Fish With Attitude Guide: All Breeding Combinations

Welcome to the most complete and simple to read Fish With Attitude breeding guide.

Also, there’s a lot of talk regarding which Tank is more appropiate to create a certain type of fish. Truth is that Tanks do not change the odds, but likely the only thing that matters is the actual couple and whether they are rare or ecstatic.

Rare or Ultra Rare Fishes are basically alternate breeds which you can get ONLY IF you breed two ecstatic fish. You cannot purchase rare varieties

Breeding Combos ARE indeed modified once in a while, maybe because the developers want people to keep playing by changing the breeds once and again and preventing new players from having it all sorted it from scratch, we’ll try to keep the breeding list updated.

Fish With Attitude Breeding Combinations

Rare Nice
Rare Mean
Rare Brave
Rare Shy
Rare Smart
Rare Creative
CrazyMean + Nice
Rare Crazy
FlirtyHippie + Hippie
Nice + Brave
Rare Flirty
PrettyModel + Popstar
Nice + Shy
Rare Pretty
FunnyNice + Smart
Rare Funny
ClownHippie + Hippie
Model + Smart
Creative + Nice
Rare Clown
ToughMean + Brave
Rare Tough
RebelMean + Shy
Rare Rebel
GreedyNice + Smart
Smart + Mean
Rare Greedy
PaparazziCreative + Mean
Rare Paparazzi
DreamyHippie + Hippie
Shy + Brave
Rare Dreamy
CoolSmart + Brave
Rare Cool
CheerleaderWizard + Astronaut
Brave + Creative
Rare Cheerleader
NerdySmart + Shy
Rare Nerdy
DancerShy + Creative
Rare Dancer
ArtistSmart + Creative
Rare Artist
AdventureCrazy + Brave
Rare Adventure
GossipCrazy + Shy
Rare Gossip
SalesmanCrazy + Smart
Greedy + Rock Star
Rare Salesman
Movie StarCrazy + Creative
Rare Movie Star
PartyRuby + Diamond
Designer + Rockstar
Hippie + Hippie
Rare Party
PresidentRuby + Diamond
Game + Gangnam
Flirty + Smart
Rare President
Rock StarFlirty + Creative
Flirty + Clown
Rare Rock Star
Secret AgentGame + Gangnam
Pretty + Smart Fish
Rare Secret Agent
ModelRuby + Diamond
Hippie + Hippie
Pretty + Creative
Rare Model
AstronautDiamond + Ruby
Wizard + Salesman
Funny Fish + Creative Fish
Rare AstronautDiamond + Ruby [ecstatic]
EvilHippie + Hippie
Tough + Shy
Rare Evil
Rare Robber
RobberTough + Smart
Adventure + Cool
Rare Pirate
PirateTough + Creative
Wizard + Gossip
Mad ScientistGame + Gangnam
Tough + Smart
Rare Mad Scientist
NinjaRebel + Creative
Wizard + Salesman
Rare Ninja
Pop StarCreative + Greedy
Wizard + Salesman Fish
Rare Pop Star
HoboSmart + Dreamy
dreamy + robber
Rare Hobo
WizardCreative + Dreamy
Brave + Dancer
Shy + Cheerleader.
Rare Wizard
CowboyCool + Creative
Rare Cowboy
Designerunicorn + fairy
Nerdy + Creative
Rare Designer
UnicornModel + Popstar
Designer Fish + Model Fish
Pop Star Fish + Model Fish
Rare Unicorn
FairyCowboy + Model
Popstar + Rockstar
Model + Ninja
Rare Fairy
WerewolfModel + Pirate
Movie Star + Pirate
Astronaut Fish + Model Fish
Rare Werewolf
VampirePirate Fish + Astronaut Fish
Rare Vampire
AngelRock Star Fish + Pop Star Fish
Vampire Fish + Werewolf Fish
Rare Angel
GhostFairy Fish + Werewolf Fish
Rare Ghost
DevilVampire Fish + Werewolf Fish
Rare Devil
DiamondAngel Fish + Ghost Fish
Rare Diamond
RubyDevil Fish + Ghost Fish
Rare Ruby
GalaxyDiamond + Ruby [ecstatic ]
Diamond Fish + Ruby Fish
Rare Galaxy
Rare Gangnam
Rare Hippie
Rare Toy
Rare Games
Rare Queen
Rare Independence
Rare Atlantis
Rare Dolphin
Rare Otter
Ghost SharkSalesman + Evil
Rare Ghost Shark
Rare Witch
Rare Medusa
MermaidDiamond Fish + Fairy Fish30hours
Rare Mermaid
Rare Phoenix
Rare Alien
NeptuneAngel Fish + Galaxy Fish48hours
Rare Neptune
PrismGalaxy Fish + Ruby Fish48hours
Rare Prism
Mecha FishAstronaut + Evil8hours
Rare Mecha Fish
Chef FishCool + Designer8hours
Rare Chef Fish
Aussie FishParty + Cowboy8hours
Rare Aussie Fish

Still wondering how to breed a certain fish with attitude fish?, how do you get a new fish? simple, try several times the same combo until it works.

