Dungeon Hunter 4 Strategy Guide: Battleworn Skills and Builds

This is our Dungeon Hunter 4 strategy guide for the Battleworn Class. This melee class is, with the Blademaster, the two melee classes of the game. If you are new to the game, you can read our Dungeon Hunter 4 walkthrough.

Read the complete list of Battleworn skills and spells and discuss which ones are the best that could be assigned to create the best Battleworn build.

Only 3 active skills can be active at the same time.You can only assign 4 passive skills at the same time. and you can only have a single spirit spell active at the same time. Spirit Spells remain the same along all classes, but their stats change. Some skills can be looped if you keep the skill button pressed.

All Battleworn Skills and Spirit Spells

ObliterateActive SkillEnergy Cost: 90
125% damage
Crush your enemies with a powerful overhead slam.
ChargeActive SkillEnergy Cost: 90
140% damage
Cooldown: 10.50 seconds
Rush into danger, knocking back anyone foolish enough to get in your way.
Arcane ArmorActive SkillEnergy Cost: 109
Duration: 3.40 seconds
Summon a set of glowing armor that grants you 50% damage reduction
CleaveActive SkillEnergy Cost: 109
162% damage
This powerful slash will make them regreat going toe-to-toe with you
Battle StandardActive SkillEnergy Cost: 94
Attack Speed: +17.50%
Duration: 8 seconds
Call down a glowing Valen flag to invigorate nearby allies and reduce the damage they take by 30%
TremorActive SkillEnergy Cost: 124
162% damage
Shatter the earth with a heavy stomp. Knocking enemies off their feet.
Jump AttackActive SkillEnergy Cost: 141
250% damage
Launch yourself into a group of enemies, landing with tremendous force.
CycloneActive SkillEnergy Cost: 109
70% damage
Swing your blade with wild abandon, cutting a swatch through your enemies.
ZealotPassive SkillEnergy Absorb: +2When you take damage, you regenerate Energy.
LeadershipPassive SkillXP Bonus: 7%You\re a quick learner and a natural leader. Increases XP gains.
Burning BladePassive Skill+8% weapon damage as FireAdds Fire Damage to all your attacks
Physical FortitudePassive SkillHealth Regen: +1 per secondIncreases the speed at which you regenerate Health
Mending BlowPassive Skill0.70% damage into healthA percentage of damage dealth is returned to you as health
BrutalityPassive SkillKnockdown chance: +4%You are growing stronger, and are more likely to knock enemies off their feet
Divine InspirationPassive SkillCooldown: -2 secondsDecreases cooldown for spirit spells
HardinessPassive SkillMax Health: +4%
Max Energy: m+4%
Increases your maximum health and Energy.
Skilled VeteranPassive SkillCrit. Chance: +3%
Cri. Dmg. Bonus: +10%
Your critical hits are more frequent, and do greater damage.
RagePassive SkillDamage: +4%You are filled with a righteous fury, increasing your damage.
DamnationSpirit Spell225% Fire DamageSummon a ring of righteous fire to damage all nearby enemies
RejuvenationSpirit SpellHealth: +7%
Energy: +14%
Invulnerability: 2.20 seconds
Mysterious energies heal you and grant you brief invulnerability
BenedictionSpirit Spell+30% damage
Crit: +24%
Greatly increases your party's attack damage as well as the frequency and power of your critical hits.
Celestial BoltSpirit Spell150% lightning damageStun and damage nearby enemies with lightning strikes
ConfusionSpirit Spell220% damage
confuse chance: 27.50%
A painful blast of darkness that can also confuse and terrify the feeble-minded
GlaciationSpirit Spell320% ice damage
slow duration: 1.50 seconds
A ring of Ice erupts from your body, hurting and slowing enemies
ArmageddonSpirit Spell170% damage per meteorCall down a storm of meteors to punish the wicked.

Battleworn Builds & Specs

We are working on a strategy guide to give you the best Battleworn pve and pvp build.

