Dungeon Hunter 4 Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough

Welcome to quickgamer’s Dungeon Hunter 4 walkthrough for beginners. Graphics are sure what improved the most in the entire Dungeon Hunter sage, the gameplay style remains quite similar.

Choosing a Character Class

Battleworn: Excels at close-range combat and at dealing with several enemies at a time. Battleworn fight with two-handled swords and regain Energy by getting hit by enemies. [Blademaster Strategy Guide]

Blademaster: Master of melee and 1-on-1 combat, dealing high critical damage. Blademasters fight with short swords and regain energy by attacking enemies. [Blademaster Strategy Guide]

Sentinel: Deadly accurate elite archer of the Valen army. Sentinels excel at long-range and 1-on-1 combat, and quickly regain Energy passively. [Sentinels Strategy Guide]

Warmage: Excels and long-range combat and at fighting several enemies at once. Warmages fight with staves and quickly regain Energy passively. [Warmage Strategy Guide]

You can also pick between male and female heroes on the right sidebar of the hero selection screen, below the description. You can delete a character from this same menu, simpy tap on the character and then tap on the delete, on the right sidebar.

They should have really left a bit more character space when picking your name, since it seems very short.

So which is the best class in Dungeon Hunter 4?.

Leveling Up

When gaining a level, your character’s stats will increase. You will also receive a skill point that you can use to acquire or upgrade a skill.


Directional Pad. Used to move the character, and to face a direction when performing skills.

Action Button. Used to perform basic attacks, initiate dialogs and interact with objects (changes from weapon to hand when the latter are available)

Skill Button. Used to perform the active skill assigned to each button.

Spirit Spell Button. Used to perform the spirit spell assigned to it.

Potion Button: used to consume a health potion.

Social Button: Opens your Friend List

Mini-Map: Opens the Dungeon Map Menu

Character Button: Opens the Character Menu.


You will find regular chets in levels, some of them are clearly visible and some others are hidden in passages that would not visit when heading directly towards your objective. Bosses also drop elite chests.


A mission is a small quest that is available in some levels. Each of these levels contains a set of 3 missions. In some of them each set has its own Difficulty levels: Normal and Elite You will automatically receive a reward after completing a mission.


Additional quest-givers will appear along your way, these NPCs have a big blue ! mark on top of their heads. These quests are sort of challenge missions that you have to finish right after you accept them.

Character Skills

You have 3 types of Skills. Active Skills, Passive Skills and Spirit Skills. Tap on your character profile and then tap on the Skills tab to access the menu.

Active Skills: Skills that you can perform once they are assigned to one of the three Skill buttons. Each skill costs Energy to use.

Passive Skills: these skills have a persistent effect when assigned to a passive skill slot and don’t cost energy. You can only have four passive skills applied at once. They can be changed at any time in the skill menu.

Spirit Spells: Very powerful skills. Only the skill assigned to the Spirit Spell button can be used. You only have 1 spirit spell can be active at any time and the cool-down after being used is much longer than the one of active skills.

Skill Points: Used to level up unlocked skills and Spirit Spells. You gain 1 Skill Point every time your character levels up.

Adding skill points to skills improves them.

To equip a skill, you have to drag it to a slot on the Mapping Screen.

You can also win Skill Points by playing the Wheel of Fate. [you can get up to 2 free spins at the Wheel of Fate every day by playing cooperative matches]

Character Stats

Arcana: Directly influences Energy-related statistics. Affects: Max Energy and Regeneration.

Power: Directly influences Damage-related statistics. Affects: Base Damage and Critical Damage

Fortitude: Directly influences Health-related statistics. Affects: Max Health and Health regeneration

Agility: Directly influences Movement-related statistics. Affects: Dodge Rating, Critical Chance and Attack Speed.

These attributes are increased when the character levels up and when using elixirs or scrolls


The more slots you have, the more items you can carry in your inventory. Unfortunately, it costs 10 gems to get +2 inventory slots. Sell low-level equipment oftenly to have enough inventory space for new item drops.


Weapon: Increases your damage when equipped. Weapons can have from 0 to 3 charm sockets, and have one of the following ratings: Average, Fine, Masterwork and Legendary.

Armor: increases your maximum health. They can have the same amount of charm sockets as weapons and the ratings is the same.

rings: Hard to find, but very valuable and powerful. They increase different statistics than do armor and weapons, such as XP gain. You can only have 1 ring equipped at a time.


Potions: Consumables with effects that persist for a specific amount of time, from 1 hour to 1 day. You will receive 1 Health Potion every few hours up to a maximum of 3 potions. You can also buy them in the shop.

Elixirs and Books: Consumables with effects that last forever once used.

Some weapon drops have charms on them. You can indeed remove charms from items and that costs gold, the amount varies depending on the weapon level.


