Welcome to quickgamer’s Dino Storm walkthrough guide for beginners. Here you will not only find explained how the game mechanics work, but also plenty of details about good strategies to make quick progression through the game and great tips to get free Dino Dollars and tons of Gold Coins in good farm areas.


The first screen asks for a character name, gender and the option to change your dino’s default skin color as well as choosing a hat, face and some other stuff for your rider. Everything can be modified again later except for the character name. Mind you, the character name is independent from your username, which is used to login to the game.

Screen Map.


Movement Basics. Use the left mouse button to click where you want to go. You can also press the “up” arrow key to move forward and “left” and “right” to turn into each direction. Press “down” to move backwards if stuck in scenery

Blue Footprints. Follow the blue footprints to reach your current quest’s target location. Footprints will turn into an arrow when close to target. Please note that the display of footprints may be delayed at times.

World Interaction. Use the left mouse button to click people or objects you can interact with, then choose an action from the opening context menu. Please note that interaction is only possible with people and objects that bear a name.

Task Icons. Click on the icons on the left side of the screen to access your quests and other tasks. Use the “Follow This Quest” action if you want to switch your current quest. Please note that the range of available actions differs between quests and other task types.

Quest Rewards. Completing quests unlocks rewards. On the left side of the screen, click the icon of a completed quest and choose “Get Reward” to receive your quest reward. You do not have to return to the quest giver in order to claim the reward and sometimes the following quest will be prompted automatically.

Camera Controls. To rotate the view, press and hold the right mouse button, then gently move the mouse sideways. Turning the mouse wheel adjusts the view angle. Try combining this with pressing “up” or “W” to change the walking direction.

Combat Basics. Use the left button to click on creatures you want to attack, then choose the “attack” action from the context menu. You can also use the right mouse button to first select a creature, and then either press the space bar or click the bottom center button once to start attacking.

Combat Skills and Consumable Items. The bottom bar’ left side holds unlockable combat skills. Use them in a fight to inflict more damage or apply status effects to your targets. The right side houses consumable items for curing status effects and restoring health. A filled “extra power” bar boosts skills and items

Item Collecting. Use the left mouse to click on items that dropped on the ground, then choose the “Pick Up” action from the context menu to transfer the item into your inventory.

Opening Your Character, Dinosaur and Weapon Menu. Click on your avatar, on the top left corner of the screen. Then click on “Your Profile”, and then choose from one of the three menus. This is where you can find your Dino stats, your Ranger stats and your weapon stats.


The default Dinosaur you receive is the Coelophysis, he’s got a really good speed, and that is what matters when you first start in your journey within Dino Storm. This helps you getting away from enemy mobs faster than slower but more powerful dinos, saving you from unnecesary deaths. Remember, when questing, if you get too far away from your target, it will reset its health and return to its original roaming spot, so try to get a balance between shooting from distance and not resetting mobs.


The only way to obtain one of the remaining 6 playable dinosaurs is by buying them at the Dino Store in Dinoville. They used to get unlocked after completing an achievement or doing certain quest, but that is no longer possible. The good thing is that you can purchase them with Gold Coins, or Emeralds, which actually drop from some mobs.


Do Dinosaurs level up just like your character?. Well, not so, but they do Evolve. Then the right question is how do you evolve Dinosaurs. It’s simple, you collect enough Evolution Serum items. You need to head to the Dino Doctor building in Dinoville and open the building menu. You need more than 20 serums to evolve the Dinosaur, so at first you won’t be able to do it. The higher the level of the Dinosaur, the more serum you need. Also, the physical appereance of the Dinosaur changes with each new evolution.

Dino Implants. Dino Implants are gear you can add to your dinosaur so it increases its stats [Agility, Recovery, Stability and Armor]. The first implant slot is unlocked at level 10. Most of the implants can be obtained by completing achievements.

Where can you find or buy new dinosaurs?. Yes, you sure saw rangers riding different Dinosaurs than yours, like the Carnotaurus or the T-Rex. Most of the Dinosaurs are obtained as rewards for completing achievements, for instance, you can get the T-Rex by getting the achievement “Sheriff”, which you do by becoming Sheriff of Dinoville. You should check our Dinosaurs Guide for more details on how to get each different dinosaur.


UPGRADING GUNS. Upgrading your gun makes it deal more damage, every few levels attributes increase greatly and the gun’s appereance changes. You need to head to the Weapons Expert building in Dinoville to do so. Just like Dino Implants, you need to gather certain item to upgrade your gun, which is called Tuning Kit. Also, don’t forget that you need to reach certain levels to unlock tech slots, until then the gun you own will not be upgradable. Unlike Implants, you will only obtain Tuning Kits through quests, after several game updates, these are not as easy to get as they were when the game was launched.