[box type=”download”]You can leave your own Blademaster build for PvE or PvP (team deathmatch). No matter your level, tell us which skills you consider the ones that cannot be left out.[/box]

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11 thoughts on “Dungeon Hunter 4 Strategy Guide: Battleworn Skills and Builds”

  1. Add me up. YhajRA lvl 72 Battleborn (passive type). Ive only played this game in solo mode so i dont have any friends yet so I need someone to join me in eternal battle or pvp. Whats special in my char is my criticl chance already reach 95% and i got 540% crit damge.

    1. YhajRA will you help me find some critical stuffs foe my blade master I would really appreciate it if you do and I will make you my friend.

  2. Well, I am level 43. I have;

    Arcane armor – 10
    Charge – 9 (7 second CD)
    Cleave – 1 (low mana cost, can apply poison, fire. & ice, returns energy on hit, great for large mobs)
    Zealot – 10 (I was initially thinking more E-regen the better. But if you work on health regen & E/hit, gems. You could avoid this one and place elsewhere.)
    Mending blow – 18 (health-on-hit). Need I say more?

    This is as gas as I have got. So far. What follows is what my plan is.

    After the above said;

    Passive skills:

    Mending blow
    Brutality/Devine inspiration
    Skilled veteran

    Confusion spirit spell

  3. I’ve maxed the heal spell and use mostly health / mana per sec, base dmg & max mana and one large crit, poison & fire each. I’ve left my attacks at level one so they are cheap on mana, and will add mending blow, zealot, and then battle standard. I’ve got several unspent points waiting for mending blow to open up at level 38.

    For attacks, i mostly just use charge and cleave. I heard enemies into groups and then use cleave to mow them all down. For bosses and elites I just regular attack and charge.

  4. Ok I’ve played a lot and calculated every skill dmg/lvl I am lvl 68 and have 346995 does the best skills are following tremor lvl 10 (maks out as you go cuse you throw the enemy up in the air and have time to recover) battle standard 15(maks out as yo get higher) mending blow lvl 10 skilld veteran lvl 20 burning blade lvl 5 benediction lvl 10(maks out as you go) with thees skills you will have the best dps although you need some good Gear so craft craft craft especially charms . The best battleworn charms I think are critical hit and critical chance I also have som energy and life charms and life leech ice/light/poison/fire dmg as we’ll some stun.

  5. I’m a level 46 Battleworn…. Health Leech and Crit gems..Burning Blade level 17 and Damnation are maxed at 20 with level 2 arcane armor and 2 charge…Easiest build by Far…….Ripping apart 10-15 level 62-68 mobs…Blood match I get around 4,000,000 – 6,000,000 a week…easy loot, lots of cash….Health Leech is OP and keeps you alive…Working on the level 4 dungeons ….I believe they are level 70-84? Something like that…PVP I suck at …co-op and eternal I’m pretty good…When you get Health Leech gems …KEEP THEM

  6. Guy’s please help I have BlackBerry z10 game v1.0.1.4
    When I select multi player mode I just find ” local & cancel ” and I don’t know how to add friends, can’t find friend list… please help I wanna play the. game online :s iam lvl: 14

  7. I think that a battleworn with very high health leech and health regen, as well as really high DPS is very useful –>
    active skills: charge,cleave,cyclone all lvl 1(cyclone helps at health leech)
    passive skills: physical fortitude and mending blow max. After that
    burning blade
    spirit skills: rejuvenation for temporary invulnerability and energy recovery(as well as health)
    Charms: health leech, hp regen, base dmg and instant dmg just like ice or radiant

    You can also add charms that increase max health or give you stun chance.

  8. Battle worn 54 lvl all on heal, cryt, posion fire, regen heal and one in energgy regen
    Passive on regen heal 20 lvl great for pvp 20 passive fire dmg attacks claive on lvl 2 all another lvl 1 and buff skill 10 ( few skils get from blood event).per one entry in blood event i get 1 kkk points.

  9. … Chee. You guys overthink everything. Just grind in the dungeons until lvl 50 or so. Transmute all your metal stuff to spiritstone then you’ll almost 1 shot hardcore creeps. Plus always keep charms like bandit and storm. They are super strong at level 10 plus.

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