What are Charms?. Small items which provide a boost to your statistics when merged with an item equipped with sockets. Charms come in 4 different shapes;

  • Circle: Power, fortitude, agility, arcana and essence
  • Triangle: Nature, Fire, Mind, Perception and ghost
  • Square: heart, soul wisdom, bandit and scavenger
  • Star: blessing, soldier, winter, storm and monk

You can merge 2 identical charms of the same level. It’ll create a stronger version of the same type.

World Map

From the World Map menu, you can travel directly to any location you’ve discovered by tapping on its flag. The flags represent the location’s game mode. Some can be played solo; some with other players. Solo Arena/ Co-Op Level, Player vs Player, and Cp-Op Arena.

The downward-pointing orange arrow indicates your current locations. The glow surrounding a flag indicates your current quest objective location.

You can join or host multiplayer games by tapping the Multiplayer button.


You can review and track Quest objectives from the Dungeon Map. the orange arrow represents your position in the dungeon. You can see your current Quest objective by tapping on the quest title. when you tap on the main quest title, you are taken to the area, that shows a yellow spot that indicates where to go next. Of course, if the Area has not been explored, you will only see the blinking yellow spot. Once you close the mini-map you will see a small orange arrow on the mini-map on the top-right corner of the screen pointing toward your Quest Objective.

If you see a red dot circled with a star-shape icon, it means there’s an elite enemy in that spot.

Green dots indicate NPCs waiting for you to interact and possibly ending or starting a quest.


You can craft items by using materials. Tap on the Character button and then on the Crafting Menu Tab (Smith icon) to access it.

In this menu, you can craft weapons, helmets, armor, gloves, and boots with materials that you gather during your journey. To craft, simply seleect an item and then tap the Make button. You can craft an item only when you have the required amount of materials. You can also convert materials into other types to craft even better items by tapping the Transmute button. Transmuting works by transforming certain elements into others, which are certainly harder to find. Below is the transmute table; .

  • 3x Black Iron = 1 dragolith
  • 3x dragolith = 1 Ancient Crystal
  • 3x ancient crystal = 1 Voidstone


At the end of each area/zone, you will have to fight a Boss. Some classes have advatanges against different type of bosses depending if they are Melee or Ranged fightes. After you are done with the Boss, a Teleport will be opened to take you to the location to finish the main quest.


You can check out what your friends are up to by tapping the Social button in the World Map at the bottom of the HUD.


Special tasks which you can complete in order to earn rewards.

Daily Challenges: Challenges which you must complete before the end of the day in order to win a reward.

Weekend Challenges: challenges which you have the weekend to compete in order to win a reward. If you complete the challenge on the first day, you will be able to replay it again but will earn a different reward by doing so.

Wheel of Fate

Spin the wheel to win powerful prizes! Each star you land on provides bigger rewards. Skulls will end the game, but you can pay gems to re-spin. Spin the Free Wheel once a day, or spend some gems to earn bigger prizes on the Silver and Gold Wheels.


You can adjust multiple aspects of the game;

  • Language: sets the language of the game.
  • Combat text: toggles the scrolling combat text (shows only your text, all players’s texts or none))
  • SFX Volume Bar: Adjusts the volume of the music.
  • Push Notification: toggles push notifications sent by the game when it is not running.
  • Controls: customizes the location of the control buttons

Multiplayer Modes.

  • Free-for-All: Eliminate all opponents. The first player to reach the required number of kills, or the player who has the most kills, wins the match.
  • Team Deathmatch: team-based competitive mode. the first team to reach the required number of kills, or the team that has the most kills, wins the match.
  • Cooperative Levels: levels which can be played solo or with other players.
  • Ethernal Battle: survival-oriented cooperative level where players must fight waves of enemies until they all die. Available only after completing the Single-Player campaign

Multiplayer Settings.

Available only to players who are hosting a multiplayer match. Arena: sets the arena for the match. The host can only select arenas that he/she has unlocked in the single-player campaign. Game Mode option sets the mode for the multiplayer match. Wave Start for eternal battles only sets the wave at which the match will start. Difficulty (for cooperative levels only) sets the match’s difficulty level. Create: creates the match and lobby with the host’s specifications.

Friends List

Shows a list of your friends from the following social networks: Facebook, game center and gameloft LIVE.

Game Invitation: Sends an invitation to the selected friend to join a multiplayer game session.

Send Gift: sends a random gift to the selected friend.

Join Game: Sends you directly to the selected friend’s multiplayer match.

Open Game Invitation: opens a game invitation message sent by a friend.


You can access the shop by tapping on your character profile and then the shop tab. In the shop you can buy weapons, armor, vanity gear, consumable sand enchanted rings. You can also purchase gems which can be converted into gold when needed. As you level up and progress through the game, check back for more powerful items or exclusive sales.