[box type=”download”]You can leave your own Fish With Attitude combinations below, all formulas are welcomed as long as they are different from the ones shown above.[/box]

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50 thoughts on “Fish With Attitude Guide: All Breeding Combinations”

  1. I bred a diamond and devil fish and came up with 29.59 hours later when I checked there was no egg in the breeding tank. What happened to it?

    1. What probably happened is that your internet connection failed and didn’t save your progress. Hopefully you got that fish back!

    2. maybe u closed the game and ur work wasnt saved it hapens to me alot and maybe someone came and played with ur computer when u wasnt near it,hope this helps.

  2. Does it matter about the emotion level when you breed the fish? Because sometimes it dosen’t breed right. Because sometimes when I make the happier or sadder it finally works. If it does matter please reply.

    1. Yeah it does matter the emotion level of certain fish. Some of the fish that are easier to get like the adventure fish and the crazy fish it really doesn’t matter but as you get to the more hard to get fish like the ninja fish and the party fish, it does matter the emotional level. The happier they are the more reliable you are to get the fish you want. Hope this helps!

  3. What do cool fish in party fish breed? I just picked random fish and I wanted cool and party. The breeding time was 10 hours? Anybody know what type of fish.?

  4. I am breeding a rock star with a pirate, breeding time 48 hours, does anyone know what I might get from that combination?

  5. I just bred mermaid (yet to hatch) with ecstatic diamond and vampire, and I just put ruby and ghost together (both ecstatic) and got 30hrs – I think will be medusa, after about 30 failed attempts with the recommended breeding pairing.

  6. This game is a joke. I’ve been trying to breed galaxy fish for 4 months. I have all fish and all are ecstatic. I’m trying diamond and ruby fish both ecstatic and no luck. I’m done with this.

    1. Are all of your fish original (not rare) and active in tanks not in storage. I read that also was requirement for galaxy. Can anyone confirm this approach?

  7. Obviously this list isn’t complete because it says that if you breed A + B you’ll get C. But I have several “C” fish when I still don’t have any A’s or B’s. But the reason I’m writing is that I’m hoping someone knows how to fix a glitchy tank. Ever since I tried sharing with “friends” at the bottom of the screen, I have this thick horizontal flashing “glitchy” band. Sometimes it will go away on its own, but it will start up anytime I restart my computer or log into another user on my computer. Anyone have an idea to fix this? Or do I have to uninstall the program and reinstall it? If I do that, will it lose everything in this game and start from scratch? Thanks.

  8. Does anyone know if you can still breed fish that are no longer in the lineup. I mean fish like Aussie and chef for example. I hate to waste coins if I can’t get them anymore.

  9. I got a galaxy fish on my 4th try by breeding ecstatic diamond from the right column of fish in the breeding guide and the ruby from the left side. I have no idea if it made a difference but that is what finally worked. The fish I can’t get is Neptune. I have tried for a month and nothing. Any suggestions?

  10. How do you breed an Artist fish? I’ve been working on it for ages but Creative + Smart have NOT been working! :(. Please help! **Cue puppy dog eyes.**

  11. Finally bred a RARE Adventure fish – Rare Cool fish x Adventure fish. Since I’m amidst the Robber fish contest, I’m not sure about breeding/hatch time.

    1. It takes time, but I find it easier when 1 fish is ecstatic and the other is somewhat happy.
      Ecstatic fish left
      Somewhat happy fish right
      Hope that helps

  12. I can’t sign into the game because it says that ‘Unusual activity was detected and the incident was been reported.’ What can I do? Can I do something? Please help me. I don’t want to lose this game!!

  13. I am trying to breed a Genie fish, could you please tell me a combination, I understand that it may take a few try’s
    Thank you

    1. Hi Janette,
      Thank you for the combination for Genie fish. Robber and Dancer worked straight up one go at breeding that combination and I got her.

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