Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Walkthrough Guide

Angry Birds Star Wars 2. Welcome to quickgamer’s Angry Birds Star Wars 2 walkthrough guide for beginners. Besides multiple new characters and the fact that you at least play with the piggies, the gameplay mechanics remain the same. Don’t forget to check out our 3 star walkthroughs for Angry Birds Star Wars II if you are looking for hints to get a high score in any given level.


  • By default, there are two chapters available; Naboo Invasion and Escape to Tatooine. Now, each of these chapters have 20 levels and when you play on the pigs side the levels remain the same, but the characters change the levels change completely, so we are talking about a total of 80 levels.
  • “The Pork Side” in Naboo Invasion is locked and you need to gather 20 stars by playing with the birds before you unlock it.
  • Escape to Tatooine is different, since you can first choose the side and then gather another 20 stars to unlock the one you didn’t pick initially
  • 32 bonus levels. If you see a treasure map object somewhere in a level and touch it, you will unlock a 2-level bonus level. [check out our guide for Hidden Collectible Items]
  • Reward Chapter. The Reward Chapter contains special levels that remain locked until you reach the required amount of achievement points associated with a particular Angry Birds Star Wars 2 character. Some of these levels require the Telepod accessory or making use of the Character Swap option.
  • A total of 67 achievement awaiting to be accomplished.
  • Did you notice that small blue icon right next to the birds or porks in the line-up?. The weapon in the icon indicates the character’s ability [e.g. laser blaster].


  • Anakin Episode I
  • R2-D2: Electric bursts
  • Yoda: spinning attack + lightsaber
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: force push movement
  • Qui-Gon Jinn: lighsaber attack
  • Jar Jar Binks: sticky tongue
  • C-3PO: self-detonation
  • Droideka: yoga style spnning attack
  • Count Dooku: weapon throw
  • Darth Maul: double-edged lightsaber attack
  • Battle Droid: laser blaster gun with three shots
  • Jango Fett: rocket launch attack
  • Darth Sidious: lightning attack

These are the characters you will eventually come across in the two chapters available and the make the default line-up. There are quite a few more characters that you either need to purchase with coins won in the game or only unlocked by using the Telepod Gadget. For instance General Grievous and Captain Panake cost 300 and 100 coins respectively.


The default lineup of both birds and porks can now be fully customized, at a certain price that is.

  • TELEPODS: the telepod is a small figurine that needs to be placed in front of the device’s camera. The figurine brings a QR-code that when read by the camera, unlocks the character. You can activate the telepod/qr-code by tapping on the T icon in the level you are playing. Of course, you cannot mix birds and porks.
  • Bird Coins: Although these credits can be bought at the store, you will certainly won’t have to if you play the game regularly. You obtain credits when you complete a level, depending on the score you got.
  • Character Swaps: The swap applies both for telepods and characters purchased at the store with bird credits. What the swap does is basically replace the next-in-line character with another one you buy or activate through the telepod. If you decided to buy one at the store, the prices vary depending on the character. You can also purchase bundles with a limited amount of characters in each or purchase unlimited/permanent characters for a higher price.

When using Telepods, you can only use a Telepod character a single time per level. That means you cannot repeatedly launch Darth Mauls. However, more than one Telepod can be used if the character is different.

For Store Characters, it’s different, since you can use as many as you want and replace the entire default lineup with the character of your choosing.


We’ve noticed quite a few unofficial/fake apps in the Google Play Store, be careful when downloading the game.

  • iOS Devices: 4.3 or higher version of iOS is required. You can play it in any iPad, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd generation on. The game is also compatible with iPhone 5
  • Android Devices: 2.3 android version is required to play the game. costs USD $0.99
  • Amazon Appstore:
  • Windows 8 Mobile: Not all mobile devices can install the game, check out the Windows store to see if your phone can actually get the game.

The game is so far not available for Max and PC, but will eventually be released.

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