Dungeon Hunter 4 FAQs and Tips

  • How to get to the main menu of the game? . Simply go the World Map to see the main menu and all the options located exclusively there.
  • How do you create another character?. Can you have multiple characters at the same time?.
  • Yes, you can get multiple characters in the same account. Tap on your character’s profile and then tap on the character tab >> finally tap on the “create new hero” button

  • The wheel of fate can be found at the main menu, and only the bronze lottery is free. You need to pick between the items that result of the lottery session. Claiming the prize ends the lottery session. You can come back within 24 hours again for a free spin.
  • Where can I find the challenges?. Challenges can be found in the “News” section, in the main game menu.

[box type=”download”]You can leave your gameloft username below so other players can add you to the list and make multiplayer levels much easier to play.[/box]

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216 thoughts on “Dungeon Hunter 4 Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough”

    1. Add me hollowinsides I’m having trouble getting through to the ancient ruins any thoughts on how to get there. I’ve killed and cleared everything possible thanks for the help

    2. If you don’t already know, to win the quests that require specific tier weapons you must use ONLY that tier of weapon; nothing higher or lower. As far as I’ve seen (I have a lvl 31 and a lvl 21 character in two different character types) the tier 13, 25, 36, and 37 weapons only seem to be purchasable with gems.

      To get gems without shelling out cash, do the daily Bronze Spin. About once every 10 chances it comes up with “11 gems” in the FIRST spin slot. If it’s not there when you see the 10 prizes, tap the BACK arrow and hit “Bronze Lottery” again, until it finally comes up, and only then do the “Spin” button. I saw “12 gems” instead of 11 ONCE, never more than that.

      Take advantage of the chance to get one gem by watching video trailers for other games—I have learned to do this to kill time while I wait for charms to merge or be removed.

      If you spend gems, ONLY do it when there’s a better than normal price (use paper and a pencil and write down prices to see what good and bad prices are, both for purchasing gem-only weapons and for purchasing gems with cash.

      Never use your 3rd and last healing potion unless you are fighting the last boss of the mission you’re trying to complete—once that last potion is gone, the healing potion button automatically spends 20 of your hard-earned gems if you bump it, and that sucks big time.

      Don’t waste gems on potions, elixirs, or armor. Gold can buy any armor you need in the short run, and crafting helps long-run success. Save the gems for quest-specific tier weapons and extra slots.

      Hope this helps.

    3. Why i cant still get the prize “attackspeed
      ” after i complted the warmage quest events?,

  1. Why does my character suck in multiplayer?
    My HP is 52k, my dps is 15-19k but I die in one hit and damage 150 max. Help?

    1. Are you playing co-op because if you play with all four players you the monsters stats double by how many you are

    2. Mine too, my stats is health:6,000 damage:98-109 whenever Im on online multiplayer, but my weapon is tier 70. Pls help to fix it

    3. i have a same problem my attack is 23k when i enter a multiplayer game my attack become 150 only why plz help

    4. You are probably competing with players who spent real dollars so that they can have much better armor, charms and power for a given level. Then you are matched ith players at your level who cn clean your clock!

    5. It’s common sense, your stats go low because it will make the match fair for the others who play with you so they don’t complain that you are having an unfair advantage

  2. If u have 2 +6.20 Health/s charm added to your armor does it mean it generate 12.40 health per sec or i should just merge the Charm together

    1. yes, you could use 2 slots and get 12 health per sec or merge the charm and get 12 health per sec using 1 slot. hope that helps. also, there are charms that merging 2 charm is lower stat than 2 separate charms.

  3. Hey,
    Today i found a money glitch in DH4 for ipad,
    Im a mage lvl 34, and i bought a forgotten handcuffs for 74k and when i sold it it was 534k, i tried thia many times and it always works. I have lots and lots of money now. I wanna know if it only works in me.
    And i’d like to know to which lvls unlock new weapons on the shop, cause i have the best itens i the store(bought with money) and improve them all, and its still hard to play multiplayer .
    Best regards

    1. I bought the forgotten handcuff like Franckisco did and I sold it for 1m, which is more suprising even after the new update. Im a mage lvl 20 and I think the forgotten handcuff unlocks after the goblin tunnel, or when you reached lvl 15-18

    2. Wow. I just tried as well. I’m mage level 34. I bought for 75,000 and sold for 1,200,000! I’m rich :) but I have a game glitch and can’t continue. The main quest icon has gone and can’t complete the quest.

  4. I dont get the game, im super good in singleplayer, i can kill goblins in 2 hits. In multiplier, i hav to shoot like 5-6 Times to kill juste one,… Any1 can help?

    Laos, how do you get a weapong tier 13?

    1. The idea of multiplayer is that enemies are far stronger and drop better loot. I’ve played Dungeon Hunter Alliance, and it behaved this way there. No, it wasn’t quite well balanced in that it was exactly twice as hard with 2 players, thrice as hard with 3, etc, but rather just a one-size-fits-all increase in difficulty for multiplayer. That’s the nature of the beast. Either stick to single player or make sure you’re in 4-man parties in multiplayer (or whatever the max player limit is here. It was 4 in Alliance).

