Dungeon Hunter 4 Strategy Guide: Blademaster Skills and Builds

This is our Dungeon Hunter 4 strategy guide for Blademasters. This class is, after Battleworns, the easiest class to play solo. Not only because they can yield a lot of damage quickly but also because they are pretty strong against multiple attacks. If you are new to the game, you can read our Dungeon Hunter 4 walkthrough.

Read the complete list of blademaster skills and spells and discuss which ones are the best that could be assigned to create the best blademaster build.

Only 3 active skills can be active at the same time.You can only assign 4 passive skills at the same time. and you can only have a single spirit spell active at the same time. Spirit Spells remain the same along all classes, but their stats change.

All Blademaster Skills and Spirit Spells

LacerationActive SkillEnergy Cost: 98
112% damage (x2)
Slash with both weapons at once, doing increased damage with each weapon.
DashActive SkillEnergy Cost: 124
140% damage
Cooldown: 10.50 seconds
Bolt forward, slashing all enemies in your path
ChakramsActive SkillEnergy Cost: 135
67% damage
Throw three bladed rings to slice through enemies
Tiger ClawsActive SkillEnergy Cost: 135
125% damage
Bonus Bleed Damage: 15
A quick succession of slies, cuts and slashes that will make your foes Bleed.
Grim SliceActive SkillEnergy Cost: 105
218% damage
A powerful attack that can knock enemies down
VanishActive SkillEnergy Cost: 135
Duration: 5.50 seconds
Become invisible to your enemies, attacking while hidden cancels the effect, but results in an automatic Critical Hit
Soul StealerActive SkillEnergy Cost: 120
Energy Leech: 2 per hit
Duration: 5 secondds
Call upon arcane powers to temporarily increase energy leech for you and your allies.
BladestormActive SkillEnergy Cost: 156
176% damage per hit
Swing your blades with reckless abandon, cutting down all who come near. This move is the epitome of the AShken combat arts.
Chi StealPassive SkillEnergy Leech: 1 per hitAttacking your enemies grans you energy.
Mental DisciplinePassive SkillXP Bonus: 7%Earn more Xp from killing enemies, thanks to years of peaceful meditation
Serrated BladePassive Skill+6% weapon damage as bleedingAdds a small amount of bleed damage to your regular attacks
RipostePassive SkillDamage reflect chance: 12%
25% reflected damage
You have a chance to automatically damage melee attackers
Blood ThirstPassive Skill0.50% damage into healthA percentage of damage dealth is returned to you as health
Stunning BlowPassive SkillStun chance: 1.50%Your attacks now have a chance to Stun enemies.
Divine VoicesPassive SkillCooldown: -1 secondsDecreases cooldown for spirit spells
Physical ConditioningPassive SkillMax Health: +2%
Max Energy: +2%
Increases your maximum health and energy
Heart SeekerPassive SkillCrit. Damage: +1.50%
Crit. Damage: +5 damage
Boosts your chance of scoring a critical hit, as well as the amount of damage they inflict.
FatalityPassive Skill+2% damageYou are becoming deadlier than your amsters could ever have dreamed.
DamnationSpirit Spell225% fire damageSummon a ring of righteous fire to damage all nearby enemies
RejuvenationSpirit SpellHealth: +6%
Energy: +12%
Invulnerability: 2.10 seconds
Mysterious energies heal you and grant you brief invulnerability
BenefictionSpirit Spell+25% damage
Crit: +20%
Greatly increases your party's attack damage as well as the frequency and power of your critical hits.
Celestial BoltSpirit Spell140% lightning damageStun and damage nearby enemies with lightning strikes
ConfusionSpirit Spell210% damage
confuse chance: 25%
A painful blast of darkness that can also confuse and terrify the feeble-minded
GlaciationSpirit Spell300% ice damage
slow duration: 1.25 seconds
A ring of Ice erupts from your body, hurting and slowing enemies
ArmageddonSpirit Spell160% damage per meteorCall down a storm of meteors to punish the wicked.

Blademaster Builds & Specs

This is our PvE blademaster build, we have not yet reach the character level cap, but we are working on it.

