Dragons and Titans Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to quickgamer’s Dragons and Titans walkthrough guide for beginners. This game is so far available for the facebook platform. You will be required to install the Unity3D plugin.

You need to fully complete the basic training to learn the gameplay mechanics, and specially to get used to the keyboard commands, it changes depending you are using a mouse or not. You earn 500 crystals if you complete the basic training and you then go to the Advanced Training, where you can earn 4000 crystals.


Battle Modes

Besides the Basic Tutorial and the Advanced Tutorial, there’s the Multiplayer and Singlepplayer battle modes.

Single Player mode consists on a 5 vs 5 match, where all players are bots with the exception of your character.

Multiplayer Mode. You have PvP, which is a ranked match with and against other players. Co-Op, where you play with other human players in your team against bots.

In Dragons and Titans, for each battle to start, you must pick pick three things, a Dragon, a Weapon, and a Spell. You will then see a READY button on the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on it to head to the battleground.

Victory is achieved by destroying all enemy structures which will free your Titan to rule. The gameflow works as follows: Level Up >> Destroy enemy structures. Always follow the battle objectives, located on the top right corner of the screen.

Destroying Obelisk will cause a huge chunk of arcstone to dissapear immediately. Obelisk is invulnerable until connected tower is destroyed.

Arcstone. You win the game by destroying the Enemy arcstone and freeing your titan. Obelisks and shrines power the arcstone.

Monitor the status of team and Enemy Obelisks and Shrines using the score panel.

Destroying Shrines will accelerate the decay of enemy arcstone.

Rewards are based on your performance in the previous match. Rewards are critical to advancing your Dragon Lord. Experience points are required to level up your Dragon Lord. Crystals can be used to purchase items in the shop, such as Dragons, Weapons and Runes. HOWEVER, to claim these rewards you will need a mark. You can also choose to skip rewards by electing not to spend a mark, opting for your next match when you have better results.

Battle Marks. allow you to claim your reward as seen above. You receive 1 battle mark every 4 hours up to a total of 5. You can request help from your friends. to receive one more quickly.

Epic War Marks. will double your reward as seen above, greatly speeding up your Dragon Lord advancement. Epic war Marks must be purchased in the shop using Dragon Bucks.


Dragons are one of the things you have to choose before going to battle. All dragons have a Role where they fit best within the team, depending on their stats [you can check out their stats at their profile]. The stats are attack, defense, support, difficulty and health.

All Dragons at the shop have a certain price, measured both in crystals and dragonbucks. However, there’s a weekly feature call free rotation, that means you can pick from several dragons before going to battle without having to purchase them. Of course, to permanently have them, you need to buy them first.

All the upgrades the Dragon gets to its attack power in the battle dissapears after you leave it.

SKINS. Skins are merely decorative items to change your Dragon’s appereance. Not all skins apply to all dragons, and you must buy the dragon to adquire a skin, which can only be purchased with dragonbucks.


This is another item you need to pick before heading to battle. Weapons, as well as Dragons, have a certain Role, and work much effectively when paired correctly with their corresponding dragon. Each weapon has two skills and they also need to be purchased if they are not available and on free rotation during the week.


Spells are the last item you need to pick to go to battle. Spells are abilities that are not attached to Dragons or Weapons, they are always offered before the battle and are not bought, but rather picked from the available ones. All spells have a certain cooldown after being used and cost a certain amount of mana.

Your Dragon Lord

Your character’s profile has quite a few options to dig into: Ranks, stats, achievements, Masteries, Recent Matches

Rank. What is Rank?. Rank is your current level and you increase it by gaining experience points both in single player battles or multiplayer battles. Increasing your rank also unlocks rune slots and rewards you with Epic War Marks

If you play Multiplayer battles, besides gaining XP and crystals, your teammates can give you a score on each of the following stats after the match ends;

  • Friendly: generally corteous to players.
  • Helpful: Offers help to players in need. Does not greef new players.
  • Teamwork: A great teamplayer. supports the team and communicates well.
  • Sportsmanship: Is a gracious winner or loser. Does not gloat or rage over defeat.

Be careful though, since you can be reported for offensive comments during the battle, camping and other not-so-clean playing tricks.


Too add runes to your Rune Page, simply drag Runes from Available Runes section and drop them to an unlocked Rune slot. Runes are mino enhancements that alter statistics on your selected Dragon and Weapon for the current match

Each time you level up in a match the corresponding Runes will be automatically activated. As your Dragon Lord increases ranks, more Rune slots will unlock.

While a single Rune is only a small adjustment, many Runes in combination can be significant.

Runes are only available in 3-packs, which can be purchased using Crystals.

[box type=”info”]FREE ROTATION. Every week, you have a different set of weapons and dragons that you can choose from for free and use them in battles. You do not own them permanently though.[/box]

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