    2. The Weapon TIER 13 problem doesn’t appear to be an issue with everyone. I am fighting with a Tier 33 weapon and have probably killed thousands of war mages but it has not registered even 1 of the 100 kills I need to finish the challenge.

  5. Hey okay so I made a strong character and now that I just got my iphone5 I downloaded the game logged into my acc but how the fff do I retrieve my account????

  6. Can anyone tell me which charms are the best ?
    I have a Sentinel level 29. My character is using:
    – Charm of perceptions : for more % crit chance;
    – Charm of Minds : for % stunning chance;
    – Charm of Agility : for % crit dmg increase.
    – Charm of Bandit: life leech lv3 is much better than Charm of health lv 6.. i guess
    I have some Charms of Winter and Storms: anyone knows which one is better ? what Lightning effects really do ? Ice effect slow enemies or not ? and the percent of those charms higher ( 20 or 30% is good or not really neccessary as 6-10% one ? )

    1. I prefer any charm that does DOT ( damage over time) like poison and fire for example but that’s my opinion

    2. There should be a proper guide for charms. But noooo.. people quit playing after they see in-app purchases and don’t understand that the whole story in single player mode can be finished without the purchase of gems.
      What I worked out is whatever charm sells the most is the charm worth keeping. The combination you have is great for your sentinel.
      It’s good you mention the higher percentage charms. Depending on how you view it, they work well if they had a higher chance of occurring. For example, Charm of Agility have a high % of critical damage. But in the game the chance of executing a critical damage is very small. So it works better if you also have Charm of Perception.
      With elemental charms, I am not too sure whether which is the best because I don’t know whether these elemental charms would have effects on different types of demons or monsters. That is something I’m working on.
      And does anyone know what ancient charms are??

  7. hi. i seem to have a problem with purchasing in the shop. I tried to purchase gems and googleplay sent me an email that purchase was successful, but upon checking in the game it still did not reflect the gems i bought. and it keeps saying “transaction is currently pending. Please reconnect to complete transaction”. i have a good connection, so i don’t understanding why this is showing up. please help me. email me what i should do please. thanks

  8. GL Live ID: Emmlyn

    New to DH 4 and am finding some of the places like the Battlemages’ place a bit more challenging than I like =P… at least on solo for my level 9 BattleMage… ironic, huh? LoL. Wouldn’t mind trying it and other co-op places with a friend or two. .. or three =D. Add me if this sounds good to you! Thanks much!

  9. I have this multiplayer bug where my character’s stats go from being in the thousands in single player to dropping to lvl one stats in multiplayer. I am level 34 battleworn but this has been happening since probably level 20. Please help with this.

  10. hello, first my ID in the game is MagnumSupreme.
    second, i have just sold a very powerfull weapon i bought from the goblin that gives special offers and i am wondering how can i have it back?
    thanks for the help!

  11. Multiplayer is BROKEN! I’m lv 48 blade master. Normally do around 15000 damage. On multiplayer I go down to 3000 hp. And 50 damage. What gives? I die the instant game starts! I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed!

    1. Yeah, same thing happens to me and a lot of others. I’m level 50 and this has been happening since lvl 15. I’ve been in contact with the shitty customer support for a long time. They say there is nothing that can be done and that I will have to wait for the update. Whenever that will be, idk

  12. Hey guys.. My GL ID is Sachcha… I currently have a lvl10 blademaster… Im stuck in warmage academy… Can someone help me please??

  13. GL ID is nompudding
    Currently stuck in warm age academy, help is greatly appreciated!! ^_^

    Would love to find some new DH4 people to play with 😀

  14. How do ppl have trouble with this game? I cleared the game at lvl 30. Now I’m lvl 44 and doing eternal battle and don’t die until I face bosses over lvl 90.

    I got about
    40k health
    100% crit chance( nerf sentinels)
    350% crit damage
    40% poison damage
    10% ice damage
    10% health leech

    Totaling 143.000 dps

  15. pls help….how to increase the attack speed in DH4. my character is blade master and im level 38 but m4 attack speed still 0%…pls help…

  16. Add me NeokingX

    Level 44
    Health: 50k
    DPS: 130k
    Bonus Damage: 40%
    Crit Chance: 55%
    Crit Damage: 290%
    Lightning Damage: 14%
    Health Leech: 10.50%

    I’ve tested all the different Elements (Fire, Poison, Ice, Lightning)

    Lightning is the best one gives the most overall DPS boost even more than Charm of Soldier of the same level.

  17. Looking for help for my 10 yr old son. He is on level 13 and the game freezes and then goes to home screen of his Itouch right before he is about to finish the level. Any help?