Level: 43
Health: 56,007
Energy: 625
DPS: 51,087
Damage: 15,197-18,423
Damage Bonus: 18%
Attack Speed: 0
Crit Chance: 15%
Crit Bonus: 50%
Fire: 18%
Health Leech: 4.90%
Ice: 10%
Health Regen: 325.60
Energy Regen: 16.32
XP Bonus: 35%
Gold Find: 35%

Active Skills

Chakrams: 4
Grim Slice: 3
Bladestorm: 4

Passive Skills

Chi Steal: 4
Riposte: 4
Bloodthirst: 3
Fatality: 2

Spirit Spell

Rejuvenation: 7

Other Dungeon Hunter 4 Guides.

[box type=”download”]You can leave your own Blademaster build for PvE or PvP (team deathmatch). No matter your level, tell us which skills you consider the ones that cannot be left out.[/box]

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81 thoughts on “Dungeon Hunter 4 Strategy Guide: Blademaster Skills and Builds”

  1. I go for critical hits. Got my critical chance to 40+. Then critical damage bonus beyond 150%. Then i look for life leech gems (total life leech 10+%)

    I find i stop using potions anymore as i can get back full health with 3-5hits.at most an occasional rejuvenation.

    Now level 29 fighting level 60s.next aiming for stun%.

  2. I agree with soujiro seta. As a blademaster, the key is fast attacking and quick killing. Critting and leach are the key attributes. Unfortunately it takes time before you can get the leach gems. I’m level 21 and I think I’ve only gotten 3 of them. But critting comes in triangles and circles so you can stockpile them a put them in most equipment. Stun is very powerful now that it started dropping.

    It seems like the goal is just to work towards a new weapon and let armor drop from enemies. Unless you are paying real money, which I haven’t.

  3. Id focused my char on collecting charms first.. It may take a while to lvl up though but ive proven its worth it.. Charm of power, arcana, bandit, mind, nature, fire…
    The skills that ive chosen is for lvl up and dungeon survival..

    Passive and spirit
    Rejuvination max lvl
    Chi steal lvl 10
    Blood thirst lvl 20

    All active skills lvl 1 only

    against range enemies with slow attack and summon healing totem
    I prefer to hunt them first because theyre really annoying
    I use
    dash lvl 1
    Grim slice lvl 1
    Tiger claw lvl 1
    Since im still at lvl 51

    For boss fight that is easy to kill
    I just replace dash lvl 1 with vanish lvl 1 and pair it with benefiction lvl 1
    Cast benefiction first then vanish then use skill that has high damage since attacking while ur in vanish mode will result in crit..

    Id also prefer to gather all monster first prior to attacking it since leech = % of damage which means more damage means more leech…

    1. thanks a lot for this build. Other players will soon be asking you questions about it we believe.

  4. Im level 95 right now. Game nick chace1988. This is the skills i chosen.. Quite work out for me. any advise will be appreciated.

    Active skill-
    Vanish lvl 1
    Bladestorm lvl 10
    Laceration lvl 6

    Passive skill-
    Blood thirst max
    Heart seeker max
    Fatality max
    Physical conditioning max

    Spirit skill-
    Benediction lvl 10

    Charm i focus on charm of soldiers, charms of agility, charm of wisdom, charm of bandit and charm of perception if got spare slot for star i put lighting or ice. Triangle i put poison or fire. Square charm of soul. Circle i mainly put all charm of agility.

  5. Hi,

    I would just like to confirm why does my stats change whenever I go to PVP like for example I have 144k DPS then in PVP, it drops down to 200DPS only.. does the effect of the items and charms not included in PVP.. my leech, crit rate and stun rate drops down to only percentage wherein my passive skill for crit and stun only works.. I’m 55 and a noob in PVP damn it..

    1. Same like your problem.
      My attack is 15.000+ but in PVP match my attack just 84+.

      Im level 88 blademaster.
      This is my skills:
      Bladestorm: 44
      Tiger claw: 13
      Grim slice: 5

      Fatality: 5
      Divine voices:6
      Heart seeker: 10

      Spirit spells:
      Glaciation: 3

  6. Aybantot, I also have that same problem…. My dps is over 30k and my health is over 40k I’m lvl 43… But when I go to pvp my dmg is 201 and health only 3k…. Does anyone know why this happens?

  7. Hi everyone – what is the max level for skills? I’m saving a few skill points and I’d like to know that in order to plan my development.


