stay behind her and they will be fine. If the spider traps you in its web, you will receive some major damage.


Location: Ydra Forest

The snow troll does frontal melee attacks while charging, this is why you should pay attention to the red zone, which indicates where his attacks are headed. Stay behind him all the time.


Location: Ydra Outskirts

The worst thing about Becquila, is that she comes along with the snow troll. She has ranged attacks and proves to be deadly for sorcerers and non-well-equipped rogues. she teleports from one location to another frequently. Make sure you have plenty of potions


Location: Dragon’s Jewel ship

You could opt of ignoring the rogues he summons and just chase him until he reaches the altar. then focus on the minions. repeat the cycle as soon as the shield goes down.

Elite Bael: Insanely high HP, only recommended for experienced players with all characters well built and wearing the best possible gear and pets.

Thunk One-Eye Drops:

Sully Skullcracker

Location: Windmoore Harbor

This boss is the first one you will find in Windmoore Harbor. It’s actually pretty near from the second boss, Captain Bluecrab. This is a melee boss with just a single middle ranged attack. Since groups that are actually quite a few levels below 21, which was the max expected when Kraken Isles was released, it may seem to take a while to defeat, but this is simply because of the boss being designed for level 21 players. This boss will also keep summoning rounds of mobs. Keep all your attacks focused on the boss while doing AoE attacks on mobs as well. It is highly suggested to have 1 tanking class for it.

Captain Bluecrab

Location: Windmoore Harbor

This is the second boss, and you must defeat him in order to enter the Dragon’s Jewel ship, which is the last step before you reach Paradise Pier, the new city.

For lower level groups, Bluecrab requires two tanks and one decent healer. Bluecrab has an explosive AoE attack that is released from his own body, and proves to be lethal for mages and rogues. The range of this attack is long, but it gives you time to get away, as long as you don’t fall into one of his nets, which decrease your walking speed. If you are not tanking, do not stay in front of him, since his melee attacks are equally deadly. He’s got a third type of attack which is a sort of explosive trap, that triggers when you step on it.

Captain Bloodhammer

Location: Dragon’s Jewel ship

This boss appears on the ship only once you’ve defeated all the waves of mobs. The best thing about this boss is that even if you die during the fight, you can resurrect at the starting point, which is right next to where the fight takes place (the Ship is not a dungeon, simply a single room) thus it’s not likely that the entire group dies at the same time resetting the boss.

Besides its frontal melee attacks, you only should be worried about the small meteors falling from the sky. One tank is enough.