    1. I faced something similar. “Fixed” by deleting the game and reinstalling, then making a new character. YES IT HURTS but its working again now. Multiplayer will get gold and items SUPER fast if he wants to get things quick

  18. I’m stuck in The Wasteland– There is no corner I havent turned & I’ve beat Vespa (The Spirit of Power)in the Mural Corridor –She’s the orange fairy/ spirit looking thing– the fight continues afterwards & I’ve beat the Dragons & the GIANT wizard guy… I’ve beat the puking dude in the Lost City as well, I’ve helped all 3 archeologists, I’ve gotten rid of the 3 huge white crystals… yada yada yada…. The gates to the Ancient Ruins stay closed!!! I’ve been on the internet for the last 5 days trying to find ANY information about how to get the gates open & no luck at all!! There should be a walkthrough for each of the different areas or something. I’m about to just give up trying.

    1. But your next target shall be marked plain on the map. Can’t rememeber straight what was next, but just after killing Vespa I headed north-east and entered the city. No problems…

    2. Okay and after Vespa, i head north to the ancient ruins. It still says in the mission log when i get back to the wastelands to defeat Vespa to open the gates to the ancient ruins & the gates are still closed… Even after Beating Vespa for the last 5 or 6 or 7 times & the gates stay closed. I pick up a lot of great armor & weapons in the process, but I’m ready for the gates to open now & they stay shut. I’ve read a lot about bug problems with this game… Is anyone else have the same problem I’m having’

    3. I am in the same boat. Can’t find anything on the net. Please help. I can’t move on in the game without figuring this out.

    4. good day! i’m on the same boat here. have you manage to find a solution to this problem? i’ve been stuck there for weeks now. pls reply, thnks 😀

    5. I am having the same problem as well, it shows on my map where to go next but no matter what I do I cannot go there…what a problem to have…

    6. I cant believe that ppl have been facing this bug for 3 months before you fix it..

      How the hell do we get to ancient ruins…

      And the more important question why is there no decent wiki or walk through?

    7. I had same trouble but what unlocked the lost city was
      After the guard enter into camp and talk to first person as you enter this unlocks the following sequence.
      Leave camp going south find the ghost just past crystals destroy crystal
      Talk to ghost can remember if this is before the chest ghost is south and to the east at dead end Is highlighted. From there go south to highlighted area this is entrance to lost city
      Hope this helps

  19. I just completed wave 47 of eternal battle and it sent me back to wave one. I assume that means I beat it. That was the last thing it told me I needed to do and there is still a city in the center of the world map that isn’t accessible to me. How do I get to that? My username is OneMooreGuy.

  20. I’ve beaten thrall the first and am trying to figure out if the game has any point after this. In the eternal battle, I haven’t completed the elite version of it – I die usually about the fourth boss, depending on which charms I have rotated out for upgrades. I have all Bramble gear (Tier 70) including the sword. Does higher level gear ever get offered? I’m obviously NOT going to purchase gems – the first purchase I tried with Amazon coins was nice, then that player crashed and and was a wasted purchase, which gameloft still hasn’t refunded. Anyway, the point is I want to know if there’s a real story ending if I keep upgrading gems to get powerful enough to kill Thrall a second time. I agree with Zettiz that the game is pretty easy and you don’t have to purchase anything. I just did because Amazon had the free coins, which I was able to use to purchase a bunch of gems and then a bunch of inventory slots. Oh, and you can get 10 free gems every day on the wheel of fate – just keep backing out of the wheel of fate (before spinning!!!!) and the prizes reset. Keep resetting the prizes until the 10 Gem prize pops up – it always appears in the first slot when it does pop up, so it’s guaranteed you can get 10 gems every day.

    1. try lo level up and higher tier will become available on the shop. try to reach level 70 to craft the saintly items on the crafting menu

  21. I need some help. How do you increased the attack speed on battleworn? I’m on level 19 and have tried all that I can think of but it still is at 0%. Could someone please help me

  22. hey what is the use for Charm of Blessing
    what is Radiant anyway?
    what if I use ice does is make the oppenent slow?? if i hit them?

    and if you have Charm of soldier which is you made it 50% crit chance does is make you stronger? if you combine it with perception???? PLEASE TELL ME :( I’m having a hard time choosing what is the best charm to use.

    1. Trial and error on charms. I change mine constantly to see what works. You def need health leech, critical damage and wisdom charms or you’re going nowhere. I’ve found you can have low dps but great health and energy recovery – takes longer to kill opponent but you survive or high dps and low recovery time but if you don’t get it right you die! Level 94 sentinel btw. Getting thru game not hard lot tougher with new upgrades, has revitalised it for me.

    2. Thank you for the information that you’ve given.

      I have another question.
      How or What items/tier can I get that most Triangles when I upgrade it? because I have many cricles and sqaures even stars. I keep buying and buying and Upgrade it only takes 20% for me to get a Triangle :( why is that happening?