  8. can anyone have a spare items, pls add me, my username is mangoredleo, im level 17 blademaster. help will be much appreciated. :)

  9. I solved the game as a level 39 Blademaster, without making any in-app purchases. Really overbearing IAP marketing from Gameloft has soured me on this developer.

    Once I beat the final boss, the game didn’t play the ending scene that I’ve seen on YouTube, instead it sends me back to level 1, the War Mage Academy. Hopefully they’ll fix the progression error and stability issues. I’ve deleted the app.

    Your mileage may vary depending on which gems you slot, but far and away the most impact is from life leech, which I had at 5%–Bloodthirst skill augments that life steal–and Riposte was very useful. Grim Slice is far better than Tiger Claw–save your points for that skill. Spend gems to unlock Grim Slice if you want it early, but I spent the gems I earned (watching ads) on increasing bag slots instead.

    Approximate values, as I’ve deleted the app:

    Chakrams: 3
    Grim Slice: 3

    Passive Skills
    Mental Discipline: 10 (25% xp bonus–usually kept this active while grinding, swapped out for Riposte for boss fights)
    Riposte: 5
    Bloodthirst: 3

    Spirit Spell
    Rejuvenation: 8

    Crafting helped early on when the gold payouts were lower, but once you hit mid 30s, you can buy tier 46 gear which is roughly equivalent to the Void Crystal equipment. The gear you can buy with gold at this point gets progressively cheaper–the highest sword I could buy at level 39 for gold decreased from 1.6 million to 800,000 gold. I finished the game with 11 void crystals, far from the 30 needed to craft the sword I wanted, and by that point it was obsolete anyway.

    Perhaps Gameloft will tweak the flaws with the game and fix the bugs, but I’m not waiting around. Good luck.

    1. The portal after final boss is to Elite Warmage Academy. Void Crystal equips are most likely there for IAP considering you can buy it immediately after you get shop access and will last you till after the first Drall in eternal battle which unlocks tier 93-99 in the shop.

  10. Add me up. YhajRA lvl 72 Battleborn (passive type). Ive only played this game in solo mode so i dont have any friends yet so I need someone to join me in eternal battle or pvp. Whats special in my char is my criticl chance already reach 95% and i got 540% crit damge.

  11. I got a lvl 53 blademaster. I wanna know wats a better overall build for all classes in terms of damage charms. Basically i noticed using charms of agility dramaticly raises up dps. Of course i got hacking sources to have unlimited gold n gems so i have the best of everything. I gave up all charns of power for charms of agiliry. My dps is over 1million and my initial damage is 40000-49000. Before i had charms of power n like 1 or 2 charms of agility but my dps was like 400k n my initial damage was 50000-60000. So wats better? Raising initial damage with charms of power or using all charms of agility to make my dps insane? I want the best build in terms of damage. My crit chance is 35%

    1. You don’t have the best of everything till you can get full saintly set. My 75 blademaster have 13 million dps with soldier and haste potion (65% crit, 950% crit damage, 96% lightning, 9.8% health leech).

      I think charm of agility stops being effective once you pass 1000% crit damage or something, my normal attack button damage increased from 2 million to 2.6 million after switching 3 charms of agility with storm. And yes sockets are random after upgrade, I rerolled some pieces like 15x for the right sockets.

    2. Here’s my build and a screenshot of me in eternal battle wave 253.

      The 2nd pair of gloves is better from around wave 220, I do about 20% less but have far better survivability with the additional 5.5% leech and 10% crit although I’m considering replacing that crit with another 5.5% leech since it doesn’t seem to be keeping me alive very well past wave 250.

      If anyone has a better build than this, I would like to know thanks.

      In case the HTML doesn’t work:

    3. Are you guys running the game on iOS or android? Just wondering because there isn’t a jailbreak available for the current version of iOS, so there isn’t a way that I know of to hack the game for unlimited gems etc. Is there a way to hack the game still on iOS without the jailbreak? Or are you playing on an android? Thanks for any info you can provide.

  12. Yesterday July 16, 2013 Gameloft updated with these fixes for Android:

    -Major bug fixes including:
    *Character stats dropping in Co-op
    *Character level reset
    -Other bugs fixed

  13. Looking through all the posts here, it seems the popular build looks something like this:

    Active Skills:
    -Grim Slice
    -Chakrams / Vanish

    Passive Skills:
    -Blood thirst
    -Chi Steal / Riposte / Mental Discipline

    Spirit Skill:

    Given the immense cost of respecing at higher levels, new players should save points accordingly.

