Fantastic Forest Guide: Quests

Below you will find the complete list of quests for Fantastic Forest. We also include the solution to some quests that asks for hidden artifacts, indicating the area location.


QuestTasksQuest Giver
The visitorPlant carrot x2
Instant complete carrot x2
Harvest a Carrot 2 times
shake apple tree 1x
Deal 1x at Helen's Market stall
Mayor's Day OffDeal 1x at Helen's Market Stall
Shake Apple Tree 3x
Talk to Nippy 2 times
Give 2x carrot to Nippy
Buy 2x Blue Flowers
Buy 2x red flowers
Talk to Rose 2 times
Never trust a pretty face.Give 2x apple to Nippy
Talk to Nippy 1 time
Catch a Goldfish 2 times
Catch a bluegill 1 times
Buy 6x freshwater lure
catch a piranaha 2 times
Give 2x Piranha to Rose
Deal 3x at Helen's Market Shall
Spend 500 coins on decorations
Increase your village rank to level 4
Remove a Tree 2x
Give 6x blackberry to Nippy
Explore the Area the Reynard Mansion
Talk to Fred 1 Times
Give 2x to Bluegill to fred
Dog SniffersExplore the Area The Town Hall
Remove a tree 2x
Excavate Town Hall Column 1x [The colum is found in the Town Hall area, and once you are done digging it, you will need 10 Wood and 200 coins to excavate the artifact]
Talk to Rose 2 times
Finish ruins of the Mayor's Town Hall
Shake Apple Tree 2x
Give 6x carrots to Rose
Talk to Nippy 1 times
Give 6x Broccoli to Nippy
The MansionExcavate Pile of Bricks 1x [HINT. The pile of bricks is located in the Area "The Storage". You need to unlock it and then excavate the bricks to get this task done]
Finish Ruins of Fred's House 1x
Explore the area The Storage
Remove a tree 3x
Shake Apple Tree 2x
Smash a rock 5x
Explore The Area Wisdom Woods
Excavate Door 1x
Finish Ruins of Fred's House
Vanishing ActsExplore the area "The Storage"
Buy 4 decorations
Add food to the storage 2x
Talk to Rose 2 times

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