  23. Does anyone else have any problems transmuting the new spiritstone items? I have the proper number of stones, but the option to make an object is still greyed out

  24. Hi
    I am sentinel lvl 50, but my weapon still tier 46. I have stuck . I can not unlock elite archive . Someone know plz tell me. I have done quest at normal and elite warmage , so the arrow always show me at normal archive . I try to follow the arrow a lot of time , but it doesn’t unlock the elite archive for me.
    Someone know plz help me !!

    1. I think you should try to finish the normal level of Archive again, then they will open the Elite. I can open the Heroic level now, not only the Archive.

  25. Genki, unless you have lots of inventory space you need to concentrate on accumulating only a few charms at a time. (At any point you can have upto 10 of the same charms waiting to upgrade etc. fills your inventory up really fast). Don’t need to concentrate on any shapes in particular as the charm shapes change as you level up. Saintly ggear seems to be mostly circles. Only advice I can give is to not sell bandit, wisdom and the stun chance charms as they don’t come up often at all! Re; spiritstones I didn’t touch them until I had enough to make all items and am just upgrading the final 2 items and then be fully saintly:-) no point in doing it earlier as the items you can buy are better than what you can make for a long time in this game. Have sold all slayer items (these dont seem to be for sale anymore). But never had probs making items biggest problem being selling it accidentally! Ps only money I have spent has been on inventory space – still only on 56, and unlocking the 2 skills.

    1. I’m lvl 59 Blademaster. I want to make the spirit stone sword. I have plenty of stones to do so. Yet, the option is greyed out. Do you know why that could be?

  26. Joseph, you apparently have to be level 70 to craft spirit stone items…
    I head you can tap on the other craftables and •make• becomes green for spirit stuff…
    But how did you get so many?

    1. you can find many stones in Eternal battle specially from undead waves
      I’m lvl 58 Blademaster and have 30 spiritstones but now I see it’s locked until lvl 70!

  27. Hi guys I got stuck with the below quest. I really appreciate if you could answer that.
    Kill 5 elite bandit archers with a tier 25 weapon?
    My question is what is a tier 25 weapon?

    1. You will find all the weapons to complete those quests need to be bought with gems.

  28. Now I already have 30 Spiritstones, lv 62. But I don’t understand why I can’t get the Saintly Sword from Crafting. The MAKE (30) button is remain off. Can anybody explain for me? Just so excited to get the sword but finally is disappointed.

  29. I have passed the game yet there are two cities that have not opened up. One is up in the mountains right above Bayant Mountain Range (it has a green flag) and the other is below The Astral Arena (it also has a green flag). Anyone know why they haven’t opened? What does it take for them to open up?

    1. Am in the same problem, I Defeated all bosses behind, Lv32, on Android…
      I went to the 2 caves of Bayant Mountain Range and I can’t enter neither of them. And the city above Bayant Mountain Range did’t open up.
      Plus I don’t have Skills…. Dissappeared.

  30. Hi, I am using battleworn and am currently at level 53. How can I get higher tier weapon. My max tier is only tier 49. Pls advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi, I’m battleworn too. lv 71. and my max tier weapon can find is 68. That means you have to keep leveling up your character to get the stronger tier things. You can buy stronger tier in the shop also. I bought Bramble set tier 70.

    2. Well, i had tier 95 weapons available when I was lvl 45. Weapons seemed to unlock as I went further in the eternal battle waves. The last ones unlocked at wave 26 or so.

    3. Chr1sCool, How can you go so far in eternal battle with your low level? That’s amazing. I’m 78 now and haven’t tried LOL. just try to finish all the normal mission in every stages.

    4. Higher lvl of weapons & armor will be available on the shop if you level up. try visiting your shop, or try to reach lv 70 to craft the saintly items.

    1. From my experience is like what I have told you. But from Chr1sCool, may be there is another quicker way to get the higher tier things. I haven’t try that. Anyway I got tier 100 Sainly Set form Spirit Stone so i don’t care about that any more. Keep testing and share your exp.

  31. I am a mage lvl 100 without ever cheating ever, im one of most strongest i kill diamond cheaters in 1 hit, my critical damage is 860% and my level got reset a few times lvl 1 i dont know how but now i have all skills maxed with 20 points, i hit 10.7m max , my advice never sell a charm of agility or perception, i have 55% critical chance withoout the skill benediction, use attack speed and movement speed charms availble by weekend challenges and bandit health leech, wichtig glitched for me by the way after the update, i normally get my full hp in 1 hit now i get only a slight gain…i did wave 184-193 solo before update but now my health leech is broken i already have difficulty with wave 140 already, if any1 needs help add me : rosariorodriquez

    1. hi rosa i want to ask if i’m playing on my sis phone,but later when i use my own phone to play.how do i transfer the item from my sisi phone to mine or better yet how do i bring the entire chracter over to my phone ?does gameloft have such account saving system ?or do i have to start all over again ?thank you for ur time.