    My own build generally follows what is above. I am level 40 and have:

    Chakrams: 8
    Dash: 1
    Grim Slice: 1

    Chi Steal: 1
    Mental Discipline: 10
    Serrated Blade: 1
    Blood Thirst: 15

    Rejuvenation: 8

    I have 2 unspent points that I am saving for when I unlock Vanish, to replace Dash for escaping mass mobs.

    I really don’t want to pay to respec, so I’ll likely have to decide between Fatality, Chi Steal, and Heart Seeker at a higher level. Since I’ll only be able to take 2 of the 3, chances are I’ll have to drop Chi Steal.

    1. The cost of respec is 10 gems per skill point. So unless you’ve gained a ton of points from books of knowledge, it wont cost you more than $10 worth of gems to respec even at level 100.

  14. I call my build the Critical Blood Fiend

    Active Skills:
    – Blade Storm
    – Grim Slice
    – Vanish

    Passive Skills:
    – Fatality
    – Heart Seaker
    – Blood Thirst
    – Physical Conditioning

    Spirit Skill:
    – Benediction

    Character Stats:
    Health: 469,270
    Energy: 708
    DPS: 5,890,863

    Critical Stats:
    Crit Chance: 105%
    Crit Bonus: 520%

    Blood Leach: 20.80%

    It’s a great, very aggressive PvP build. Can’t let’em have a second to breathe.

    1. You don’t actually need vanish if you have over like 75% crit since it doesn’t turn you invisible in PvP. Your opponents will see what you see, a slightly faded out character as well as minimap position.

      I recommend Chakrams and Tiger Claw as they have far wider range and require much less accuracy. Even though rank 20 Grim Slice does 370%, it’s has a much smaller range and slower animation (backflip then strike) than Tiger Claw which instantly strikes after the button is pressed, does 2x 220% and has a pretty wide angle and range. My sentinel has 4 million dps without potions, crits at least 320k with Multi-Shot and like 780k(260k x3) with Quick Shot and has 105% crit.

      The only chance you have of getting anywhere near a sentinel with 150 energy regen spamming Multi-Shot in your direction that can 2 shot you and running away with Roll to recover once energy depletes is with Dash + Chakrams. If you have high enough damage Chakrams should kill in 1-2 shots. With Grim Slice, I would’ve Rolled away or be in the Roll therefore cannot be hit.

      I’d also suggest Divine Voices over Physical Conditioning because even with Physical Conditioning you’ll still be in the 2 shot zone whereas -20sec from Benediction makes for much faster cooldown hit and run build with Benediction, Dash, Chakrams combo.

    2. Oh wait I meant Rejuvenation, Dash, Chakrams combo. Multi-Shot has longer range than your dash, gotta immune yourself, dash through and spam Chakrams to kill, then rinse and repeat.

    3. E – That u said it’s impossible without pots. I have a 82 sentinel with 105% crit chance and 450% of crit bonus + 85% atack vel. (without pots) and i have a 2 million DPS. How much crit bonus u have? and lvl?

  15. Why is there like never anyone online… Eternal Warriors 2 has like the best online interface. you can view the amount of people online, and see all of the games currenly joinable. DH4 needs to upgrade

    1. I believe that’s a potion bug. If you have certain potions active, nobody can join your PvP room. Even if a friend invites you to their PvP room, you get auto kicked. Doesn’t seem to affect Co-op or Eternal… so maybe create that and change game type once people join? I’ve personally never tried that myself.

      What I do know is that if you use haste, health and damage together it bugs but haste potion by itself is fine, haven’t got around to testing the rest individually yet.

  16. Anyone down for some PvP????? Let me know! Thanks! Also I’m doin Godlike Mural Corridor runs (gurenteed win, will always revive) for any and all levels! great for equipment/charms. Get at me!

  17. It’s too hard to add friend :(. In “DH4 Friend” => need a button allows to add friend from the list available on server.

  18. Hey guys,

    Bladmaster Gizmodo here and I’m looking for some help. Need the location of where I can find a lvl 13 set of blades that I can forge up so that I can go back to the early stages and get some bonuses. I once had level 13 but I believe I accidentally sold them. Anyway if someone can point me in the direction of some lvl 13 blades that would be awesome.