We have a separate guide with all Dino Storm Quests.

There’s a total of 4 quest givers in Dinoville, which is the starting area. If you follow and finish quests in their respective order, without piling them up, you will meet each one of them at the right point, we suggest you do so. All quest givers can be located in the zone map by looking at the blue exclamation points.

Karl Nelson is the first quest giver, an he is located just in the outer ring of dino canyon, he’s got the easiest quests to complete.

Joy Barker follows. He is located in the middle circle of the map [press M to open it] to the bottom. He’s just near the Skin Art store.

Peggy Warren is next. She can be found at the top right side of the middle circle

Ted Walkers is the NPC that gives the most difficult quests to complete in Dinoville

Most of the time, the quest rewards will be gold coins and XP points.

Some quests are not possible to be complete alone, these are considered Group Quests. Fortunately, due to the huge amount of users playing Dino Storm, you will always find at least another person doing the same quest in any give server. These quests yield better rewards than quests that can be completed alone.

QUESTS ARE REPEATABLE. Quest can be done multiple times and each time you head to the quest giver and request for it, the lesser the reward will be, you will see a blue bar to the left of each quest description log. You will reach a point when a certain quest does not reward you with anything anylonger. When this happens the exclamation mark on the map will become grey. Once you manage to get them all grey, it is time to go a different zone, like Goldsfields or Mokon Woods.


If you are hungry for Dino Dollars to get better gear and upgrades, then you have no choice but to farm gold and items. Entelodons, Centrosaurus, Smilodons and other dinosaur mobs all of them drop loot. Also, both plants and rocks drop them as well. After farming, you will have to head to the market, where you will sell that stuff you collected in your hunting. The price obtained at the auction house varies depending on the item scarcity.


The “chapters” are a good way of gaining fame and experience points while following the right progression path. [read our detailed Dino Storm Chapters Guide, for solutions to some of the tasks.]


Dinoville is a starting area, and thus, it’s PVP free, you are safe there from other players. However, the other two areas are PvP allowed. You should wait until level 15 to start planning attacks on other players, and of course already have implants and weapon upgrades. Our suggestions are; stay away from players on powerful Dinosaurs such as the Carnotaurus, and if you plan to attack them, do not do it alone. If you happen to see any player running towards you, simply run away until they stop chasing.

In case you are defeated, you will drop loot, but not gear.


What are Clans?, Clans are Guilds. You can apply to join a Clan by heading to the saloon building or by searching the Clan through any given player’s profile [click on the player >> profile >> clan]. You can also create your own Clan by paying a few Dino Dollars at the Saloon. By joining a Clan you don’t get rewards, but can organize raids and group attacks much more efficiently.


  • Client or Browser?. We suggest that you download the client instead of using the browser game. It runs a lot smoother, even when you have other applications and browsers opened in the background. To download the client, go to dinostorm.com hover the mouse on “more” and then click on download client.
  • Daily Login Reward. You will get a daily login reward that contain gold coins and healing potions as a reward for playing the game in a daily basis. The rewards increase, adding some extra cloths for your rider, and more coins and potions for logging in on up to 5 days in a row.
  • Claims. These are the best method to collect honor points [which are used for elections]. You can also get rewards and status. Mines and Teleporters are the two existing Claims. You will eventually come across one of these when roaming in the map. You first need to find a neutral Claim or attack someone else’s Claim, marked with green, turning it red. You need to get it to zero percent to turn it white, only then you can start supplying it with gold coins.
  • Teleporters. This is where you are taken when you are killed by either a player or a mob. It costs nothing if you can wait a few seconds until it becomes available. If you currently own a claimed teleporter, you gain fame points for each time another player uses it.
  • Mines. Definitely the best method to gain honor points in Dino Storm. Once you claim the Mine, you will start making gold nuggest or tinsel packs every 5 minutes. Gold Nuggest and Tinsel can be sold in exchange for honor. You can sell the nuggets and tinsel at the market building. There are multiple Mine spots in the game going on at the same time.
  • Elections. You surely read about them in the game guide. What Elections and what do you get from them?. You get achievement completions, some exclusive Dinosaurs require getting to Sheriff as a requirement, you also get daily fame rewards for holding that position. Having said that, Elections are mainly to show off how much fame you have. Elections happen at the Town Hall building in Dinoville. You have a total of 3 Office position categories. Streets, Districts and Each new layer grants you the Director, Governor and Sheriff position [the latter is the ultimate objective when aiming to get to the top of Dinoville]. Each category has its own position piramid, for instance, you need to start applying as Ranger [and above you there is Chief Ranger, Speaker and Director] Applying for office positions costs Dino Dollars, bear that in mind. Now, how do you get the position after getting it?. Simple, the player with most fame points gets the job.

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