  32. Hey. I’ve beaten the game and I have been playing in the eternal battle, but I can’t join or create a multiplayer game (local or otherwise) in the eternal battle. When I try a quick multiplayer it kicks me out saying “requirements not met” or something to that effet. Anything I can do ?

  33. I have a few issues. Hopefully someone can help.

    1. I can’t get the doors to the ancient ruins to open in the wastelands. I have done everything possible but yet they don’t open. The tech support keeps telling me to replay the previous levels and it might open. I don’t now what levels to replay. Can someone advise me?

    2. How do you change the difficulty level from normal to…whatever? Everything is on normal and I am too strong now to be on normal. Please help.


  34. Hi. i just started this game few days ago. need help in explaining the function of the elemental charms. fire and poison does damage over time but does it stack? can i have add both fire poison charm? or it is just a waste of slot? and about other element charms (ice, lightning, radiant), same question, does the overall damage stack if i have more than 1 element charm (lightning+ice)? i’m lvl 20 blademaster

  35. Btw that trick with the forgotten armbands still works! I just tried on my iPhone..Merlin lvl 17 warmage and climbing!

  36. Please, little help here! Which is the best way to get spiritstones? If the answer is through casting black iron or dragolith, how can I get those fast?

  37. Hey I’m I’ve had the game for a while now but I’m having some trouble. I defeated drall the first but after completing this and going somewhere else it still shows on the map that I need to go back to the ancient ones temple. Is there something I’ve missed or is the campaign over?

  38. Hello fellow dh4 players i have a issue regards on entering the ancient ruins. Ive red all the comments here and i find out alot of players got the same issue. I have killed all the bosses from the beginning all the way to vespa and still i couldnt go thru the ancient ruins. Can someone pls help me it will be much appreciate it if someone do thanks

  39. Hi guys! Any tips in defeating Ustrak in Kankheer? I have difficulty in fighting that boss. I have a level 32 blademaster. Thanks!

  40. Hi. Im lvl39 and i want to do Weekend Challenges, but idk how to open the lost city and what i need to do to get this rewards. can someone tell me how?

  41. How the hell do you open the gates to gates to the ruins in the wasteland level??? Been stuck for a week now and it’s messing my inner peace….

    1. So I spoke to Gameloft’s customer service on this. They said they are aware of the bug and their developers will be including a fix for this issue in the next release. However, they were unable to tell me when the next release will be. So, I started a new character just to keep myself occupied until this is fixed. I’m having the same issue…it sucks!

  42. can i ask a question?is there someone here who is experiencing in blade master or battleworns that when u normal attack it does not display any effects? because my friend also plays this but his battleworn has fire effects when attacking because of the passive skill and charms for me i have tried every element but still no effects when he created a blademaster the same as mine it have effects when he is slashing im playin on a itouch 4th gen and can someone tell me how to have effects when attacking cause i cant really feel the game when i see him its like he is super cooler than mine hehhe

  43. Have been playing the game for quite some while and just noticed I don’t know what I’m doing, Feel like a beginner can’t figure out how to improve my stats any help

    1. i think all tier 13 weapons are for sale not by golds you get from the game but by gems. i was looking for those weapons before until i found them on the shop

    2. buy it in the store. but you will need gems for this. give me your email add, and i will teach you how to “mine” these gems without resorting to cheats or what. there is unconventional way to mine these thing. me, i have 10K of diamonds, bought already the tier 97 weapon/armors. im just level 45 blademaster. heheh

    3. i dont want to divulge it in public. the developers might know it, update the game and it will not work anymore .. :))

  44. add me, 28_xsmartx_ ive got a question what are those “stars” underneath those maps? on my game/maps its always 1 “star” out of, i guess its 5 or 6 “stars”.. thanks!

  45. Don’t know why but the in the crafts option the tier 100 weapon has disappeared I’m at level 100 and have a new character at level 53 blade master. I don’t if anybody has the same issue but other then that everything seems to be fine

  46. So im playing the game and I am stuck trying to get to the “Ancient Ruins”. I am in the wastelans and have uncovered the whole map and gone thru both of the other doors in wasteland but the door wont open to the upper left of the map where it indicates i need to go. Anyone got ideas?

  47. They are missing the way to earn free spins, from what i saw on the tips while loading, you can earn up to 2 more spins for playing multiplayer, but idk how

  48. Is it me or do healing and health stealing attributes like ‘bloodsteal arrows’ not work in multiplayer pvp and make it a disadvantage to those who specialise in these techniques.

  49. I’m lvl 72 Blademaster, How do i finish the main quest? i’m at the Ancient Ruins “Follow, Talk Khiil Urd” Main Quest and i’m stuck /sob.