    Add me as a friend too. I play on iPad.


  19. Do you want to laugh your — off, One of those old guys that does not spend money on the game.
    Did not pay attention to what I was doing, Here is my stats
    Level 100 Battleworn
    Dps 364 k
    Crit 140
    Passive skills Mending blow 14, Leadership 20
    Spirit, Celestial bolt 15
    Equipment all saint Upgraded 3
    In game money’s coming up on 1 trillion
    Bugs (No tier rewards) (Cannot advance past 100) (App shut down For no reason)
    Just started the player versus player and get killed instantly.
    Several more small bugs
    So is there any help or should I just be deleted


    1. Hey man, lvl 86 Blademaster. I am on 1.17 mil DPS and planning on at least 1.7-2. Believe me, not bragging, but I am just curious how ur still on 300k-ish :/ What r u doing wrong? Charms can change everything if combined correctly. U need critical chance at 100% then critical bonus as high as u can go (my build goes up to 800% bonus, so 8x damage with a 75% crit chance, when maxed, which needs to be improved, but still…).

    1. Get triangular and round charms for them (Charm of Perception and Agility, get ur crit chanxe as close to 100 as possible, and crit bonus as high as possible (I am planning on 75/800). Good luck to u.

  20. Guys question I accidentally so deleted dh4 so basically my battleworn is no more so I created a new one and created a blade master. My biggest comcern now is ive been spammin dungeon per dungeon for 3 weeks now and about 3 – 6 hours a day. I dont have life leech gem yet? Is there a problem?

  21. I have a blademaster lvl 100
    Dmg 2.353.457,35
    Dmg bonus:40%
    Attack speed:22% i have 23% rune
    Crit chance:77% up to 90%
    Crit dmg: 590% up to 700%
    Lightning dmg:18%
    Health leech:11,30%


    Grim slice:max 370%dmg
    Dice: lvl 17 215%dmg cd 3sec
    Heart seekeer:max
    Stunning blow:max i use it in pvp in pve is useless
    Blood thirst:max
    Other skills have 1 point

    Good luck.

  22. currently level 33, i made armor with critical damage charm 300%++ (3×50%)+( 2×70%)
    other slot just for leech (energy/life).

    base damage tier 34 weapon 11k++ (you can buy in shop about 1.6 mill)
    base crit.chance 5%

    main skill
    laceration or grim (lev. 1 = 200% damage)
    the rest skill is up to you

    spirit skill
    benediction lvl 16 (+100% damage (aka double base damage) 80% crit. chance)

    benediction + laceration lev.1/ grim lev.1 = 250k++ damage

    damn this blademaster is overkil character IMO

  23. I’m a level 26, and one skill that I always keep in there, although I don’t use it often, is dash. I always keep it in case my health is diminishing too quickly, and I need to run away to let my health return. On some of the more difficult levels I’ve encountered, I’ve foud it necessary to leave the last person/demon/entity in the wave and let it chase me around in circles until my health has returned if I have no other alternative. I also use tiger claw and chakrams.
    I don’t think there are any really definite ways to find Charms of the Bandit (silver square health leech), but I’ve only found three so far.
    I’ve always kept my spirit spell at damnation because rejuvenation at an early level isn’t worth much, and I usually spend my skill points on passive skills. My favorite of those is serrated blade.

  24. Blademaster 86.

    HP: 310.235
    Mana: 1.072
    DPS: 1.178.511
    Damage: 89.163-108.469
    Damage Bonus: 9% (work in progress, should be 20 once 2 lvl 10 charms are done in 2 days)
    Attack Speed: 26%
    Crit Chance: 60,5%
    Crit Bonus: 505%
    Poison: 45%
    Bleed: 120%
    Health Leech: 9.5% (also work in progress, will be 10.5 soon)

    I did not plan for this character. Mainly, I regret investing into “Serrated Blade”, and “Riposte”, they are good for farming, but not PVP. I will play some Blood Match over the next few weeks to get skill points to fill up: “Blood Thirst”, “Stunning Blow”, “Heart Seeker”, and “Fatality”.

    I LOVE “Laceration”, and “Dash”, they r perfect for a damage/gtfo combo.

