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Dragons and Titans Dragon Guide. The Dragon Skills table does not detail all stats, you will need to visit each of the Dragon’s profiles by clicking on the links to see the complete chart. As you know, skills vary, some have AoE dps and others do not, these factor amongst many others.

Dragon Stats

If you are wondering which one is the best Dragon in Dragons and Titans, from all the available ones in free rotation, you need to take a look at the table below, which give you the exact stats for each Dragon, not a mere description of their skills. We only include the stats for a maxed out Dragon at level 3, and the same thing goes to their skills. The percentage increase between levels remains exactly the same along all dragons, so if a Dragon is the best at certain stat, for instance speed, remains the best when at level 0.

DragonsMax HealthH. RegenMax ManaM. RegenGoldMax Speed
Noxwing 1150441300441600112
Rimrock 2550351300441600118
Solreign 1950441300441600112

Dragon Skills Stats

Each Dragon Skill have the Dragon name right next to them. There are more skill stats available for each particular dragon, available at their individual profile, just click on the link available to the right of this table.

SkillDamageM. CostCD (s)Dragon
Lightning Strike18030.5Arcfury
Electric Charge32510Arcfury
Tar Breath25010.1Autodrake
Inner Fire22010.1Bladeforge
Forge Rippers1061002Bladeforge
Torrent Breath22010.1Deepfiend
Sea Geyser720900.5Deepfiend
Unholy Mist18030.1Direbone
Bone Shards553005Direbone
Frost Breath22010.1Frostbane
Ice Shard1001002Frostbane
Emperor's Spear180401Heartstone
Ethereal Warriors601000.1Heartstone
Flame Breath22020.1Hellfire
Moon Beam20.1Lunaveil
Soul Siphon90805Mistfallow
Fear Swarm200230.25Nightmare
Flames of Terror11025015Nightmare
Supernova 1250070Novastar
Poison Breath23010.1Noxwing
Noxious Cloud50.1Noxwing
Landslide 1801507Rimrock
Horns 9007Rimrock
Sun Beam26050.1Solreign
Solar Flare22012Solreign
Sand Breath22020.1Spineback
Sand Storm2702253Spineback
Boulder Breath300361Stonepeak
Stoneform 25017Stonepeak
Nari's Haven40015Tanglewing
Breath of Blood1830.1Twinscale
Breath of Spirit0.10.1Twinscale
Poison Spit1801001Venomtail
Sting Punch250010Venomtail

A Dragon Guide For Beginners.

After reading the following paragraphs you will sure find the answer to “which is the best dragon for beginners>” or “which is the most powerful dragon in Dragons and Titans?”. We will review a few dragons along with the best weapons for each one. Always remember that you should get the right weapon for the dragon as well to increase effectiveness.

NOVASTAR. This is in our opinion the easiest dragon to ride for beginners. Simply because its attacks do not require for you to aim precisely and also because is one of the fastest dragons outthere. The bad side is that Novastar does awful when trying to destroy buildings, because the DPS is really low. The right weapon math for Novastar seems to be Chronosphere (use it after stopping your enemies with the time ability.) The second weapon should be Truth’s Charge (to pull this off well, activete the knight’s focus skill and right after use supernova)

ARCFURY. What makes this Dragon one of the best for beginners is the fact that is quite fast and has a special skill which allows it to escape an area. The right weapon for Arcfury is the Stormcaller, for beginners that is. For more experienced players, Skyburst and Harvester work great as well.

LUNAVEIL. This dragon has one of the most powerful breath attacks, the secondary attack is quite good as well. The mana ball dragins the enemy mana really fast, and that leaves them temporarily unable to attack. The weapons to pair with this dragon are Chillblade and Stormcaller.

Good Dragons for Advanced Players.

The following dragons become lethal only when you learn very well the gameplay mechanics and how to manage mana spending and strategy roles within a team.

FROSTBANE. The fact that Frostbane is one of the slowest dragons in the game makes it almost impossible to handle by beginners. What makes it good is the ability to go backwards


DEEPFIEND. this dragon does great when taking out minions, but until you gather lots of damage or cooldown runes, this dragon is no-no for anyone.

BLADEFORGE. Voidstar is the right weapon for this dragon, it is good for buildings destruction. Despite being really slow, you have the teleport ability. As we said, its the right dragon to take to the front, simply because is too slow to defend your base. You should get damage runes for Bladeforge, since this dragon has one of the highest output damages in the game.


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