  50. Im stuck in the wasteland. Done all parts from lost city, wyrm’s nest to mural corridor but still the gate to ancient ruin is closed.

    1. Well not sure but I have noticed that the void crystals reset if you go into any dungeons. I killed Vespa then destroyed all 3 void crystals in one go and the gate was open.

  51. i have one problem guys i hope you help me :) So my problem is that i cant login in facebook from dg4 it just give me connection failed i try alot browsers like mozzila, boat, my browser in phone, opera and still doesnt work … i dont think its from my internet. Please help me out with this shitty problem :)

  52. i dont know if u can help here so ill try anyway, i have a charm of heart lvl 3 (11.39 healst/s) and i cant use it anywher, why???

    2ned, i got 2 charm 15% poisin and i cant mix them !! bug?

    1. Look at the shape, you can only use the shape the armorpiece has. So the heart is a square and if u dont have a squaresocket you cant put it in, you cant fit a square into a starsocket xD dah?

  53. There is this place after you complete the archives and i walked away and saw a woman with an exclamation mark above her head and when i get really close she gets carried away by an helion leaper, is there some kind of way to talk to her or something?

  54. Im stuck at the warmage academy elite! Advice anyone please!!!! Finished the big boss alright. Moved onto warmage academy, upgraded all my gear to full! Cant buy anything stronger and i cant even get past the first part of this level! Also it seems that the multiplayer seems to be silent for the elite levels! Do people not play these levels? Ive been trying for a week and nobodys playing any elite! Im level 33 mage if that info is needed!?! Thanks

  55. Just wondering if anyone else has struck this in the blood match, battling lvl 150 boss ( for example) not playing until next day then find I’m battling lvl 211 boss without fighting any other lvls in between. Went back in today and now battling lvl 264 boss! Got no chance. Am lvl 93 battleworn all saintly gear maxed out charms how do others get to 2 billion points in a couple of days? Baffled by this as I can only do several million points at one sitting. Any ideas anyone?

  56. Why is it my charms can’t be merge? But they are same…in shapes and same level…is there a bug or something? Please help. What should i do? Thanks guys! And by the way…i can’ t put it in my armor…thanks again.

  57. I am level 50 Blademaster already, but wheel of fate is disabled from world map view and some maps disabled too like valance courtyard. how can I enable them so I can access them directly from world map.. ty

  58. Cleeve. I’m currently clearing all the normal missions, I’m stuck at The wasteland? Kill demonic spawner with tier49 weapon. What is this demonic spawner I need to slay?

  59. I’m at bayant mountain range and cannot go anywhere else in the portals. I covered all the map and fought all but the portals just dont let me through. please help. thanks

  60. Hi to all.
    PLS is there something new about the Ancient Ruins.
    I am stuck 4 Weeks and i dont now what to do.
    PLS for some solution or there is still a bug.

    1. I have almost the same issue, i am stuck to wasteland. Gate to Spirit Of Power (to wyrm’s nest) remains closed no matter what… Nobody gives a sh1t about it..

  61. hey, I’m new to the game and I’m tryn to figure out the best way to farm mats. ive been running around for a day farming ore (I’m level 16) ive transmuted and created 15 dragolith.. where is the best farming places? is there a guide for the game? every time I search, all I come up with is cheats/free gems & gold. IGN= Tinnyzgirl

  62. I’m a level 21 Battleworn and I’m having difficulty finding a level 13 weapon. I need it to complete several missions but I can’t find one. I currently have a level 22 sword, so I kill enemies pretty easily.

    I just need a level 13 sword.

  63. Hi. Username : Vlaud

    When I look at the World Map some areas have Yellow Diamonds under the flags of the areas. The few areas I have cleared show 1 Yellow Diamond out of about 5 or 6 Diamonds. The other Diamonds are Greyed Out. What does that mean? Is it something to do with score or difficulty completed?


    Add me

  64. Hi.. good day everyone.. I’m new here.. I was reading the previous comments from June 2013 til now March 2014 and i have notice that before evrybody is experiencing prblem w/ ancient ruins and maybe at some point it got fixed.. And now again, i’m encountering it myself and it sucks bigtime.. I’m at the point of quitting this game very soon.. Anyone can suggest other game?

  65. hey im lv 23 and i have a dragolith blade a blademaster my attack shoulb be at 3810-4100 but they are low the go only2200 damage . any idea thanks

    1. blademasters have 2 weapons. attack damage is both added together. Each weepon hits for half total damage.

  66. Im stuck in kankareen, i cant go anywhere, my quest is to kill the Alpha Rager, there is something blocking my way, i cant get through

  67. my item full set hand made. full set Tier 100 with
    damange arround 120k
    hp 211k
    energy 894 -.-”
    xp 149.215
    dps 272.871

    why energy so low? my char is warmage @@”

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