    If you are a new player, and ur gonna play this game, do urself a favor, but the 550 gems when they r on 50% sale, u get 1100 for circa 5$, upgrade ur inventory space as much as u can, its the ONLY thing that this game forces you to pay for. Playing with an inventory smaller than 40 is stupid and too frustrating.

    Feel free to coach me if I made mistakes, or ask me bt the game.

    PS: I have been playing for 2-3 weeks.

  25. I guess some players complained about their damaged lowered than before.i also guessed that all this players also android user haha..why do complaint as many android users are cheater…

  26. Hi im new here on this game .. is there a online load for here? I would to spend some money for thid game just a little bit. :) im from Philippines..

  27. it’s so hard for me to donate on this game :( because im from Philippines .. and i hope there will be other way or any solutions for the donations on this game.

    I don’t have any visa card,master card,American express and JBC etc.

    I can only afford thru online load like SMART AND GLOBE. just base on to our country network’s sim.

    any one have some idea? coz i want to spend my donate for buying more slot inventory.

  28. Level 84 Blademaster here!

    You don’t have to use Skill Points (SP) on anything. I suggest putting them ALL in passive abilities (3 or 4 SP in active). Since level 11 I have been collecting Bandit charms (Life steal), Agility charms (Crit damage) and Perception (Crit chance). Those charms are the only ones I have on my equiptment. And will serve you well way beyond the end of the game. (Played through 2 times now + farming dungeons)

    Don’t bother crafting ANYTHING until you unlock the Voidstone Sets. They will serve you well.

    As of now My Blademaster has been getting in the top 100 of Bloodmatch and Eternal Battles

    He’s got: (I’ve spent a $15.00 iTunes card on gems for unlocks)

    Crit chance: 46%
    Crit damage bonus: +650% damage
    Life steal: 8.5%
    Average damage per hit: 80,000-90,000
    Average crit damage: 550,000-630,000

    Abilities: (Passive)

    Fatality 20: +40% damage
    Heart Seeker 20: +30% crit chance + 100 damage
    Riposte 20: 50% chance to refelct 120% of damage (Unlock slot for 40 gems)

    Spirit Spell: Benediction 20 +120% damage and +96% crit damage

    All the other points are in the First 5 or 6 levels I had no choice of putting points into.

    EASY GEMS: 10 a day with Wheel of fate….Keep clicking back and forward until the 10 gem prize appears. (When you click back before spinning the prizes change)

    ANYONE who wants additional advice let me know, I will be glad to offer it.

    1. Sir luke. What do you mean about the life steal charm? What is looks like? Sorry coz im only new of this game .. my current level is still a noob I always keep on farming some charms ..

    2. Hey Luke I really like your char build, can I ask u a question, why did you use Reposte not Blood Thirst or others, I think Reposte is only have effect with melee dam, good for PVE and PVP with Battlesworn :)

    3. Hey like I’m a lvl 76 bladesmaster, 560k dps 17.2% leech is farming charms better in multiplayer eternal battle or solo?

  29. I a dh4 blademaster level-40. I have level 46 gear. I play on a 1st generation kindle fire. I would like to find people to play with. I have several friends but need someone to help me with my charms and skills to level quicker. Also need help so I can play blood match without dying so quick. I just need someone to play with too. Please help my username is darrr2. Thanks

  30. Can anyone tell me where can I get blood leech charms , im currently lv36 and have a weapon with initial damage of 16k but my attacks are only going to 7k I have equipped:

    3x 50% crt. damage
    2x base damages =637

    and still nothing.
    please heeelp??

  31. Can someone help me please??how to open another slot on a passibe skill??i do have 2 slots only at the same time..

  32. Blademaster Level 44
    Health: 43,928
    Energy: 635
    DPS: ******

    Damage: 11,663-14,184
    Damage Bonus: 26%
    Attack Speed: 0%
    Crit. Chance: 20%
    Crit. Bonus: 360%
    Lightning: 14%
    Health Leech: 2.75%
    Stun: 6.50%

    Health Regen: 250.04%
    Move Speed: 0%
    XP Bonus: 57%
    Gold Find: 14%

    Spirit Spells: +90% damage Crit.:+72%
    Passive Skills: Mental Discipline Level 20, Riposte Level 9
    Active Skills: Dash,Tiger-Claw,Grim-Slice.

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