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Platform: iOS/Browser Fee: Free
Category: Strategy Release Date: Nov 27, 2012


Arcane Legends is currently one of the most popular MMO RGP games on iOS devices. Choose between different classes to create your character and pick from multiple pets on the journey to saver Arlor from the forces of darkness. Below you will find a ton of guides with tips and strategies to be the best Arcane Legends player and top the worldwide rankings.

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  1. Thanks for this collection of guides. It has been immensely helpful for me as a new player to AL. I will be adding this site to my AL Forum signature and directing every newbie i see to here from now on!

  2. what do i do if i get the cheat downloaded on my computer but i does not open when you click on it

    it said file error you need another deal to open this file what do i do

  3. There’s a lot of diablo type games nowaday but please not arcane legends. Game is just centered on milking out your dollars and the company is probably one of the worst we ever seen on mobile. No customer care and they keep releasing games while abandoning others, look at pl, discontinued after only couple years of updates and they even call that a mmo. Main problem with android gaming is the greed of such companies, we need more respect.

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