Micromon Content Update Out Now!. Buggy as Hell.

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Micromon Update

Micromon has finally got a new content update after a few months of its initial release. The update, however, is not really that extensive. It adds around 15 new monsters, a new Battle Arena system a single new area, and a few quests. What not good about this release is that lots of bugs are being reported, specially the one you get after defeating the final boss in the new area.

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Madden Mobile is the latest Madden NFL Game to hit iOS devices in August 26th.

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The latest mobile game in the Madden NFL universe is set to be released in iOS devices in August 26th, it’s called Madden Mobile (the same day Madden NFL will be out for all major consoles.). Your objective, as usual, is to lead your team through a season, enter the playoffs and finally try to win the Super Bowl. New features such as Live events and PvP matches will be included.

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TourStar sets itself to be the ultimate Music Management Game for iOS

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TourStar is an upcoming iOS simulation game that allows you to take your character from an up and coming artist to a worldwide superstar . Packed with thousands of real life scenarios and decisions, never before has an experience been this in­depth into the challenges of today’s music industry. TourStar does resemble Band Stars when it comes to choosing a team line-up and band customization, but takes it to a much deeper level.

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Moga Studios Already Working on Micromon’s First Content Update

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As they have confirmed in their facebook page, Moga Studios is already hard at work creating new quests, new Micromons, Features and a highly expecte tweak to the Online Arena for the first Micromon content update. No release date has been given (and no Android version has been confirmed neither). However, they did share a picture with some of the new micromons to be released during the first content update.

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Phantom Rift To Be Released in September

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Foursaken Media’s highly expected RPG Phantom Rift is set to be released in September, although no exact date has been given so far.

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Angry Birds Stella Release Date Revealed, Plus New Trailers

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Angry Birds Stella has finally got an official release date, September 4. Besides, 2 gameplay videos have been released as well, showing in detail the gameplay mechanics.

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At Last!. Micromon to be released for iOS devices TONIGHT

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Finally, after more than 2 years in the making, Micromon will be hitting the app store tonight (july 31st, 2014). For those that do not yet know what is this ios game all about, 3 words; Pokemon for iPhone (and iPad and iPod Touch). That’s right, it’s a monster capture game which not only brings battles but also resembles Pokemonwhen it comes to monster evolutions, multiplayer battles and even adventure mode. Update your iOS because it only works with 6.1 on. Below there’s a gameplay video for the beta version of the game, which shows every single feature. As soon as it gets released, we’ll start working on a list of micromon monsters, battles, walkthroughs, etc.

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Angry Birds Transformers Official Trailer Releases

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Comic-Con is finally here and many mobile game companies have chosen it to announce their games. Among them is Rovio, which has just released the official trailer for Angry Birds Transformers. Besides they will also be announcing the sort-of-forgotten Angry Birds Stella, which is another Angry Birds spin off, having the same gameplay mechanics. Not a single gameplay video for Angry Birds Transformers has been shown so far and nobody knows whether it will be another racing game like Angry Birds Go or some sort of FPS. the trailer does show that telepods are back once again to summon unique characters to help you in battle.

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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff: 4th of July Update Out Now!

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It just couldn’t be otherwise, Family Guy The Quest For Stuff received last night a new content update, to be more exact, it’s the 4th of July event and is out now. The event brings a new costume, plenty of new buildings and decors, and at least 6 new quests. The American Independence Day Event ends on July 11th. Keep reading to find the details.

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Disco Zoo Content Update: Two New Regions Added

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Disco Zoo just got a major content update, adding two new regions, 12 new animals (patters if you will) and a couple of bonus features. Keep reading to find the details.

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